A CURRENT AFFAIR - Disabled Parking Permits

A CURRENT AFFAIR – Disabled Parking Permits

we begin with the blatant abuse of disabled parking spots perfectly capable drivers selfishly taking up spaces without any thought for the people who really need them excuse me mate can I ask you um do you have a disability way will you talk to me there's a lady over here who has a disability that play I'm serious uh and she can't get a spot II know it's not a lot and it's against the law no just all right I'll move it there no hang on hey before you go we'll go run me over you want me to run anyone oh we must we can see there's absolute misuse at every level do you always do this I'm saying it makes me like I can't believe how brazen you are you always do it you cannot find the spot yeah but you have a disability yeah but there's no spot for you yeah I know it's the passport to a perfect park but the Sun it's the perfect perk con yes a lot of people abuse that abused these parking spaces I know I've been a total of disability space yes you've heard of this yes I do are you one of those people no this Melbourne car park is a microcosm of car parks around the country people with permits and without permits openly cheating its system designed to make life easier for the disabled this young man is parked in a disability spot here what would you say to him about that think about it it's a breach of the law and it caused a great deal of trouble for all of us Polidori what would you like me to do spent two hours circling the block trying to get a parking spot when all its required is one loading zone excuses don't excuse inexcusable behavior and Rozlyn peak haver from the disabled motorist Association has heard them all if people in the community would only realize by misusing the disabled parking spots they are just adding X disadvantage and difficulty for people who already have plenty of it in their lives what do you think of the fact that Kahn parks in that spot I think that's not folks this is Vincent he has a disability and a disability permit and this is Kahn who doesn't have a disability but does use the disabled spots why Kahn says his daughter is disabled and he uses her permit to buy her medication holder and see him have been copied at the lunch time at least let's ask Roslyn can con use his daughter's permit then chopped off for a couple of hours for coffee with his mates unless the person with the disability is with him there is no authorization for him to use that parking permit just to go and buy the medicines so if he's going from shopping or coffee he doesn't use the sticker the only time that stick Belem is when he's actually transporting person for whom the stickers issue is there a lot of abuse of these pain spots hate hate really okay tell me more oh you can stay here all day – how many things happen so we did and what we witnessed in beautiful downtown Coburg was downright ugly the word from locals is that this Audi is owned by a local business proprietor who takes up a disabled spot for most of the day my speed here since it's not fair because the disabled people have difficulty getting in out of a car and so on it's very selfish the mornings come the mornings gone it's afternoon and still they are teas they're in the disabled spot oh hi we talked about this not even a howdy from the Audi person dissomaster Range Rover parked in a disabled spot with no permit there's a lady over here who has a disability that plane I'm serious uh she's in it she's in a wheelchair and she can't get a spot here he takes off never to be seen again and his interchange by this woman who says she has a mother with the disability teach that camera off please this what's what's this situation there's no sticker here but you didn't turn up in this car you didn't turn up in the car young man driver yeah you drove my mum you drive my mother why was he covering his face probably doesn't like the cameras but why don't you have the sticker on the car I don't have a sticker here just in green it shouldn't be parked in the spot at all that's complete breach there's no permit and even if you had the permit if the disabilities not with her she's not authorized to use that spell we're working on the streets like I'm we said all the time right they just park your neck it out I gotta do come back and that's what about a little bit of consideration people like you I'm only gonna be here for a minute and I'll be gone what are you delivering five boxes of chips I think many of them have this oh I won't get caught nobody'll know it's handy I can get one of these spots and nothing sit there for ages it's very comfortable arrangement


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