A Step-by-Step Video Marketing Plan to Build Brand Identity and Beat Your Competition

A Step-by-Step Video Marketing Plan to Build Brand Identity and Beat Your Competition

hey so welcome back to the podcast today I'm gonna give you some insight from mine success summit that I think is more relevant today than it even was then the topic of this keynote was how do you out market out position and outmaneuver the competition now think about that in August of 2019 having that conversation not knowing how much turmoil was gonna take place in the real estate space certainly twelve months later so my advice is buckle up listen up and let's figure out how we make you the most choosable chose an agent in your marketplace enjoy the show here's what I wrote down this is we're going to talk about the the topic of discussion now is how are we gonna out position out maneuver out position and outmaneuver the discounters and disruptors and the ding-ding agents my buddy calls him goobers how are we gonna out position an out maneuver the discounters and the disruptors and the ding-ding agents and then write down as well as the competition as well as the competition how are we going to out position ourselves out maneuver in terms of competitions doing this the ding-dings are just meeting with their friend and selling a house we want that one the you know the disruptors are coming in and trying to get in between you and the prospects including your database and then I wrote down the following you ready while also solidifying you as the agent of trust in your community solidifying you as the agent of trust in your community so you guys up for that so let me ask you all a question how does your identity feel about everyone in your town knowing who you are now I know some of you because I keep bringing up identity shapes belief belief determines your behaviors that you may have said something that was inauthentic your actions show me what your real identity is your actions show me your behaviors show me how you really feel now I'm gonna ask you another question ready how would you feel if more and more people at every restaurant you went to when you're out in about town how would you feel about more and more people walking up to you and saying oh my god I see you all the time you're that like tell your buddy like I mean almost every day if that was happening as you were out and about how would that make you feel your ident your experience in the business share with your buddy if you were recognizable on that level that people were just walking up and like I see you everywhere honestly how would you feel about that here's what I wrote down this is what we're gonna talk about that the topic of discussion now is how do we out position how are we gonna out position out maneuver out position and outmaneuver the discounters and disruptors and the ding-ding agents my buddy calls him goobers how are we gonna out position and outmaneuver the discounters and the disruptors and the ding-ding agents and then write down as well as the competition as well as the competition how are we gonna out position ourselves out maneuver in terms of competitions doing this the ding-dings are just meeting with their friend and selling a house we want that one the you know the disruptors are coming in and trying to get in between you and the prospects including your database and then I wrote down the following you ready while also solidifying you as the agent of trust in your community solidifying you as the agent of trust in your community so are you guys up for that now do me a favor turn to your buddy and say this is only for people that are running a business so if you know if you're still in hobbyist mode and you're watching this somewhere around the world you're with me right now in the room if you're still like on the fence like I'm not exactly certain like you know uber is still a good option for me like this isn't for you this is for gamers rockstars people that understand that the world has shifted I'll give you some numbers Google Cisco and Facebook all said by 2019 more than 80% of the world's content will be consumed via video over 80% of the world's content will be consumed via video look up here guys anybody in the room knows someone that maybe doesn't cook that well are they sitting in your chair now that's a harsh setup for the store I'm gonna tell you but several years ago my wife who's very Italian who can make meatballs and pasta and raviolis and salad said to me honey tonight we're gonna have fish tacos and I was like oh you're going to wha who's and you're gonna get fish taco she's like no I'm gonna make them and I'm literally thinking in my like my mind I'm going to die this evening you with me cuz you know I'm like you've never made fish tacos before like what are you talking about and at that time our home when you came into the kitchen there was a TV here and on the TV was like some dude from Tijuana on YouTube gone okay this is not working to make the fish tacos and like she's watching on YouTube pause make the white sauce put in the salt do the thing you know go again okay they're gonna prepare the fish you throw the fish inside the bag and you put the sauce she's like and literally watching YouTube had the most extraordinary fish tacos made for the family that we've ever had and I sat there and guys this hold on this was seven years ago seven years ago today YouTube has more views than all cable companies combined every single day now my question for you is if you're going to out position outmaneuver beat the competition getting way of the disruptors get the discounters out of your life and make sure that every single person in your area that you want knows that you are an agent of trust who makes a difference and is reliable and is someone that they even though their grandmother sells real estate they still need to call you if you want to do that my friends there is only one way to do it in a 20-18 environment but I'll back up who's watched at least one Tom Perry shell I appreciate you all thank you if you ask me why that all started the earliest story saw and you've heard me tell us before I'm out at Shady Canyon I'm by myself I'm hitting golf balls I'm thinking Who am I gonna play with today and I'm just getting myself warmed up and you could see I must be a bad golfer because I do the swaying thing and and all of a sudden a buddy of mine comes up to me and he has the personality of like this stage just nothing and he's like hey men want to spend the next five hours with