44 thoughts on “A Look Inside Russia’s Creepy, Innovative Internet”

  • Alexander Federowicz says:

    Putin is Very Smart and is one of the Few World Leaders Openly Fighting The Luciferian Globalist Khazarian Cabal, I.E.:(Rothchilds, Bush, Clinton, Rockefeller, Soros, DuPont) All Human predating Luciferians that seek one true thing Human Predation via a 7 billion person Genocide, and followed by permanent Enslavement of the survivors… False Altruism of Europeans and Foolish American Leftists is the Cabal's biggest food source.

  • Christian Thalacker says:

    You REPEATEDLY call Russia “Europe”…that is like calling Saudi’s Arabia “Africa”. Read a book.

  • Romin van der Meiden says:

    The C.I.A. is the worlds most dangerous organisation.
    This is just another anti russian propaganda piece of crap.
    Putin is the only leader i trust, our most formidable weapon against the satanic deepstate cabal.

  • 3 years before windows 95…Neosoft relesed Neobook and Neopaint, both with GUI's and it ran on dos, both had simmilar awsome features, kids could even use it….it was under-rated sadly…ignored really.

  • It's sad how the Russian entrepreneurs and people accept the dark side of technology and act defeated by it, instead of fighting for privacy and well groomed growth like we do in the West (I mean people not governments)

  • "We will know our job is complete,when everything the American people believe is a lie" William Casey former CIA Director

  • Yuri Fyodorov says:

    Interesting, but what an idiotic statement he makes at the end, that government's support of infrastructure is backward and wrong, obviously he's a paid CIA schill.

  • Justin Crediblename says:

    "like anything sovereign, it needs walls to protect it"
    Finally Bloomberg confidently backs Trump and the American People

  • Putin had to do what he did, external operatives trained in creating cultural rebellions were operating in russia. they were trying to use the masses to overthrow the government. write or wrong it had to be done. sorry.

  • A Look inside Russia's innovative internet

    BLoomberg…"no Russia's bad…say they're creepy…and tell them they copied silicon valley"

  • 3rd round watching this, still interesting. I had forgotten about that last hacker hunter crew, I believe it's Group IB. Around 35:00 mark. When he mentions 'toxic knowledge' I get a lil amp'd, Imagine the mountainous stone cold Everest testicles this 'nerd' summits! ;]Gives me pride in the InfoSec community.. Edit: Growing up I can recall having heard other Canadians express something along the lines of almost affectionately thinking of RU's like fellow bear or better – arctic-adjacent not so distant kin or long lost family that understand spending a lot of time 'warming up from winter'… ;] – Respect

  • so many whataboutism and denying the truth here. "wah, wah, russia is shown as bad, so it must be propaganda"

    well, sometimes propaganda is true, and, the truth that is shown is that life in russia isnt that nice (unless youre a government pupet oligarh, or really drunk). I even think that russian censorship has been given too much "pc tolerance" and sugarcoating in this piece, really they are rebuilding old fear and paranoia patriotism inside and simultaneously undermining western nations political discourse outside

  • TheMostGodless SinfulBastard says:

    I guess this is the sort of video you et if you go to Russia with all sorts of preconceived notions… intent on making them look a certain way.
    Great content, shitty reporting. This guy's commentary sucks.

  • TheMostGodless SinfulBastard says:

    Why exactly is it "creepy" just because it is russia?? I think the restrictions we got in the USA are similar… and same "creepy" sort of people.

  • Renata Gross says:

    It's interesting that Russia is still cultivating their best & brightest minds to continue to create innovations in technology.

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