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  • Nice movie comedy take it easy life,girls freedom boldness etc but director reduce liplock scene it is best movie accept all people concept nice story compare to iratu arai muratu kuch much better 90ml only for girls freedom established society

  • raghupriya raaman says:

    In name of exploring life, a section of new age people just smoke, drink, and fuck, then end up in an unending frustration:()

  • Ismail rayamarakar says:

    Super movie very courageously direct.
    Boys do it same thing no problem
    If girls do it same thing problem started.
    This filim giving massages
    If boys do it bad then girls also do it
    If boy's leave it bad habits then girls also Leave it
    This filim teach as girls can do it anything this world
    Respect and care your girl
    Otherwise they will find thair on way.
    Please note:
    This is not a porn movie
    This is our girls future if not careful

    Thanks sir for good movie

  • rajeshwari gandhi says:

    Oviya sister hoghalk niriya mariyadhi sosaytila eirandhadh ana hongh mariyadhiye neghali alichkinegha ana eipa kodu negha mathugha pathi thala kidath kal
    Honghalak negha honamiya eirkigha

  • Mohamed Aazeek says:

    its a worst film. provoking lesbianism, Changing girls to an alcoholic and no message to society. F** off STR

  • Men sarakku adicha right. Ladies adicha thappu uh ? Ketta cultural ah kedukarangalam 😂😂 lol Women have every right to do whatever they like ❤️

  • Kudos to the director for taking such a wonderful film which brings out the desires of women in such a beautiful and mature manner. And talking about an important issue which is the LGBT rights ❤️ supporting lesbian and gay rights. Such creative material is actually needed for India to go in a progressive manner. Love this film so much and have seen it more than 50 times. 😍 enjoyed a lot.

  • Nothing wrong with this movie…wen guys talk about girls or sex life or bla2 nothing wrong…If girls talk means it's wrong??? They not share with guys only with their girls group…pls be matured !!!

  • what type of movie is this?
    Should be banned in tamil nadu….
    Oviya and director : If you wish to make money : go to north india.

  • Nithesh Yadav says:

    ithu mathiri Padam marubhatiyum etukatinga… Tamil cinema Ku oru nalla Peru Iruku atha ketukatinga 🙏🙏🙏Padam ma ithu….😈👿💦 Tamil Nadu Ku culture ketukaringa … Indian culture Vera other countries culture Vera anga etukara padatha India vala etugatinga… because India culture Vera level athuliyum Tamil Nadu culture mass… please respect our culture…last oru visham solra boys illa tha perumai girls Iruku… India yave nambha mother pakum pothu…intha echa vela unaku ethuku👿 Padam hit agunumnu ena venalum etupiya… please respect our culture and women's…

  • கொஞ்ச நஞ்சம் வருபவர்களையும் வராமல் செய்து விடுவானுங்க போலிருக்கு

  • Str எத்தனை வேகமாக ஏறுகிறாயோ தம்பி அதை விட வேகமாக இறங்கி விடுகிறாய்

  • പടം കണ്ടോ എല്ലാവരും എങ്ങനെയുണ്ട് ഡൗൺലോഡ് ചെയ്യട്ടെ

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