me in a golf cart and I was like who's your friend right and the guy behind him who was even more nerd buckety I'm like man hold on who's your buddy I'm like hey man what are you hey oh hi David Oh David what do you do man oh you work for Google Oh Google it's pretty big company like East Coast West Coast where are you what division he goes I'm in charge of media and content I was like would you like me to carry your bag and literally I was like dude would you mind if I drove with your buddy because you don't already know each other and I don't know him and you know me I'm a connector and he has a personality and he was like okay right we in the Gulf card okay Dan you and I are golfers right so he hits the ball to the right I intentionally hit the ball left and I do it every time why because it extends the time we have an ax cart together you with me like if I was a good card golfer I would hit kind of near him and we would go up together and we would play really fast I think I played like a seven and a half hour round of golf the good news is I had a yellow notepad in my bag I'm dating myself this was nearly 10 years ago and I'm like okay so you were good Google like so tell me like what do you do there any said well in terms of media and content he says well tell me bout your business like we're Google we want you to do better I'm like Oh check this out I'm like for the last like 60 days I've been doing this podcast and I'm about to do a deal with blackberry cuz my blackberry blackberry was like Tom ferry we want your exclusive content in the BlackBerry Network and I was like I don't even own a blackberry I'm like all right whatever and he personally tells me BlackBerry's a piece of avoid that I was like thank you that's helpful sorry Canada just saying well I mean who's got a blackberry in the room thank you so then he says to me and this was devastating he says podcasts are stupid I have been sitting in my room in front of a bubble microphone writing for days doing these 30 minute podcasts that no one was listening to except for me and I'm putting them out every single day and we're emailing it out the limit of distribution and he literally tells me everything you put your heart and soul into is absolutely stupid now guys this is 2007 he says to me we just bought a company called YouTube I would strongly recommend you start putting your content there and I'm like what do you mean he's like it's video and I'm like dude I don't need you know the dance video that we all remember and never charlie bit my finger do you guys member charlie bit my finger I'm dating myself like I was you know like cat videos right oh my god that's not my man some bunch of kids he's like listen to me YouTube is gonna change the world that's why we bought it now was he right what do you guys think I'm sorry was he right who has children today what do they do now when they need information my son Steven did a video three years ago playing a video game him playing a video game and it's at like 70,000 views at one point before one of my videos would super viral he's like my videos have more views than yours dad it is completely revolutionized how we can get in front of so many people in the vast majority of you you're still being a no like a note of Netflix or you write it down because I've known you for a long time but you haven't executed I'm trying to move you into that one third so in eighteen months you have a house of bricks cuz right now listen to me right now your brand is built on straw and sticks how do we become known like respected build our business build our brand the very first point and I have a lot of notes to cover so get ready to write and type like crazy the very first thing is I am demanding of every one of you in this room I'm not asking you I'm telling you I am demanding that every one of you in this room create a weekly anchor show a weekly that's EE not ei a weekly anchor show that means every single week I'm going to get a new piece of video content from you three to five minutes is fine three to five minutes is fine if the topic is sensational and it goes eight or ten minutes wonderful I'm gonna give you a list of about thirty different topics that you can do and then I'm gonna tell you what I would do on a monthly basis but that's just the beginning so now you're ready Christophe choo eileen rivera lisa doyle walla walla wednesdays chris kwon we have so many examples of people that have taken this on and have completely transformed their businesses so here's what I wrote down you ready the model the model write this down create one video a week create one video a week and then multi-purpose it on all social channels we're to create one video every week and then we're going to multi-purpose it on all social media channels that's called distribution so by the way my buddy Tiffany has an insane podcast and you should all be listening to it what I don't know TIFF because I have only heard the audio version is if that podcast isn't being video recorded even if it's two-way live on 1200 or zoom you're missing out on one modality some of us like to watch you that sounded weird but you know what I mean like some of you just got that exactly 68% of the planet is visual we learned visually we experienced visually it's like the 30 whatever percent are all auditory right the balanced are feeling like that's how they learn they got a touch it they got to grab it they got to feel the book in their hand if you're limiting your modalities you're limiting your opportunity to connect with people so the same podcast could just be filmed video recorded right biron you're doing this where's Byron you're killing it with this video and then it goes to audio you doing everything we're talking about so here's what I wrote down you ready the only goal of this is to become the one that they choose that's the only goal to become the one that they choose to become the one that they choose whose business is this whose business is this I can't hear you okay if you just say it and you don't do this it doesn't work for me whose business is this my business if this is your business and you recognize that the world isn't shifting it has shifted it has shifted it has shifted if you're not doing video today if you're saying I don't want to be recognizable all of the competition discounters and disruptors in your marketplace say god bless you thank you keep up the good work you are making your business out of hay and sticks you want to become the one that they choose but there's a side note