A Battle of Lies – Fake News in the Great War

A Battle of Lies – Fake News in the Great War

On the 3rd of august 1914 the district president of the city disord off in the western part of germany Reported that eighty french officers dressed in Prussian uniforms crossed a German border with 12 cars Crammed with gold for the Russians as eight for the world to come which would be the first world war This message was picked up by the greatest German news agency and will eventually cause an avalanche of reports all over the country the curse Gets swatted everywhere and on the 5th of August the newspapers report that they are already 25 cars on their way to the east and to add insult to injury the cars are now driven by women Which makes the whole affair even more impertinent all around the country patriotic citizens rush to defend the fatherland against his outrageous attacked by the French old veterans dig up their sabers farmers armed themselves with pitchforks and put up roadblocks Anyone as a suspect? Especially when in uniform countless villages greet those who want to enter with the ends of rifles and grim faces But even with all these efforts the intruders can’t seem to be caught by anyone the explanation for this follows soon because now the French chef allegedly switched to using Bicycles dressed as Mason’s and hundreds of Mason’s get pulled from their bicycles on their way to work a different Newspaper reports that one of the cars has the license plate number one, two, three eight six It looks like the war is here. But where is the enemy? well Everywhere the newspapers churn out report after report and claims that the fatherland is being flooded with foreign agents none smuggler bombs into the country and plot to commit the most horrid attacks hikers carry collar around their walking canes to poison German wells The paranoia knows no bounds anymore. One thing that isn’t being reported though Even after days of vigilantes roaming the streets is that the initial report was a fabrication Placed by the military leadership to prepare the population for the war to come The first world war will start with an epidemic of lies rumors and false suspicion on all sides because not only was this the first world war but also it was the first war of media in which Propaganda becomes one of the most important tools to beat the enemy this however will not be without consequences if we look at this relatively little lie that I just told you about Despite the efforts by the military leadership to retract the initial piece of propaganda after two days this lie will go out of control and result in the death of 28 innocent people who are presumed to be French agents And this is really just a microcosm of what was about to come and all major nations Participating in the war will learn that it’s much easier to come up with lies than to erase them and why don’t we start with? The nation which will learn this lesson the hardest One thing that still baffled some historians today is how many people followed the call for the first crusade in 1095 without much reason to do so and like the first crusade the Great War was also more faith at least for Germany When we look at war today We viewed with the most horrific events in our past and for us it’s usually closer to a human slaughterhouse than a noble struggle That’s not how the people saw it back in the day though in Germany and several other European nations the outbreak of the first world war was met with such a joy that it borders the fanaticism of the people willing to liberate the holy land about eight hundred years prior as Military historian monthly a tall container put it while going to war wasn’t self-evident for the people It didn’t seem to be frightening either war was part of the human existence and something tremendously Exciting war seemed to be the ideal way out of the boring everyday life be it students professors writers artists priests atheist anarchists political activists or radicals Everyone wanted to be present when the European peace faded they didn’t see the horror and war but change now Of course, there was also a position to going to war in Germany There were numerous protests and cities like Berlin or Hamburg. Some of them even was over a hundred thousand participants Which is understandable because on the surface there wasn’t really a reason for the great European war neither Russia Germany or Britain went to war with specific territorial ambitions in mind Even France didn’t go to war over the eastern provinces there lost in the previous Wars Germany, although they never left the collective memory Defense was the key word in those first hours in Germany The numerous protests against the war stopped rather quickly when the news spread that Russia was mobilizing its army from that point on Socialists closed ranks with ultra-nationalists to defend Germany from the enemies who had conspired to destroy them This picture was of course painted for them by the country’s leadership but Germany’s population was also very eager to believe the messages on the posters that were put up what you have to keep in mind is that Germany is more or less a new country at this point and since its founding in 1871 Germany always felt that they were being sabotaged and kept from taking their rightful place as a world power by the already established powers who were envious of Germany’s success So not only was this for many Germans a battle of life and death that they were forced into fighting but also an opportunity to finally get rid of the power imbalance and give Germany its Rightful place in the Sun as the Kaiser put it a couple of years earlier So when it was time to go into battle The young men were decorated with flowers by chewing on lookers who proudly watched them marching off to fight for the fatherland Soldiers will write things like next stop Paris on the side of train carts. Just a couple of years later They will write kettle for Flanders on those same train carts in Germany This collective excitement is called the Auguste eliteness or August experience and it offered something for everybody There was a huge feeling of fraternity and adventure and even the Socialists who usually called for international solidarity Now could get behind the German cause to fight against reactionary Czarist Russia, and those who sang the Internationale on one day We’re now singing. Hi da musica Khan’s the kaisers anthem This is how a young Adolf Hitler described this moment in German history To me personally those hours appeared like the redemption from the annoying moods of my youth therefore I am not ashamed today to say that overwhelmed by an passionate enthusiasm I had fallen on my knees and thanked heaven out of my Overflowing heart that it had granted me the good fortune of being allowed to live in these times The struggle for freedom had broken out greater than the world had ever seen before because once fate had begun Its course the conviction began to dawn on the great masses that this time The question involved was not Serbia sore Austria’s fate, but the existence or nonexistence of the German nation Now, what does this have to do with propaganda? Well putting aside that little piece of Hitler’s propaganda I just read to you lying begins by concealing information and of course Germany as the other major powers weren’t forced to go to war but Germany rather wanted to fight the war now than in three years when the enemies might be even stronger Which of