ABC13’s Evening News for October 31, 2019

ABC13’s Evening News for October 31, 2019

good evening thank you for joining us let’s get you caught up on tonight’s the biggest stories this is the Evening News on ABC 13 it is a cold Halloween night all across our viewing area that will walk us through the temperature timeline here let’s go over to ABC 13’s chief meteorologist Travis Herzog for the latest yeah it’s as if all dressed up as winter with temperatures to not expected to drop down into the 30s we’re sitting around 50 degrees in Houston as the wind slows down the temperature will drop like a rock we’re looking at 40s until midnight then after midnight dropping down into the 30s to a record-tying low of 35 in Houston tied with the cold Halloween that we had back in 1993 now you look to the north and west of Harris County all these areas shaded in purple you’re under a freeze warning that goes into effect excuse me a 2 a.m. runs until 9:00 a.m. and we’re gonna beer talking a light freeze here so temperatures around 32 degrees let’s go to the temperature map right now in fact I’ll show you the freeze line it’s gonna be a close call in those north and western suburbs of Houston from Tomball over towards Katy so be aware of that it’s gonna be very close that you get down to freezing so protect the people the pets and the plants the pipes are gonna be just fine getting in temperatures into the low twenties to really have impacts on pipes but anywhere north and west of this line it’s going to be dropping down near or below freezing in the city of Houston we’ve fall down to 35 which ties the record from 1993 and that’s also cold enough to put frost on rooftops and grassy surfaces especially where there’s still some lingering water from last night’s rain so be aware that you might see some frost first thing in the morning on Friday by the afternoon with high pressure moving away from us the winds start to roll back in from the east and southeast that’ll boost up our temperatures to about 60 with 70s on the West Texas boy look at this another cold front is on the way now this will not pack the same kind of cold punch that yesterday’s cold front did it’s basically going to reinforce the beautiful air of the beautiful weather that we already have going you notice all that sunshine today more sunshine in the forecast for Friday Saturday and Sunday there will be some upper level cirrus clouds made of ice crystals passing through which can make for some pretty photography moments but high temperatures will generally stay in the 60s for both Saturday and Sunday so this will be the coldest night we get out of yesterday’s front with a light freeze north and west of Houston we should all be above freezing again once we get Saturday and Sunday lows in the 40s maybe some upper 30s north of town and then as we get into Monday a warm front rolls in boosting high temperatures back into the 70s and bringing back storming your weather but that doesn’t happen until after the weekend a weekend by the way in which we get to enjoy an extra hour to do whatever as the clocks roll back early Sunday morning that was music to my ears thank you we want to turn now to the very latest on a possible state takeover of HISD now this is a story that we have been covering for months now and the latest developments come after ta investigators say the state should in fact replace the H ISD Board of Trustees ABC 13 is Erika Simon is still looking at how this will impact students and parents the idea of getting new leadership here at HISD has been tossed around for years as we know but now it may actually come to pass if the state Commissioner for the ta decides that’s the best way to move this city forward it could happen as early as January Houston Independent School District is home to more than 210 thousand students and is the largest district in Texas running it is no easy feat but state officials feel they can come in and do the job near Sylvester Turner has a word of caution when you seek to takeover then the responsibility now falls on the state and you and you have to prove that you can do better and you can do it in a very timely fashion the Texas Education Agency released a thorough review that alleges misconduct within the school board in a number of areas including violation of the Open Meetings Act and discrepancies with the procurement and hiring process longtime critic of the district Jerry Monroe says enough is enough HISD is like a house that’s rodent infested you need to tear the whole house down in order to get rid of all the rodents and that way you clean that house out and then we start from scratch for me to you we’re gonna have to go through hell to get these kids back to heaven in education Senator Paul Betancourt says in addition to breaking policy and procedure there’s too much bickering and division at the school board meetings we can’t wait every four years you wait like the kid starts as a freshman and leaves as a senior so we’ve given enough time and I’m and I’m confident that there will be a board of managers in 2020 I spoke to HISD trustee Jolanda Jones over the phone and she believes only about five people are responsible for the board’s troubles she said quote when you have majority of a nine person board unapologetically violate the law the rules the ethics and there’s no mechanism