write this down you also don't want the ones that wouldn't like you anyway to ever call listen to what I just said you also don't want the ones that are expecting a discount that want to abuse you the ones that are unrealistic in their expectations the ones that don't want transparency the ones that don't want your marketing that don't like your personality that maybe don't like you I don't want them to call how about you guys right is there anything worse you're like oh my god this person wants to buy a house but I never want to spend any time with them right or oh my god this house is insane but the cellar right you create contact you you do this content and what happens is a whole bunch of people select you and a whole bunch of people don't select you and both are fantastic now right across the right across the following multi-purpose system multi-purpose system this is the expectation once a week you shoot a three to four or five seven minutes show I'm gonna give you all the topics you're not gonna have to ask yourself what should I say we're gonna cover all of that you ready multi-purpose every show number one you ready I want you to shoot for three to ten minute shows one day out of the month get it all done in one day so you shoot for four shows which means ladies four changes of clothes right unless Georgina do you remember Karen in Newport Beach karen lynch mary the yellow dress right shall we have like one dress in every one of her marketing photos and she would show up and if she wasn't wearing the yellow dress people would go where's the yellow dress like she made that kind of her stick I don't recommend that you have made four different outfits change your blouse you know like you know don't change your hair color that would be weird but like four different outfits in one day you can do it now all in one day ask yourself this question get very detailed what is the single best day of the month for you to shoot all four shows which will take you because you're not comfortable with it yet about four hours because you might go on location and you might go to the local bakery you might be standing in front of a listing you're about to launch you might be in front of an expired listing doing a case study you might be inside your office saying how's the market you with me so give yourself four hours tell your buddy should it be at the end of the month when you're trying to close out all your deals should it be at the beginning of the month when you're trying to ramp up and get everything going you with me what day of the week is better for you I shoot my shows guy pretty religiously the same day they come out on Tuesdays it is in my calendar for the entire year Tuesdays make sense if you schedule it it exists if you don't schedule it what happens it doesn't exist now you ready major point number two once the show is shot you want to go to Amazon or Fiverr Amazon Amazon calm your off method or fiber FIV er R and you want to have the entire show transcribed the entire show transcribed spend the $10 and have it transcribed word-for-word now where are you gonna put that shelf where are you gonna put mirror you say this the transcription where is that going to go okay let me give you three areas your website which google will love because every week you're putting up fresh written content about your market with keywords like carlsbad homes for sale you don't mean whistler prices go up 16% like all the things that you would be writing so it's gonna go on your website where should it also go medium.com medium like small large medium calm and absolutely every single week on linkedin linkedin so now it's on your blog it's like your website right fresh content every week about the market that's bananas it's going on linkedin and it's going on medium and now you're building up an image on medium you're expanding your profile every single week on linkedin that's a really good idea if that makes sense number three write this down you want to take the audio of the show the audio of the show by the way Fiverr amazon if you google how do I rip the audio from my video and then post that on Fiverr someone to do it for you for five bucks you with me then you'll cut a deal with them and say I'm gonna do four shows a month I need them transcribed and I need the audio file ripped podcast ready sent to me hey even better I'll give you all the accounts you post them I'll pay you 50 bucks who would you guys would you pay somebody 50 bucks to post all that stuff for you of course you would but now I've taken one three to four minutes shel hey it's Tom ferry with banana real estate in the last 30 days I want to tell you what's going on the market Stephen Cohen you right and I'm right remind me of his name Rob Rob is mr. spreadsheet Stephen is mr. OH and they do this show where seems like hey is Stephen Cohen and this is what's going on Rob and I could talk about the market so Rob what's going on Rob's like today in the news and see goes what that means is and it is fabulous guys give a huge round of applause it's fabulous seriously and you know what is insanely great about having a quantitative and a qualitative together on a show you reach both audiences you with me now you got the super anal person who's like I want to really dissect the numbers and I want to understand the market and then I really like Steve he's just so much fun and you put that together so we do the show we transcribe it we do an audio version of it we're gonna put it on every podcast available Amazon right at you go right on down the line iTunes yada yada but Tom what if no one listens who cares you ready number four this is where the magic is this is the beeping game-changer everything else is is important and you have to do it this is the one though that kills it am i clear okay write this down create three clips some might call it a snippet a 30 to 45 seconds snippet of the show you filmed so it's a little piece of it and that goes on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Twitter and you ready guys and you boost it to the radius the area of people you want to see it that is where all the action is I get 10,000 views on a Tom Perry show like in a normal couple days right if it really goes bananas maybe I get to you know fifteen or twenty on Facebook Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn I get a hundred plus thousand views a hundred plus thousand guys when you're reaching a hundred thousand people on a weekly basis and on there please write this down you're ready please