A Series of Unfortunate Events Official Trailer (2017) Netflix Series HD

A Series of Unfortunate Events Official Trailer (2017) Netflix Series HD

whose skies smiling at me nothing but blue skies violet Klaus and sunny were intelligent children most everything that happened to them was rife with misfortune and despair your parents have perished in a terrible fire perished means killed we know what perished means hello hello hello children I am Count Olaf your new Guardian you know what this is it looks like a list wrong it's a list a list of chores we know you're just trying to steal a parents fortune we have to get out of this wretched place go back to the house where it's safe and strangers can't get you strangers where the boodle their children will be destroyed what hmm when the sand runs out that fortune is mine I didn't realize the Sun went so quickly I bought it online you're gonna need to flip it a couple of times your parents and I we used to develop our own secret codes our parents developed secret codes in my library you will find all the answers that you need let's get to work something strange is going on what's that something my parents had it looks like the tattoo Count Olaf has on his ankle my name is captain chefs manager uli Count Olaf in disguise aren't you smart wherever you go I will hunt you down why do you hate us so much because it's fun we are setting out on a very top secret expedition what do you say Baudelaires are you in I'm taking you to prison well good luck with that I'm armed so my child's play hmm adorable hmm it's a harpoon gun you


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