A Fair and Balanced™©® Look at Vaping – SOME MORE NEWS

A Fair and Balanced™©® Look at Vaping – SOME MORE NEWS

(dramatic music) – This just news in. Here, is that news. Some of it. This is some news, more of it. People are awfully concerned about vaping, a thing that, much like
the new Joker movie, is mostly enjoyed by
insufferable young men, is vaguely but probably not harmful, and just exhausting to talk about. Like, even the word itself,
with all them V’s and P’s, makes it physically taxing to say. Vape. I hate it. According to the CDC, as of
the taping of this episode there has been a recent
outbreak of vaping-related pulmonary illness including over 1,000 mostly-young victims and nearly 20 deaths. And what seems to make that even scarier is that no one can definitively
say why that’s happening. A lot of these deaths
or medical emergencies are being linked to THC
products from the black market, while other studies are pointing out that perhaps inhaling oil is not great, and here’s another investigation
linking it with Vitamin E? But even before this specific
scare, this hip new way to inhale things not normally
inhaled has been the subject of much debate over its
attractiveness to teens, possible health effects,
and future in America. Should we ban vaping? Or should we celebrate it as a safer alternative to cigarettes? Is it even helping people quit? It is, objectively, a safer,
futuristic way to inhale drugs. And that’s like, some kind of Star Trek. The Final Blunteer. (dramatic music) And heck, roughly the
same amount of people have been killed by falling
coconuts as e-cigarettes, but the difference is that we at least know why that happens. We’re seeing the plane
crash effect where the death is so dramatic and horrific that we don’t care how
statistically probable it is. After all, even if you
don’t vape yourself, you probably know someone who does. Perhaps a sibling or friend or a son that you only remember
is biologically yours until halfway through a
sentence describing him. – And I’m hearing it and that’s how the
first lady got involved. She’s got a son, together,
that is a beautiful young man and she feels very,
very strongly about it. – Mmmm. Every word from that man is a gift. Except all the racist and sexist stuff and publicly threatening for a civil war when he gets caught for doing crimes. But all those other words,
mmm, golden treasure. A little more? – Especially vaping as it
pertains to innocent children. They’re coming home and they’re
saying, “Mom I wanna vape!” – Mm, yum. One more time. – “Mom I wanna vape.” – Mm, yum. Anyway, so is our vaping
fear merely a reactionary media panic over something
new and confusing and we’re pretty (beep) hypocritical about what we decide is and isn’t harmful? Probably, yes. But to be balanced, and
fair, but mostly balanced, but also fair again in
order to balance things out, which I guess would add an
extra balance and make me more balanced than fair and
therefore not as balanced as I hoped and I apologize. But to be all of that, I want
to take a moment to point out that while vaping is a far
better alternative to smoking, it’s not really being used to quit and in most cases just
replaces one addiction with another, albeit a healthier one. But it’s still an addiction. It’s still paying a company
lots of money for a dependence. And if you’re using nicotine e-cigarettes, that can actually get you
more hooked to the substance because of how easy it is to do. There are now people talking
about how they had to switch back to cigarettes to
ease their addiction. So no, it’s not a great
way to quit smoking, and has actually reversed
a lot of progress in getting teenagers to quit a dependence. According to the American
Lung Association, the best association to get
all your sweet lung facts, tobacco use amongst
teens peaked in the 90s with 36.4% of students
admitting to smoking cigarettes. As we tightened
restrictions over the years, that number went down to 9.3% in 2015. But don’t worry,
people-who-like-it-when-teens-inhale-stuff not-normally-inhaled,
because at the same time the use of e-cigarettes went
up, and according to multiple studies is currently at around
37.3% for teens who vape. You might recognize how those
two numbers are very similar, and in fact the current one
is the highest of the two. But to be clear, that’s