write this down super important when you if you want does anybody like getting this is exactly what I do you're seeing the model right this this little element when we did two things first on Instagram stories write this down you got to put a little snippet in your Instagram story because you get so much action guys there are people leaving Facebook right now is anybody paying attention to that right privacy's freaking amount that just to show you how naive people are they're leaving Facebook and going to Instagram say maybe with me on this that's like I'm getting rid of my iPhone 7 and I'm getting a 10 because the 7 sucked that was like thank you like they're literally transitioning all the eyeballs and attention are on Instagram right now we started doing this on Instagram stories hey in today's episode I'm going to be talking about boom boom boom baby got a swipe up and when they swipe up my show is there you with me those kind of little hacks but the second hack is right down bitly link bitly link b i tol why bitly link when it's posted on Instagram Facebook Twitter as an example there is a bitly link all that means it's a shortened URL like a website they click the link they are off that site and back on your site make sense now I know for some of you I'm doing super basics but I got a lot of people inside this room went on to make sure you guys get it bitly link they click the link for more information click here they leave that site now they're on your site where they can learn about the value of their home schedule an appointment with you read more information about you and that my friends is where all the action is the last one you ready this is all by the way just from one show the next thing is you want to create three quote cards quote cards you've seen these on Instagram right you see them on Facebook a quote from the show so if one of my shows was how's the market which I'm going to give you examples of I'm probably gonna have a quote card that says something like Dana Point luxury real estate lagging two percent year-over-year and maybe a photo of you like so it's like oh what's going on click the link below to find out more reet you know watch the entire show does that make sense and those quote cards get shared those little snippets get shared now side note you're reading side note not a point every single comment made you need to comment back every single comment made you need a comment back at the minimum you give them a heart right if they just give you a thumbs up you know you don't want to go back and so thank you so much for your thumbs up it just means the world to me that you gave me a thumbs up no you just give them two double thumbs up and maybe a fist bump and and a heart I speak almost purely an emoji now it's awesome my kids understand me it's fantastic you have to respond now do I respond is foul as I want what do you guys think no I'm on Sage I'm doing this I'm doing that right so you know for me last night I'm just going on there Bing Bing Bing thanks thanks I appreciate it you know and you know it's me because I I spell everything incorrectly and I speak a lot in emojis but what happens is you're now creating this behavior that says when you respond to me I reciprocate back to you and we are now creating a digital relationship does that make sense so stop for a second right now and I want you just to write down in your notes house of bricks house of sticks house of hay which one is harder to build which one okay ready posting every now and then maybe doing a Facebook live creating anchors show that you become the most recognizable person in your town and people know you're the agent of trust harder or easy what do you guys think harder to do impossible to do for hours how about this and I'm gonna give you all the people and all the things you can do to make this super easy but I want you to tell your buddy right now you ready I want you to tell your buddy what is the worst case scenario of doing this for two years you do everything I just said for two years what is the worst case scenario last year right at the summit this sweetheart of a fellow coal banker agent who knows where Walla Walla Washington is right it's this quaint little twenty five thousand person town on the border you know Oregon and Washington happens to be one of the greatest pinot noir wine regions in the world and in this little twenty five thousand person town this agent Robert says okay I'll do it and he starts and he's 48 shows in since last year's summit and what hold on I'm showing you this very intentionally what you're going to see is not a three camera shoot with killer microphones perfect lighting what you're going to see is like the assistant holding the camera the lighting is off but I'm gonna give you a little actually just show them a little sneak peek watch this guy hi Philip frivolous clothes will make your first Realtors and today we're meeting with Zachary put the Walla Walla sweet space boss up for another episode of all Wednesday hi today we're here with Zachary with Walla Walla sweet space ball and Zachary can you just tell me a little bit about the Suites yeah absolutely Wow here's what I want you to get first of all Robert is watching right now give me a huge round of applause love you buddy okay that little five-minute video on the local little you know baseball you know Triple A whatever it may be may be like single a when I looked at that four days ago it had 137 comments you ready guys now I want to make sure I do this right 12 shares and 3,000 views 3,000 views hold on hold on how big is his town how big is his sound right he told me 25 to baseball dude said 30,000 let's let's make it 30,000 for easy math 10% of the people in his market watch that show so I'm texting back and forth because he's like I'm like hey man you have permission can I show these she's like oh my god please show it thank you so much that's amazing he's like let me tell you what happened remember when I saw you a cold banker and I was only like six shows in I bought a microphone we have a microphone now and I'd the new intro with all the moving stuff like it evolves I marry my first show we're like this I took my flip video camera I put it on my desk I hit the button Owen okay heart over cuz I couldn't edit there was no editing back then I was like hi I'm Tom fairy welcome to life by design your place online for ideas and information how to stay in the right action okay right like right over and over who's here from Chicago one of the the show that actually