course leads to people who you are sending to die by the millions to ask what they are actually fighting for Why does this war have to be fought to the bitter end when it’s really just about self-defense? The German propaganda at the beginning of the war was really focused on pointing out Germany’s superior Co morals in this fight Germany presented itself as the sole protector of high civilization against a decadent democracies of France and especially Britain who only stood for materialism and treachery Specifically the materialism of Great Britain or how it was often called in newspapers the perfidious Albion Played a big part in German propaganda and the Brits was seen as a nation of hucksters in the eyes of the German elite Now naturally, this was all a bunch of nonsense But it was real to the people at the time and even found sympathy in several neutral countries like Norway or Sweden But it wouldn’t be long before the other powers would be able to put a whole different spin on this idea of German haiku to err and to make matters worse It will be Germany itself, which will provide the template for this with the maybe biggest mistake in this entire conflict Now the liar told you about in the beginning won’t be the only one by far that will be spread by Gemma newspapers in August and September 1914 there will be reports about French airplanes bombing civilians and that the wounded in a German sickbay in Belgium all lost their eyesight because Partisans snuck in at night and pierced out their eyes Especially Catholic priests seem to be the ones who commit these crimes such as poisoning the coffee of German soldiers are Pulling a machine gun from under their ropes and shooting German soldiers in the back while Belgian civilians handed out cigars filled with gunpowder Or that the black colonial troops were out for the throats of German soldiers to drink their blood All these stories who were of course completely made up will continue to fuel the paranoia of the German soldiers moving into Belgium in addition To the paranoia they already had before because a lot of those young men who were march into Belgium will carry on their backs the stories of their fathers from the franco-prussian war the war in which the military Conflict was over weather quickly, but French resistance after was fierce and German soldiers always had to be on the alert for snipers What happened in Belgium in those early stages of the war will shock the entire world? The German army will use collective punishment on the civilian population for suppost attacks that they often imagined or after a military Setback like in the historical city of Leuven where in response to what the Germans interpreted a sniper fire They burned down almost the entire city Including what the British newspapers called the Belgian Oxford which was a historic University containing extremely valuable books Historians today assumed that was most likely just a gun by a German soldier that went off Accidentally firing into the night sky and not sniper fire that spooked the occupiers Moving on from here and talking about how these crimes were portrayed and used for the auntaunt war effort It’s important to keep in mind that these atrocities happened about 6,000 civilians were shot by the German army and over a million Belgian citizens displaced from their homes And there can be no excuse for that The burning of Leuven will be the beacon of a wave of reports about so-called German atrocities Who will be remembered not only for their content? But how effective they were not only to show the population at home what they were fighting for but also a new truck even prestigious newspapers like the Guardian will not spare their readers any rumor about the German blood lust and Leuven the Germans randomly killed women children and even a priest an older man had allegedly been burned alive hanging upside down this was also the time the motive of chopped off children’s hands will appear and occur throughout the entire war with things being added or Slightly changed The Daily Express reported on the 31st of August 1914 that need the city of tonigh German soldiers had ripped a child out of the arms of its mother just who instantly chopped its arms off The newspaper closed the story with a statement. That was pretty much unthinkable. Only four weeks prior. These are not humans anymore These are monsters and there’s only one way to stop them namely to kill kill kill But propaganda in the First World War was by no means a top-down affair in Britain the Prime Minister Herbert Asquith Watched the behavior of the press to publish every rumour and even completely made-up stories with Murray British politicians were afraid that if it should turn out that these were all fabrications This would hurt British reputation the world immensely because not only was this behavior of the press driven by patriotic sentiments but also largely by profit But nonetheless the British government will engage in this kind of propaganda as well with the support of famous office, by the way Writers like Arthur Conan Doyle or HG Wells offered the British government their influence on the public Specifically HG Wells who previously was of the opinion that the German Empire was the quote best and wickedest nation in the world Now openly stated that there was no doubt in his mind that the German population had to be re-educated Can you imagine what that might look like today with offers like Cormac McCarthy or JK Rowling secretly working for the government to produce? Propaganda the secret part of this was the most important by the way because the British government was convinced that propaganda would only work if the person targeted by it would not notice that it’s Propaganda the German leadership on the other hand thought that the masses weren’t able to separate fact from fiction anyway The most prominent example of a fabricated atrocity was the German coughs Factory on the 16th of April 1917 the London Times reported that the Germans would pick up their fallen and process the corpses to gather glycerin for the manufacturing of ammunition Numerous newspapers were gone to report that the Germans would pick up corpses and feed him to the pigs Only 14 days later the British newspaper punch even published a drawing of the German corpse factory shortly after it became clear that this was spread by the British Foreign Press via their various agencies and only 1925 the New York Times uncovered that this was in fact a fabrication cooked up by the head of the British military intelligence service the Initial aim was to spread this rumor in China aimed at a particular place that the dead played in Chinese culture The British government will officially recognize this report as a lie in December 1925 and apologized to Germany Furthering the belief that in fact every report of any atrocity Allegedly committed by the German soldiers was fabricated a view that became very prominent in the interwar years Now when I said propaganda in the First World War was no top-down affair This was as true for Britain as it was for Germany after the reports of the destruction of Leuven reached Germany a bunch of German Scientists artists and intellectuals among them prestigious names like Max Planck or Max Lieberman get together to release a document called Manifesto of the 93 declaring their unequivocal support of German military actions in the early period of the conflict Of course, these guys had no way of knowing if these