7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of the Newsroom”

  • Aaron Schumacher says:

    And its easy to see how a news station can be bias. These news editors and producers have their views politically and thats what they do on behalf of the station.

  • Misheck Kirimi says:

    This title should read" How news rooms engineer rumors, propaganda, bad politics and lies for money" in the eyes of their audience.

  • Billdozer Experience says:

    This video is very indicative of what newsrooms think of the people who are the backbone and life blood of a local tv news broadcast. There is only one brief mention of news photographers… the rest is 9 minutes of "hey look at me!"

    local news videographers carry the gear, shoot and edit the stories with little or no time til deadline and go into some of the most dangerous situations on the planet.

    Yet, 95% of people that work in a newsroom see them as nothing more than pack mules for the cameras… this video is a prime example.

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