got me to pony up and buy a microphone I'm in Chicago the Windy City and I put my flip video camera on a mailbox and I hit go and I'm setting this far away and I'm like I'm just getting blown I'm like hey it's Tom ferry you're a place I'm like screaming at it all yours this post it in anyway still got like a thousand views it had more comments than any show hai had currently done soppy and cheap get a microphone get a microphone but here's the point you know what that guy did so I'm just gonna start I'm just gonna start say to your buddy this is my business I'm just gonna start I'm just gonna start now do you guys want the exact schedule you should follow do you want the exact schedule I'm a little anal on this stuff I kind of know what sites you should be posting and when so write down the following you ready Tuesday you upload to YouTube now if you want to upload it on Monday and you know how to make it private until you turn it on that's ok as well but Tuesday it goes live on YouTube and it's embedded into your website do I want people going to YouTube or do I want them going to my website ok you don't do it on Mondays you do it on Tuesdays Tuesday's is the highest day of open rate for email which is how you're going to push it out so write down Tuesday email to your entire database my recommendation is you email it out early before 9:00 a.m. so your entire database gets emailed out who has seen the transformation of the tom ferry show emails let me give you a heads up please write this your notes you want to really this is the when Gary and I spent like five hours at his office and then we kicked him out and my team just worked with him on all the hacks the single most important thing in your email is not the headline it's actually the gift the photo the thumbnail that they see that's what they open or don't you guys with me on this so when I open up your email and I look down and I see there you are if your video if you're like this like that will get open more than you trying to look perfect realtor you with me unless you do perfect realtor shot and you say don't you think Realtors that sound like this are stupid and you're like then it might get opened up but now here's the kicker when I open up the email that you send your entire database the videos embedded inside there when I click on that where do I go where do I go I go to my website because I don't the traffic is going to show up on YouTube but I want them on my website because where's all the action it's on my website where's my call-to-action where's my schedule an appointment where's my learn more information where's my join my VIP list where's my check out what else we're doing list get to know my team always there now you ready the first day it's super important that you jump to youtube and you comment back the first day you got a comment back you got a comment back on the first day super important right because the first day algorithm also in YouTube says oh one of 11 bazillion new pieces of content today but if you get your mother to comment your broker to comment your assistant to comment your best friend to comment and then you go back and say thank you so much I really appreciate it yes I'll let me answer that question more in detail and I'll respond to you in the next show and you do the same things you see me doing on the tom ferry show then all of a sudden YouTube starts saying hey this is fresh relevant content we need to get this out more guys I did one video last year at the summit that now is 2.3 million views on it 2.3 million views right all I did was say this is how you should manage your money it is currently still today the number one ranked show on all of YouTube for the subject how to manage your money think about that do you think that impacted my brand and the best part is 75 percent good comments about 20% people like who does this asshole think he is and 5% of them trying to sell you something else by just hacking the deal right and guess who I comment the most to the haters right it's awesome love the haters if you're not getting hate you're not doing you with me so bring on the hate baby thank you very much now so you uploaded on Monday what do you do on Tuesday you email it to your base you with me it's connected to your website everything I'm talking about you could Google more importantly your 15 year old can do then Wednesday Thursday Friday Wednesday Thursday Friday so Tuesday it's launched Wednesday Thursday Friday you're gonna do a post at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. you ready 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. remember you've got three snippets one video snippet a day 9 a.m. in the morning you with me is that ready with me what I'm saying remember you did a four-minute show David but you got like three things three zingers three key points Santa Monica condo sales are on fire and that's all it is you with me and it's just any better yet maybe there's a boomerang at the end like woo and the more that stuff you do guess what they're like you'll see people that are just go and you're like they just watch my show dude I've been on ok I'm sitting on an airplane right sit down the airplane and I look up and like the steward what did they called the dude whatever like the steward guy and and I see him talking to the girl he's like pop pop pop pop pop and he's looking up her pop-up a bomb and he's looking over and he goes like this and I'm like that's me and he comes over he's like hey his name was like Giuseppe he's like my daughter's in real estate she's in Boston I've been watching your shows she's trying to get me to leave the business of this and come join her in real estate and he goes that whole thing about setting your goals on aligning your behaviors setting your goals and what an Italian does it it's even it's like setting your goals and not your behaviors setting your goal and I was like sitting there the person actually has no idea who I am he's like my YouTube sensation right but here's the thing here's the thing I'm okay with that I'm okay my identity is okay with massive contribution and knowing that at least a third of the planet's gonna think I'm horrible I'm okay with that bring it on 9 am-4 p.m. morning video afternoon quote card morning video afternoon quote card morning video afternoon quote card that's the pattern by the way how many of you familiar with a little website called HootSuite HootSuite write it down HootSuite how do you spell that google it h OoT Suites I'm sure if you did SW eet it'll