A Message From Chad and Steve

A Message From Chad and Steve

Chad: Hi, YouTube. This is Chad and Steve.
We’re the cofounders of this site, and we just want to say “Thank you”. Today, we have
some exciting news for you. We’ve been acquired by Google. Steve: Yeah, thanks. Thanks to every one of
you guys that have been contributing to YouTube community. We wouldn’t be anywhere close to
where we are without the help of this community. Thanks a lot. Chad: We’re going to stay committed to developing
the best service for you. You know, developing the most innovative service and tools and
technologies, so you can keep having fun on our site. Steve: The most compelling part of this is
being able to really concentrate on features and functionality for the community. We’ve
certainly been listening to the problems that have been coming in, surfacing on the customer
service, as well as develop for broad cam. We’re definitely keen on just reorganizing
our efforts and energy back into building up the community and resolving these problems
that you guys have been having. Chad: And this is great. Two kings have gotten
together, and we’re going to be able to provide you even better service and build even more
innovative features for you.>>[laughter] Steve: I don’t know.
Just keep going. Two kings. Interviewer: What do they mean for the user
community? Steve: Two kings? Chad: Two kings have gotten together. The
king of search, the king of video have gotten together. We’re going to have it our way.>>[laughter]


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