Aaron Carter’s Concerning Headlines Worry The Doctors

Aaron Carter’s Concerning Headlines Worry The Doctors

– We still have so much more
to talk about with Aaron Carter in the last couple of months. Concerning headlines started
swirling around Aaron. Things like, Aaron Carter denies flipping rescue dogs for money. Police perform a wellness
check at Aaron Carter’s home sparking rumors that he’s suicidal. Aaron Carter granted a
temporary restraining order against his ex-girlfriend. Aaron wanted to set the record straight. We sat down with him. (phone ringing) – Where’s my phone at? We did file a restraining order, yes. So we just got a call
from the Antelope Valley Sheriff’s Department. (soft music) So I will be dropping that as of now. I will be dropping the
restraining order at. They just asked me right now on the phone if I want to pursue, and I
just told them that I’m going to drop it. I’d rather just be done with
the toxicity, that’s it. Right now, I’m not focused
on any relationships. You guys gotta understand
this is really hard ’cause since we broke up I haven’t um. I haven’t felt anything. For the last two years I’ve been on (air whooshing) a little bit of a rollercoaster. – [Newscaster] We have
major breaking news. (paper tearing) – I’m good, but (soft music) I’m not great. And I never will be great, when it comes to my recovery. Because it’s dormant. Triggers are around me all the time.. All you (beep) trolls, I’m
a drug addict in recovery. Please don’t bully. All these crack heads still doing music. Did he overdose already? The wannabe Justin Bieber. Oh, look at this (beep). He (beep) looks like he’s on AIDS. He should be dead. Like why’re you guys doing that to me? What did I ever do to deserve that? The official diagnosis
is that I suffer from multiple personality
disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety, a manic depressive. I’m prescribed Xanax,
Seroquel, Gabapentin, Hydroxyzine, Trazodone, Omazeprazole. There were three times that I
stopped taking my regimented medication and I am telling you guys, I was sinking into the darkest depression. Thoughts about like, you know,
jumping off of buildings, and weird (beep). That’s why I’m on the medications I’m on. I don’t wanna be on them. I don’t wanna take 16 pills a day. But I have to, I have to. (air whooshing) After going to rehab, Nick
didn’t come, my mom didn’t come, nobody came. (radio static buzzing) I get a tweet, a public
tweet from my brother saying, “if you need any help
with rehab I’m here”. (soft drumming music) We live in Las Vegas,
you’re three hours away, hop your ass in the
(beep) car and get here. Come see your brother, your little brother that you care about. You need to make amends to me, you need to apologize to me. I haven’t even met my nephew. I’m sure people are, will be
looking at this, oh my God, he’s manic, he’s this, he’s
that, but I don’t care. I don’t (beep) care. (loud drum banging)


100 thoughts on “Aaron Carter’s Concerning Headlines Worry The Doctors”

  • He is taking Seroqal my ex boyfriend was a demon on that drug. We had stopped taking it when we broke up it was terrible. I think the Seroqal ended are relationship. Aaron is also taking Trazodone which is an SSRI that has serve withdrawals as well. Suicidal and homicidal thoughts while withdrawaling. My ex took a different SSRI: Lexopro and 2 weeks after stopping without tappering had a crazy suicide attempt that I was there for. I was so embarrassed but he was out of control. I feel really bad for Aaron Carter makes me think of Nick Drake. Aww no 🙁

  • He needs to go to church find jesus start praying! Surround himself with good things and happy people etc. breaks my heart seeing Aaron carter this way. Such a sweet person and his life is rotten. He needs love and support and people who will help him!

  • williamlegatheaux001 ROBLOXUser says:

    is not write nick acting like that sorry to say but we are humans and im a mom off 2 boys and I love then to death and I do everything to my kids and I mom I am Aaron he meed is brother he always pushing Aaron and mom away should because Lauren our another reason is something in where is not understand because no matter is Aaron and nick we are brother and Jane is a mom nick he meed put something is heard we are he family
    because Lauren and should protect when ok Jane she do what she do is some reason she do and Aaron but like big brother and human
    helpe he brother why Aaron he got all that because probably
    the live he got and if no one know and see back round behind like a family I probably say nick he Quilty the most off the situations to because he not should let got go he family like a human I am I see and who really fan of the backstreet in 1999 and till 14 years and see things I do see I don't know personally Jane our Aaron but nick I do know very well the personally that the big true and why we should all that live is 2 days and we are family is abut family but like that you need stay away from me 100 yerds see thing so sad on is wold and I live a lot and pass by most of the things bad but I where with my 2 feels strong to my kids and do whatever is take is better sweetheart Aaron you yang you can change you bee come now let go the medication because is not good for you the best thing like a mom I am and expire kipp your meant busy like make music go out with your friends and clean the house is a very good therapist no one is toll you but it is I was got depressed and anxiety but now I don't have nothing is that first you meed to say no you can do it and let go the medication and star busy occupied let go your brother for a seg and focus in you and say been strong and I can do it that and I know is not go the next day our another day but you seen the results view moths and see back and say wow I really do it that really and helps your mom she sacrifice for you and your bother and that I have big conversation you and nick and your mom and he see a direct Aaron and Jane believe me in to my heart and soul a mom help a child all the best for you do it believe me is going to be alright and been better days all the best lot off love from is mom I am to you Aaron

  • Rene Esperanza says:

    Trazadone is the worst!!! I was prescribed that to help me sleep. Turns out it should have never been prescribed to me due to a black box warning it had with another drug I was on. It could have stopped my heart. Coming off trazadone was so hard. I would be up till 3 am sometimes 4 am not being able to fall asleep. I got super irritable with every tiny thing. This went on for two weeks till things evened out. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

  • Michelle Belle says:

    They shouldn’t have given him this media attention. He needs medical help, and prescription drugs or he could see a holistic doctor. He should try niacin magnesium and probiotics. I hope he gets the help he needs and wish the best for his health.