probably show up as well HootSuite now what do you do you your 14 year old daughter says video at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday Wednesday you know bump up up up up pre programs it you do nothing it just goes live it's one of those distribution channels that you plug it in and it does it all for you so if you're still doing it yourself e HootSuite now here's the kicker you ready right down donkey or unicorn donkey means I played one of my snippets Tim and it got like for you it got a 1,100 views that's bad you with me but if it got like 4000 views then I'm gonna boost it and make it a unicorn that means the message is resonating I'm getting lots of views when you get lots of views spend the 30 bucks spend 240 bucks target it to the list you want to see it and bam you explode donkeys are okay to write but when you've got a unicorn you got a boost it so now I'm gonna go deep into you you guys ready to go deep I'm gonna give you all of the shows that I want you to do and then I'm gonna tell you the monthly routine I would recommend so here's here's all the shows get ready to write and type like crate you're never gonna go sometime not sure what I should do this is the list that will cover you for about two years once a month you need to do a market update once a month you need to do a three to five minute video a show called how's the market in Walla Walla real-estate Walla Walla market update that might even be better real estate your town market update April 2018 right April 20 19 April and also may now see you've been doing this every single month you know you are now you are the authority you guys ready I'll do a show hey it's Tom ferry with banana real estate super excited to talk to you about the results we had in the month of July you know the real estate market has been rather interesting today I want to pinpoint two specific price points the medium price point today in banana Ville is four hundred eighty five thousand a four hundred five thousand dollar home gets you pretty much a beautiful charming four-bedroom three-bath with an 8,000 square foot lot in a two-car garage what we're seeing though right now in this price point is things are beginning to soften now does that mean the end of the world a real estate recession by no stretch of the imagination the reason I say soften is over the last 90 days we went from having a hundred and twenty-five homes on the market on average to 178 homes on average in June and in July we hit over 300 homes on the market now the good news is sales are still happening but we still only have the same 127 buyers that we had in May that we had in June and we had in July so it's just basic supply and demand what my most savviest clients have discovered though is it's okay to have lots of inventory and buyers have options certainly if you're watching this show and you're thinking of buying a home you love the fact that you have options on the seller side though now more than ever how you market and position the home is everything there's three things that our last four transactions all had in common number one we staged the property to make sure it looked exactly like a new home would so if you're talking to your agent or you're talking to your friend without a shadow of a doubt in this price range with this much competition staging is a massive degree of separation the second one is if you don't do a video on the home and make sure it gets the highest amount of distribution on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and everything else you're just simply missing out on the eyeballs of the consumers today and number three having that property showcased the correct way on Zillow and Trulia on all the different websites is gonna make that property stand out and the last one just as a bonus we only did this with two clients but we had over one hundred and seventy-three buyers through the house by this thing we do called a mega open house which I think I've explained a few times on this show so that's what's happening right now in the four hundred eighty five thousand dollar price range in the high end it's a little uh same interesting little case study so that's it the month of July was good so far August is looking fantastic I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you soon video ends just one after another like that you've everything and here's the thing you know when your friend says hey what's going on the market how you feeling and you're like woah sales have been a little bit and July this happening and and it depends are you talking about high and low and this that the same thing that your friends you just share that with share it with everyone got it so turn to your buddy and say every single month every single month okay number two you ready just write down the word interviews and I'm gonna give you a whole laundry list so you ready interviews in no order but I'm looking for at the minimum once a month ideally twice you will find the rhythm of what people like in your community interviews ready the school principal restaurant owners coffee house owners coffee houses guys bananas you show up first thing in the morning you got all the lines all the people are there right you know the ones that are right for your market ready the local breweries what is it about people an alcohol man and then you can tag all the other breweries and they're gonna call you and say hey you do a show on me as well here's one you ready the local art gallery owner notice I'm hitting demographics right now if you're paying attention if you're paying attention we're doing demographic marketing here ready you want to interview the great local architects you might even want to do a whole show called how to select an architect write down the following you want to crush it who wants more home builders saying hey we you listen sell my houses for me so how about doing some interviews with home builders what do you think of the three biggest mistakes the person that's never built a home before what leg can true what are you what are the mistakes that they make well they have unrealistic expectations they really don't get their plans done right they make too many changes along the way they think their budgets this but it's always this and you know so you're educating it's awesome here's a big one you ready the local bank president the best loan officer I'm gonna pick up the pace you ready you want to kill it real estate tax specialists real estate tax specialists you ready especially if they are