claims of atrocities in Belgium were true or false But that didn’t stop them from claiming these were all lies, and just another to tool of their enemies, who didn’t shy away from making up the most outrageous falsehoods As the document puts its, it is not true that the the life and property of a single Belgian citizen was injured by our soldiers Without the bitterest self-defense having made it necessary for again. For again and again, notwithstanding repeated threats the citizens lay in ambush shooting at the troops out of the houses Mutilating the wounded and murdering in cold blood the medical men what they were doing their similarity and work There can be no base abused and the suppression of these crimes of the view of letting the Germans appear to be criminals Only for having justly punished these assassins for their wicked deeds It is not true that our warfare pays no respect to international laws It knows no end indiscipline cruelty But in the East the earth is saturated with the blood of women and children Unmerciful is butchered by the wild Russian troops in the West dum-dum bullets rip apart the breasts of our soldiers it is not true the combat against our so-called militarism is not a combat against our Civilization as our enemies hypercritical II pretend it is were not for German militarism German civilization what long since have been extirpated? for its protection it arose in a land which for centuries had been plagued by bands of robbers as no other land had been The German army and the German people are one and today this Consciousness veteran eise’s seventy million Germans all ranks positions and parties being one We cannot rest a poisonous weapon the liar of our hands of our enemies All we can do is to proclaim to all the world that our enemies are giving false witness against us You who know us who with us have protected the most holy possessions of man We call to you have faith in us belief that we shall carry this war to the end as a civilized nation To whom the legacy of a Goethe, a Beethoven, and a Kant is just as sacred as its own hearts and homes For this we pledge you our names and our honor Now for some people especially the elites in countries fighting against the Central Powers This was proof that it wasn’t just the Kaiser or the military leadership. That was cruel or inhumane but that this was a trait natural to all German people and From this point on the propaganda machinery will coin the term of the German bloodlust and the hand Although the comparison to the Huns was given by the Kaiser himself In a speech when German soldiers were sent off to put down the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 Should you encounter the enemy he will be defeated No quarter will be given prisoners will not be taken Whoever falls into your hands is for faded just as a thousand years ago the Huns under their king Attila made the name for themselves One that even today makes them seem mighty and history and legend may the name German be affirmed by you in such a way in China that no Chinese will ever again dare to look cross-eyed at a German Yeah, he said a lot of dumb stuff like that anyway as you can imagine the idea of German high culture from that point on was seen in the context of Atrocities in Belgium in its growth and appeals significantly decreased British propagandists will amplify this idea of German Barbarism while also connecting it to the term called Torah the German responds to all these reports of atrocities although it was greatly ineffective was to deny the claims altogether while simultaneously Pointing out British hypocrisy for denouncing the oppression of Belgians and Frenchman’s by the Germans while at the same time repressing vastly more people from Island over Egypt the Middle East all the way to India and slowly all this propaganda will warp the view of the war as a military conflict and will make it appear much more like an Exorcism in which the evil represented by the other side will have to be eradicated and of course This was partially the reason why you couldn’t just end the war in a sort of gentlemen’s agreement Because once you painted the other side as the enemy of mankind who mutilates babies and literally eats the hands of Belgian children You can’t just go back to normal. How are you gonna sell your citizens that you’re gonna make a peace deal with the country Who’s head of government allegedly paid extra of German u-boats sank ships with women and children on board You can’t and these were only the short-term consequences a couple of years later the Nazis and the Soviets Will look to the British press in the First World War a role model on how to utilize propaganda and influence the masses More years down the line in the Second World War Newspapers and foreign governments will be extremely cautious to give credence to reports of death camps or mass executions of Jewish citizens of all age ranges Precisely because of what they remembered from the previous conflict and even today Holocaust deniers make the claim that the state-sponsored genocide Of Jews and Roma is just as much elias those claims about the german cops factory in the first world war Now what you might be wondering when hearing all those gruesome stories that present governments came up with is why would anyone ever? Voluntarily sign up for this how do you keep people signing up and supporting the war home when only weeks into the conflict? Newspapers have to stop publishing the official numbers of fallen soldiers because it’s just too high to justify Well as we will see shortly war time is the best time to get creative One of the golden rules and sales, is that the person you’re trying to sell something Can’t have the feeling that they are being sold something in other words If you want someone to do something you have to convince them that they wanted Themselves now convincing someone to sign up for the war was easy in the early stages when entire nations were drunk on excitement But after that you have to get creative Like with this poster from Australia promising a free trip to Europe full of adventure and interest from in the greatest event of your life When it comes to Britain, though The job of a propagandist was a bit harder because Britain was the only country who ended the war that didn’t have Conscription at least not until it became unavoidable Propagandists tried to play on a person’s emotions in order to prompt them to respond The most frequent emotional responses poses try to generate work guilt eg given you the feeling of being a failure Patriotism fear or shame making you feel like a coward for not joining the mass slaughter This is also where the role of women in propaganda becomes a bit more clear in World War one Propaganda women were mostly portrayed as either the victims of the enemy’s actions was the sweet heart Which will welcome you when you come home from the war Of course the implication of this was that if you didn’t sign up you were not worthy of any woman’s affection some of you might already have heard of the order of the white feather which was a group of young British women who if they Found a young man or sometimes boy who looked like he should be in uniform Started dressing them down about what a coward they were after this they would hand out a white feather as a symbol of cowardice the effect that this movement had is impossible to measure but I’m sure everyone is able to imagine how these young men felt like when going