still healthier than smoking and not all vaping includes nicotine. But even if you’re not vaping nicotine, you’re still putting
something in an orifice that has no business
being in that orifice. And, as evidenced by the recent
epidemic, every time humans stick something new in
one of their orifices, there’s going to be a
chance your body won’t enjoy having that thing inside of
it and it will try to die. But again, better than smoking. But also, not good for you,
even without the nicotine. Like, if everyone stopped
drinking alcohol and instead had big parties where they
binged on gallons of maple syrup, that would be technically better, sure. But also, bad. Goodish and bad. Like a word between those two words. Bood, perhaps. We’ve created a device that
allows you to inhale any liquid you want smoke-free, potentially
creating an alternative to a much deadlier product. But we also didn’t regulate that device. Additionally we also created teenagers, a type of people who,
if they’re cool enough, are willing to inhale just about anything. Assuming they’re cool and not babies. There’s entire subreddits
devoted to DIY vaping, and here are some videos of
young folks inhaling everything from ketchup to hot sauce
to (beep) hand sanitizer. Here’s a forum with some kid
asking if they could vape soda and energy drinks,
the answer obviously being: yes, if you’re cool enough. Like, that kind of cool
misuse is obviously bad. But since we’re still trying
to figure out just how bad the commercial e-liquids
are, and why they’re bad, it’s become a tad complicated situation. Especially since we blew
the first couple decades of e-cigarette existence
completely ignoring the possibility of health consequences and in fact helped tobacco
companies profit from them. (dramatic music) Hey, did you hear about that time the FDA tried to ban kid-friendly
vaping flavors back in 2015? It was a proposal backed
by countless scientists and health experts pointing
out that vaping companies were using the same flavor ingredients in their nicotine products
as popular candies, and were clearly designed
to attract children. Then a bunch of Obama
administration officials met with tobacco lobbyists for 50 days, having a series of meetings
aimed at debunking the FDA rule. Altria Group, a company
heavily invested in Juul that was formally known
as Philip (beep) Morris, sent four representatives to help push an industry friendly
version of the legislation. When the FDA rule was eventually
passed, it had completely excluded any kind of
flavoring ban and wiped out 15 pages of evidence supporting the link between flavors and youth smoking. This is according to the LA
Times, who recently went through the early drafts of the FDA’s
rule as well as meeting logs detailing the insane and effective effort from tobacco companies to
influence the then-current administration to completely
sell out high school kids in order to protect an industry that’s literally manufacturing addiction. Thanks Obama! I’m not even sarcastically
being sarcastic. I’m legitimately non-sarcastically saying that sarcastic thing
people say thanking Obama when they really don’t like Obama because he really (beep) up there. That (beep) is a scandal and it doesn’t even involve
bombing a civilian wedding. Anyway, so now that’s
where we are, and instead of figuring out the nuance of
this issue we’re eyeballing the possibility of
banning vaping altogether. Like if you ignored your
car’s check engine light for 10 years before just
pushing it into a quarry, which of course is the
proper way to dispose of cars and appliances and chemicals and stuff. And as the panic ramps, people
are just gonna get dumber about finding solutions,
such as this high school that removed its bathroom
stall doors to combat vaping, which is silly, because
high school teens need bathroom doors more than anyone, you know, to hide from the shooters. Anyway, Mr. President,
any comment about how kids are getting shot all the time? – Vaping has become a very big
business as I understand it, like a giant business in a
very short period of time. But we can’t allow people to get sick and we can’t have our
youth be so affected. – Sure, whatever. I hate all of this. But also, he’s not wrong. We shouldn’t have our youth get affected by large companies profiting
