100 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Coronavirus shutdowns, economic impact, Utah earthquake, Vote 2020”

  • Roberto Gutierrez says:

    OK 👍 Spring Breakers from anywhere in the world 🌎 or locally don’t come to Mexico at this time ..please stay home . Gracias 🙏 from Mexico.

  • European Pharmacy Online says:

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  • Giving people $1000 a month each imagine how much money they will spend? Better open the jobs to clean and disinfect everything! People need job ! $1000 won’t be enough to pay their bills!

  • Tell more positives. This is extremely serious of course but tone down the fear!! So tired of the media. 🤦‍♀️

  • John Dogswell Gutters the4 says:

    The American president is on record saying Chinese are blaming America for starting the virus do you know what that means if other countries side with the Chinese I'm sure everybody remembers what happened to Germany when the other countries banded together and it's not like America is well-liked in the world right now so you know what that means if the Chinese and other countries decide to take action the virus will be the last thing you have to worry about

  • If it is possible I will blame T for the delay of medical care in this crisis and led people die, I will blame him, because of his racism of China in all his policy and public speech and whole people in western country neglected the data and fact came from china, that this virus kills people. people are dying for this racism, as persistent, he only think about avoiding the criticism of his leadership in this crisis by turning media to the only country had survival experience of this crisis. This is murder !

  • China hates us. Our way of life threatens their communism. I say that we pay China the 1.o7 trillion dollars that we owe them and cut off all ties. I will donate my stimulus money and match it


    THE 1995-2005 parents has raised their kids to be a bunch of selfish greedy lazy entitled losers. Living at home with their parents who didn't know how to parent.
    The GREAT GENERATION is leaving us and their great great great grandchildren are the USELESS GENERATION. No respect for anyone but themselves. Mainly the today's 16-25 year olds.
    Those were the years mothers raised their boys as girls.
    Now they know that's not the right way. Don't let boys play with dolls and dress in girls clothes. They're boys, not girls, they are different.


    We'll call it even for the COMMUNIST CHINA VIRUS.

  • Celebrities are getting the virus yet they say they feel fine, yet there are thousands of deaths? if you don't see the deception, you're dumber than a box of rocks, keep buying toilet paper and chemically poisoned soap and sanitizer.

  • The reporter "bated" the president about the China Virus remark. Nice going media! The fact is it did come from China. How about the Spanish Flu, where did that come from? The media just has to start something. I hate them!

  • People who don't care to study the issues and the candidates, should not vote! Democracy cannot work when idiots vote for idiots!

  • Saundra Hillinger says:

    That's BS that people on low income disabled/retired are not affected by increased costs as we are isolated in home. It affects everyone! This guy is saying seniors need no additional help, during this time, financially

  • Well in Trumps defense Athletes and Celebs are more important in the media’s eyes which is why they get test first. It sucks but he’s right it’s just how life works.

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  • ChsnbyTMH Nyki says:

    And how does getting a test help one get better? There’s no cure for a flu… oh rest and relax, fluids, sleep, Herbs… right?

  • You have some People that doesn't take the Corona virus serious until the come in contact with the disease or there family or there Associate. People is going to do what they wanted to do.A bunch of idiot heartless and don't use there senses, They with there naked body on a beach they all are stupid and dum to be doing that having a head with out a Brain. We of to continue to pray for our Nation God in still in Control be safe and be well to all God bless you all take care. From Shanton.