Through this treatment shortly after this idea got out of hand There were numerous men who were on d4 wounded were handed a feather Such as private Ernest Atkins who had just returned from the Western Front and while riding the tram a girl sitting behind him handed him One of these feathers his answer to this was smacking her across the face with his pay book while responding Certainly, I’ll take your feather back to the boys at Passchendaele I’m in my civvies because people think my uniform might be lousy But if I had it on I wouldn’t be half as lousy as you are what you have to keep in mind though Is that these young women making up this group didn’t do this out of malice They were just serving that country in wartime as according to a certain degree This order was even seen as feminists at the time mind You know this one were just a product of a society that had reached a point where it’s almost more self-destructive than self-preserving and not just Britain but every major country in this conflict what I mean by this Is that when you look at what motivated young men to go out and die by the millions for no reason really? It wasn’t just a propaganda. It wasn’t just things like the order of the white feather or lust for adventure it was the whole society they lived in from the teachers parents politicians combined with so many lies that you lost count and Toxic expectations about a man’s role in society There are countless examples of the tragic consequences of living in a society like this such as the story of Horace Isles who enlisted after receiving a white feather at the age of 14 and who later died at the Battle of the Somme in Germany 15% of all volunteers were students or recent high school Graduates and sometimes entire lecture rooms and classes together with their professors and teachers would walk down to the recruiting office to sign up One particular tragic event connected to this is the First Battle of Ypres. Where a bunch of enthusiastic But not sufficiently trained students will be thrown into the meat grinder and die by the thousands in Germany This is called the kinder Motte or child murder. One of my favorite books all quite on The western front is exactly about this dynamic and indoctrination of young men or boys that would traumatize them even if they managed to survive Nilesh Maria Remarque would sit like this in the beginning of the book this book is to be neither an accusation nor a confession and Least of all an adventure for death is not an adventure to those who stand face-to-face with it It will try simply to tell of a generation of men who even though they may have escaped its shells were destroyed by the war The first world wars often overshadowed by what came after appeared in education or media and don’t get me wrong This is completely understandable given that the stakes are higher in the second world war and it’s easier to make out Who’s the good guy? And who’s the bad guy? but in this era of fake news and in terms of facts We can look to the great war to see what can happen when not only the will to lies there But also the willingness to believe these lies Knows no bounds anymore and I hope I don’t lose you when I say that most of the stuff we talked about until Now was the short-term fallout of this indoctrination and propaganda the worst consequences still light ahead when the war ended in 1918 The ending of the first world war looked very different for Germany than the end of the second after all the German soldiers were still On foreign soil fighting the enemy and Jony itself remained mostly unharmed during that time So when Germany plead for an armistice, the biggest chunk of the population still believed that they would receive what they called. @just. Peace What followed though was more of a? Dictated peace as the German newspapers called it it became clear that Germany had actually lost this war and pretty much the entire German population was Slack-jawed by the treaty they now were forced to sign because during the war German propaganda Leadership hadn’t even put losing in the realm of possibilities like this poster motivating people to buy war bonds depicting Paul von hinten book Which says the times are tough But victory is certain and when the German population were put up their sacrifices for this conflict up against what they now got from it They will become very angry if not What about all these young men who died at the front or the over half a million civilians who staff due to the sea blockade? Germany had to endure and on top of that shortly before learning that Germany had lost they were convinced The victory was within one’s grasp and how could they not think about what news? They have been getting previously. The Russian steamroller had been knocked out and forced to make huge concessions to the German Empire Romania’s half-a-million bayonets were crushed by the campaign of the Central Powers in only four months Italy had suffered the biggest military defeat in their entire history at the Battle of Caporetto with nearly 300,000 Italians surrendering not even a year prior and Paris had already been shared by German artillery and now it was all over Of course the propaganda mentioned nothing about the collapse of the Balkan front while simultaneously antwuan forces broke through the Hindenburg line This was mixed with a collective feeling of shame that Germany had stopped fighting too soon and accusations of cowardice by foreign Press and statesmen and in this state the German public will turn towards the military leadership and ask what happened? didn’t you say a victory was eminent didn’t you say our sacrifices will be worth it who is at fault for this and This leadership who? Actually screwed it up and who were largely had fought for the defeat and who also put Germany in this situation in the first place Will come up with an answer and as this war began with as lies it will end with one Ally that may have seen convenient at the time to shift the blame or to someone else but which will also mutate and poison German society and will ultimately assure in the darkest chapter in this young nation’s history But about that lie in particular, we’ll talk the next time Thanks for watching everyone And as you can probably tell this was quite something different from my usual content, but I felt like doing it So why the heck not there’s so much to talk about when it comes to propaganda in wartime I haven’t even touched on the big role the different forms of media played But maybe some other time please keep in mind though that I am NOT a scholar of propaganda or the First World War and feel free to check out the sources in the description Special thanks go out to at Ellen Blake Ovie who provided me some of the clips for this video and who also makes fantastic art? Check him out where the link in the description the amazing thumbnail for this video was done by the very talented sketch who you can find under Ed Scott Ross on Twitter or also by the description and last but not least a neat little Animation you saw towards the end was done by lash man, very big Thank you for that If you guys like this kind of content why not tell me what you think in the comments or on Twitter or if you want to see more videos like this one of my others consider becoming a patron have your name displayed alongside all these awesome names scrolling by I Hope you enjoyed this one and – see you next time until then. Enjoy your last days of summer and have a good one


