A Dizzying 24 Hours Of President Donald Trump-Ukraine Headlines | Morning Joe | MSNBC


76 thoughts on “A Dizzying 24 Hours Of President Donald Trump-Ukraine Headlines | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  • The more he opens his mouth, the more he sinks his OWN SHIP. I see you DRAINING the SWAMP like you promised, aye Trump.

  • 88Gibson LesPaul says:

    I'm watching Trump on TV speak to reporters and he's like a horse on meth, jumping everywhere, strutting, bragging, eyes wide. By the end of the day when his emotions flag, he'll flag too and whine about presidential harassment. Whatever mental disease Trump has, it's got a yoyo in it attached to his emotions. Totally unstable.

  • Could you get any dumber Mr Dump than you already are think the answer is YES! Don't your supporters just love you more and more every day for the wonderful craphead you are! Got your bags packed yet for North Korea to live with your wonderful friend that is so great to all his people. Don't forget to take all your wonderful supporters with you to live in the Dump hotel you are building there. Good luck to all of you.

  • prince hendrix says:

    all we hear overseas is talk from all u americans wheres the action
    get rid of this thumb sucking con man trump
    ur country is being laughed at the world over
    why is it when fake prez trump is in the uk the british protest him 
    hong kong has been for 4 months over there government WHAT R U GUYS IN THE USA DOING???

  • Giuliani is Trumps Casey Jones,
    barreling thru the speed zones,
    and pushing the bar,
    until it's too far,
    and the train leaves the tracks for the stones.

  • Trump is just as dumb as the rappers that get busted for talking about their crimes in their rap songs, or bangin on livechats…. too stupid for the technological age.

  • He has to go public with this. He is saying that it is ok to have foreign governments rake up dirt on Americans. Unless it is about him. That was the whole point, to have a big corruption issue to use against Biden. Like the Uranium Thing with Hilary and her fecking emails.

  • Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Trump IS a Russian Asset!
    No Educated Patriotic Americans still support Evil Trump.
    Trump has Failed our Great Nation.

  • He is like : I dare you to send me to jail cause i commited a constitutional crime.. Im the president i can break the law..

  • williamhbonney12574 says:

    Nobody is going to listen to this lunatic …all world leaders know that if you follow trump its a downhill fall from there…😂

  • Agboola Daniel says:

    If Trump has any evidence on the Biden's anywhere in the world, why does he not just produce it or else shut up? He can not keep throwing muds in the hope that it sticks. This just goes on and on with no end in sight.

  • Pelt Down Posse says:

    It's hilarious here on YouTube. You just type Donald Trump and all you get is PMSNBC, NBC, CNN…They all line up down the page! YouTube is in the tank for Trump! The fun part is…Watch what's about to happen. The Dems are going down hard this time! Watch…

  • William Stefens says:

    What more do the Republicans need than Trump's public admission of seeking a foreign hostile government to investigate Trump's political opponent. Any republican who feels this is okay needs to resign immediately, as they are betraying their 0ath of office.😡🤬

  • Keep draining the swamp Mr. President. Naming crooks may make you unpopular with other crooks but stay strong, it's the reason that Americans voted you into office.

  • 2 weeks ago Trump Supporters: Our president did not collude, he's not corrupt.

    Now Trump Supporters: our president has a right to collude, because he's trying to fight corruption.

    Republicans say the darndest things…but they'll justify anything with Hillary, Soros, Biden, and libs trying to take their guns.

  • The POS President is flipping off the Constitution, the rule of law and Congress. Hey Congress grow a pair, hold Barr in contempt send the sergeant of arms and put his fat piggy face arrogant self in jail.

  • We need to expose the tRumps' dirty laundry now. The Dems don't need to make up anything; there is so much dirt on tRump that needs to come out and people need to hit the street in big protests. If not, tRump will continue blasting his lies about Biden and others. He and his dumb children are villains, selling out the US to Putin and the Saudis. Get smart Dems, squeeze this devil out of office now.

  • Trump is recruiting CHINA & UKRAINE to meddle in the United of America election process against his rival opponent? "The Bidens" it's not only Joe Biden he is referring to, Trump is targeting Hunter Biden relating to Burisma. IF Trump truly got dirt on the Bidens then wouldn't Trump already exposed Joe Biden?? Trump has NOTHING that's why he is asking Ukraine and China to start bogus investigation so that Trump has some re-election's dirt to throw around on stage. Clearly Trump got nothing on the Bidens.