off their sickness. No, not that youth, the other ones, with the mostly white faces. But seriously, if Trump manages to ban flavored nicotine e-cigarettes despite overwhelming industry
influence then he will have actually done
something better than Obama. And perhaps we should, for
the sake of a greater good, point that out to him a bunch. So that’s the plan. Get Trump to ban flavored
vaping, then like, I dunno, impeach him for the other stuff. Then we can dust off our
hands, turn off the internet, and enjoy a cushy Mike Pence presidency. Everything solved. Only, for the sake of
argument, let’s say that none of what I just said was good or true. I mean, yes, I believe
I’ve stressed that vaping isn’t healthy and should
ideally exist in a world where it’s used to curb the
habits of cigarette smokers. And failing that, at least not be made to appeal to teenagers. This is all true. But also true is that, since
vaping didn’t immediately fall under any specific regulatory category, the government spent nearly two decades just completely ignoring the
dangers, and in that time created a situation where
countless small businesses could be formed solely around vaping. Businesses often run by lower class folks living out exactly what the American dream and capitalism is supposed to be. And now that states are issuing
sweeping bans, those small businesses are going to
no longer have a product. Many of these businesses
are currently speaking up, even suing states over this. But none of that will matter,
because unlike gun violence and healthcare reform, vaping is something that actually affects
the people in charge. We must save Baron, you guys. You can already see
the dark irony forming. Because if we get a sweeping
ban of flavored e-cigarettes, the only businesses that would
survive are big vaping brands like Blu or Vuse or Juul, all of which are owned by
large tobacco companies. The same companies that
e-cigarettes are supposed to combat. The same companies that have
literally tried to fight against vaping to protect
their bigger product. In what is the hilarious
reality of capitalism, these large companies came in to lobby against a flavor ban long
enough to hook high schoolers, and then will have their
competition wiped out when that ban finally goes into effect. Another much-needed win for
gold-plated taints everywhere! Good job! Oh, fun bit of information: tobacco companies are doing great! When the government created
a bunch of regulations and they got sued and all that, they just raised their
prices and conducted a series of giant
mergers to counteract it. It’s a real rags to
riches to getting richer and staying rich and then
killing a bunch of people to getting sued and then
back to riches story. Two of those companies,
Reynolds American and Lorillard, recently merged into a super
company despite the fact that they were already once
part of a single company that our government forced
to break up back in 1911. Capitalism is just… aces. Thumbs up! So (beep) it, where do we go from here? On one hand, we’re selling
a product that is dangerous. But on the other hand, we
don’t know how dangerous it is, and banning it would destroy
thousands of businesses and hand more power to
the already powerful. It’s almost as if there needs
to be like, a third option. Like if banning vaping
was the color black, and not banning vaping
was the color white, there should be like, an area
between those two colors. Like a bl, bwhite, or whack. Because it’s not like
e-cigarettes are the only harmful product we allow to be
sold in the country. We have the right, as
consenting adults, to consume something that kills us
a little bit in exchange for a brief moment of shade from the blinding light that is reality. Most everyone has an addition. I’m on PCP right now, and
you don’t see the government cracking down on… Really? When did that? I’m not on PCP and never
have done PCP before and don’t do PCP now
and won’t do PCP later. (upbeat music) So what’s a better solution? I mean, we could maybe try doing better with the regulations we
already have, for starters. Because at the moment we’re
absolutely not doing that. Last year when “The Atlanta
Journal-Constitution” tried to figure out how many
inspections of vape shops were happening in Georgia, they were told by the Department of Revenue
to ask the FDA who told them to ask the state department
of public health, who told them to ask the
Department of Revenue again. They also found that, thanks