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  • Nazi Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering gave this testimony from the witness stand at the Nuremburg War crimes trial.

    Naturally, the common people don't want war … but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.

    Hermann Goring
    Hermann Goering: War Games

  • I will give controversial opinion.

    Strategic bonding, by many historians accounts, wasn't all that effective when it came to winning WW2. The industrial impact was there, but the cost of the bombings themselves often exceeded the gains from it, and it did nothing to push Germany towards surrender. But it did change something – the aftermath.

    Because no matter the news of the front, when Berlin is turning into rubble, it is more and more difficult to have the illusion that the war is being won – German propoganda had to transition from victoryism, to the idea of a national defense for survival. And when the dust had settled, well, nobody could stand in front of the blackened walls of Dresden and claim, that WW2 could have been won, that they were betrayed and not defeated.

  • Karl "Krazy" Abrahamson says:

    Great work on the vid, I think a lot of younger people who are not from Europe don't understand how the two wars interconnect, and that even then it was more than just trenches and mud. It helps to have these reminders, we need to be careful to keep history from rhyming right now.

  • Really well done! I have always found the Great War fascinating; vital to understand if one is a student of modern history, and sadly a neglected subject in the US during my lifetime. My grandfather served in the French Army, but was a Czech: his hatred of Germans was such that he left Prague to join the French. Why? No idea – once I was old enough to ask everyone who could have answered was dead. So I have a personal interest in the war as well as as a historian. You did a great job on a huge subject without trivializing its details.

  • My favorite part of the video was the inability of Twitter to spell Blažeković
    (a Croatian artist in one of my favorite youtuber's video?? I am honored!)

  • Hi Three Arrows, not sure if you will see this comment, but I will leave it here anyways.I have been working on a project regarding TGW for 4 years now and because of that I have a huge collection of books from nearly every country.
    I do have a German one which you might want to have a look at: "Giftpfeile über der Front"- Flugschriftpropaganda im und nach dem ersten Weltkrieg by Christian Koch. It is not as popular as the book you listed here, and might be harder to acquire, however, I found it very helpful in gaining additional knowledge in regards to how the entirety of Europe dealt with propaganda during TGW, (I am mentioning this here because I was a bit surprised that you, for instance, didn't mention Wellington House & Crewe House, so this is why I hope that this book can give you more extensive info on this very interesting subject.) but also in regards to the Dolchstoßlegände.
    PS: I do run Facebook's biggest group about The Great War and shared your video there for my members to watch. I hope you don't mind. 🙂

  • Mein Freund, ich mag deine Sichtweise und deine Videos, aber es ist schmutziges jüdisches Kabbal, das vor allem in Amerika geplant und geplant wird, und jeder weiß es. Als ich einem Ihrer Landsleute erzählte, dass ich mich vor ein paar Jahren als Weltbürger getroffen habe, verzeihe ich Ihnen die Verbrechen der Nazis. Hör auf, dich wegen dieser Scheiße schuldig zu fühlen

  • One of my favourite quotes from works of fiction set in world war I (from a book called 'My dear I wanted to tell you' , it's quite an interesting book mostly centred around a British hospital near London that did major advances in facial reconstruction surgery) is written down after another big ambush that was supposed to bring victory.
    "If no one won that, after all that, that – if neither side won that, then neither side can win. The war won, and goes on winning."

