43 thoughts on “A hacker explains the best way to browse the internet anonymously”

  • Chemon Charles says:

    What you really need to do is manufacture your own computer from scratch and use the furniture store's wifi sequentially routed through at least 2 burner phones while never staying in the same location for more than an hour. Then you can read all the trap hentai you want without Pete from the FBI thinking you're gay.

  • Debunked Games says:

    Download hyper visor TAILS vm, run a good VPN that doesn't keep logs and make sure the server doesn't keep logs, make sure TOR is on high security, make sure you have plenty of ANTI-MALWARE services on your main PC. Honestly that's the most secure way to browse the web, I hear a lot of "WAHH using a VPN and tails and TOR together weakens it", it indeed does, but still blocking all scripts, encrypting your real traffic with a VPN, then going into another pc, then going into TAILS high security is just too hard to trace. Run a program called "RKILL", when done *before closing TOR*. – Props to me for finding out RKILL works LOL. <

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  • How to obtain true anonymity:
    1. Use a secure VPN service
    2. Use DNS Service
    3. Use Tor
    4. Always clear cookies
    5. Disable browser history

  • Sayeed Mahmud Nabil says:

    I think my government know that i saw this video, so after that they will block the TOR website to prevent download! ???

  • Xavier Earnst says:

    What he meant by "Tor node" is a proxy, basically making a proxy except you have https? Not sure on the last part but I'm pretty damn sure it's a proxy chain

  • Yeah use thor my ass…. Ill stick with a way that works to where the gov gotta come and get my shit if they want it.

  • Zion Thomas-Harmon says:

    Dude, HTTPS doesn't always imply SSL, newer systems use TLS(Transport Layer Security), SSL was it's predecessor. Also, Tor does encrypt your traffic while it's being routed through the network, only the exit node will be able to see your DNS requests in plain text, and they may be able to monitor your activity on a particular site unless it's a .onion site, or a site that uses SSL or TLS. Once a signal leaves your device it's encrypted three times over, each with different keys to ensure the only entities that can remove the encryption are the intended recipients, in this case their respective nodes, the entry node unwraps the first layer of encryption, the second node removes the second layer of encryption, and the exit node removes the final layer, when the domain you are attempting to communicate with responds the exit node rewraps the signal using three layers of encryption, again with three different keys, the second node unwraps the first layer, the entry node unwraps the second, and you unwrap the final layer. Tor cell size is 512 bytes, the overall packet sizes routed by Tor are always 586 bytes, this is done in an attempt to minimize the risk of traffic analysis, as well as to prevent powerful adversaries like NSA or GCHQ or the Russian FSB from sniffing the network and getting an understanding of who is sending what where and why, as well as to prevent them from gaining an understanding of the content of the transmission, everything in the Tor network appears to be the same size. Each respective Tor node also only has knowledge of what came before it and what comes after, so the exit node only has knowledge of the site you are visiting and the second node, the second node only has knowledge of the entry and exit nodes, and the entry node only has knowledge of the sender, you, unless you're using a VPN which I would recommend, your ISP might not know the specifics but they can see you're using Tor, which may draw suspicion in some areas, or use a Tor bridge, which won't guard you from the potential vulnerability of the entry node, if you don't mind a lot of additional latency and want to maximize security use both and set the security slider to safest, this will break many sites but will increase security ten fold, also never maximize the Tor browser, monitor size may be used to identify your machine. Tor has never failed anyone, the only known incidents of a Tor user being traced was due to bad OpSec, not through a fault of the Tor network, above all if you're working with very sensitive material don't use Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android, or iOS, use something along the lines of Tails(The Amnesic Incognito Live System) or Qubes if you are going to need to have persistent states across sessions, Tails can do this too but Qubes built in security features are much better if you intend to use it as a workstation, security by compartmentalization, whereas Tails uses a security by obscurity method. Safety, discretion, security.

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