Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn’t Adele… but was Jenny!

Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn’t Adele… but was Jenny!

You look amazing hello, Graham hello, no, I’m jenny nice to meet you Teddy That’s so good You look so not like yourself That’s what gloves [songs] [do] my time Yeah, [it’s] funny. I was sitting here. I was like it was for like a really awkward blind date That’s when I recognized it when she jabbed. It didn’t make your eyes are different Just made [me] eyes look more catty, [and] then I’ve got a fake chin of fake nose, and she’s drawn my lips smaller. [oh] The chin is fake as well what got [bum] chin’s. [they’d] know all right? Yeah, obvious. You’re not gonna Speak like this, so you got to do that. I’m going to journey. It’s fake ons though cuz that’s what we fast and we harsh Both of my day job is I’m a nanny So nannies [work] very slow very calm to try and make the world make sense I guess you should go backstage and and get ready for this. [I] look like this as well [alright], we’re about to [kick-off] first Adele is taking to the stage here. We go I’m Gabriella Jenny blowing in your face [till] you guys trista vidal anybody, just do just to adele yeah, I’ve just started out [I] can’t wait for the new album HmM Maybe we [do] [music] [be] some taking her time try say that to her folks hmm. Love cigarette I would She’s talent. She’s chatting. She’s [got] our hands How good [of] you up and turn this height about six minutes. How about you tim? I guess [Paul] [mines] been a bit slow recently not that many. Yeah, not much of a demand I think she’d like him. She would like him. Yeah, she really hurt I think So when she’s in the royal albert hall, she decides that she wants to take her shoes off because [they] heard So for my feet hurt. I might take them off so fair girls. That’s fair Make like a deal [yeah], I’m actually feeling quite sick You feel bit dizzy. Do you want to go get some fresh air? I’m not feeling great. Oh [bless] to make you feel my love Getting study by Jenny will guard my [Q3] [to] [fun] action Sorry Jenny’s on Stage now singing, and I think the other Adele’s are finally twix nothing yetShould only precense it [endless] yeah, I’m getting bit teary. This is a lovely you ain’t seen I could make you happy make it all three girls coming to make you feel my [Adele] [meteor] now Oh my God, why some real? Cut believe it I’m gobsmacked Absolutely, I think [I] was maybe the last person to click [cDG] ever dumb mouth you could just tell you carbon emit like that was Just beautiful beautiful beautiful Just thank you


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