senior in terms of their demographic what are you seeing today your median client is 70 years old they've got this generational wealth they've got all this real say what are the mistakes what do you do your digging and asking questions you're gonna kill it there you want to have some fun and get a little controversial politicians and by the way don't go your way go both ways for some of you knuckleheads listen to me for all of you in the US listen to me for you knuckleheads that alienated half of the population that was a dumbass move on your part you with me but I like I don't care here's the deal we were like yeah you did and we'll vote for you anyway but the problem is if you only go one way you alienate the other half why would you ever alienate why would you say to half the world screw you you with me intentionally so you do both even better yet get them together and have a healthy debate wouldn't that be cool right now you got everybody you want to talk about comments on your page but you got to stay neutral yeah you're right screw him that's not good now you ready how about your title rep hey when you're like so you yeah you're doing 300 title orders a month first of all what is title insurance why does it matter how does it work when does it come into play what do you guys do what does it mean Papa Papa Papa right keep going how about your closing attorney how about your closing attorney you want to do a killer one do one with your escrow coordinator or your transaction coordinator hey Martha you know hey Bill I want to sit down with you today tell us tell us what are the big mistakes you see in agents when they're writing up their contracts what do you see is the challenge that a seller faces a buyer faces here's another one you ready you absolutely want to do an interview or two with home stagers how do you stage a home to sell now you really want to kill it I'm gonna keep going you guys got a decent so far do you have some shows you can do okay you ready how about you do a show with the last three first-time buyers you worked with and you do all three of them together hey I'm sitting down with you know the the Hoopoe dudes the Hama Hama and the nono Nonna's and they've all bought their first home in the last four months and I let me just start by saying I'm so proud you guys can graduate and their discussion now who do you think they're gonna share that show with their mom's gonna watch it 63 times right you're gonna go oh you went to Baylor you're gonna take the video and you're gonna boost it to everyone that went to Baylor you guys with me on this this guys we're doing demographic marketing you think I'm giving you a list of people to go after I'm telling you like this is how you win now ready how about with the last three expired listings where you actually sit down with them and say Christian would you mind just sharing the experience I know you you know you and please don't say the other agents name of their company right you tell Matt in advance you don't do it on the show and you say so what was it well you know my wife said let's just go this person she's a friend and we didn't do a lot of research and you know she put the home on the market we were kind of expecting it was gonna be great like they sell the out of you you with me and then well what was the difference where you came in you repackage you position it was just exciting you just believe that the home was gonna sell your energy was contagious you're marking when you did that open house think of a Bob I mean there was clowns and balloons and there was food I think there was weed there was just it was crazy that's for the Washington Colorado oh god I don't even know now California now you ready Shh third section you're gonna have so many shows to shoot ready third section I'm gonna give you just a bunch you want to do a show shows called did you know did you know or how they do it did you know so you want to do a did you know show on did you know you can buy a home today at blank percent down and if you go did you know you can buy a home in Walla Walla Washington for as little as 3% down and that is your Google tag 3% down Bank of America financing buy your first home first-time homebuyers because you're gonna tag every one of those on your YouTube video bananas reading your next show should be did you know that rents are blank compared to the average mortgage payment did you know that rents are blank compared to the average mortgage payment I would do a show called do you know how much you could rent your home for did you know how much you can rent your home for Timmy that kind of changed some motivation for me number four you ready three mistakes to avoid when buying your first home did you know there's three common mistakes that first-time homebuyers make and they seem to make them over and over again so I'm really doing this show as a public service announcement so if you or someone you know is thinking about buying a home whether they're right here in Walla Walla already somewhere around the world send them this video and help the people that you know please forward this video to as many people as you can there's 78 million Millennials coming in the market they have no idea they're all playing for tonight right now they're not knowing what to do write down the following you ready this one put like six stars five asterisks put like eight money signs next to it seven home improvements to instantly increase your home's value seven home improvements to instantly increase your value seven home improvements to instantly increase your about you know like hey do you all remember the Zillow report that came out that one from two years ago that there's this great little line it said the single most important leading indicator of a future home seller is improvements on their home the second they start shopping for home improvements I would be running my Google video ad on every person that is in my area who's going you know like home improvements Pinterest idea home improvements and then literally two days later they're on Google or they're on YouTube excuse me and I'm like hey I'm Tom ferry are you thinking about improving the value of your home I'd be killing it with that look at the next one you ready the difference between hiring a local agent and an agent outside of the area did you know the difference between hiring a local agent an agent outside of the area ready three ways to sell a highest possible price in the shortest amount of time did you know that there's three ways that