A Jamaican policeman killed my brother

A Jamaican policeman killed my brother

When I went to the hospital, I ran inside When I went to the hospital, I ran inside
I noticed that he was on a gurney. So they started to wheel him towards me, and I am no doctor, but I knew that the last sense that you lost was your hearing, and so I said: “can I speak to him?” and I said for the first time “I love you.” for the first time “I love you.”
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If you told me I would have lost my brother to a police officer, any of my brothers, I would tell you’re telling a lie. I still have so many questions to my brother’s death. I can’t find any proper justification. He was shot under the armpit from the back, a few centimeters from his heart. That wasn’t to neutralize a threat. Murder was the charge. Jamaica is one of the most violent societies on earth, at the same time Jamaica’s police force is among the deadliest in the world. In this tiny nation, with a population of less than 3 million, police kill hundreds of people every year. We’re walking into the Orange Villa community where Nakia and I grew up. I’m entering my brothers restaurant . My brother Nakia Jackson’s restaurant. This is the room in which she was murdered. [Music] [Music]
The report was that my brother was killed because he looked like a Rastafarian Rastafarian
man what robbed a gas station, and that was sufficient for an officer to disregard is right to life. [news report] Residents of Orange Villa in downtown Kingston were in anguish last week, over what they claim was a clear case of indiscriminate police shooting. [Music] I thought I had a good relationship with the security forces. I was probably one of their biggest advocates in terms of supporting them and their community policing mantras. So, I didn’t choose advocacy, advocacy chose me. We will be having a gathering of the support group helping other families to overcome their helping other families to overcome their
personal struggles. [Music] [Music]
Police use their uniforms to do whatever they want to do and they kill who they want to kill and get away with it. We have to do something about it because we’re hurting families. [Music] [Music]
Sometimes from bloodshed comes change. As part of our thrust to really use this tragedy to positively impact the lives of others, we will have three days of activities taking place in commemoration of my brother’s birthday. [Music] [Music]
It’s an unfortunate situation that brought me to this but yet still we shall rise. [Music]


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  • What that white lady is saying Jamaica it is nowhere dangerous as the united States, England, also Canada and Mexico, that lady is not talking the truth.Orange Villa is not down Town it is the top of Orange Street, besides York Park fire Station I useto live over there before they burntout those buildings about 1976.My brother first child was born 1973 at Victoria Jubilee, and living by Orange Villa those days was some board houses closed to Tropical Theater.I remembered when those buildings was burntout,I was walking down Orange Street going down Town reaching Mazuka when I heard the fire brigade units.Then I turned around and I saw the fire, so I know that place very well.The last time I went over there in 1988, because I saw a guy who I knew from 1971 which useto living there with his parents.So he was able to get back one of the apt after they built up those new buildings,but I passed there from time to time.But I want to hear a better report about the shooting, for she to just say that the police killed her brother like that.Am not going to buy that at all , because she is not going to talk the truth about her brother.Based on​what she is saying you can see that she, and her brother was not living on good terms.Because she said it is her very first time that she ever told brother,her she really loves him on his dying bed. I know that some of those police officers can do a lots of bullshit at times, some of them will killed you for no apparent reason. Some of them is just gun chigarpy , and they will killed you for nothing at all.It is nowhere different in the world especially in the united States, England, Canada also other countries around the world, I would love to get the full story.People is going to say a lot of things about the police,but I know that working​ in place like Kingston is very dangerous.

  • This is such a bulshit video against the police. None of these people will ever stand up and demand something be done about the gangs and the criminals. Brave against the police but not so much against the real evil that plagues Jamaica

  • Marie Dalencourt says:

    l am so sorry for your lost young lady. l don't know you not your brother, l feel your pain….. May the good Lord hold you firm in your jerney for justice !💔

  • Melli B Chanel Ann says:

    Am sure the police wouldn’t kill a innocent man for no reason the police must have felt threaten i wasn’t there but maybe your bro was in some criminal activities or just the wrong place at the wrong time then that would be sad my condolences however it’s another human criminal or not

  • If he was kill by a American police uou never do this video nd if you do the video you would hide you face because you want yo kerp uou green card nd next ting when did jamaican police curupted more than American police lol

  • Winston Wilks says:

    Hun we feel your hurt and pray for you and your family. it is sad how the security forces treat almost everyone in a inhumane way, is like shoot first and ask question later, then they get away with it…no wonder why our people hate police so much

