Absent Minded | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Absent Minded | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘Viewers of Wirally, please find and hit
the bell and never miss any notification from us.’ ‘Hurry up!
Do you think they did hit the bell?’ Jones, we’re getting late for the movie. Let’s go.
– It totally slipped my mind. Let’s go. Are my car’s keys with you?
– Why would they? – Check your pockets. – They aren’t on me. Check your bag. Look thoroughly.
You are trying to prank me, right? Why will I?
– Did you give it to anyone else? – I didn’t. Then where are they?
– I get a feeling they are in your pockets. – Hell, no.. How absent minded are you!
Let’s go now. Hey, bro, come on! Look around! Don’t be so lost. Shall we go to the movies today?
– Let’s go watch ‘Joker’. Not English movies, bro. Let’s watch ‘Sye Raa’.
– What do you say? Alright, I’m cool with it.
– Jones, shall we go watch a movie today? ‘Sye Raa’ it is.
– Cool. Tickets have been confirmed.
– Talk to you later, then. Tickets have been booked. – What?
– Tickets for the movie. – What movie? You should’ve asked me before.
– I did ask you. – When did you ask me? I asked you while you were on the phone.
– Oh! My bad, I didn’t really hear what you said. I can’t make it today.
I’ve other commitments. Ask someone else to join. How absent minded are you.
– Don’t you dare! Hi, Shravani. – Hi, Jones!
– Nice dress. Is it your birthday today? No, but still, thanks.
I’ve something to tell you. – Go ahead. Well..
– Nice watch, bro. Where did you get it from? I wanted to tell you this since many days.
– How much did it cost? – Rs. 2,000. Nice. Where did you get it?
– I love you, Jones! Jones.. Sorry! You were saying something?
– Where are you? – I was looking at his watch.. How absent minded!
– What is it you are saying? – Nothing. I’ve work now. By work I’m reminded, even I’ve work to do.
– Whatever. Bye. Jones, come to my cabin.
– Yes, sir. Are you done with the work?
– Almost, sir. I’ll need about two days to finish it. If you are almost done, why do you need two days?
Submit it today. How unprofessional. Mr Jones! Which language
would you be working on to execute this project? Answer him, Jones.
– Come on, answer me! Tell him, Jones. Don’t embarrass us all.
– How long would you take? You are humiliating me!
– Kiran, why did you even hire him? Terminate him right away. Get him out of my sight.
– You heard him. Now get out. Get out before the client yells at you again.
– Such idiots! Bro! Come, let’s watch a film. What movie is this?
– Some Korean movie my friends recommended. What a scene! Can’t wait to know the twist. What a scene! Wasn’t it a good film?
– Yes, it was. That fight sequence was so well choreographed!
– Fight sequence? Didn’t you follow the film?
– Oh, the fight sequence? Yes, it was great! And even the climax,
where the guy proposes to the girl! Is it?
Did I miss that part? Bro, you didn’t follow the movie, did you?
– Well, not too well, but I’ll watch it again. Hi!
– Hi! Are you upset you got fired for being absent minded? No, I’m not.
– Of course! You won’t be, but people around you will. Why are you upset?
– Because I’m in love with you! But you never told me this before.
– Idiot! I told you just yesterday but you didn’t care. Now you say I never told you?
– You proposed to me yesterday? – Yes. I-I’m sorry I was absent minded.
Actually, I always liked you. – I know. I love you too.
– But too bad I’m not absent minded like you. So, it won’t work out anyway. Forget about me.
– N-No, wait. I lost both, my job and the girl. I forgot something. Too bad I don’t even know what it is.
– Hello, sir. Here is my resume. Mr Jones, do you have work experience?
– Yes, sir. I’ve ample work experience. So, I’ve a simple question for you?
What is the most important domain to start a new program. Answer me, Jones, why are you sitting idle?
– He seems as absent minded as me. I already answered it, sir,
but I’ll answer it again. Sir!
I’m done answering the question. Did you give the answer?
– Sir, do you mind if I ask you anything? You are absent minded, aren’t you?
– ‘How did he know?’ Please, don’t say it to anyone else.
How did you know anyway? Well, because even I’m absent minded.
– Is it! Then you are hired! What are you doing here? – I’m chatting.
– You’re here to request viewers to subscribe. Hi, guys! Do you have friends who are as absent minded?
If yes, then share this with them. Ask them to subscribe too.
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