you could sell for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time and then you should absolutely do a show called considering selling your home on your own here are the 47 things you have to do to guarantee you sell your home and you just start like this number one get comfortable with all of these contracts you with me number two and I can imagine your video like this you need to put out 36 signs on your open house and all since got a run you pump up up up up up up up up up up signs everywhere and you make it an animated fun show that is educating him on understanding what it really takes now you ready the fourth factor I wrote down to the fourth subject matter I would do I would do lots of behind the scenes lots of behind the scenes here would be the first behind the scenes I would do Marty we should have done this on you ready you're standing at your office and you're like oh hey thanks for checking it with me today I'm working with this young couple they want to buy on these two streets in Del Mar California the challenges there's no homes on the market so what I'm doing right now is I'm going to call every single person on the street and see if they've had any thoughts of selling one of the things that I do for my clients is I go above and beyond the extra mile I don't wait for somebody hit the MLS so check it out and watch and I start calling people they can't hear both sides of the conversation they just hear me and then I would speed up the video so it looks like that side of it well so here's the results I was actually in two hours able to contact seven people of the seven people five with him thanked me profusely couldn't believe that I was calling two of them said we've been thinking about it and one of them actually told me that they believe someone three streets over is considering and they would talk them for me I'm Tom fairy banana real estate just going above and beyond video ends you're like that I have to make phone calls no you can just fake it and just you know now you ready behind the scenes watch this whiteboard up curt whiteboard up stats 93 properties on the market that they're competing against only 22 buyers really big stat right marketing plan and I write up you know met it's already all written up there mega open house this boo-boo-boo-boo bad Zillow boost this Facebook video that stuff I thought that thought and it's just hey today I'm just doing an example like we were about to list this magnificent house but the challenge is there's 93 homes on the market and we're averaging only 27 transactions being done in that price range so the sellers challenged me to really pull out all the stops you know it's funny like the average real estate agent only has 11 different ways that they market and sell a home I actually have a list of 93 things that we do and what we take is from that 93 we customize based on the demographic and of course the avatar of who the buyer would be and by the way I mean everybody knows you got a market to a very specific avatar or in today's environment you just don't sell the person watch the videos going what the hell's an avatar I thought that was a movie about big giant blue things well what else does this genius know that I don't know how many of you guys are getting what I'm doing there you with me now number five you guys want to kill it who wants to kill it I'm sorry whose business is this I can't hear you if I don't see this it doesn't count whose business is this look at your buddy and say my business like with some authority yes now you ready this is where you're going to absolutely kill it right down driving neighborhood tours driving neighbor where's my buddy Christophe choo driving neighborhood tours this is what Christoph's been doing for the last year guys he has a little sticky thing on his car like on the mirror and he starts with puts it up there and he's in his Mercedes and he goes hi everybody its Christophe Choo Cola Banker Previews in Beverly Hills California today we're gonna go look at banana ville it's a 75 home development but but but but but but Papa Bob it's a lovely day here in Beverly Hills we're gonna have so much fun and he flips it around as he drives through the neighborhood and if you ever watched what his videos he just says and he's not doing any even the camera he's driving the cameras perfectly still on the windshield and he's like the home there on the right that's owned by who be do be do be do they bought that house seven years ago you should have seen what it look like before they've done a magnificent job bringing this thing up the boat little bit and then from his phone exactly uploads it in do YouTube and puts down you know truesdell homes for sale in 2018 learning the Trousdale he tags it with everything about that community name when home shoppers are searching did they go like this homes for sale in San Diego or do they go like this Irvine Terrace Homes for Sale which one so write down this question how many community videos are you going to create and then how are you going to boost and push them out this whole distribution strategy how many are you gonna do the answer is every community you want to be selling homes in every so if you're 'no if you're in a 8000 home community but there's 63 different projects inside there you're not doing one you're doing 63 micro market videos do they have to be 20 or 30 minutes could they be 2 or 3 minutes could they be 5 minutes makes sense now what are you gonna do realistically between now on the end of the year so there you have it thanks so much for listening to this show you know the summit is the place where we really try and push the envelope and give you guys new thoughts new ideas but also proven methodologies and a proven strategy so you can do exactly what we just discussed here how do you stand out in this crowded noisy space called real estate so send me a tweet let me know what you're thinking about doing at Tom ferry on Twitter at Tom for not following me there and or the next time you see me posting an Instagram Q&A fest jump in and share with me what are you doing or what questions you have because I'm here to serve here to help you grow thanks so much for listening and we'll look forward to talking to on the next podcast if you want more information about this episode including my show notes mentions links and everything else make sure you visit Tom Perry comm slash podcast that's Tom Perry comm slash pod thanks again and talk to you soon


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