  • The sheep just keep reproducing more sheep. Nice deal for the wolves. Human stupidity is legion. Even those broken by the war will send their offspring right back into the next meat grinder. Loving parents that they are.

  • We have all been fed 'fake news' for decades. It was really caused by an act of cruelty to a flightless bird. here's a link to the truth.

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez says:

    I've long been of the opinion that, even though the Second World War was several times more destructive in both lives and property, the Great War was much worse for those who suffered it. Much more dirty, much more senseless and much more miserable.

  • Thank you for the education, Three Arrows, and please keep doing what you’re doing. These videos are illuminating and really cut through a lot of the nonsense peddled by the modern right.

  • Extremely well done video – informative, well-written, and visually well-made. This is professional grade production, better even than some professionally made documentaries. Great job and keep up the great work.

  • Almagro De Soult says:

    I don't see WWI as an unnecessary war. Germany demographically, since France's own demographic collapse in the 19th century, aspired to dominate Europe completely, they were bolstered by the idea that the Dutch and Danes could be assimilated and that the false fabrication of nations like Ukraine and Galicia-Lodomeria and Baltischeland could be achieved because Volga Germans lived very much within the Russian steppes already. The Kaiser was a good friend of Houston Stewart Chamberlain, arguably the man who fed the philosophical grassroots of the Nazi movement post the Kapp-Putsch, and their interactions often involved discussions regarding the British and American empires as "Jewish" in nature. You are right, Three Arrows in a sense that the Germans were heavily involved in subterfuge throughout the war, I believe they had a word for called Revolutionzpolitik, best evidenced by FeldMarschall Luddendorf supplying Lenin with money for the journey from Zurich to Petrograd.

  • I really like learning about WW1. Something I learned in school about it was there was a list of factors that were the reason why for it. Nationalism, entangling alliances, the 3rd i cant remember but i wanna say glory. All of these are a systemic problem for nations especially when they turn empire. The same old tired tropes are trotted out or even false flag attacks to get the people to go to war. I could apply the reasons for WW1 to the reason why my country the US is waging war as an empire with arrogance. 8 different countries are being bombed. There is a shadow war going on in Africa. the only place congress approved of for operations of war is Iraq and Afghanistan. Not in Syria or in Yemen helping Saudi Arabia out with their genocide. we are defacto on the side of jihadists. The goal post just keeps getting moved and given vague reasons. The war in Afghanistan is 17yrs old and a recent gallup poll back in 2013 showed only 13% of Americans want to still be there. Its obvious these wars are for geopolitical influence and natural resources. At least define in a feasible way what victory is when its accomplished.

  • Wow, Thank you for making this. It is incredibly inciteful. In the English speaking world our history from this time is, necessarily, US/UK perspective. Our historians do not emphasize the role of UK propaganda so clearly. Frankly, I was taught that most of the stories about Belgium, were British propaganda, and that there was a lot of enthusiasm and exuberance, belief in the valour of war. And casualty figures were suppressed. That's all true, but you've really laid out the development in a much more rational way. It's no longer a story of: weren't people crazy back then. And now it's a story of: this is how sane people drove themselves towards madness. And it is important to learn this all at this time now, when propaganda is evolving in new ways we don't yet understand.

    Please make the next part about WW2! I know it must be a lot of work to do, you put in incredible detail. Thank you! You're providing many of us English speakers deep insights into German Social History. Even in the 1970s and 80s when I was a child, so much of what we learned about Germany was still hidden by the propaganda. Monty Python's caricatures of of Nazis, Hollywood WW2 movies. There just isn't a lot of comprehension of how it all came to be.

  • In relation to the part on Louvain. I'd advise anyone interested further in what these atrocities were and how and why they happened, go read Alan Kramer's "Dynamic of Destruction: culture and mass killing in the First World War" which has an excellent chapter on the topic, going into detail about how the pre-1914 German military espoused an extremist reading of Clausewitz that went on to influence the doctrine and attitudes that shaped merciless responses to ''francs-tireurs', with one military handbook advising officers to "ward themselves against excessive notions of humanity."

  • When you say Britain didn't have conscription are you using Britain as a shorthand for the Commonwealth? Cause several commonwealth nations didn't have conscription.

  • Und das ales ohne Erwähnung von Luxemburg Liebknecht… lasssen wir also weg von wem der größte widerstand gegen den Krieg ausging. So lässst sich der Mythos weiter spinnen und die historische Verbrecherpartei SPD entschuldigen. Stattdessen wird allgemein von Sozialisten gefaselt. die am einen Tag die internationale und dann heil dir im siegeskranz sangen. So braucht man kein wort über das Phänomen Revisionismus reden.

  • 11:45 You mean like JK Rowling using her Twitter 24/7 to bash Republicans and compare them with Voldemort, the character she describes as the "pure evil" that needs to be killed to save the world ?

    Naaa can't imagine that

  • Klaus Gartenstiel says:

    the biggest lie that we tell ourselves today is that fake media is a contemporary problem.

    instead, it is part of the human condition. and our "suffering" today a sign of recovery.

