48 thoughts on “A Brief History of the Internet – First Website, First Meme..”

  • I really love you. Amazing videos, Amazing music creations. Did you not used to do game reviews also, Penguin or something maybe or not… I seriously love and appreciate your amazing beauty guy. Thank you for all your amazing videos, it's the best I've ever seen on youtube, and your voice is addictive.. I think you might show up in my dreams even. Uhh.. I've been watching you for years. =)

  • This is NOT the history of the Internet, This is the history of the world wide web. 2 completely different things.


    At 12:06, the reference to Article 13 of Indian constitution is really awesome. Article 13 of Indian constitution restricts the powers of the Indian state from making any legislation which dilutes the fundamental rights of citizens, one of which being freedom of speech. Article 13 in EU context (according to the video, don't know if it is correct) aims to do the opposite.

  • Without white men we had nothing. Period. Now all those muslim fascists, low IQ blacks snobs and mestizo latinos acts like owned everything. Fuck you, you sneaky cunts.

  • The Honest Broker says:

    Leaders of the European Union are elected. Perhaps you've heard of the European Parliament? Also, it was elected leaders who chose to form the EU, and as the UK demonstrates, elected leaders can choose to pull countries out of the EU.

    Politics and monetary theory are not your thing. Stay away from those subjects until you actually learn something about them.

  • EU is doing that because Trump won by the free internet. They realize now that they cannot brain washed you into zombies with the free internet. I recommend rebellion.

  • Adolf Hitler says:

    Hard to believe this video ended with such sheer stupidity. Unelected leaders? By that logic Trump, Trudeau and most Western leaders are unelected too because their electorate do not directly vote for them. Europeans elect certain people to be members of the European parliament, and these elected officials then vote for who becomed President of the parliament. Similar to how, say Canadians do not vote for their PM of choice, but rather the party members of said PM. This is called Parliamentary Democracy. Common knowledge folks, have it.

  • dfdfdgg gjhjjh says:

    "The European Union was formed to facilitate free trade and free travel, but slowly grew out of control", bullshit, the EU was a foot in the door for world communism from the very beginning. They just had to sell it to the people, like they did the federal reserve, with a spoonful of sugar.

  • What's the first Wikipedia page, what's the first chat service, what's the first streaming website, what's the first torrent site??? You missed lots of things!!!

  • FUCK Emojis, Emoticons will always be the real deal. Don''t ever trust people that can't send emojis by typing the emoticon!!! 😉

  • Layne Bradigan says:

    The internet will fix something as a collective if it is broken. Like if hyperlinks are taxed by traffic. I'm sure many boots will flood government sites lololok

  • Davy's Channel says:

    that was really interesting man, you went deep in the topic, really good and easy to listen, I did a video myself where I speak about the invention of the World Wide Web and it's creation on a NeXT computer and other different topic, come check it out, I hope you will like it 😄💪

  • I just have to point out the EU is elected, but yeah my only scruple with what you said, good video though

  • The military developed their best weapon. Better than the hydrogen bomb because even the corpse lives on.

  • What a dumb comment to say that if Steve Job had not been fired, there would have been no word wide web. Really? Like CERN would have not had other computers?

  • Warious warious says:

    i want to propose something. If article 13 does what they say it will. Let`s find the people who created it and voted it, and meme them so fucking much, that they go insane, i mean literally. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Wherever we can. Just fucking meme them, go to the local television pretending to say something else and just meme them until it becomes a worldwide thing.

  • The Msater Switch is a book about the history industrialized mass communication in America. The authors thesis is that all new forms of communication start out open and free and eventually succumb to corporate dominance. What's happening with the internet is a predictable inevitability.

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