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  • Idiots on FOX News channel are commenting on how awful Adam Schiff was at the hearings. They were smoking Sean Hannity's pipe of illusion. Adam kicked butt!!!!!!

  • Adam Shiff a man of conviction, determination, unyielding, unrelenting, and fervor that is shining justice and hope for the future!

  • If the senate does not remove this corrupt president from office it will be a true testament to how broken our political system is.

  • Trump never wanted an INVESTIGATION . He knew that it would not turn up anything. Sondland made it clear that what Trump wanted was a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT that an investigation was starting on Biden and on the "Ukranan server" nonsense. That is, he wanted Zelnskyy to do to Biden what Comey did to Hillary in 2016.
    It is important to stress that point, because it shows that Trump did NOT really care about corruption.

  • I feel like God is even watching what America is gonna do next. It's clear we should impeach, but will we remove it seems we should do that as well.

  • What Was The Missing Communication?
    The July 25 Trump transcript (first one out, of the second call), Zelenski says about Ambassador Yovanovitch to trump "YOU WERE THE FIRST ONE WHO TOLD ME ABOUT HER". There is no mention of her in the short April transcript. SO, When exactly did trump tell him that?

    President Zelensky excerpt, "…as far as I recall her name was Ivanovicli. It was great that you were the first one who told me that she was a bad ambassador because I agree·with you 100%. " The context suggests he did not mean minutes earlier.

    Find it on Page 4, near the bottom of the second paragraph.


  • Man I went to Fox News to see what the comment section looked like. And boy… It was a doozy. The were calling for arrests of Schiff, all this being a waste of money, how accusations doesn't amount to guilt, how this is a coup, how DemocRats are totally blind, and all that. I couldn't even get mad anymore. These were the very people who were chanting "Lock her Up", without even any accusations of crime. They were the same ones who didn't have an ounce of problem when 10 investigations were open over Benghazi that lasted for more than half a decade. These are the same people who called those spineless Chafetz, and Gowdy as some sort of national treasure for leading those bogus investigations. These are the same who, right now, are doing the equivalent of closing their eyes, and ears & yelling gibberish. Because they don't have a proper response to Trump's corruption.

    And the funnies line I heard was. Democrats are just dividing the country. Bwhahahahahhahahah….

  • ElPocho DelMundo says:

    Go Adam, go boy. Sir from the bottom of my heart,, thank you so much for your efforts to bring the country back from the abyss of tyranny. I don't know if there was any other Congress person who could have picked up this task that was just your fate to discharge. No help from D o J, huh? It falls to you, Mr. Schiff and so many of us in the nation are are grateful to you and of course the other Demo committee members, the staff. But everybody knows it is spun out from your fortunate skills and abilities, and your willingness to pick up the call to duty.

  • If you try to parse Trump's words, you'll be at it forever.
    If, however, you pay attention to his actions, everything becomes clear.
    #WhoAreYouGoingToBelieve #DumpTrump

  • the presidents staff are corrupt
    their protect hem
    including mike pence
    a president who has all he's family working in the white house

  • Its obvious when Schiff puts it like that, yet the republicans will still protect the stupid conman that is Trump, over their own country.

  • If Jesus said "You will be convicted by the words you speak" and Satan was kicked out of heaven for lying and given the title of "Father of all LIES" over what he did when the male Child showed up in heaven negating God's grand child's heavenly birth !! That caused Jesus to say THREE TIMES in Revelation all LIARS will be cast into the lake of fire !! Then you would think from that knowledge you would realize Satan simply fooled the world by hiding the fact it's a Taboo to be a liar and try to show up in heaven !! But your salvation comes from the bible that says in the tribulations in repentance if accepted an angel will be sent and burn the lies from your lips before going into heaven !!

  • Shifty.Sheet!,,..making..up..his..own..words…!…Indictments..Please!

  • Ladies and gentlemen I just want to say. WOW! I'm a Republican, but this president has really gone too far. Chairman Schiff couldn't have said it more clearly. Trump is destroying this great country's reputation. This is sad.

  • Read the call transcript – nothing there. Read President Zelensky's lips – no quid pro quo. Now, Ukraine is calling for an investigation into Biden; Head of Burisma Holdings Indicted in Ukraine! Schiff will fail, just as Mueller report did. Sad the Dems wasting taxpayers money in a do-nothing House. In 2020 they'll reap the rewards and lose control of House.

  • Another well said summation , Mr. Schiff. Though it is now necessary to haul in those ppl that need to testify one way or the other, it appears the other is necessary. Empower the Sgt. at arms and arrest them !

  • For 3 years +, where was Trump's so-called "Anti Corruption" fight into Russia's meddling with US elections? 🤔…

    After 3 years +, where was Trump's so-called "Anti Corruption" fight Saudi Arabia killed Jamal Khashoggi, a US-based journalist and critic of Saudi Arabia's government, walked into the country's consulate in Istanbul, Turkey? 🤔…

    Where was Trump's so-called "Anti Corruption" fight in the first 3 years + into Ukraine when Republicans held majority in the House of Representative and Senate? 🤔…

    “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." ~ Maya Angelou.

  • Claudy TheArtist says:

    The bribe and shake down of the Ukrainian President was just one crime from a smorgasbord of crimes Trump's committed while in Office… Impeach/Remove

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