Abortion Rights in Northern Ireland & Sex Positive Instagrammers ? Hannah Witton

Abortion Rights in Northern Ireland & Sex Positive Instagrammers ? Hannah Witton

– Hi there, my name is Hannah, I talk a lot about sex online, and today I’m really excited
because this is the start of a new series, Pleasure Trove. (ethereal music) You’ve heard of your bog
standard favourites video, hell I have done many of those, and I do love a good favourites video. But I just feel like I
needed a place to put all of my sexy favourites. Anything to do with sex,
dating, relationships, sex positivity, all of that good stuff. I just wanted to have a
regular series on this channel where we talk about arts
and culture, education, and also news, and some
products and stuff like that. So welcome to the pleasure trove, do you like the name of it? One of my lovely patrons
actually came up with it. If you are a patron you get
to know about new series and things that are happening in advance, and maybe be a part of
the creative process. I often use you guys as my feedback group, as my focus group so thank you. But yes, I am very excited
about this new series, and I hope that you are too. Please do give it a thumbs up if you are, and let’s just dive straight into news. ♪ News, news, news, news ♪ ♪ When has Hannah ever done
news and current affairs ♪ But this is relevant
guys, Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland marriage
equality and abortion rights. What? For years now Northern
Ireland has been the only part of the UK that has not
had marriage equality or abortion rights. But that all changed in July
when the House of Commons passed a new piece of legislation. The legislation was to do
with Northern Irish politics, which quite frankly, and I’m
sorry, I don’t understand. My level of understanding
is “Derry Girls.” But basically there were two
amendments that were added to the bill, one was to extend
same sex marriage rights to Northern Ireland, and
the second was to extend abortion rights to Northern Ireland. Let me get these numbers right. The same sex marriage proposal
passed by 383 to 73 votes. And the abortion rights proposal
passed by 332 to 99 votes. Now yes that is a huge
landslide, that is a huge win, but who are these 73 people voting against extending same sex marriage
to Northern Ireland, and who are these 99 people voting against extending abortion rights
to Northern Ireland? Now might be a good
time for us all to check who our MP is and how they voted in this because damn, sorry to
put a downer on this otherwise good news but it’s important to know because these people represent us, and we need to know
what they’re voting for, how they’re voting and if there’s anything that we can do to change their minds. Oh also, I’ve gone for the most
childish hairstyle possible for a video about sexy
things, so that’s how I roll. I love the juxtaposition. Next up is something from
YouTube, which is Sex Ed School by Shaftesbury Kids, which
is a Canadian YouTube channel and fellow sex educator,
sex researcher Eva Bloom is one of the hosts of
it, and it is brilliant. It basically is what it says on the tin, it is sex ed school,
there is a class of kids that are being taught a
lesson and then it’s filmed and so you watching at home
can also learn the lesson. You as in parent, child, whatever. It is so smart, so necessary, and beautifully age appropriate. The kids are so cute, and the
things that they talk about with each other, I love it. Here are some of the topics
that they have been covering, consent, kissing, puberty,
gender, orientation, and genitals. Seriously, give it a watch,
even if you don’t have kids, even if you’re not a
child anymore yourself it’s just really good to
understand how to talk to children about these things and
when questions occur, and then it also might
help us as adults unpack some of the things that we were taught when we were younger because
ideally this sex ed school would have been the sex
education that we all needed, and all deserved, but alas
we did not all get that. But yes I would highly recommend. I have some Instagram account
recommendations for you to follow if you are
interested in sex education, sex positivity, and all of those things. The first is @rubyrare, she is an artist, a sex educator, a body
positive campaigner. She is incredible, I only
found her on Instagram recently and I’m just like, what was my life before this joyous human came
into my online world? She talks a lot about being bisexual, being non-monogamous, her
work as a sex educator. She does all of these
beautiful illustrations on her Instagram as well,
and she also talks a lot about body positivity and being nude, and I would just highly
recommend that you follow her for just pure joy and fierceness. The second Instagram account
that I want to recommend is @sexpositive_families there
is a bit of a child theme in this video. I was over the moon when
I found this account, and also over the moon at
seeing how popular it is, in that there are parents
and families out there who are really thinking about this. Who want to raise their kids sex positive, and want to be able to
have these conversations with their children,
but they also want to be responsible about it. And this Instagram account is
just a wealth of information. I’ve even been going into the comments on some of the posts and just
finding such golden nuggets of information in there. Hannah, why are you so