  • Sunset Solutions says:

    Looks like Trump is getting really close to the truth about Obama in Ukraine. Tick tock. Dems are triggering impeachment to protect the greatest liar in American political history…Barry Soetoro Obama

  • Glenys Thomson says:

    Reading comments. Nearly breaks my heart. I am Canadian with American cousins, lots. I can only say, one day it will be better and I don't think this will happen again. The trust that was in place is gone. Future politicians are going to have to work harder than ever. Free ride over. Do your jobs all of you. Forget party, pull together and save a very good country. All my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Obey the law or leave!
    Corrupt trump pees on Americans and tells them it's raining. Impeach, indict and imprison Traitor trump!

  • Someone should obtain the call reports from the other side (like Ukrain)and compare wordings. Trump said they got permission to let it out. Guarantee he'll go crazy because they're different.

  • Californians are sick of vagrants & "drug duds" pooping on their sidewalks, – don't be surprised if President Trump gets their massive 55 electoral votes in 2020.

  • Obama Biden Hillary an others are hiding crimes
    Pelosi don't want take vote
    Republicans will have subpoena
    Like Democrats have
    Hiding crimes last 8 years Obama
    If Biden start talk want save his self an his sons from corruption charges Biden will talk about Obama Hillary CIA NSA FBI director
    Coup failed

  • Yea , use reverse psychology and trump dosent give a [email protected]<%. From his point of view he's at the point were he knows he doing bs and we letting him get away with so let me get some help on my way out ..its unbelievable. .soon you'll all agree to the n.w.o .

  • Remember when he lied about you know no COLLUSION? What does collusion mean in politics?

    A secret agreement between two or more parties to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage is an example of collusion.

  • I really hope they hive Warren a chance to go face to face with trumps. Will see how big and great brain will do with the debate. Will see how she kicked trumps in this world wide debate.

  • There will be NO impeachment. Democrats are putting the cart before the horse. Do not be fooled by voter polls. Nancy Pelosi does not even have 217 votes. Charlie Schumer has no where near 67 votes. When the recession ends, Democrats will be shocked at the rebound in the President's polls.

  • Has it dawned on you yet that the constitution was drawn up a long, long time ago? It failed to prevent the Kennedy assassinations and failed to ensure that those responsible faced justice. Ditto for 9/11 and the anthrax attacks. Now you have elected a caricature of an American as president. You need to face up to it, if that caricature were truly grotesque and unrepresentative, why is he still in the White House after several years of blatant incompetence and corruption?
    These unfolding events are largely (but not entirely) about the USA's failure to uphold and modernise its constitution. And if that is not corrected swiftly, the main issue will become this: does the USA have any future at all? The guy stirring up all the trouble, distinguished by his hair for identification purposes, lives at the tip of an inverted pentagram for very good reasons… and patience towards the USA is rapidly running out where it matters most.

  • Us President D. trump .Equal rights.The US was planning a war with Canada in Syria.During the war, the oligarchs will receive super profits.Been waiting for more than 40 years.Russian takeover of YUKOS.Yukos worked with 90-2008.Got a windfall.For what reason there is no war in advance.The legal time of war had come.The oligarchs made a profit.Suffered losses for 40 years.Suffered.The war in Syria 2011-2019.There is no war .Banks and oligarchs went bankrupt .30 years ago.Compensation will be for giving up the war in Syria 1960 years.Why in advance of the epicenter in Nepal. Technology war is the source of super profits.

  • mathew idicula says:

    To put is as non political as I can impeaching Trump for this, has everything to do with upholding our constitutional checks and balances ( on not so much just the Trump administration) but the executive branch of our government. Would you like to be on the side of Trump, and see the presidency as a form of kingdom? Or a Trump likcing hillbreeds the nature of the presidency swing from right to left from time to time, are you okay with a Barack Obama or a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren using the new power you have neglected to check Trump with? Because that may well happen, one thing wrong with Democratic/ Republican politics is that it limits you from seeing beyond ones term.

  • I had a dream where I thought I was a Republican; some of it was fun. Thank God, I woke up to once again, feeling the nightmare of being an anti-American Left-wing commie snowflake Democrat.

  • Ok everybody heard him say it since the beginning of his “presidency” … now what? Since “we the people” lost the right to put in or remove who we want in office I’m asking you ppl who do decide who’s “president” … now what??

  • Aren't we supposed to investigate corruption? Even if someone is running for pres? Also, what's wrong for calling for the assistance of a foreign state if they are involved with the accusations?

  • This "big deal" seems really lopsided, seeing this I'm unlikely to vote for anyone trying to tear us apart with impeachment. You can't use one of the failsafes of the constitution just because your guy looks shady and is being investigated

  • We the majority of the people who voted this President, want every fricking demoncRat inbestogated since the JFK Assasination.
    Get a Q lou!

  • Trump trying so hard to normalize his criminality!! . It's not working. It makes you look more guilty of these crimes you have commited trump. ..and you are guilty!!

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