Abused By My Girlfriend: The Teenage Romance That Descended Into Terrible Violence

Abused By My Girlfriend: The Teenage Romance That Descended Into Terrible Violence

That’s where I got burnt, there. That’s a stab wound, there. When the police found me, I was told I was ten days away
from death. She was very caring, confident,
loving. She just showed… ..a real interest in me. So, what you were doing? We arrived. She said, straight away, “There’s been a problem and Alex has
hurt himself.” At the top the stairs, Alex was sat
with a towel wrapped around his arm, just blood everywhere. When we questioned it, they were both quite, sort of,
calm and rational, and explained that, yeah, you know, Alex has this
long-standing history of self-harm. The longer they were together and
the relationship grew, the mind games started playing. I’m going to go. That’s it.
I’m done. Out of the blue, she got his friends
to go pick her up to bring her here to tell us she was pregnant. I can’t be with you. I got this text to say… And it was like…yes. I was happy and I thought, I’m
there for my son, and we’re going
to be a family. And then the cracks started coming. I said I wasn’t happy with these
mind games starting again. I thought we’d gone past that. I said, “We’re not having it.”
So she packed all of TJ’s stuff up and she told Alex he was to choose. It was definitely TJ.
I didn’t want to not see him, so I literally just moved out, and that was the last time I went… ..home. Would you say, at any point, you’ve made it difficult for him to see his friends or family? He was only 19 when he went away and I never saw Alex for two years. And then, straight away, we found
out she was pregnant, and I thought,
“Well, that’s amazing.” But then everything just got
gradually worse and worse and worse. He states if you missed a night
of hitting him, you would then make up
for it the next night. I remember waking up in the morning to boiling water being poured on my
back. He says that he is told to make a
story up, to tell your parents that the shower
in the hotel was faulty. I didn’t want TJ to get hurt,
so I was fighting… ..to keep going, cos I didn’t know what was going to happen if I was to
leave. I was looking forward to it for a
reason. It could change her from doing all
the stuff she was doing to me. She had a bread knife on her. She went to go at my head,
like here, so I went, like that. We arrived and Alex and Jordan were
both telling us that he’d used that knife to cut his wrists,
basically. It didn’t appear that there had been
any incident at all between them. It’s certainly not how it
came across. We left. Alex went to hospital. And the next thing, the door knocks and there’s a police
car outside and I opened the door, and it was Ed, standing there. This is what I think it is.
This is… ..he’s being abused. I tell you what, Alex. You want come
and have a chat with me? We’ll go
upstairs. Have you been assaulted
or anything like that today? Even in the house, he was not
budging on his story, at all. I thought, “I need to get him out of
this environment.” Grab a jacket, and some shoes, mate. Whatever you’ve got.
Wallet. Whatever. And I still said,
“No, I’m doing this all to myself.” Straight away I just said it. And I said, “Please, just go on what
the neighbours have said, “because I don’t want to say that
it’s come from me.” He just, quite calmly, said to me… I need to explain to you that, at
the moment, you’re under arrest on suspicion of assault and
grievous bodily harm. How do you feel today about moving
forward? What are your thoughts and feelings,
at the moment? I just don’t want to get hurt any
more. And I’m building a future for me, and my kids.


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