obsessed with sex education for kids, are you gonna have kids soon? Speaking of children, I read
“Motherhood” by Sheila Heti this month. This had been recommended
to me so many times and I waited until the paperback came out and I finally got it. And it is basically this
surreal thought exercise in whether or not the narrator
wants to have children or not and the ethical, moral
implications of that. She is nearing 40 and a lot of her friends are having babies, have had babies, and she doesn’t want to
have any it would seem but she’s toying with, or battling with all of the messages that society is shoving down her throat. For most of this book
you are just in her head as she is figuring all of this shit out. And there is one specific
bit that I have dog eared that I want to read to you. “There is no inherent good in being born. “The child would not
otherwise miss it’s life. “Nothing harms the Earth
more then another person, “and nothing harms a person
more then being born. “If I really wanted to have a baby “it would be better to adopt. “Even better would be to give
the money I would have spent “on raising a child to those organisations “that give women who
can’t afford it condoms “and birth control, and
education, and abortions. “And so save these women’s lives. “That would be a more
worthwhile contribution “to this world then adding
one more troubled person “from my own troubled womb.” (groans) After reading this, not gonna lie, I felt guilty about
wanting to have children. There is no right answer, Jesus. But if you are interested
in a bit of a philosophical exercise about having
children, not having children, what is motherhood,
would highly recommend. My TV show recommendation
for you is “Gentleman Jack.” Which is based on the secret
diaries of Anne Lister who was a real person. It is a BBC drama about
Anne Lister and her lovers. Basically she was a very wealthy woman, a member of the land owning
class in the 18th century I wanna say, and she wrote some diaries. And she wrote a lot of them in code, and then in the 20th century
when the code was broken it was discovered that she was writing all about her saucy, saucy
love affairs with women, and everyone freaked out. But now it’s 2019 and instead
of being all hush hush about it we’re making TV shows about it. Yes, Anne Lister,
finally getting her time. I studied a bit of Anne
Lister when I was at uni because I did history and I
specialised in sexual history. So I was very excited
to watch the TV show. If you like period dramas
and you like women, and you like gay stuff you
will like “Gentleman Jack.” It was interesting to see
the historical context being played out in the show as well. Historically being a woman
who slept with other women was not a criminal offence,
it was never made illegal. However if you were a man
who slept with other men that was a criminal offence. So because of that and because Anne Lister was a very wealthy woman, and
she had a lot of independence because of her money it
meant that she was free to kind of do what she
wanted, have the relationships that she wanted, but
obviously she still had to keep it in a secret code,
in her secret diary. Here’s a little fun nugget
of information for you. In the early 20th century
the government actually tried to criminalise lesbianism,
but that bill was never passed because they thought that
it would give women ideas. Really, really? I think we knew, I think we knew about it. Oh men, men, men, men. And onto some physical items. I don’t even know if
I’m doing this properly. This is my mini flogger
that I made myself. I made it at Eroticon and
there was this company there called Kink Craft, and
they basically do lots of fun crafty things to
make your own kinky devices. So I made this mini flogger myself, and I’m very proud of it,
and I believe Kink Craft do lots of different tutorials
and workshops and stuff. And you can make all
sorts of things with them, not just little mini floggers. Does that make a good sound? That was kind of cool. What are these things
you might be thinking? Well, basically I saw someone
post a thing on Twitter or on Instagram or something
of some genital cookies. And so I had to find where they’re from, they are from this company
called bakerlology. No it’s not bakerology, it’s bakerlogy, Bakerlogy, bakeology, I don’t know. They do cookie cutters for
so many different things but if you go to the
adult (laughs) section, you will find some of
these glorious things. Let me know in the
comments if you would like to see a video of me
baking cookies with these because I bought them so
long ago and I still haven’t actually made any cookies with them, but I really want too. This is what I have, I hope
that you can actually see what it is, so we have
a vulva and a penis. And then we have the
internal anatomy of a penis, we have the internal
anatomy of a clitoris, and we have the internal
anatomy of the fallopian tubes, womb, vagina, cervix area. But yes, these bring me joy but
I need to bake some cookies. Thank you so much for
watching this first episode of Pleasure Trove, please do
give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and
let me know some of your sexy favourites, it can
be arts, culture, books, news, anything that you think that I should shout out in
future episodes of these, let me know, and don’t
forget to subscribe, and I’ll see you in my next video, bye. Oh God, speaking of children, I read, oh it’s upside down (laughs).


