ABC News Buried Epstein Story To Protect Their Powerful Friends

ABC News Buried Epstein Story To Protect Their Powerful Friends

Here on ring of fire. We have talked a lot about project Veritas. We’ve talked about their dirty reporting,
their deceitful video editing and the fact that they pretty much get everything wrong
and they try to, uh, convince the public that their lies are actually the truth. Well, this time project Veritas got it right. They released a clip of ABC news reporter
Amy Robach where Robach was talking about the fact that three years ago she had done
an interview with one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, but the network buried it. This actually was awesome work by project
Veritas. And that’s a sentence I’ll probably never
have to say again in my life, but here is the clip of Robach talking about having the
story and the network killing it. [I’ve had the story of for three years I’ve
had this interview with Virginia Roberts. We would not put it on the air. Um, first of all, I was told who’s Jeffrey
Epstein? No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story. Then the palace found out that we had her
whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways. Um, we were so afraid we wouldn’t be able
to interview Kate. We’ll say that we got also quashed the story. And then, um, and then, uh, Alan Dershowitz
was also implicated cause of the Plains. She told me everything. She had pictures, she had everything she was
in hiding for 12 years. We convinced her to come out, we convinced
her to talk to us. Um, it was unbelievable what we had. Clinton, we had everything. I tried for three years to get it on to no
avail. And now it’s all coming out and it’s like
these new relevant revelations and I freaking had all of it. I, I’m so pissed right now. Like every day I get more and more pissed
cause I’m just like, Oh my God, we what, what we had was unreal. Other women backing it up. Hey. Yep. Right. Edwards, the attorney three years ago saying
like, aunt, like we, there will come a day, but we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the
most prolific pedophile this country has ever known. I had it all three years ago.] That’s pretty self explanatory. And as I mentioned project Veritas has had
a nasty little habit of trying to edit videos to make people look bad or make them look
like they committed crimes. But as you can see in that clip, there is
no editing and there’s no need to edit because the ABC reporter, Amy Robach, she admits it,
she flat out says it. Now, Robach has now come out in a statement
and said, listen, I was speaking from a place of anger because I did all this work on it,
but I wanna make clear. Robach says that ABC news never directed us
to not run this story. They didn’t burry it. They just, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah. She’s now trying to cover her tracks for her
employer because she’s scared for her job and that’s not fair to her. She clearly, if she had this story in 2015
like she says she does or did, she’s a good reporter. She was on top of things before the rest of
the media was covering it. We hear it ring of fire. Been talking about Epstein for about 10 years,
but we haven’t seen it from cable news during that whole time until, of course, he was arrested
earlier this summer, but Robock had the story. She had the victim, Virginia Roberts Ghafari. We have said that name plenty of times. Here she is. The woman who Amy Robach interviewed. She flew out to Colorado to interview her. They had the dirt, as she said in the video
on Britain’s Prince Andrew on bill Clinton on Alan Dershowitz, and Ghafari is the woman
who has accused Dershowitz of having sex with her while she was under age and basically
a sex slave of Jeffrey Epstein. They had that story back then and I do not
believe for a second Robach’s uh denial that the network killed it. She kind of admits in the video they killed
it, you know, she says they were all like, who’s Epstein? Everybody knew who Epstein was. In fact, some of the higher ups at ABC news
definitely knew who Epstein was because George Stephanopoulos, one of your top anchors has
been to parties at Jeffrey Epstein’s house. Now. Could that be why y’all didn’t want to run
this story of Jeffrey Epstein because one of your top people, one of the major players
in American politics for decades was partying with the guy. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I don’t think
it’s the only reason. I definitely think it played a factor in it,
but this is disgusting. ABC news could have put an end to some of
the abuses that Jeffrey Epstein was committing. Maybe we could, could’ve had him thrown in
jail four years ago instead of earlier this summer, but they sat on it. Let women continue to be abused and trafficked
into this country to be sex slaves. And that’s on ABC. And there’s nothing that Robach or anyone
else can say to defend the network’s disgusting actions at this point. And again, got to give the kudos to project
Veritas. If you had to get one right, I’m glad it was
this one.