  • This was just multiple powerheads manipulating innocent citizens into suffering and sacrificing themselves for them.
    There's nothing humanly good about a war between nationalistic entities.

  • As someone who studies history in a sort of brief, distant way, this was a really intriguing video. I'm interested in all of your work and I expect that you'll have a library of interesting videos for everybody to see by the time you're through, which I hope very much is not anytime soon.

  • I don't know what I was expecting from the YouTube comments section. Maybe someday I'll learn to not scroll down on any vaguely political video.

  • “The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility, but the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to war.”

    ― Sydney J. Harris

  • I applaud you for your effort. It's heroic and honorable to fight for truth and common sense in these propaganda ridden times. My country collapsed in a bloody civil war, it was called Yugoslavia and you've probably heard of for all the bad reasons. But, it may come as a surprise, we never hated each other, it was a happy place to live, and we were all glad to be able to travel, work and live in every corner of the country and have friends and family of all over the county and of different ethnic background. And to a large part, we all still do. But we did have confrontations of local political elites, so it must have, and did, come to fascinating instances of propaganda. All of a sudden, a simple act of a Serb selling his property to an Albanian and moving north into far richer and prosperous regions was portrayed as Albanians coercing Serbs into selling them their property for drug money and Serb being driven from their ancestral lands, lands were, according to them, Serbia started. A Serb in Kosovo checked himself into the local hospital with a beer bottle lodged in his rectum. Embarrassed for his self inflicted injury during a sexual act that was not seen as appropriate in his rural traditional community, he told the police and the doctors that he was farming his field, when a group of Albanians showed up and impaled him on a beer bottle. The media caught up immediately reminding the Serbs of the years of Ottoman occupation and drawing parallels between Muslim Ottomans impaling Serbs on stakes in the middle ages in Kosovo, and Muslim Albanians doing the same today in the same Kosovo. The history, they wanted to say, is repeating itself. The Serbs are again in danger of being oppressed and occupied and injustice done onto them. An Albanian conscript got into a quarrel with a Bosniak conscript during their military training and went on the shooting spree in the middle of the night. Killed that Bosniak as well as one further Bosniak, one Croat, one Slovene and one Serb in all that mess. The Serb got a televised state funeral and the media portrayed at as if the only one killed by that Albanian was a Serb. After a while, when the hostilities broke everywhere, you could hear from the media and the politicians that Croats are throwing Serb babies in lion dens in zoos, that the Bosniaks are beheading Serbs and playing football with their heads, but also that Serbs are moving in hundreds of thousands to Serbia on farming tractors, leaving everything behind never to return, because they were called upon by the Serbian leadership to leave for Serbia, and not because they feared for their lives. In the 99 when Serbia was bombed, the authorities mad a propaganda from a simple DU anti armor bullet. The media transformed the bullets into bombs, depleted uranium into a highly radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, and its anti armor use in the border regions with Kosovo into a bio-terror campaign over the whole country whose aim is to poison the land with radiation and make the Serbs die from cancer for decades and centuries to come, to wipe them off in an act of modern genocide. But if you think it faded away, you're very wrong. It has implanted itself into the popular narrative of the recent past so violently, that anyone denying this and calling it all lies is being ostracized, frowned upon and treated as a traitor and a fool by the community, even their nearest family. Everyone believes in it, no matter how educated they are, and how liberal they are. And the media is never letting it fade away. Every now and then, we are made to remember what "happened" and how we were "wronged". Every now and then, the media starts scaring people with stories that cancer rates are skyrocketing, everyone is sick, everyone is dying, and it's the DU used in 99 is all to blame. Every now and then they forge or misinterpret the official date from health institutions and no one dares to say anything since they know they would be destroyed by the public and the media if they dare to differ. When you go down the path of lies once, it's really hard to go back.

  • Andres Van Rompaey says:

    The picture used at 9:40 is from Mechelen, not Leuven. I've seen this mistake happen in the Apocalypse series as well, where they used footage of Mechelen to represent the Sack of Leuven.

  • The left is a group of violent useful idiots for zionists. They will simply give everything to a migrant and would be raped and blame it on a white male. In Sweden we have those and are simply crazy. Giving up a whole nation for arabs and africans and when they take over they will still blame nationalists. Hahaha

  • I am always fascinated by those anthropomorphic and zoomorphic "satirical" maps. Thanks for reminding me they exist. Great video overall!

  • not every socialist was for the War. this is why the SPD splitted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spartacus_League

  • Just to note: It's not just clearly political sites that are fake news. EXACTLY as with WWI, it is prominent personalities, "reputable" news organisations, that push bullshit in the service of the elite. CNN really IS the enemy of the people, they really ARE fake news, as they lie us into war after war. These are the insidious ones, because everyone knows that say breitbart is fake news, except for their loyal followers. It's the news organisations with a veneer of respectability that pose the real propaganda danger, because people don't know they're being propagandised.

