9 Easy Hacks To Get A Paying Digital Marketing Client In 14 Days [STEP BY STEP]

9 Easy Hacks To Get A Paying Digital Marketing Client In 14 Days [STEP BY STEP]

hey everyone this is Ron welcome back to another video in today's video I'm gonna be showing you how to go out there and get a paying client for your digital marketing agency and these are gonna be 9 specific ways that our agency Development LLC has used to actually go out there and get people to pay us for our services regardless of what services that you are so I'm gonna show you 9 ways that I've seen a proof of concept meaning I've had somebody pay me successfully from doing one of these things here and these things are really gonna open your eyes as to how easy this stuff can actually be once you start applying yourself so I want to go ahead and start off by saying what is it that you are trying to sell right because a lot of the times if you're starting this out you may not know yet what to sell there's a ton of things that you can sell so you really got to understand what your core offer is right so if you're doing digital marketing there's definitely a bunch of services that you can offer to your clients one of them is being SEO another one of them is being website design PPC social media video production graphic design I mean there's just a bunch of different things that you can sell to your clients it just really comes down to what are you gonna sell now the cool thing about all of these 9 different examples that I'm going to show you is regardless of what you're trying to sell you're gonna be able to get in front of your target prospect very quickly and effectively without having to you know really kill yourself with work so I'm gonna show you the first example right here this is called the chamber of commerce and the chamber of commerce is a place where small businesses they go they hang out they network they have luncheons they do dinners they do events you can sponsor and really the goal with this is is because of the fact that all of the business owners regardless to the services that you're trying to sell all of them are networking whether that's through a Chamber of Commerce whether that's through like a BNI regardless of what it is they are all networking and you've got to really figure out how to get in front of those people I'm gonna tell you right now that this is the most opportune way to get clients no matter what it is that you were doing I don't care what type of business it is even though my website has 8,000 monthly visitors on my agency website this site here it doesn't convert nearly as good as if I was to go out shake hands and really get to know people there's something about the personal connection that you create with somebody that really allows them to feel who you are and they really start to trust you a lot more when you're watching when you're on a website all of your trust is down because you're not really reading that person's facial expressions you're kind of just reading a bunch of words on a page and a bunch of pick to try to get the expression going but nothing beats the in person thing so you can join one of these online chamber are these chamber of commerce's if you're in the US this is probably the best for you if you're out if you're out of country I don't know if they have chamber of commerce's in your area but I would definitely take a look at it and even more so once you become a member of one of these things you can go into the directories and inside of the directories you can actually search different types of businesses so let's just say I was searching for a plumber right well now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna be able to find a plumber and a plumber that's the part of the chamber just like I am and then I can connect with these people on a much higher level basis so definitely recommend you go out there and become a member of one of these now there is a fee for one of these and obviously I'm not an affiliate this is a giant nonprofit there is a fee for it but it's definitely worth it because then what you can do is you can start networking at the Chamber events and really get to knowing some of the business key players in your areas so the number 2 thing is this one really goes for if you're trying to sell PPC or SEO or a really website design so a lot of the times when you do a google search inside of Google what you're gonna find is you're gonna find a lot of companies are paying for the AdWords space now AdWords is a great way to get leads for businesses and a lot of companies are already paying to be at the top of Google for their AdWords performance right so what you want to do is you want to click on these ads and when you go to these ads when you click on this ad you really want to make sure that there's a few things if you check points here right number one is if they're paying for advertising they're definitely interested in marketing services or they're doing it themselves right so when you go to their website you can already see here that it's a pretty good landing page for AdWords it definitely makes sense and it looks good but there's one thing that they're kind of messing up on this and this is how you know you know they may they may be doing it themselves or they're already hired an agency but always just have a form right so there's not a form on this website and I'm wondering if this is actual the homepage of the website because if you're running Google AdWords which is a completely different topic and that's just a whole nother topic that you can really get into but if you're running these ads right here you need a proper landing page and it looks like this landing page is just going to their home page so they don't have a landing page per se for their actual ad they just have a home page and that's really ineffective when you're doing Google AdWords any expert in Google ads will tell you that's very very ineffective when you're doing ads like this you definitely just want to have some type of call to action right see right here southwestern CT certaPro as you can see this goes to probably a landing page and this landing page yep there we go this is a landing page so this is an easy client that you can reach out to and say hey certaPro is has this landing page there AdWords are probably converting a lot more do you know that you're just paying money to Indy Google and not really seeing results do you know how much your cost per conversion is etc I'm gonna do a really intensive video on Google AdWords in a few in a few weeks simply because I know it's something that I talk about a lot and a lot of people may be wondering how to run proper campaigns but for now I'm gonna link one of my buddy Ryan morons videos down below he does a great job explaining it but this right here is opportunity for a few different things this is opportunity to create a website or landing page this is opportunity to run the Google AdWords campaign and this is also an opportunity to sell SEO you know how well are their SEO services how good are they doing in terms of SEO because if they're not doing great and they're paying for Adwords well they may want to go ahead and start doing some local SEO so you can actually go in there start analyzing their website and then start telling them you know this is why you need to be making an investment in the local SEO this is also the why you need to make the investment