Abbie Duggar Might Break This Big Duggar Tradition

Abbie Duggar Might Break This Big Duggar Tradition

The Duggars have made no secret of the fact
that they lead their lives in strict accordance with their Independent Baptist faith. That means the children can’t date: They “court,”
and only when the time is right. What’s more, they don’t court without a chaperone: “I was just wondering if you wanted to make
it official and wanted to officially court me.” Beyond that, the Duggar children don’t use
any form of birth control, and they don’t wear clothes that might lead the opposite
sex astray. But those rules didn’t seem to apply to John
David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett when they were courting. As Abbie revealed in a February 2019 episode
of Counting On, they laid down some ground rules at the very start of their relationship: “John and I sat down and kind of made a list
of guidelines for ourselves to keep in relation to how much we touch.” Their ages could have been a reason: John
David is 29, and Abbie is 26. As John David explains: “We all get to make a decision on what our
standards are.” He goes on to explain: “We chose to be able to have some contact
versus no contact.” This begs the question: Given that John David
and Abbie are already known for rewriting a few rules here and there, what can we expect
when Abbie is ready to go back to work? The Duggars’ conservative Christian faith
stresses the importance of the patriarchy. As such, the Duggar women are encouraged to
take on the role of housewives… and housewives who view their husbands as authority figures. Michelle Duggar herself is a stay-at-home
mom and homeschooled all 19 of her children. In a blog post from 2015, Michelle shared
what she called her “Marriage Advice for Newlyweds,” writing: “You are the only one who can meet that special
need that he has in his life for intimacy…So when you are exhausted at the end of the day…don’t
forget about him because you and he are the only ones who can have that time together. No one else in the world can meet that need.” Well, being the so-called “perfect housewife”
and fulfilling all your husband’s needs probably doesn’t leave a lot of time for work outside
the house. So while Jill, the second-oldest daughter,
is a certified midwife, and Jinger dabbles in photography, it appears the girls don’t
have full-time jobs: Both Jessa and Joy-Anna are stay-at-home moms. The practice of becoming a stay-at-home mom
extends to the other Duggar daughters-in-law: Anna, Kendra, and Lauren. But just because they don’t hold full time
jobs, that doesn’t mean the Duggar girls are averse to money. They likely earn very decent paychecks for
appearing on Counting On. But things might be different with Abbie,
who is a certified nurse. John David and Abbie had the typical lighting-speed
courtship, but they were both well into their 20s when they married. At the time, Abbie was already on the career
path. Though she quit her nursing job to plan her
wedding, she seems rather reluctant to walk away from her career forever. In fact, she recently became licensed to practice
in her new home state. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly,
she explained, “I’ve got my license transferred over to
Arkansas so that I have that availability if I want it. I know I’m planning to keep up my license
by doing the continuing education hours. We’ve talked about looking at some options
of getting a job. We just haven’t yet…So we’ll just keep
it as an option and see what happens.” Abbie is currently pregnant with her first
child; she’s having a girl, but she’s not having an easy time. In October 2019, John David Duggar told Us
Weekly that his wife was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and was hospitalized a few times
because she couldn’t eat or drink. As he explained: “She was actually on IVs and had IVs at home. So that was a pretty scary time.” With Abbie’s struggles, it’s easy to see why
the couple is waiting to decide if and when she can put her nursing career back on track. As John David told Us Weekly in November 2019, “I think [we’ll] wait until the baby’s
born before we make any big decisions for us…Then maybe several months down the road
after the baby’s here, we can look at…different places for options for her to even work part-time
or something like that.” If Abbie does return to work after having
her baby, she’ll be a trailblazer for all the Duggar ladies behind her. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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8 thoughts on “Abbie Duggar Might Break This Big Duggar Tradition”

  • I wouldn’t want someone who more than lowly doesn’t beleive in evolution, science, modern medicine, allowing birth control & vaccines to ever be my nurse or go any where near a patient. (Goes for Jill as well but midwifery is far less credentialed)

  • Debbie Austin Endecott says:

    This article is full of crap!
    It is not “Baptist Tradition” to have same beliefs as Duggar’s. That was my Baptist church (we attended for 25 years before moving out of state). pictured in this video. The accredited Christian School (same one Jim Bob attended) is where my daughter was a scholar middle school through high school graduation before attending college. It is located inside church. Only one student in her graduation class did not go away to attend college. The girls wore dresses and pants including jeans. Her classmates and youth group friends dated (not escorted courtship) like so called “normal” people. They held hands and kissed. Yep shocker right??!! None of the kids I know of that went to both school or church there had pre-arranged marriages or courted. I went to church with many fine folks FBC. Those folks included Jim Bob’s Mom and many friends attending their parties/weddings on TV. I have seen their family out and about many times over those 26 years. They were always very nice and respectful. I would not consider their beliefs and actions the so-called Baptist norm you mentioned. It is my understanding when preacher Cliff Palmer left FBC and the fabulous new preacher Ronnie Floyd came to the pulpit the Duggar’s and another family left and started a home church. I don’t know. I was not there and neither were you. For this article to speculate, judge, and lump together “Baptist” beliefs is absurd. My Grandfather was a Baptist preacher, my BF’s father was a Baptist preacher, I know numerous Baptist preachers, Non-denominational preachers and plenty of preachers of every walk of faith. Each individual is entitled to their own beliefs, values and choices. That is what makes America and its freedoms the greatest place on earth. My Uncle died serving for that right. I come from a long list of family members (including my Grandfather, my Dad, his twin, his older brother, my brother-in-law) that fought in 4 wars for my/our freedom of free speech and liberty to choose. I honor all men, women, K-9, and medical staff who have served, are currently serving, and those who died serving so you/I can embrace that freedom today.
    Thank you for your sacrifice, your bravery and the example you set for us all. You are our true super heroes. We are standing on the shoulders of giants…our forefathers.
    Please get registered to vote in our next election. Whoever you choose to vote for make sure they mimic closely to your beliefs, they honor this country and all that our forefather’s laid their life on the line for. Make sure that person you choose to be your next President is a man/woman of integrity, a class act that makes this Nation and its people proud. May this person bring Unity, Honor, Integrity and Respect to All. Don’t ever forget they fought for your/my right to vote. It is our duty and honor to cast that vote. Every single solitary vote counts and it is your/my choice to be heard. So get registered and be prepared to cast your ballot.
    I do know another thing…about Samaritan Community Center (the thrift store on show the Duggar’s frequent) also has pantry’s, cafe that has served over 90.000 free healthy means this year, snack pack’s for kids, worship, library of free books…basically has the most profound program of giving back to community program I have ever experienced across America. Please take time to learn about their programs below and how you could become a part, pay it forward or incorporate something similar in your own community.
    Let’s scatter joy across this great country called America. Samaritan and the friends I have met there is what I miss the most about moving away from NWA. I have lived many places across America and NWA was by far my favorite and most heart-warming experience ever.

    Please check out this link:

    Wishing each and every one of you love, peace, joy, abundance, gratitude. 🙋🏻‍♀️


  • She is NOT a "certified midwife" – Arkansas is so slack and seems backwoods when it comes the standards required by the rest of the US.

  • Im a fan…I like this couple first John David is a great guy..and he chose a great gurl she loves him..One of my favorite couple..They will be fine God has them…

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