to the weird confusion and lack of enforcement,
most teens in that state could easily buy e-cigarettes
despite being underage. And that makes sense. If you don’t enforce the laws, then yeah, the laws won’t work. In case you need more proof of
this glaringly obvious fact, here’s a study in the journal
Pediatrics that also found teen vaping was a third more likely in areas where vaping laws were more lax. Because uhhh, no poop. Also in the yeah no
poop, ya dopes category is the fact that many
of the e-juice flavors currently approved by the FDA
have only been technically cleared for ingestion and not inhalation. You know, because if you can
put something in one of your organs, you can definitely
put it in all of your organs. That’s just biology. Oh and here’s a study in the journal “Environmental Health Perspectives”
that points out the vape pens themselves could possibly
be releasing metal into you. Into your body. Specifically the part of
your body that gives you air. But hey, we probably don’t
have to look into that. (dramatic music) So it might be a good idea to,
before issuing a complete ban on something that isn’t
nearly as dangerous as guns or actual cigarettes, just try to enforce the laws better first? Maybe punch up those shoddy regulations? And do a few more studies to figure out how we can avoid inhaling metal? Do more crackdowns on
shady vaping manufacturers and make sure the retailers are complying with the regulations. I dunno, maybe that’s just crazy PCP talk. Talk, it’s just talk. Why would I? Why would I say PCP? I didn’t mean. I didn’t mean whatever it is I said. It just makes you appreciate
the marijuana industry for really having to walk that line, something the vaping industry
may or may not be able to do. There’s a fear that
legalized weed and regulation would create a similar
situation where big tobacco would overtake the
product and we would kill everything that makes weed awesome. And while that will happen to an extent, luckily the direction
the industry is going in more closely resembles craft
beer, where thanks to the laws being different in each state,
different marijuana strains are enjoyed as a regional product that encourages a lot of
locally owned businesses. Weed and vaping, while very
different in some ways, share a symbiotic relationship. A lot of people vape THC, not to mention that the demonization of
vaping and vaping as it relates to small businesses and the
working class is similar to what happened when weed
was first criminalized. Ironically, starting in California, a state that is 80% weed now. And the weed industry knows
this, and is currently asking that we open up
legalizations on both weed and vaping as a way to better
regulate both of those things. Which is probably the smarter route. Because again, we’re at a crossroads here. We can accept that vaping isn’t healthy, stop pretending it’s a magic
alternative to smoking, but also keep it available, in variety, and highly regulated. Perhaps we can allow flavored vaping only when there’s no
nicotine and closer scrutiny over the ingredients,
completely stop online sales, and hold businesses more accountable for selling to underage kids. Or, we can ban everything
that isn’t available behind the counter of a 7-Eleven,
snuff out the vaping industry, and hand e-cigarettes over to
the major tobacco corporations who can make money off of pretending there’s a healthy
alternative to cigarettes. It’s just so arbitrary, you know? The things we choose to ban
versus the drugs we approve and the terrible food we allow. And it’s all just tied to the status quo. Nobody panics when things
go according to plan, even if the plan is horrifying. Like if I said that a
truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody
panics when they blow up, because it’s all part of the plan. But when I say that, like,
one little old sick Baron will get sick, well, then
everyone loses their minds! Great quote, by me. The Cody. (dramatic music) Somebody stop me, I’m the Joker. It’s my favorite quote from the new film. Thanks for watching the video. Like and subscribe, the YouTube stuff. Check out our Patreon.com/SomeMoreNews if you want to support us. And we got a TeePublic if you like merch. And we got a podcast and
it’s called “Even More News” and it’s got a great
audience that’s super cute and we love you.