    You, reader of this comment, are not so much more enlightened than everyone else in history that you can just tell what's propaganda and what is not. People in the 1900's weren't blithering idiots and they re-use the same bullshit now as they did then. Remember the fake news about Saddam throwing babies out of incubators? There are millions more instances like that, many you probably believe because they haven't been exposed yet. What they're doing to venezuela right now is disgusting.

  • Fabian Kirchgessner says:

    Dont get me wrong I think you are saying many true things but while I wouldnt underestiamate the impact of the Dolchstoßlegende on german policy, the main reason for germans supporting Hitler was due to the Versaille treaty and the humiliation of germany

  • Oliver Sasur says:

    it was actually Bülow, not the kaiser who said the thing with the place on the sun
    also the thing with "Hammer oder Amboss"
    he was very poetic appearantly

  • madscientist 666 says:

    Well dont u explained about propaganda war in ww2. It was mess until today. Only today is not war but riot or shit talkers in 4chan

  • Those portraits of Kaiser Wilhelm always make him look handsome and stronk when he was a frail dude its hilarious

  • Conclusions. Drive Sound Conclusion which IMHO is Lie…the Core of Bad. Period Dear Fellows. Go Simple, go by Light. You are Good but misled. Cheers

  • It's safe to say that, whoever would have won or lost in WWI, there would have been some kind of Hitler anywhere in the west. Antisemitic beliefs were wide-spread, revisionism and revaunchism was part of the general tune of the decade… After the war, there were fascists and militaristic extremists everywhere, to "correct" whatever WWI had done to them.
    It could have happened everywhere.

  • рома иванов says:

    In today's Russian Federation we have similar situation with propoganda, as in German Empire
    when Russian main TV channels (owned by government since fall of USSR) reporting about:
    Ukranians uses USSRs times artillery to ambush DLNRs soliders at 9 may
    Ukranians crucify 3 year old russian child
    Ukranians use chemical weapons from US
    Ukranians chopping a head of 3 year old russian child at eyes of his mother (in town that didnt even exists)
    they think that peoples will belive mass media any way, becoes of hight trust credit this media have since Soviet times.
    luckily this kind of reports is fairly rare

  • Sunflower Socialist says:

    A year ago I shared this video to the Facebook group for my college’s policy department. Today I got a message from a professor asking me to send him the link again because he wants to use this video in a class.

  • LabrnMystic MK says:

    Well this certainly helps shed light on Holocaust deniers. if you grew up in all this propaganda and never believe what foreign countries say, that's certainly gives a reason for it.

    with how polarized and phonetic our political parties get today, it sounds like history repeating itself

  • Where is Part 2? I hope it comes soon, great video! It’s easy to imagine that we are so different from the people in the past who fell for the propaganda or who perpetuated it. But seeing the parallels between today’s political environment and then is an alarming reminder that crisis happen in stages.

  • @5:41 you can see Hitler in the crowd. To his right (our left) there's a dark haired woman with a hat on next him. But I'm positive that's him.

  • i really hate violence, and obviously no one should hit anyone (v ironic as well for me to say this on such a video) but that hearing that the soldier on leave hit that white feather woman around the face with his newspaper is so satisfying. hindsight is a great thing but trying to even defend those women with the argument that they didn’t know just how horrific it was feels like a weak point. coercing, and shaming boys and men to sign up for war is absolutely disgusting and if any of them are alive today (i doubt it) they should be ashamed of themselves and live with what they, and others like them who weren’t part of the specific organisation but did the same acts, did for the rest of their lives.

  • WW1 like ALL wars are Scripted and Staged 33 degree CONtrol Freakmason Satanic Agenda elite Cult Clubs BullShit Hoax Stories. No One Died.

  • WW1 like ALL wars are Scripted and Staged 33 degree CONtrol Freakmason Satanic Agenda elite Cult Clubs BullShit Hoax Stories. No One Died. This video is CONtrol Freakmason elite Scripted DeceitFul Gar Barge with HolyShitWood ActWhores.

  • Good Video but I disagree with one major point and this point is that the war hadn't a real reason. There was one real reason and this was the econonmical success of Germany since several decades. Before the war Germany had the biggest fleet for commerce and trade but almost non military ships. If you would consider that the young kaisers grandma was actually the queen of Britian and the relationship was a good one war wasn't plausible. There was no interest in war from the german side and also the official elite of Britian was against the war. But there was an alliance of rich british capitalists around Cecil Rhodes who plotted the war against Germany years before. The beginning was blockage of german goods from this time the label made in Germany steams. Next steps were the creation of an alliance with France the former enemy and Russia against Germany. Anti-german propaganda started years before the war and there was only an official reason needed to start the whole thing. It would be needless to say that also the banks earned loads money financing every side. If you want to get more information look for the historian Wolfgang Effenberger he is founding his point on new results of british historians.

    Addition: In the context that Germany had the higher growth rate but was very much behind in military conditions your assumption that they wanted to start the war quickly is outright false the opposite was true. At first a war was avoided and if it wasn't to avoid it's beginning had to be delayed.

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