100 thoughts on “Abortion Rights in Northern Ireland & Sex Positive Instagrammers ? Hannah Witton”

  • I totally wanna read the book but until recently I didn't want children. The idea of being pregnant and having a little human depending on me absolutely terrified me to the point of having nightmares about it. Sometimes still does.
    I'm slowly warming up to the idea that maybe it might be something i want but from the sounds of it, the book will put me off completely. Do I read it or not?

  • Fiona McGregor says:

    Please bake the cookies! I've been listening to f**cks given podcast which I think you spoke about in your podcast, it's amazing! Also @pinkbits on Instagram is a great sex positive and diverse illustrator.

  • Hannah, thank you so much for speaking about this. As someone from Northern Ireland- it nice to see someone to stand with us.

    I have no issue having a chat with you sometime to explain our messy politics to you lol ??

  • Damn… So, Ireland is going to hell? I just don't get where it's okay to kill a unborn baby, just because it's an inconvenience, or not the right time. I understand that there may be circumstances where it was out of your power to prevent becoming pregnant before hand. But killing a tiny unborn baby is against nature. I had a sister who had 10 pregnancies 5 she kept and 5 she terminated. How can anyone live with themselves, and live a full and happy life? If they believe in God, and they want to go to Heaven some day? It's just morally wrong to put the tiny creatures to death is all I'm trying to say. That little sister died 3 weeks ago. I have to say… It wasn't pretty. Now I wonder if I will ever see her again. IDK if she ever asked God for forgiveness. It effects us for eternity. Unless you have no conscience. Every living creature deserves a fair chance. God Bless us all.

  • THANK YOU for covering Northern Ireland!! Yeah our politics are getting absolutely ridiculous, I moved away to Canada to get away from it to be honest

  • Gentleman jack is amazing and is filmed in Yorkshire. I've been to shibden hall where anne used to live. Please make a video baking genital cookies and tie it in with some sex ed

  • Please bear in mind that abortion and marriage laws in the north or Ireland will only change if there is still no government here in October.

  • Yesss sex positive families! Melissa ( I think her name is) is the founder and she’s based in my city! I went to one of her workshops in town and my mind was blowwwwwn! Also blew my mind that (you) my YouTube fave mentioned her in a video!!

  • Hannah you should check out backr on insta and backr.space they are a new startup just won 30K trying to help support content creators. Loved this video cant wait for more in this series!

  • Benito91 Kumbirai says:

    This right here is the reason why soooo many of you woman today are depressed, The only time an Abortion is ok is if,

    A- The pregnancy is high risk/dangerous to the life of the mother and or there is something seriously wrong with the baby.

    B- Rape/Incest. No woman under such circumstances should have to go through with the pregnancy and also no child would want to grow up knowing that this is how they were conceived.

    I am a man, 28yrs old. NO CHILDREN. I can tell you now there is a 100% guarantee way of never having a child before you are ready, works for both sexes.

    IF you are male, KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS.

    IF you are female, KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED.

    ALL THIS TALK OF "MY BODY, MY CHOICE'' is just modern day feminist BS of the highest order. Absolute hypocrites.

  • On the topic of Northern Ireland, it's too early to be celebrating, there is no guarantee these laws will come into place. If the DUP has anything to do with it then it won't. What's more, if the laws do come into place, and then an executive is reinstated afterwards, then they can remove those laws and it's like it never happened. We are far from equal anything in this backwards hole.

  • Lauren McCarthy says:

    Just to dd while lesbianism wasn't illegal in the U.K, some woman did end up in Mental Hospitals because they had been placed there by family members, usually as a means to get inheritance as if you were declared insane you weren't allowed access to money.