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    Notice Altria is a parent company as in one that buys out smaller guys as in literally big tobacco buying out vape companies. The modern day vaping trend with rebuildable coils started organically from the ground up. Some people made simple mech mods (basically a tube with a switch) while others made atomizers to screw the coil into some made juice and some peripheral companies got rich. TemCo industrial who sells a lot of heating wire saw massive sales increases. And the flavorings are the same in ejuice as they are in candy because there are only a handful of food grade flavor manufactures. Who BTW when they realized most of their sales were coming from ejuice companies started putting disclaimers on certain flavorings that they knew were food safe but dangerous when inhaled like diacetyl the flavoring that causes popcorn lung so that juice companies would be aware of it. None of these things have anything to do with big tobacco. Yet the vaping market is certainly vulnerable to being bought out by big tobacco and these new legislative measures are just going to make it more vulnerable.

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  • 3:19 right off the bat I am going to do something I normally don't which is to pause to comment… These products are relatively new to the US, but have been around in Europe for much longer and are referred to as "reduced risk" products and are not really intended for people to "quit." Products designed for quitting have a different label.

    Also in Europe they are a part of a larger number of tobacco alternatives that we don't see here.

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    @urmamasllama (commented this way in hopes more people will read there comment)
    I get the feeling you are in this industry or at very least have done research on this topic, you are spot on with everything you said. Alcohol is the best bonding agent for juice and for CBD oil (I said that about CBD not Urmama but I believe they would agree) Alcohol is the only safe way to extract or break down plant fiber, Naptha is an unsafe way of doing it.
    Coddy spoke about food-grade ingredients being used in vaping and he is not wrong when he says they are meant for inhaling or to rephrase, Not tested for inhaling, we don't know if they're safe or not. Where Coddy is not 100% correct (only 92.9834%) There is a place that has done a lot of research and though that place is not in the USA, it is England. They recently put forward regulations on what is approved for use in the fluid, they made a no use list and is working to stop underage use.

    Coddy I wish I could contact you to tell you how grateful I am for you, you do research and form an opinion based on said research. DO You Know How F*&^en rare that is? Um sorry of course you do, I am a sponge I want to learn from conversations and I want to teach through knowledge. I am on Social Security Disability it does not pay well but I hope to help support you through Patreon soon. BELOW IS URMAMASLLAMA's full comment:

    Allow me to break this all down. The black market THC, oil, and vitamin E, claims are all in fact one in the same. there are two methods of binding what you want to ingest in these scenarios. the first is what we are seeing kill people. which is to bind the THC to an oil commonly ones like sunflower oil which are also vitamin E supplements. this is what a lot of canadian THC oils use. and they all explicitly say DO NOT VAPE THIS because the oils stick to your lungs and cause lipid pnuemonia. the proper way to bind what you want to ingest when vaping is to bind it to an alcohol. In the case of vaping we commonly use a combination of glycerol and propylene glycol (not to be confused with ethylene glycol) two semi sweet alcohols that your body can absorb through the lungs. in addition these two substances are well tested for inhalation. this is the common material used in fog machines today, and due to their antimicrobial and antiviral properties when aerosolized they are often used in hospital ventilation systems to prevent the spread of disease.

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    The main danger from cigarettes isn't in immediate death, anyway. It's from the other side effects, the other health issues that might not result in death so much as just a shittier life and a more likely death, and then there's even the psychological issues of the addiction. The "miracle" of vaping is that the long term health effects still aren't known, there's a lot yet to be properly documented. Addiction certainly carries over, though. And if our FDA wasn't stupidly corrupt, there would have been regulations on vaping ASAP. You're breathing in an oil-based aerosol containing various chemicals, and it was just straight up greenlit because capitalism — people gots to make money. Lungs didn't evolve to process oil-based particulates any more than the smoke particulates from cigarettes.

    Of course the weird thing here is that crazy-dude-Trump is the hardcore anti-regulation man… who wants regulations on a thing. Though to be fair and balanced to him, he doesn't want well-thought-out regulations, he just wants a hard ban. Essentially putting vaping in the same company as other illegal drugs (and yes, I know vaping is technically just a delivery method). Instead it should have a well-educated approach to regulating it. And absolutely an age restriction. Even the vaping that doesn't contain any drugs… because unless you go around testing every vape-device a kid uses you won't know. And I'd like there to be the same restrictions on vaping in public as there is with cigarettes. I don't want to be forced to put up with clouds of potentially hazardous vape chemicals indoors or at the exit/entrance of places.

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    The problem with mainstream media is they think everyone just needs blurbs.

    1. Vaping has been around for years. The current issues do not have to do with standard nicotine vaping.

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    3. There is a way to save millions of lives. Have cigarette smokers switch to vaping.