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  • People will always believe what's in sync with their value systems. It's this notion of "us v. then" which divides a country.

  • We already had this with the BBC and Jimmy Saville a few years ago. This is playing out almost exactly the same. It was only after the guy was dead it all comes out and the witch hunt begins.

  • Fires, mass shootings, market falls. And other disasters happen. Whenever this story of pedo politicians and social elite comes to light 🤔.

  • Yes Trump made sure Barr help, Epstein was the mother load ,He had the dirt on all sick billionaire. That's why they had him kill right after Barr went to see them. Oprah party with all of them they show picture of that. Just like they show Trump party with him.

  • Bruh ya dont hold back. Keep on the truth of the facts. Wen gatherin intel wit boots on da ground, an unbiased minded must be applied so the facts are not twisted causin an interbational incident.

  • Yup and they are proud to run the traitor and thief's political ads too. I'm boycotting every network supporting these traitorous sycophants! Writing to the networks too! It's time we, the majority of critically thinking Americans who didn't vote for this shit show stands up and fights for what's right for us! Vote these traitors out of our government systems and networks as well. Disgusting. We have the power and voices to make positive changes in Washington! Vote for positive changes, for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren for 2020! Remind them who they work for! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  • Christ… even you act like project veritas did something. They did NOT. Just… good lord, how gullible are you?

    This video has been available for a while, he just put his watermark on it. Goddamnit, ferron.

  • Of course they did. Same happened in UK and across Europe to protect British royal family and VIPs. Daily Mail and others are controlled by BRF and taken a page from Russia, China and Saudi Arabia by deleting/heavily moderate comments not pro royal or VIP. Sadly, but not surprising Canadian media also suppressed the story and much of our media incl publicly funded dont allow comments on certain stories to (or at all) to control narrative. Want our tax money not our views. Safe to prob say our world is run by pedophiles and plutocrats and unless and until enough wake up and get angry it will only get worse. I hope I live to see the whole truth about this heinous crime and it’s extensive network called out and stopped.

  • Second comment just to say thank you Farron, Mike and ROF for being one of few on YT and anywhere to keep on this story.

    Anti trafficking orgs


    Farron, I’ve said this before and I am saying it again that there is a dark force that controls everything, its not the fault of the major media outlets
    I give you an example: remember couple years ago many women came up forward saying that, Trump sexually abused them and allegations continues till today
    How come hardly media talks about them ?
    If the dark force wants to cover up or burry something, they will do it and no one can stop them bottom line. Believe it or not that’s the truth that we have to live with it.

  • Still nobody talks about the fact that Epstein was silenced in front of God, and Country ! He was murdered (which is great) but where is the deep investigation into his murder in prison ? The autopsy clearly states his death as substantial injuries consistent with a homicide. Why bother with an autopsy, when it's not going to be investigated anyhow ? Where's the probe ? We'll never know, because of the scope of people that he knew. (The names) Nobody would "Dare" investigate THIS one. Not when it involves Princes of other countries, Multimillionaires around the world, including our own backyard. The most powerful people on earth, can silence ANYONE !!! It just happened to Epstein. The epilogue ? … Shhhhhh, be smart … Let it go ! I wish I was a wealthy man, I would offer up a few billion dollars for information leading to the arrest's of every single person involved in his death. It would be the single most Historical event in modern history. Of course I wouldn't be around for the aftermath, naturally some strange "unusual" occurrence would lead to me untimely dimeez ! (Same as Epstein) A terrible fate would befall anyone who did the unimaginable, by exposing such an astounding list of names, the likes of which will never be known … Diana's ex, oil tycoons, Presidents, Ambassadors, etc. MY FUTURE ?
    💥BAM💥💣 LIGHTS OUT !!! 😂

  • While the elite get away with everything, common folk have to worry about making mistakes at work that means the end of the world in the eyes of the employer.

  • Well Epstein probably had the dirt on this station owners . ABC was playing along with Epstein.
    Epstein was a pimp, and blackmailer, and abuser.
    Amy should still have the dirt, it has to be somewhere.