  • Gregory Francis says:

    Why these bullshit bias reporters keep labeling our country in such demonizing manner…..Chicago is one of the worst place for any human being to be and for the last five years or so, american police killed more people than anywhere else in the world…..its time these people stop spreading fake news

  • Most of the police a murderer in JA..them a gun man before them joined the forced…blasted wicked them…how u send to do an assignment and instead u arrest and take the person in for questioning..u shot them because u feel like..did the man resisted arrest or disrespected them..no..Im sure he did not act up..them just evil..most of them cannot be trusted

  • This was a mistake by the police, they were chasing a man and thought they saw him run into the restaurant. When the cops got to the restaurant they fired shots immediately. They then realized it was the owner of the shop they shot. The cops did not own their mistake, instead, they made it seem as if they were not sure of the situation. It's hard to see how you are chasing someone who is fleeing from a robbery, and end up shooting a restaurant owner who was cooking yet you do not own the misteke. It was big on the news in the week it happened as well, I remember it clearly as I was visiting Jamaica when it happened.

  • Genesis Real info Report. says:

    I am going to Jamaica to make it safe.I am going to put those Don's and crooked cops in their place.

  • Remember tevoli in 2001 may be they want another one just like that but a 1000 times worse 😤😤 😤😤 😤

  • I have one question why Jamaican police are so wiked and evil why are they only kill young men at an alarming rate very soon there will be no more men left InJamaica why? Remember 2001 and 2010 maybe that's what it's gonna have to take for them to stop you know say when our head get hot no more talking

  • Antoinette Jackson says:

    You are such a beautiful lady to suffer so much. I have moved from my island in Hawai'i to the US Mainland because of the lava. It is shocking to me to see the news daily of the crime and violence here when on our island we did not even lock our doors. As was the case when I lived in JA in the 80's. Now to hear what a go on there now. Oh my Jah, Peace be upon you. I see and hear of the police killing black men shooting them in the back, shooting children, now that Trump is president it is permission to do such things. It is not just JA. It is all just too much.

  • Police all over is the same they are all killers .. not until the law start hold them accountable for their action … these police kills and lie about it because for sure they knows nothing will come of it..I feel ur pain sister I hope u stay strong in your everyday life God bless you…

  • A bigger problem Jamaica faces are the marauding gunmen that have zero respect for life. That are protected by the "rights" groups.

  • Edmond Williams says:

    That's why I don't trust the police in Jamaica they are ruthless sets of BBC murderers. May God have mercy on dem

  • Praying for yall in US.
    God says vengeance is mine. No one will get away with Wickedness, God NEVER LIES, he watches over HIS WORD to perform it.
    Praying your strength in the Lord.
    God bless and sorry for the loss if your brother…..

  • Stephen Currie says:

    u all should blame the politicians who are link to the gangs and guns and only poor people a dead because none of them are family not dieing by the gun sorry for your lost

  • Antonio Simpson says:

    So what day do in that case the usual take the police officer off Frontline if Jamaica should have a fair system that try these policeman from say 2000 over 90% of the force would be in prison

  • raymak seranash says:

    Police murdering black people in Brazil and America at a high rate because of their skin colour!!!
    In Jamaica Black cop killing black citizens like fly then tell a lie then move to a next community murder another guy tell another lie all now no case no try!! Or fly to another country hmmm jah know who feels it knows… I hope you find justice.. Peace ✌️

  • stephanie bryan says:



  • Jamaican citizens need to start voting for new people in government if they keep on voting for the same people who is this one fren we will neva see change. Change starts with the citizens

  • When comes on the system, they will protect their graud dogs. My suggestion is to stop paying taxes or anything that benefits the system and watch how it will fall..

  • Who is responsible for the removal of Bob Marley roots and culture music? And replace it with sexually driven gun cultered dance. Hall music.

  • the problem is this… Jamaican people live in a bad man society, were everyone even the police wants to prove that he is the baddest man

  • Voltron Defender of the Universe says:

    I'm sorry, but there is no real order in third world countries. Everyone is corrupt from the top down. As an American, I am proud to live in a country that is not only free, but full of opportunities.

  • GSA Architectural & Mechanical Drafting Inc. says:

    I feel your pain my sister. I know plenty innocent youths in Jamaica who were killed by the police.

  • Javon Watkins says:

    Jamaica can’t get better on its own the country needs to be taken over by another country to help them out

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