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  • The more likes, subscribes, and shares the more you line this fear mongering person. He need not worry about any events since he says he is a multi millionaire.

  • You put all your subscribers in fear while you profit. Flashing a $40k watch. Brag of becoming a millionaire from bitcoin which is promoting the cashless society and I am sure you will tell everyone where to go get chipped too. You got your training from Joel Olsteen & Benny Hinn. You are a fake and a fraud. People start unsubscribing and start pressing the thumbs down. I am done listening to Satans helper here.

  • Daniel Chavez says:

    México in September starts to be a cashsless country, ir starts from here to south and North countries, and Is already under military control, pray and Noah s, Abraham s God YHWH Blesa you, cause this Is going ti be against humanity not only you.

  • Brenda Spoon says:

    Agree ! Joe k. Too many peoples trust is in The wicked government and trust in there own strenght.. ITS no surprise about What ever is going on.. Its already been prophesied! What's COMING ahead.. Our Future should be in GOD.. And make preparations to eat and drink.. On yard gardenings and asking God how to survive in saftey… Most of us Prabably going to die because of no food and WATER. Gear will grip most peoples heart and desperation will cause them to be worest then wild beast of the fields. And vampires of the air.. Omg!!! Help us! And save us from the Evil too come..EMMANUEL! Yahweh! EMMANUEL…

  • Raheem Amir McDowell says:

    Are you serious. If people don't see all these nations are together. What would life be without the USA. More importantly people of color lol. stop deceiving the people

  • sat here in England on a Sunday morning listening to this. I then had a thought that this is how people must have felt pre WW2,, waiting for any news broadcast to try and be ready. It has really upset me and made me think that we have not progressed at all. Blessings to you from England xx

  • michael flegel says:

    If Chris is a Bitcoin billionaire then why does he have to sell boxes of food? Also, if he is is a Bitcoin billionaire why does he only have one suit jacket, 1 blue shirt and 1 red scarf for his pocket in all videos? Salvation Army I think has them?

  • If the god of the bible had been portrayed as a king instead of a God , he would be remembered as the most evil, mass murdering, tyrannical dictator of all time! Christians give the bible god a free pass because, they say, he is god the creator. I don't see the difference whether man or god. If his actions were evil or immoral, as the bible states, then he'd be just as guilty of being evil as any human committing the same deeds.

  • Great for people that have some money to buy non personable foods and water. But many of us don't have any money and can barely eat very cheaply now!
    PLEASE pray for the very many of us please! God bless.

  • Cool. Thanks!
    Don't have any money for supplies at all but Jesus is my provider and protecter!
    Thankyou Jesus!
    Praise God to Yehshua Jesus powerful majestic Name! The Name above every Name!
    King of King and Lord of Lords! All glory to God❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • If Trump would only explain what the hell is this mysterious threat coming to the US more people would be on his side. All we can see is that he's simply building a southern border wall and nowhere else by the way which is odd. It can't be just to keep Mexicans out. They'll just come in through boats, planes, and tunnels as they do now. If there's a zombie apacolyose coming from South America etc maybe it's a good time for the president to set the record straight and quit playing head games with the public.

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  • As a follower of Christ, I feel it in my soul, the day is drawing near when we will see our Lord Jesus coming down from heaven to take up his bride. I had a dream over a decade ago that military men and tanks were coming down our streets and pulling us out of our homes. It was a feeling of Russia but I am not able to say that is 100%. A couple weeks ago a heavenly voice told me to draw near to God and humble myself to become holy and prepared because the days are getting shorter and we will not have the chances we once had to turn to our Saviour. The time is now, if you repent your sins and completely trust and live as Christ lived we will not see death. We will live eternally in the place He is almost finished preparing. I'm warning you because I love all just as I am a sinner, so are you, unworthy of the forgiveness and mercy that God gives. Avoid the wrath on judgement day and deny yourself before you realize it's too late and there are no more breaths for you to take. In Jesus name, I ask you, will you choose life or death? May the Lord touch the heart of whomever took the time to read this, amen.