  • THE NETWORKS keep say, YESSUH. YESSUH. Ignoring hateful CRIMES BETRAYS the SACRED TRUST & RESPONSIBILITY of JOURNALISTS. It's a betrayal of AMERICAN CITIZENS, TRUTH, JUSTICE & the AMERICAN WAY. We must not beating up ON THE NETWORKS, alone. Where are/were the BRAVE, LAW'ABIDING family folks in enforcement, courts, andc social services to protect the vulnerable young? In truth, 🎶 Nobody knows the trouble WE'VE seen, Yet, we all feel the sorrow.

  • That's how the white man is, anything to cover his ass just knock it off you just can't cover everything up all the time when you get stuck in the web like a fly. Help me help me. 😨😨😨😨

  • I'm sure there is a very long list of stories that have been caught and killed by various news organizations over the past many years going back way before Trump.

  • Could ABC be brought to account if, by burying the news, failed to protect further victims of Epstein et al? Do news agencies have duty of care for victims and potential victims?

  • Kudos to Project Veritas for breaking the story but the right wing noise machine is saying it's proof of a Democrat/Liberal/Leftist plot to cover it up because they believe CNN is a leftist news outlet. Being a pedo is not a left or right thing. It's disgusting period. And CNN is most definitely not a leftist outlet. They're all about protecting the rich and status quo.

  • Epstein didn't kill himself. Rich, powerful people on both ends of the political spectrum wanted him dead because of what he knew and who it could damage.

  • They DID get it right, but for a fucked-up reason. They're throwing meat at the conspiracy crowd who "knows" that the Clintons did it. Even though Epstein was connected to a world-wide network of elites, including the royal family, they are 100% Clinton did it somehow.

  • I made a decision when I was in the 9th grade that I wanted no association with professional/rich people. My annual doctor and dentist appointments don't count.

  • King Scottish1194 says:

    Malice from the Palace in the U.K.????????????  I smell the dirty hands of MOSSAD & MI-6 all over the Epstein Case. Also, if ABC News knew about this, they are an Accessory to the Crimes of Jeffrey Epstein & therefore can be Sued In A Court of Law.

  • Cris Briones Fourzán says:

    Why? Did some of the ABC people do something they shouldn't have? Is that why they decided to ban Epstein stories? Wow! 1

  • So the royals pedophiles? Why am I not surprised? What makes them royal anyway? They stole everything they have! That's not royal that's criminal!

  • Philip Lombardo says:

    This is the reason why people get away with murder the media covers it up, but if someone got shot in cold blood, it would reported right away and the NRA would be receiving praises for it.

  • I ask you, Ring of Fire, you hypocritically slam ABC for hiding information. Why does the Left Wing always slam Project Veritas, and NEVER mention that Veritas has won defamation court cases against false accusations of misrepresenting videos and evidence. You''re no different to ABC in that respect. The fact is, this Ring of Fire channel is like every other: it massages the facts to support its own narrative that feels right to them.

  • Why isn't anyone talking about William Barr in this Epstein death? Epstein died while Barr was overseeing this investigation, Barr has his head up Trump's ass, Trump and Epstein were close, personal friends, also Lewis Kasman, a former mobster and top associate of John Gotti Sr., said that William Barr made a secret visit to Metropolitan Correctional Center two weeks ago “about the time Epstein was found in his cell with bruises around his neck.”

    Although this is hearsay and unsubstantiated, it is incredibly odd that the New York Post (which aligns with the Right-wing agenda and kisses Trump's ass) would run this story, it casts serious suspicion on Barr, who is Trump's puppet, it really makes you wonder what the hell happened to Epstein.. 🤔

    Both Epstein and Trump loved their girls young, that is no secret

  • Damn, this lady better go into hiding. I'm sure she didn't say everything in this video. I hope she has protection! She's amazing for having the guts to say it, even if she didn't know it would get out.

  • Epstein was a “no body” so we know he didn’t work alone.
    What about him being friends with Bill Barr’s father? Hmmmm
    I think Trump, Clinton, Barr etc are all involved. And that’s why he was murdered.

