Aaron Paul Breaks Down a Scene from Breaking Bad Movie | El Camino | Shot By Shot | Netflix

Aaron Paul Breaks Down a Scene from Breaking Bad Movie | El Camino | Shot By Shot | Netflix

Hi, I’m Aaron Paul. You may know me as Jesse Pinkman, And I am here to break down a scene from “El Camino”, shot by shot. (dramatic guitar music) Todd and Jesse find themselves
in the middle of the desert, burying a body of a housekeeper. Yeah, that was the Painted
Desert in Arizona, actually. We were out there for just a day, I think. One or two days. Plemons and I flew out
there in a helicopter, and landed on set, it was a
very rock and roll moment. – You wanna say a few words? – Here, they’re kinda
doing a burial service for this sweet, sweet housekeeper. And he’s just very uncomfortable, always uncomfortable around Todd. He’s so brilliant, Jesse Plemons, it’s incredible to work alongside of him, and watch him do what he does
inside of the skin of Todd. – Nice lady. Excellent housekeeper. – Look at Todd, what a psychopath. – Hey, grab another pack, would ya? There should be one in the glove box. You find ’em? – He notices a gun in the glove box. This is his only opportunity, most likely his last opportunity. They’re in the middle of
nowhere, no witnesses, and Todd is a few feet away. If he is going to escape, it is now. – I’ll take that, Jesse. – I think this film has really opened up how much of a, just
captured animal Jesse is and how afraid Jesse is
of Todd in this moment. I remember this scene in particular. I mean, Vince does
incredible notes always. He just, you know, kept telling me, just don’t be afraid to be raw
with it, and just go for it, and we’re kinda left with this. – On the way home, I was
gonna get us some pizza. Couple large pies. Maybe a six pack of beer? – Yeah, Todd is such a psycho. (laughs) He sees that this is a real possibility of his life ending at this moment, but he’s so good at manipulating Jesse, and he knows Jesse is just
this damaged, caged animal he knows he has complete control over. – What kind of pizza do you like, Jesse? Jesse, what kind of pizza? – Pepperoni. – Pepperoni, sure,
classic, I like that too. – He’s just talking
Jesse off the ledge here, and offering him a simple pizza. It kinda breaks him. It all leads up to Jesse
finally handing over his freedom forever. He hands over the gun, he
knows he’s Todd’s sort of, play toy for as long as Todd sees fit. – Come on, look at that view. Should be a heck of a sunset. – Todd tries to sort of, embrace Jesse, comfort him in a way,
and sort of force him to look at what he’s looking at. God, look how beautiful that place is. Hope you enjoyed going through the scene shot by shot. Watch “El Camino” on Netflix. Shot by shot, bitch. – [2nd AC] Mark. – My man!


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