6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Newsroom”

  • Great video,you all do a great job keep it up.I just came across,these in 2018.My question where is Veronica? Hope she is well.Thanks KPIX 5 for your hard work.:}

  • Just saw on the news about "Pigs" destroying the soil in San Jose. I don't think it is just PIGS. I know someone having the same problem, and there is no pigs around. Happens to be in Vallejo, so what is causing that. It looks an absolute disaster!! Don't believe it is Raccoons either. So what can it be?? Anyone know what else could cause such destruction??

  • RRryan 71187 says:

    can you guys look at my video maybe it will be on live tv it on my videos it ipad scam at the mall i ant seen this one yet to it happen to me 2 muth ago

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