  • Gmmonica godsgotthis says:

    Keep our eyes on God no matter what. Is it an accident that it keeps raining or that the overcast cloud's are over head everyday with these geoengineered cloud's? This is how they are perpetuating Covid -19. My messages are being taken down. My phone is being hacked.
    Please listen, this is unnatural weather.
    People need to understand that the elite are causing this to make money on capitalizing on us. We are people walking around with two slot machine handles walking on two legs cha-ching cha-ching…they are capitalizing on making us sick.
    Don't sell your home to the rich people. Sell it to the young couple or single mom and dad who are buying their fist home or buying another home after losing their home in the last mortgage crisis. Have your realtor require potential homeowners that are trying to buy your home write a letter as to their story to make sure you aren't selling to help these RICH money hungry home Hoarders who are making life worse for everyone. Please people wake up.
    Please pass this around. We are going into a depression that is man-made. Hold on to your pants, wig and everything because we are going on a greedy man made Ride.
    Listen to the YouTube video on The New Testament from Matthew to Revelations, you'll be shocked as to what was written about greed, man's state of mind and what we will go through. Don't lose heart because God's got this in the end…these people will burn for eternity. We won't have to, we will be in glory forever.
    Those that are the least will be the most in heaven oh, just remember that. Those that are the most onerous will be the least in Heaven.
    the Bible says that it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to be saved. Why, because they're in love with money and status. That is their God.

  • Oh shut up about the race. If it came from America it would be called the American virus. Smh we got more pressing news than a race card

  • people gathering as told in more than 10 people at once anywhere, is putting others at risk.. Dont be selfish and dumb, do your part people for everyones sake including your own.

  • Tattletale RED says:

    Interesting that only Unhealthy People Are Actually Dying from this Virus
    As those who are healthy are getting well.

    But Most Interesting That Those Who Are providing health care
    Like Doctors & Nurses are demonstrating that They Are Not Healthy Either

  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I did pray the Lord to find a cure to make everybody still better to get rid of coronavirus.

    1:00:35 And by the way there's a cute short video of little girl and a big giant fluffy dog and it's kind of reminds of Beauty and the Beast and it's so cute 😍❤️💕🐶🕺💃

  • 天才みゆき says:

    This is really good against it.

  • Wally Tverstol says:

    ive said many times some are easily brainwashed. why do you think fox and trump cna keep pushing the bs narratives

  • Once again, the media blowing up stories. The media is trying to destroy America! Why should I believe the Coronavirus? They lied about people dying from Vaping,, when Vaping can't kill anyone. So I don't trust anything reported by mainstream media. The boy that cried Wolf.

  • jennifer mcgrew says:

    China Virus is racist so what should we call Chinese food? Mexican food? Has everyone lost there minds in the news.

  • What the president said is true and everyone knows it. He just said it like it is. He didn't say he agreed simply it's how it is and always will be with the rich getting health care the rest of us can't get. Annnd it was started in China. How is stating facts being racist? The only people making it racist are idiots. He didn't say Chinese created it or anything to that fact. He simply has said it was started in China. Idiots who make it about asians/ Chinese are ignorant. Just to make it clean I am Korean Scotch and I know the president isnt bashing asians…. Grow up people.

  • It comes from China that is not racist. This reporter is making waves by over reacting. She's the one that will cause problems. Smh

  • What is it about Former Obama People and the Lies They Spew ALL THE TIME?? Ron Klain,former "WHATEVER" of the Corrupt Obama Admin.He says the "Virus and Climate Change are linked,Driving this pandemic",Amazing how these frauds JUST MAKE UP LIES AND SPEW IT TO THE PUBLIC!!! 15 to 18 million people died from "1918 FLU" was climate the CAUSE??? Amazing how this ignorant,incompetent former Obama people come up with lie after lie,(THEY MUST KNOW CHUCK SCHUMER)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The true nature and character of people are always revealed in times of crisis. Take note of the selfish, the stupid and the brave.

  • Our selfish public hoarded masks and disinfectants despite instructions not to hoard them. We are a self centered country. Mostly liberals that I have dealt with. I’m off here liberal press get most of the stories wrong and fear monger. Watch independent sites. This is crap. Stay home.

  • Of course your not going to answer, Ceceeeelia. God, people are dying and are sick; he gave his reason; live with it. It's not your job to over pursue this. You are part of the entitled group working for the deep state. Jeez.