in the state law to replace just the wrongdoers the state has no choice but to take over that was Erica Simon reporting now officials are ruling the deaths of a Deer Park mother and her three children as a murder-suicide that update came from medical examiner today police also say the mother is the suspect and that all four died from gunshot wounds the deaths happened a week after the mother’s divorce from the children’s father when it was finalized the man accused of killing his wife and then stuffing her body into a refrigerator back in 2014 has been sentenced to life in prison after a four-day trial this week Patrick labra was convicted and sentenced today ABC 13’s my che has more on how this trial played out and the Lambert’s body was found inside the refrigerator of her apartment complex behind me that happened almost five years ago today family and friends say they finally have justice when Patrick Lambert walked out of court today destined to spend the rest of his life behind bars the family of an Alam Bert could finally breathe I’m so happy to see this this is the best news ever I’m happy but I would be very very happy with the babies with us Anna Lambert’s son was just 11 months old with her then husband Patrick stabbed her almost 20 times and stuffed her body in a refrigerator that was five years ago this week the murder case finally went to trial but in a bizarre twist Lambert decided to represent himself we don’t look like we’re beating up a person and so that’s what we have attorneys and so we have to be very careful in how we proceed as to not look like we are overbearing on them the trial moved quickly with the jury convicting Lambert of murder just after four hours of deliberations during the sentencing phase he didn’t try to plead for his own freedom maybe one day I can be a good father to our awesome intelligent and beautiful son thank you for taking time out of your life Anna’s best friend who met her when both women were in a domestic violence shelter since she came to court to make sure justice was served and that Lambert will never be around any woman or child ever again a human being doesn’t put someone in that refrigerator and leave them there to rot that’s not what a normal person does he shouldn’t be out here with everyone else in normal society ever again Anna Lambert’s infant son now almost six years old is apparently living with her husband’s parents in Florida reporting from southwest Houston Maya Shea ABC 13 Eyewitness News an update now on that rockets fan accused of punching a New Orleans pelicans coach 38 year old Manuel Garcia is a scheduled to appear in court tomorrow on a misdemeanor assault charge police haven’t said yet what may have triggered this attack got to see his girlfriend Brittany Appling was also arrested and is accused of trying to prevent police from getting to Garcia the Rockets have banned him for life we are still feeling the loss after the Astros came up short in the World Series last night especially mattress max yeah that’s because mattress mat lost more than 11 million dollars after betting on the Stroh’s to win it all ABC 13’s charlie entity has more on how Mac and the fans are already looking forward to next season mattress max still managing to smile today and had nothing but love for the Astros despite big time last night with the team’s lost and so I had to ask him is he gonna do this all over again next season you know I don’t bet with my wallet I bet with my heart mattress Mac must have a heart the size of Texas because he placed bets in the range of 12 to 13 million dollars that the Astros would pull out the win in Game seven of the World Series my heart is broken but we’re gonna go on and with the team’s loss Mac is also losing big time at least eleven point six million dollars oh my gosh my heart I would like oh my goodness I can’t believe Mac bet eleven million dollars that’s a lot of money the Astros lost but we still love them where the price is gonna go up on his furniture I think he’ll make it back the bets were made because of a sales promotion promising refunds to mattress customers who spent more than three thousand dollars only if the Astros want it all in order to cover the possible expense Mac put his money down and hope for the best sadly it didn’t work out in the end so is Matt gonna do this again next season the Astros are already the favorites in Las Vegas to win the World Series in 2020 so you know I’m watching that type of thing and if the customers want it we’re gonna do it in Houston Charlie ed City ABC 13 Eyewitness News we are looking ahead to Friday night in the closure of two major interstate ramps in downtown Houston first Iten eastbound to us 59 southbound closed starting Friday night for several months not reopening until late February the same goes for us 59 northbound to i-10 westbound text art wants you to take item eastbound and u-turn at Waco in the same manner I 10 eastbound use 45 southbound to catch 59 to get around and through downtown all of this closure and construction is part of the Elysian viaduct reconstruction that project should be finished this coming spring all right well thank you so much for getting caught up on the evening news with us yes and be sure to join us tonight at 10:00 on ABC 13 good night [Music]


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