12 thoughts on “9 MIT Media Lab Innovations that Changed the Future”

  • doesnt matter says:

    So the military is your primary concern….all of those innovations at surface value seem like benign yet useful things. Yet all serve information, control, manipulate – nothing about useful inventions of social cohesion, love life, understanding each other

  • I don't know what to do! Want to hear branding major student's Challenge and worries???
    Give advice for her

  • Trenzinho da Alegria says:

    MIT came up with the lightpen touchscreen, IR touchscreen and resistive touchscreen. But not the capacitive touchscreens that are used nowadays in smartphones and tablets. Surprisingly the capacitive touchscreen came from the CERN labs even though CERN's main goals are related to nuclear research.

  • Javier I. Sampedro says:

    Really admire this people and we must thank for all their research into some of today´s products.

  • The Patent Officer who refused to patent the GPS system doesn't work there (OR ANYWHERE) any more :((

    (M.I.T. sent a hit squad to kill him and his immediate relatives :(( )

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