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    It's like heroin back wards, instead of the drugs killing you it is the needle.

  • I enjoy cannabis. And I loathe the foul stench of burning tobacco. When I'm around my friends who enjoy nicotine, I prefer they vape. When I'm out and about, I enjoy the convenience and discretion of a vape pen for my THC, as it involves no flame or smoke, and is indistinguishable to the observer from nicotine vape, which is still somehow more socially acceptable despite being objectively far worse. (At home, I prefer to roast a bowl, being old-fashioned like that.)

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    San Francisco's city government, having just recently been in the vanguard of California's cannabis legalization, has seen fit to "ban" e-cigarettes. This, it seems to me, is the wrong direction. I really hate being on the same side of a ballot initiative as "Big Tobacco", but that's where they've put me.

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  • I wish I had a reason to fake search for the conclusion to my sentences on a loose sheet of paper as often as Cody does.

    Also, Cody I ♥️ you

  • Its funny how big tobacco donates so much to Republicans and now vaping is "a scourge on our children!" Its the fucking wild west out here with vape juice having whatever who ever you bought it from put in it. MAYBE REGULATE THE LIQUID LIKE TOBACCO! PLEEEAAASE! WONT SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! Goddamn this country is fucked.

  • This issue really has three important points, if you break it down: Addictive chemicals, harmful side-effects, and the machinations of profit-junkie megacorporations. Firstly, these large tobacco companies need to be broken up, as much as possible. They’re doing really fucked up things in other countries and while it may strip the gilding off of a couple of American taints, if that even in some small way contributes to fewer Indonesian elementary schoolers picking up two-pack-a-day habits, it’s worth it. Nicotine is a terribly addictive drug, and it is both directly and indirectly marketed to “cool kids” all over the world, and the resulting health disaster has been a well-known problem for so long that if it were a person, it would have died of lung cancer long ago and it’s children would be suffering from COPD. We need to be regulating the nicotine, not specific “juice” flavors or devices like “juuls” which, without nicotine, aren’t really that much of a public health risk according to the most current data.

    As for harmful side effects, I think we should look into what health risks may be posed by vaping, studies need to be rigorous and peer review should be aggressive. I think one of the more hyperbolic studies to emerge recently involved mice who spent their entire lives in a cloud of vape-smoke much more concentrated than could ever be achieved outside of a lab environment. Frankly I would have been shocked if it hadn’t caused health problems for them. As it stands for me, I live in a region of relatively high altitude with a lot of coal-fired power plants nearby.

    If my e-cigarette had an integrated air purifier or something, it might actually be more healthy for me to just suck on that as opposed to breathing in the ambient air, which is full of shit like radioactive fly ash, mercury, sulfur dioxide, particulates and other stuff that is super not great for one’s respiratory health. Granted, vaping won’t prevent that stuff from getting into my system – it draws in the surrounding air, after all – but maybe before flipping out about the possibility that vaping might cause some issues before any scientific studies have been done, we should put some regulations in place (and strongly enforce them) to reduce the amount of hazardous and totally unnecessary in the 21st Century air pollution that EVERYONE is sucking down just because for some reason people still want to hang onto coal-fired power plants.

    Which is part of that whole profit-junkie thing. These gigantic corporations and their associated lobbying groups allow them to continue killing us and people all around the world, simply to continue lining the pockets of a few thousand people when you get right down to it. Just more money for folks who already have more than you & I could imagine. The big tobacco and coal companies have been destroying lives and communities for hundreds of years, and they’ll stay at it until they’re FORCED to stop. They’ve been responsible for and contributed to evils including everything from slavery to the civil war, to the murders of striking workers and labor activists and the environmental disasters of mountaintop removal and fly-ash slurry spills and so much more. These have wreaked untold havoc upon not just our communities down here in the south – their actions, their very business models have had horrifying worldwide consequences, and all of this was done in name of PROFITS. Nothing else, not “jobs” or “traditions” or any of that shit, just money plain and simple. Nothing but greed.

