A Cheeky Tea Break – 1999 Ep07

A Cheeky Tea Break – 1999 Ep07

– Pssst! – Oh, it’s my friend Zach! Hello Z– – Shhhh! -Shhh Mark. Shhhhh I’m just making myself a cup of tea. – I know what’s going on here. Are you having yourself a cheeky little tea party are ya? – You bet your bottom I’m having a tea party. Come on. Join in – Nah, you don’t want me to join in. You’re just having a good ol’ tea party on your own. Ol’ Mark Bonanno would just ruin the whole thing. – Don’t be such a fucken wet blanket – Nah, I don’t want to interrupt your tea party – Get yourself a mug. – Nah, I can– – C’mon. Grab yourself a teabag. – Nah, I couldn’t. I couldn’t. – And get a party hat from the party hat drawer ’cause it’s party time. – Nah, I couldn’t. I couldn’t possibly. – Grab yourself a mug and get on in here. – All right, you bloody convinced me. – Yeeeeeeessssss! Yeeeeeessss! Say Mark. All this talk of tea is getting me thirsty. Shall I pop the kettle on? – Abso– Yes. – All right. Let’s do it right now – A watched pot never boils – A watched pot never boils – (whispers) A watched pot never boils. – I think the thing they say is: a watched pot never boils. – A watched pot never boils. – (trippy sound editing)A watched pot never boils. – A watched pot never boils. – There are tales of pots that have been watched and it is said amongst the people (kettle boils) that they do not boil. – A watched pot never boils (slurps) – Hey boys. – I think you’re missing something for your tea. – Huh? Whaddaya mean? – You need a big Arnott’s mixed assortment of packy chippy dicky bickie. (both gasp) – Scotch finger – Ooooh! – And the best thing about a scotch biscuit is (pause) It’s for sharing. – Ooooh! – Time for naughty Chockie ripple. He’s a naughty boy. – Aaaaah! Oh no! Here comes the ANZAC bickie for those who fought in Gallapol. (silence) commemorate all our boys for ANZAC bickie. – ♫ Ooooooooooh! ♫ – How do you like your tea, mate? – I have my tea with a little bit of milk. – How’s that? – bit more. little bit more – How’s that? Okay, sure. How’s that? – Take it back a bit. – [Mark] Hmm ‘k. – How’s that? (thumps) Oh no. I’ve lost half my bickie in my tea. Don’t worry Zack. I’ll get it for you. (splash) (whimsical transition music) Ooooh. Ah. Aaaaaahhh. yumyumyumyumyumyumyum. – Hello mark. Fetching a biscuit be ye? Sure am. Who are you, Mister? – I’m Ned Kelly. Australia’s most Notorious bushranger. I hold up banks and seek revenge for me ma. locked away in a prison cell. and by me word, I’ll have my vengeance. – Oh Yeah, cool. – Yeah – Okay, bye-bye. See ya. – See ya. (underwater blubs) (whimsical transition music) – Thanks for getting the other half of my biscuit mark. It’s whole again. (yawns) – This tea’s making me tired for bed, boys. I might turn it in. – [Mark & Zach] Oh but Broden, you just got here! – I don’t want to hear another word out of you two boys and I want nothing more lipping. It’s time for my tea. have my tea in bed. – But guys. There’s some loose tea leaves in my mug. Do you know what my tea reading says? – What? – It says you’re gonna get a big cuddle. Cuddling is so much fun. All right then boys, nighty-night. – Sweet dreams. – Nighty-night. – Shhh Boys, goodnight. – I’ll just pull the light now. (whisper) ♫ Aunty Donna ba- baba – ba ba. – Look at all the teddy bears. Look at all the teddy bears. Look at all the teddy bears off to work off to work Have a Teddy Bear boys! Oh – Oooooooh. – More bickies for me. (laughter) – [director] Cut.


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