44 thoughts on “ABP News debate l Arvind Kejriwal again in Delhi?”

  • Media today is just like a helpless sex worker, we need to help media too, after all it matters. It needs to be rescued. What we are seeing is a mujra, for the patrons. Doesn't mean they want to do it, yet they do it. 

  • Dhirendra Rajpoot says:

    ABP and indian media channel they have only one agenda …defame AAP anyhow ….bast,…funded by BJP …and adani ambani …dont worry media …tumhari asliyat ham jante hai ..aur very soon …aur bhi sabhi jaan jayege ..

  • DarkKnight9i9 says:

    If BJP wins, it will be a living proof for the world to see that Indians are the biggest chutiyas in the entire world.

  • I liked him(Kejariwal) a lot but he failed. May he has good intention but he lack so many things, he doesn't have will power, he has big dreams which is good. but he doesn't have guts to run the goverment. He is failed and over greedy guy.

  • Chalo Kejriwal ke vaade BJP jaise bade bade to nahin hai na…15 – 15 lakh ek bhartiya ko…ha ha ha ha ha…..Bhakts are still blindfolded.. 

  • Dheeraj Sharma says:

    ye saale BJP wale hai ek no ke chor…Ketan AAP ka..kuch nahi bola jab ye Vijendra kutta bool raha tha..but jab Krtan AAP ka bol chaha ye Kutta zor zor se bhook ne lag gaya……Saala khud shor macha aha hai…auru ko bol raha hai 

  • 49 din me pathanahee kya ukhad dhiya hamesha my Voh kardhiya my yah kardhiya sale . Sale jo funds poora sLke liye THA aur sare kamonke liye tha tho pany aur bhijly pe laga dhiya VAH bhi 3 Maine ke liye jo Kujlivala janboojke aisa kiya 3 Maine ke bhadh jaise ka Vaisa hojayegi isliye CHOR sala bhagoda bangaya Kujlivala rahtha bhi tho kuch nahi karsaktha tha . Abh usee karamath ko AISE batha rahe hai ki Anhony ko kardhiya

  • Is this person Mr. Vijendra Gupta, a total DUMBO ?

    He has no reply for any question put forth by Interviewer, and just keeps barking on what AAP did in 49 days…

    Bigger Question – 

    What has BJP done in Delhi MCD in last 7 years ?? What has BJP done in last 5 months in Delhi MCD (after BJP came in power) ??

    BJP has been ineffective is last 5-6 months, and they are questioning AAP…

    Hopeless BJP Leaders !!

  • Suman Mazumdar says:

    Anchor : "Kya Arvind kejriwal ka bhangada  kam ayega"

    Really …. !!! thats the journalism, you people do   !!!



    BIJENDER TU JAKE LOGON SE PUCHH……………………………………………………

  • Modi in all hindustan but whoever in delhi should not make false promise like earlier in delhi and ran away i will be happy whoever will win but i will vote for modi i gave vote earlier to kejrival in delhi but not happy with him. I want delhi to be world class city best in the world but still not believing feku kejrival promise he made . Lets see who will win

  • Chander Naudiyal says:

    Ye Kejriwal jab Anna ka nahin ho saka to hamara kya hoga. He only wants to fool poor common man. He should support Modi till he don't have anything real to say against him. He just want to say bad about everyone. Vote for BJP as they are in center too or Congress but not AAP.

  • Bobby chauhan says:

    ABP again on the mission of defameng AAP ??? ha ha ha ha well as expected !! carry on , because this time this is delhi not haryana and maha where people were fooled easily by bjp !! bjp ko vote deney sey pehley yeh jaroor soch lena sab ki kya 15 lakh or black money waapis mila ? aur kitney u-turns abhi tak bjp sarkaar ney maarey hai ! bhai logo dhyaan kar lena yeh baat !

  • Charudatta Chopade says:

    Ye vijender bakwaas hi karta hai bas.. Tu bas chunauti hi de.. tera 30% bijli bill kam karne ka waada kaahan gaya?

  • shreepatrao kamde says:

    All false and baseless promise just to cheat common innocent voter given by Kejriwal. What is sureties if he ran away as he has done earlier. He forgotten Look Pal this time.

  • this bjp spokes person stood against arvind in last election if he thinks that people going to listen  him will he come in election against kejriwal

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