    Now, I get it that vaping is a new thing and it’s disruptive and maybe a little weird & even shocking to the older folks, and certainly it isn’t as healthy as not vaping. But could we please acknowledge that there are other, bigger problems that have plagued us for generations, and yet still more problems that have arisen just this fucking week, that are perhaps more worthy of our time and attention? I would be willing to bet one of my lungs that Donald Trump sees vaping less as a pressing public health problem and more as a distraction from the slew of scandals he’s currently facing.

    (I don’t mean this as a rebuke against Cody or the Showdy – y’all are angels and this was hilarious and I love it, and you. Please keep it up, your hard work is one of the only things that’s been keeping me kinda sane these past couple of years.)

  • I don't agree with a lot of what you said because it's not that simple there's a lot of nuance. But what I do care about is your delivery and the humor which you really need to bring back again so I guess you need to keep that PCP habit because it is helping immensely Cody! Attaboy Cody attaboy

  • Between this and not being able to get my weed cartridges to fit on my dopen, I think I'm just gonna start smoking joints.

  • vitamin e is commonly used as a preservative but when you concentrate it into a direct inhalation method maybe its no so great

  • Black market thc carts are the primary cause of this. And 15yr old smoking 3-4 juul pods in a couple hours are runner ups.

    Also you said vaping isn't a great way to quit smoking which is bs. 10yr smoker here quit for the vape. Know ton of other people in the same boat..

    I don't even have my own show and I know this bro cmon

  • I quit cigarettes via comfortably decreasing nicotine % in my liquid and haven't went back to cigs or nicotine vape since. I vape 0% nicotine and/or thc & cbd only if I ever vape these days.

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi says:

    Anyone notice how he looks more and more frazzled as the series continues….

    Can't wait till he goes "Alex Jones" level of 'paranoia crazy' look

  • Sorry, kids, but didn’t Philip Morris purchase juul in 2018? I like this and y’all do research but dang you can’t blame them for causing the problem. The just bought into it lmao.

