ADV 316: Jiggle Television

ADV 316: Jiggle Television

The 1960 sexual revolution Led to women’s roles becoming diversified in television and film This included the addition of action and adventure roles for women, these roles challenge traditional gender roles Of the three TV networks at the time ABC was struggling to keep an audience So they came up with shows like Charlie’s Angels and Wonder Woman Paul Klein NBC executive called this “Jiggle television” This quote by ABC president Fred Silverman sums up the idea behind “Jiggle television” perfectly “We sell the possibility of tits and ass and the possibility of violence. Will present the stimuli and the response” Although these new roles challenged norms. They sexualized the female characters in order to draw an audience Because of this ability other networks started to adopt “Jiggle television” by the late 80s NBC had embraced this idea and produced shows such as Baywatch and She Spies Jiggle television help diversify and challenge gender roles while simultaneously objectifying women.


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