  • The youngsters that are at the beach dont care much about anyone but themselves , it is not cool at all as the reason for the measures that have been taken is to try to slow or stop this virus they are not helping anything , there are our doctors and medical workers nurses they are being put in a bad spot these youngsters need to be a bit more respectful of the position that our doctors and nurses are in and it aint pretty God help then all !

  • It has been tested and has helped in several cases with COVID-19 check out

  • Jonathan Grabban says:

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  • 48.8 million illnesses, 959,000 hospitalizations and 79,400 deaths, happens every year with the Flu! In the US! without being sensationalized 24/7( truth not hype! By the way that's more than 6% kill rate in the United States alone don't let the gutter press lie!

  • The greedy banks need to be forced to except no payments or interest and if one can pay they should not charge interest because for the poorer class it would be sacrifice to pay them.

  • flatearthlogic dot net says:

    Keep the sheeple afraid so they'll allowed their rights to be taken.
    It has worked for years.
    Create a situation and bring in you're "solution." The sheeple always buy it.

  • IIA Target Analyst says:

    Minnesota since 1997 have seen a major rise, that has reached a pandemic, of Blastomycosis which is fungal grows in rotting wood brush leaves

    Blastomycosis has many symptoms and ARDS outcome as SARS-Cornoavirus-2 is there a link? And or half the reason why Cornovirus is really bad for those that have blastomycosis infection?

    Based on blastomycosis infection is on the rise for both humans and pets, this issue can greatly compromise the pandemic we are now in. Having blastomycosis infection renders a otherwise healthy person (as pooch) with compromised immune system!!!

    How come States have not been also recording as report on its rise of Blastomycosis?

  • GreenCut Arena says:

    ABC is a virus. ABC is fake news. They always have to slip their agenda with false propaganda. They flat out lied again.
    Using sound bites to spin the truth. Pathetic!

  • The earthquake was scary, I wondered if a tornado had hit, since it felt like my house was gonna be picked up off the ground.

  • Lord God we get it…you are calling us to REPENT…because your BELOVED
    JESUS CHRIST is coming…this is your calling to those who rejects Him,
    who don't believe in Him, who loves the world and keep sinning…this
    is your initial call before you JUDGE the world as it is written in the
    BIBLE…Revelation in the scripture as we see is being fulfilled and the
    prophecies of the ancient Prophets. I pray at the last breath of one
    may call the name of JESUS CHRIST to give their heart in you and
    GOD…hear the cries of those who ask for forgiveness Lord and those who
    are not believing let them be humbled to seek THE LORD JESUS CHRIST TO

  • Lord God we get it…you are calling us to REPENT…because your BELOVED
    JESUS CHRIST is coming…this is your calling to those who rejects Him,
    who don't believe in Him, who loves the world and keep sinning…this
    is your initial call before you JUDGE the world as it is written in the
    BIBLE…Revelation in the scripture as we see is being fulfilled and the
    prophecies of the ancient Prophets. I pray at the last breath of one
    may call the name of JESUS CHRIST to give their heart in you and
    GOD…hear the cries of those who ask for forgiveness Lord and those who
    are not believing let them be humbled to seek THE LORD JESUS CHRIST TO

  • What does where this virus came from had to do with ethnic bias? IT CAME FROM CHINA. The Chinese government didn’t disclose this infection for a long time. When was Chinese government trustworthy?

  • 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and PESTILENCES, and EARTHQUAKES in divers places.
    8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matthew 24: 7-8)

    People wake up!!!

  • Pamela Grosvenor-Murray says:

    I do not think that it is racist , the virus originated in China… that’s one thing the world has to agree with! It originated in China!!!!