  • He thinks hes cool cuz he said people google his name so much but its because everyone wants to watch him mentally unravel

  • this guy was just on no jumper and said the exact opposite of all of this stuff regarding the drugs he was on, what mental diagnoses he has and all the stuff about his brother. it's sad no jumper is taking advantage and letting him do all these interviews.

  • Anyone catch that no jumper interview with him?? 😂😂 If you’re still feeling sorry for him, that’ll help. It’s a wild ride y’all

  • Sean Mulholland says:

    This guy saying he was raped and sexually abused by people you know and that supposedly love him and you’re concerned with what he saying

  • darkmindwithsadeyes x says:

    I really deeply feel for him. I went through the struggle of addiction myself. And it wasn’t easy. If my life was filmed and displayed during that time, the entire world would have hated me and my reputation would have been forever ruined or tainted. Just like his. It may not be ruined, but it will always have that stuck to his name. The things I did to my family and people I loved and care for were absolutely terrible. I’m so thankful I was able to get better in the privacy of my own home and with privacy in general. I really can see he’s so incredibly broken and mentally demolished, but I hope he can hold on and get help. He needs a lot of prayers, thoughts, vibes, all and any good emotions and positive energy needs to go to him. He needs some uplifting. Maybe a life coach or someone to get involved in his life in a positive way. Tell him he needs help. Help him get cleaned up and figure out how to live a normal happy life. And I’m in no place to tell him what he needs because I really don’t know, but I can only suggest some intense therapy with a good therapist that he can build a relationship with. He could build trust and be able to open up and share some of his traumas. That could possibly be super healing for him. Either way it’s a sad situation all around and it’s always shitty watching someone fall apart. Sending all my love and prayers and vibes to you Aaron. 💜

  • This show is exploiting Aaron Carter who needs very real and professional help. Putting him on a tv show for ratings is so wrong.

  • This whole thing and TV show is a disgusting display. They are making circus freaks out of this family, who live their personal lives on social media. Police wasting time on “wellness checks” when should be doing real police work wasting precious resources. Don’t think there isn’t a regular kid/family out there who really needs help but instead the police babysit this fool. And this whole display of all his mental illness and “I don’t want to take 16 pills a day. I HAVE TO”. What a joke. His Drs have created a Frankenstein with all that medication and the DRs TV show sells it. How sad.

  • Melibu x Melmont says:

    You all need to leave him alone !!!! Cruel world !!!! Nasty side of humanity ! Kicking some when they already feel down !
    You all pointing the finger when you all got dirty fingers 🤨

  • LivingThe Dream says:

    You cannot demand someone make amends to you. That’s not how recovery works.
    Stop trying to manipulate every situation and go to rehab with an open mind so you can actually learn how to recover. You need serious help, Aaron. Serious mental help.

  • TIffanyrose Angeles says:

    I'm so sick of Aaron Carter!! He plays victim now he's dating CRAZIER THAN EVER EX STRIPPER a& YOUTUBER Trisha Paytas & FELLOW DRUGGIE a& narcissist & im sure there making a lovely couple.

  • What's worse than an addict that uses words very well? An addict that THINKS they use words very well. Hope he gets healthy

  • I thought he was gonna start rapping 1:54

    Nah but for real, hell be ight, but u gotta cut the pills and start exercising. Never suppress, but digress then reverse and reset

  • Stewart Family says:

    I feel so sorry for him- his family treated him badly I can only imagine what it was like growing up with that life- Fame Kills- His family is SO selfish

  • Angela Mcdonald says:

    I get that Aaron's sexy ass has issues needs meds or whatever but all these comments are sad don't hate on him encourage him to be and do better all the internet bully's need to leave him alone one person's suffering isn't another's happiness (what I mean in lame terms is yeah he's suffering but that doesn't mean it's ok to make fun of him and talk shit about him or whatever) live ur life don't hate on the next everyone has there own struggle encourage him through give him good advice or leave him alone really it sounds like he just needs some love some one the be by his side through it all and still love him if I knew him I'd be by his side no matter what and love him through it all that's what normal people do and yeah I no someone will have something negative to say about me cuz I defended him but I'm ok with that whatever I don't let that shit get to me love ya Aaron wish u the best hope u find the best in life hope u get better

  • I understand what Aaron went through, it's not easy that you were judge by everybody, the feeling of being isolated even on your own family.. I followed Aaron since he was started singing, and I do love his music those were the days when he was a little…..god bless u Aaron..

  • He needs to step away from the limelight and celebrity life. Until he does that…this will be catch 22 for him. He needs rid of all of this.

  • Josephine Morris says:

    Wanna be Justin Bieber?? Kids now a days are born with half a brain.. it’s only ok if they know who X person is or is still relevant 🤦🏻‍♀️ umm life was going on before you and this dude was bigger than him, in his time.
    People are just ridiculous saying all kinds of disgusting things through comments.

  • How do i know he's lying about having "multiple personality disorder"?
    Well..1 he admitted himself to not being diagnosed and 2 its no longer called multiple personality disorder. Anyone who has it knows that it's called dissociative identity disorder now.
    Aaron just because you are happy sometimes and an asshole others doesn't mean you have multiple personalities.
    Bi polar? I would buy.
    Manic? Im SURE of it
    A result of being brought up in Hollywood by dumbasses? 100%

  • He needs to live in a sober livving house. Along with intense out patient. I think he has borderline personality disorder..but thats just me.

  • my friend thinks shes dating this idiot. he catfishes people. he sent her tickets to a concert, so we went, nd then he acts like 'wasnt me'. i was like, dawg, 'wasnt me'?! who is you? shaggy??

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