  • Got it right? Didn't Amy Robach know the cameras were rolling? Was she so upset at her hard work and the betrayal of the witnesses that she quit her job?

    Amber Lyon quit CNN over her documentary about the brutality of the Bahrain government which violated CNN's uh… bottom line.

    I'd much rather have seen her documentary. Is she going to use this publicity as PR? Do we know already who the "leaker" was?

    The only thing Project Veritas got right is that ABC is corrupt, irresponsible, and indirectly complicit in Epstein's continuing crimes against women and girls.

    But then that's why Amy likes their money, I guess.

    Here's the full video from the Project Veritas YouTube channel.

  • How many children were raped AFTER … they buried this story to save Hilary's campaign 3yrs ago? Soulless.. show some guts Amy!!!!

  • One crackpot ladies word against ABC, Disney and the Clinton's. She is just another Clinton hater, but good luck with your investigation

  • How pathetic are trump supporters. If trump never commit a crime. Just prove it. Show everything. Taxes and transcript. Biden is a jock.
    Just feel the Bern

  • William Ridgeway says:

    Every politician and wealthy scumbag involved with Jeffrey Epstein should be shot or hung immediately! Along with the media stations that have covered up for these pedophiles! Prince Andrew, Trump, Dershowitz, the Clinton's, the Saudi royal pedophile family and the list goes on and on! The Only thing a pedophile deserves is Death!

  • really, you're a piece of shit. i'll do law and journalism with you, both of which you have no clue about. law, tell me the difference between law and legal, i dare you, you piece of trash. you suck at LAW and have zero ethics

  • tell you listeners how they've been deceived to live under 2 different types of "law" legal and lawful. illegal has nothing to do with law, have you told your followers that? no because you're a piece of shit.

  • The difference here is Ronan Farrow quite his job and released his information about Weinstein somewhere else. Amy your a journalist first think about it.

  • First name Last name says:

    Why is no media outlet covering this in the west other than a Russian propaganda outlet? Wtf is going on that no one is talking about a massive child sex trafficking ring involving high profile politicians and billionaires? People talk about the 'demoralisation' of regular people due to 'conspiracy theories'…. but this is an ACTUAL conspiracy. It's fucking real.

  • omnia resipsaloquitor says:

    it has always been top prioty for those other guys to control information they protect their own and their chosen ones you have to connect the dots for yourself,,,,,,,,,FIGURING THINGS OUT FOR YOURSELF IS ONE OF THE FEW FREEDOMS YOU HAVE LEFT USE THAT FREEDOM MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND.

  • Richard Russell says:

    More fake news to hide the 1 % rich elites crimes as usual! Any mega-corporate news is fake news for the state with different spins to make them seem to be independent but that's an illusion. Some for the corporate left and some for the corporate right and all for the 1% rich elite. Trump was Epstiens pal and since Trump has 40 + women accuse him of rape and a 13 yr old years ago accused him of rape explains Epstiens death on Trump's watch. Unhonorable blimp Barr visiting Epstein by the way whos father hired him as a math teacher in a girl's school. It's a small, small, small world!

  • No, Veritas didn't edit videos, or show them out of context. People didn't like what was SHOWN in those videos, and people like you TRIED to say they were edited and/or out of context to protect your agendas and 'fans'.

  • ABC covered up the story because Bill Clinton went to lollipop island with Jeffrey Epstein 20 some times and George Papadopoulos was that a Jeffrey Epstein party

  • ABC News was just protecting the clintons like they have been doing for over 30 years and George Stephanopoulos who was at a Jeffrey Epstein party.

  • How many times does it need to be corrected? NOT WOMEN, YOUNG MINOR GIRLS. Why do you continue to make this mistake time after time after time?

  • Trump and Epstein gang raped the same 13yr. old girl at one of Epstein's party. For proof, look up SDNY District Court Case #1:16-cv-04642 and
    First Trump raped her, than Epstein came in the room and raped the same girl once Trump was done with her. They both struck the child and threaten her with physical harm and death to her and her family if she said anything. The civil case was dropped just before the 2016 presidential election. LOOK IT UP! If she was my daughter I would've shot them both.

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