  • I am a little disappointed with some of the statements made in this video. Did you even see the report from the royal college of physicians that showed that vapor products are decisively 95% safer than traditional combustible tobacco? Did you consider harm reduction fully? Did you notice that the cdc also stated that the injuries and deaths from “vaping” were all attributed to the black market thc cartridges and that this discovery was not in doubt?Did you consider that addicts may need flavors to eliminate the association of tobacco with nicotine? Taking away flavors from vapers is like having an AA meeting in a bar. Did you consider that nicotine is just as addictive as caffeine and that it is not a carcinogen? Did you consider that the entire vape industry was horrified by juul’s tobacco industry fueled targeting of children and teens? Did you consider that the tobacco industry vapor products (juul, vuze, njoy) use “salts” in concentration strengths of 40-60mg per ml while the open systems used by adult vapers are typically between 3-12 mg per ml? Did you consider that many people who quit with use of vapor products have transitioned to currently widely available ZEROmg e-liquids? Did you do any research on the discontinued use of liquids using diacetyl and the myth of “popcorn lung”? Did you know that the vape industry has been at the forefront of self-regulation by removing diacetyl despite it being practically unnecessary because the concentrations that WERE used were found to be at 1% of that produced by an unflavored tobacco cigarette? Did you consider that the actual number of youths often reported when news outlets reported “epidemics” was egregiously inflated by conflating ‘youth who once tried’ with ‘youth who currently use on a daily basis’ and that ‘youth’ was often defined as 11-21 year old people? How about the master settlement agreement? Did you know that the only institution left in the United States that speaks widely about the possible lung injuries caused by “vaping” is the American lung Association and they are funded by the master settlement agreement (It says so on their mission statement on their website) If the tobacco industry fails that means they don’t get any more funding from the MSA. But weirdly the American Cancer Society, is backing vapor products as a far less harmful and effective means of quitting. Did you see how there of been numerous cases of people taking Chantix having psychotic episodes?…I don’t know anybody who’s had a psychotic episode after blowing a fat cloud of berry peach smoothie e-liquid. How about the numerous cases of contact dermatitis from nicotine patches? They put propylene glycol and glycerin in lotions, toothpaste, deodorant, mothwash, breath spray, It’s in foods, its in air fresheners…..Oh and inhalers and nebulizers.
    ever been to a concert where they had a smoke machine? it wasn’t some guy with a bunch of cigars named Biff, It was propyleneglycol and vegetable glycerin.
    Weird how people are jumping on the fear of propylene glycol or the “toxic flavors” which are the same flavors that make things scented. DONT SMELL THEM! Vegetable glycerin is naturally sweet, The flavors are purely olfactory. Sure maybe we shouldn’t seek to inhale it But quitting smoking is hard as hell and when They pump propylene glycol in the HVAC systems of hospitals to prevent the spread of diseases like staph and MRSA i think i can trust it to not give me cancer.
    Did you see study that showed lung repair occurring at a faster pace in those who vaped vs those who quit cold turkey? Or the fact that people who quit with vaping were twice as likely to remain smoke free than those who quit with ANY OTHER nrt? Or the fact that the manufacturers of those same less useful nrts were behind the reports on “youth vaping”? Or did you possibly consider that no reasonable person, even for an instant, actually believes that vapor products are for children? How about how the actual youth vaping comes from juuls which dont have flavors anymore and are widely available at almost every drug, big box, grocery or convenience store and that open systems cost between $80-2000 dollars and are only ever sold either ONLINE or at specialty shops? Also beside the diacetyl thing being debunked did you not see the heavy metals thing was debunked too? And the formaldehyde thing? Did you know it was also Debunked?
    I thought you were thorough!
    I like some of your message but the lack of consideration of the fears and misinformation is really disappointing and fully against science….
    Did you know they put specialty vape shops in hospitals in the 🇬🇧 now? Because despite kids experimenting with what is essentially nicotine gum with a battery, vapor products and the flavors save lives. Thousands every year. People who die in the us annually from tobacco is thousands. People who die worldwide from common store bought nicotine e-liquids? Not one.

  • dumb thicc wizard says:

    After i first heard about the deaths, I was all like "these dudes need to quit with the 50 nic" but then i read that it was almost all weed-related and kind of panicked because i have a neurological disorder and benefit from high cbd reefer at night. The sickness mostly happens with black market though and I'm in a legal state

    Media panic ain't great or logical but in this case it's not like coconuts being blown out of trees and killing people, it's like if gov policy required coconuts placed precariously on high ledges above the pedestrian district. It's not natural or just statistics, it's stupid and unnecessary and manufactured

  • Raeanne Bedard says:

    Even the “nicotine free” juice has the same amount of nicotine as the regular, a friend of mine got it so I compared the two kinds, exact same ingredients and amounts. Also don’t vape inside, no one likes it and it’s the same as smoking inside

  • You are the first news person I have seen talk about the impact of vaping bans on small businesses. I didn't even know there were businesses that sold only vaping products. That side of the argument never even occurred to me. Thanks for the info.

  • I love this channel, but man, don’t compare anything to the success of weed, because I ain’t thrilled with the legalization of a smell that I can best describe with the hypothetical situation of getting a skunk to spray a bushel of bell peppers and then burning those peppers and then putting that fire out with month old pee. That kind of smell, in airborne smoke form. Soaked into the clothing of casual passersby who have inhaled a substance that makes them more interested in getting some Taco Bell than in not smelling like the thing I just described. Hypothetically.

  • TheStoned Apostate says:

    Love the show Cody but honestly every adult I know that vape including myself dont generally like the non flavored vape products 🤷‍♂️

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