  • On the Northern Ireland stuff, (this has been pointed out by a few people) its really not as clear cut as Hannah made it out to be, The reason that these amendments were made was to try and force the NI government to have talks (because it hasn't been in session for three years) by passing these progressive laws that would likely not be passed by the very conservative NI parliament. This places big questions over the sovereignty of the NI government and was seen by many people (especially republicans) as a big overstep by the British parliament, That why many nationalist MPs voted against it and many Irish people agree with them, so before we send people out to write to their MPs over this, we should really look at the bigger reasons that MPs might have voted against these amendments, they aren't all bigots or misogynists, some just want to uphold the NI peoples right to their own government (even if it isn't working so good right now).

  • There’s this YouTube channel that talks a lot about sex positivity and polyamory called Connor and Brittany. They share so many awesome and educational stuff on their channel you should check them out 🙂

  • The Antinatalism wikipedia page outlines a few more good arguments about the immortality of childbirth. Worth reading if you're trying to form an ethical opinion.

  • I love that both your nails and your bra straps are the exact same shade of banana milkshake yellow ? can't wait for future Pleasure Troves! ?

  • Charlotte Mougenot says:

    Such an amazing video !! I think i will really love this series 🙂 it's also a really good idea to come back on things that happened in the news and to do a bit of sex education using different shows and programs !

    I would LOVE a baking video where you would use these cookie cutters 🙂 !!
    (i just started listening to your podcast too i reeeeeeaaaaaally love it) thank you !!

  • I can't believe the first time I ever seen the internal anatomy of the clitoris was from a cookie cutter I'm nineteen years old yikes

  • My heart jumped when you mentioned Anne Lister!!!! I love gentleman jack so much, I watched it with my girlfriend and we were both super excited about it! Thank you so much for for the work you put into these videos, we really need more people talking about sex in all of its aspects.

  • It’s not actually 100% amended in Northern Ireland it’s about the backstop with Brexit. Stormhold hasn’t actually been in action for 2 years I think? That’s a piece of conditional legislation that will only come into play if something particular happens with Brexit???? I’m not 100% sure what it is but I know for sure that abortion and marriage rights haven’t actually been properly legalised it’s completely conditional.

  • Katy Bechníková says:

    Never be ashamed of wanting kids. Never be ashamed of not wanting them. Be ashamed, if you have kids and they shout at their teacher.

  • Kayleigh Grimes says:

    Thanks a lot Hannah for the tip about looking up how your MP voted, didn't know this before. Knowledge is power kids! 🙂

  • Listen. There is no shame in wanting to have children. (And I say this as someone who does not want children.) If children are something that you want, it can be a very wonderful experience to have them, not just for you but for your child as well if you are able to be a parent who provides a safe and loving home for a kid to grow up in. Raising up a good person can be another way of making the world a better place. Many of my friends and my older sibling have kids now, and it's been really nice to see them trying to be very thoughtful about what kinds of messages they send their children and what kinds of lessons they want to impart. Plus they just really love and enjoy their kids. So if that's you, then go ahead. I don't think you need to feel guilty.

  • TheJennifer122 says:

    Just an FYI, Northern Ireland only gets abortion rights and marriage equality if their government hasn't managed to get itself up and running again by the deadline in October. So fingers crossed it will go through, but it hasn't happened yet.

  • TheAverageChelios says:

    Yo, lol.. Where that Mine Craft video at.??? … I got the Notification 4 days Late..

    (Kinda sucks actually, dont know why YouTube was late like that)

  • As someone from northern Ireland all I can say is yaaaaaasssss Hannah!!! Thankyou for using your platform to shed light onto this issue for us #thenorthisnext

  • What a fantastic first episode of your new series. Your hair is giving me 90's vibes – I love it.

    Also: please make a genital cookies baking video. I didn't know I needed that in my life.

    P.S. just bought Motherhood!

  • Northern Irish politics are barely existent atm lol bc they literally haven't had a government for like 2 years (( : The unionist and republican parties can't really agree on anything but the ENTIRE REASON that the government doesn't exist is because of an Irish language act that would have Irish removed from signage and schools, as if there aren't actual problems in NI atm, like, oh i dunno, Brexit?? Like dang just forget the feckin language act for the time being and deal with the real threat to the peace process.

    anyway, rant aside that's why it's taken them so long and I think both would've passed had the government been in session in the past year

  • you couldn't kill your pre-born baby in NI for the last 4 years??? what the what?? Im actually ashamed to be of Irish Descent now. 4 years and no murders? sheer barbarism!

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