  • Darrell Westphal says:

    This is a note to the American people. I like many people in our country are not sure exactly what is a government shutdown. We know that a lot of people are out of work and of course not getting paid but what does it pay our government to do I shut down? I have voted for President Trump and will again in 2020 and I have faith that what he is doing is for the reasons of our country. So he must have good reason for what he is doing. So I am asking all of you out there that no more about what a shutdown in our government really is and why it would benefit us or not. I do not want to hear from haters of our president. Because it has been my experience that most of the people that hate our president don't have a brain cell one. So I want to hear from people that love our country love our president and really know about the government shutdown and how it can benefit us or not. Be warned if you attack our country or our president I will attack you verbally. So don't bother commenting back to me if all you want to do is spread hatred of our country and president.

  • Gary Watson Jr. says:

    God is NOT the guy upstairs! He's the father of the Lord Jesus Christ; the creator of all living things & beings!

  • stonerassassin3 says:

    Used to watch Alex Jones for fun. I've found my new entertainment, just wish he was a little more animated like Alex. Would be almost as funny

  • Our country’s survival is in the crosshairs. If the democrats can prevent a wall from being built and continue to promise illegal aliens free stuff, our once prosperous republic will become a socialist hellhole as more and more non Americans change our country to the delight of the communist among us. Nancy and Obama know that walls work as they both have
    them around their own properties.

    Pray for President Trump and our country. Our survival depends on it!

  • Public Enemy Preacher says:

    “Will not go quietly into the night!” That’s what the President said on the first Independence Day movie before going to war with the aliens ALL OVER THE WORLD! ?

  • Bless your hart dude, i can buy everything I would need for a month with $100. dlls. Karma dude, what goes around comes around.

  • Hayden Braddock says:

    oh no! this is honestly sissy shit everyone is a bitch it'll be fine fear mongering bullshit really if you have any common sense you'll be aight ?

  • Carmen Riggs says:

    Fear no evil and let go of things you can't control…welcome a new beginning and finally some peace.
    I find it exciting as I wait in my space between the space with nothing since I came into this world with nothing.

  • Jean Jackson says:

    Either Russia, or Iran would just Love To Have Their Flag Over Our White House………Are We Going Into A War?? Be Prepared, food, etc. This Man is Correct, we need to be prepared. Pray for God To Protect Us……….The Bible States: Humble Yourselves And Pray, Then , Will Your Heavenly Father Hear Your Prayers. Pray People Of America, Pray!! We have Been Blessed with this Beautiful Country, Now, Let’s Stand Strong As A Nation……Truly, I believe that Russia And, China Will Join Forces………..Get On Your Knees America & Humble Yourselves, Keep Your Eyes On God………He Is More Powerful Than Anything On This Entire Earth……….

  • No
    sane American is against the Wall…. but a PROMISE is a PROMISE…….Trump MUST
    keep his promises to make the Mexicans to PAY for it….. It’ll take some 10
    years to build the Wall …. so in the meantime……

    Let them in….. Let them in….. Let
    them in…..

    We are the greatest democracy in
    the world….they haven’t had a taste of it…

    Let them in….. Let them in….. Let
    them in…..

    We have the American Dream… and we
    have plenty of it to share…..

    Let them in….. Let them in….. Let
    them in…..

    We need them to do all the menial
    jobs that American shuns… so that we can booze and dance…..

    Let them in….. Let them in….. Let
    them in…..

    We were responsible in sabotaging
    their economies since the 60s….. so says the facts….

    Let them in….. Let them in….. Let
    them in…..

    We have Trump who create millions
    of job in his trade war… American is a pot of gold for jobs…..

    Let them in….. Let them in….. Let
    them in…..

    need these cheap labors to fulfil the MAGA dream…. America First dream …

    Let them in….. Let them in….. Let
    them in…..

    We are caring folks…. These
    children and mothers are HUMAN BEINGs….. and they are Christians.

    Let them in….. Let them in….. Let
    them in…..