  • If what I'm saying has you running to your therapy dog for a hug please call your doctor.
    Question, at what point is all the shelter in place, self quarantine, economic standstill going to cost more, cause more damage and more death than the Covid19?
    Obviously the answer is off in the future.
    Some cost to consider; suicide, alcoholism, domestic violence, credit ratings, business closures, bankrupting States and federal government for future services because to hell with all that if anybody's dying. As if the services don't save lives such as cancer treatments, food programs, schools, parks, public Safety, public works, etc. I can hear all the right winger saying government is only for military and a police state.
    I know there will be some people who would say, saving somebody's life is worth the collapse of the entire world. If that's true haven't the terrorists really won?
    These are probably the same people who have a total meltdown and are willing to spend about $50,000 when their pet is dying.
    At what point will people realize that death is part of life. So often people around a dying person make them feel guilty as if they're doing something wrong when really what they want to say is I'll miss you and I love you. Too often this shows up with dramatic efforts to save their life, such as running down to Mexico for cancer treatments and spending a fortune on Alex Jones supplements.
    The truth is people are dying everyday from all kinds of ailments, West Nile virus, Zika, Tuberculosis Measles, Meningitis, Whooping cough, Hepatitis, Lyme disease, Hantavirus, Plague, etc and we don't shut society down.
    So right now all the cheerleaders are rooting for team shut it down. A big campaign around the globe is the shelter-in-place quarantine and to hell with the economy that keeps us all fed, warm in winter, cool in summer. Shut it all down because people might die.
    Along the lines of, if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger, at what point is propping up and insulating others make us weaker as a species?
    Now if you'll all excuse me I've got to drive my big gas hog around the neighborhood and then get back home to watch Fox news about how global warming is a liberal homo plot to make our children transgender.

  • Are you kidding me? Why are you always so negative? Lyme disease, Spanish flu, Ebola? Now there is a problem by narrowing down the region from where the diseases breakout? Wow y'all need to watch how you look and sound. Bring us together!!!

  • Joerilla Rilla says:

    I agree we should all try n help to slow the spread of this virus. I can't help but feel that the ones in charge are keeping something from us. This looks like a weapon that either got accidentally released when was released on purpose but I feel they are lying to us about the severity or they just do not know that it may be more airborne then they believed they just don't want to put us into a panic even though I personally not panicking. The problem is going to be most of society is going from paycheck 2 paycheck and people can't go months without working at least not many I know so something is up I wish they would just be honest but that will never happen

  • Joe your full of yourself. Since your ok with wealth and power. But what about the regular citizens “huh”???
    You don’t want to help the people while these horrible times.but want to bail out businesses? Your ass backwards

  • Noble Sessalina says:

    Back to1980, they said that haitians people had brought HAIDS.Furthermore Trump even calls Haiti,the shithole country.The true leader supposed to express not this way.He is needeed attend class,so he can learn how to speak properly.

  • syntyche eshan says:

    The Corona Virus 2 came from Wahun China, where did the virus corona virus 1 come from in 2003 Cecilia Vega? this is a serious virus the President is who he is. It seemed Vega was trying to get back at the president for sending the Mexicans back to Mexico. I was ashamed of your sarcasm and disrespect in front of all of those children who laughed at you. They thought that you where a joke.

  • The millionaires billionaires and trillionaires are going to clean up off of this all the free property they can slide right on in and get and there's virtually nothing to stop them

  • This is offensive .. Many meds nurses even Dr Paul Cottrell been screaming publically we needed PPE and begged everyone to cover this back in Jan . stop lying to us in USA public we are no stupid ..

  • Laarnie Dela Pena says:

    virus from china you bias reporter girl how about china say virus from soldier in america what you react that.

  • Laarnie Dela Pena says:

    virus from china government let the world protect this people the before virus spread President respond that word accusing to American soldier if the America do that The America most affected are you okay reporter a bias media what think yourself look at the world now many people died because of your mouth can act and good journalist you not ashamed what you stand yourself this disagree the President that are you American Citizen to protect the people America where you belong. say that to resback the China accusing American soldier bring virus real the virus start WUHAN from are bad reporter and bias remember your feet stand in America.

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