    USA is totally responsible for the
    civil chaos in Honduras and in LatinAmerica…



    It is a great tourist attraction…
    people come from all over the world to see the ''Berlin'' wall and see poor
    people climbing it… brilliant idea…

    Trump must fulfil Nostradamus’s prophesy……Nostradamus 600 yrs ago said that a
    tsunami of migrants will inundate Mystery Babylon. Watch out for the 10 million
    caravans…. what you are seeing is just a recce group. Watch out for those Dragons
    and Bears coming in from the North…..

    If these innocent migrants were shot or killed by neglect (like
    the 7 yo girl) by the troops the US generals and Commander in chief should be
    referred to the ICC. What a wanton waste of precious life… and they call
    themselves Christians? What a shame! Another one has died in custody. I think
    the Human Right Watch and other NGOs should do their job

    Since when is gassing people a duty? Tell that to the
    millions being gassed to death in Europe during WW2. Please do not gas the
    children and women. There are no justifications whatsoever to gas children and
    women. Don't you have any conscience at all? These are poor people who are
    hungry. Be a good Christians otherwise, you'll be answerable to Jesus… don't
    hope for his help either. In addition, it will put US in a bad light from
    international perspectives…. https://www.newsweek.com/obama-administration-used-tear-gas-pepper-spray-border-dozens-times-cbp-data-1233255

    have the moral and ethical high ground to be the Global Policeman?

    Do you know who organise these caravans? Ask Trump….. Bet you
    he’ll ask Congress for the money…

    Build the Wall……….. Build the
    Wall……….. Build the Wall………..

    Get the bad hombres Mexicans to pay
    for the Wall….. A shutdown is definitely GOOD as it saves
    cost… the money saved can be used to build the wall… or go to war with
    Russia and China

    TRUMP, asked Tuesday who received the contracts: "Different people.
    Highly bid."… Jared…Ivanka…. Eric….. Donny….. Cohen…. Manafort…. Pecker…..
    Flynn…. all different contract different people… I don't know them but they
    are the best in the world… great experience… great wall….




    Actually, funding for the wall is not rocket science idea.
    It’s simple: Defense budget is US780billion. This include funding of 1000+
    overseas bases. Shut them all down and you’ll free about $350billion. Use that
    and the soldiers coming home to build the wall…. The threat to declare a NATIONAL EMERGENCY is a
    BRILLIANT STRATEGIC MOVE. Very good strategy. Absolutely. Brilliant Believe me.
    Get the military to build the wall…….. bring them all back and build the

    Alternatively, you can get all those keen to emigrate to help
    build the wall…… This will be completed by year end… Plain and Simple. Case

    Latest Breaking News:

    Trump: Mexico, if you can hear me. I am the greatest dealer.
    I make the greatest deal. You won’t believe that I’m making the greatest deal
    ever. I am going to make you pay for the wall.

    Mexico: I hear you Trump. Yes, you
    are the greatest deal maker. You make great deals. Please make one more of your
    great deals by building the wall. No, we are not going to pay for the wall. You
    can close it down for the next 10 years. Good luck hombre.


  • Venezuela is a country rich with natural resources. That's the reason
    why we must contr-OIL it… but wait a minute… the Bears and Dragons are
    already there. It's going to be the Syria of Latin America. (In other words,
    its Syria in the South) And it is just at our doorsteps (watchout for the
    spillover)… Looks like the End Times is getting nearer…and Nostradamus is

  • Jovani Imbert says:

    What I think Trump is trying to say indirectly is that if immigrants keep coming to the United States the economy is going to get worse and there is not enough and that is why he wants to put the military on the border. The economy is already bad as it is but nobody is talking about it and im not being negative im just saying the truth. I know we are immigrants too in one way or another but we founded this country and it became a country. Im not saying to judge or be hateful to the immigrants that are trying to come nor the ones already here. When I say we are immigrants too in one way or another I mean that basically only the native indians are from here and everybody else are immigrants like the people from europe, asia, spain, and aftica.

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