into a landing page etc so I hope that really makes sense now the third one is a really interesting one so if you're in a local area if you're in a local business um a lot of companies will actually advertise to you right so you might have an ad for like a gym you might have an ad for let's say like a bar you might have an ad for like an HVAC mechanic you might have these different types of ads showing up on your newsfeed a lot of the times those people are already paying for advertising as well so you're kind of going you're gonna go the same Google AdWords route except you want to filter your newsfeed here to only see ads there's a nifty tool that I'm going to show you called turbo ad finder where you can actually install this on Chrome and once you have the setting on it will only show your newsfeed ads now unfortunately the plugins for some reason it's not working for me right now I think I have to install the API key but I don't really have time for that right now but it'll show you ads and probably for my newsfeed I'm gonna see a lot of just like entrepreneurs I'm not really gonna see businesses because I work with entrepreneurs and I like you know I stock their stuff to see they're kind of doing so I can kind of you know replicate and another thing that you might want to consider is if you're looking for a small business inside of if you're looking to market a specific small business like this one right here it's a it's a bar that one of my buddies owns really cool bar if you go to info and ads and you can really see what ads that they're running so this company right here is already running social media ads you know as you can see these are very consistent ads so this is probably a client that you wouldn't want to approach simply because they definitely have their together or you know you may as well approach them if you can find something small that you're doing incorrectly so that's really the goal with that is to really just find what what pages on Facebook are advertising and reaching out to them and helping them out the fourth the other good way is if you're looking for house painters or if you're looking for any type of service inside of Yelp if a lot of people will pay for Yelp advertising now the cool thing about this is you can actually get it's 750 bucks a month to do this okay so these companies are paying 750 bucks a month to be up here on the Yelp listings this guy right here doesn't even have a you know there's no reviews there's literally no reviews right here and there's nothing really going on with here this is ridiculous right this right here is good they got seven reviews they definitely know what they're doing they have a promotion here so they're definitely optimized their Yelp listing is definitely optimized to get clicks these guys right here are not optimized so these are people that you can target and you can actually start to have a conversation with them as long as you do it right you can start you can start to target these people oh it looks like they do they do have stuff optimized for some reason the ads page doesn't show it you know this is something that you might want to consider screenshotting right take a screenshot of this and send it to them and just be like hey do you know that you don't have your snippets set up correctly if you guys aren't familiar with snippets that's how you show the reviews they request a quote all of this other stuff just let them know like hey your your ad your Yelp ad is not optimized you know have you tried advertising in Google have you tried out doing free organic advertising with SEO have you tried all these different these different things because a lot of the times these guys well these guys won't do that they'll just get sold by a Yelp rep the Yelp rep will power out promised them a bunch of clicks but unfortunately if you're not optimized on Yelp you're not going to get the clicks as you can see this one's gonna get a lot more clicks because it already has seven reviews and has this stuff right here has requested whoa so yeah that's pretty good so the next way is using a BNI and this one right here is definitely something if you're trying to go a little more serious with your agency this is definitely something I'd recommend for somebody starting out get the hell out of your comfort zone and really start to network with people who are a little higher profile than yourself you can join a BNI and a BNI is basically a local community where people commit to each other and there's only one business person in each vertical so there's literally I'll show you kind of how it works so when you join a BNI you basically have a meeting and I think the meeting is once a week I used to be in a BNI last year I'm not in one anymore simply because of the time commitments but when you're starting out it's amazing so if you have let's say you have four people okay this is how generally the BNI networking meetings occur so you have four people here all of these people they meet once a week and they all you know they pass referrals they do you know they do all this other stuff these people's jobs are to get more people to come and join their BNI now the key here is is you can only have one of every single one of every single vertical inside of your BNI so right here you can have web designer right here you can have a count in right here you can have payroll and you can only have one of each vertical every single time so this is why this becomes so effective because you don't have you know competition inside of these actual groups so if you're the marketer per se if you're the website designer and you start generating and passing leads to accountants or if you start generating and passing leads to HVAC technicians because you're doing networking and you're meeting with all of these other people well guess what they're gonna start passing you business and this is how one of these meetings work and you meet at these meetings probably once a week if you're you know depending on where you are in the world once a week and they're usually at like 8:30 in the morning in my area some people have them a little later and you really get to know this crowd of people of people that you're working with my advice to you would be joined a B and I in an inner city don't join one in a small town join one where there's a lot of people going in there's a lot of action and really get out of your comfort zone and start networking with people the next one is meetup comm this one is great this is similar to be an I except you really you you really you really get to set the tone here you really get to set the rules because you can actually start your own group so if you're actually looking to start your own let's say social media group or a networking group at a coffee shop etc go out talk to the coffee shop set up the networking meeting and just get going you know I mean get out of your introvert self you know start talking to more people start networking because this is the number one way you're going to get deals you can use SEO you can use ads for your own agency but that takes forever I'm telling you right now from pure experience the next one is Craigslist you can go on Craigslist you can search you for your area you can go over here to jobs and it's filter by jobs and you can see if people are hiring for services so let's say somebody wanted to do graphic design right let's say somebody was hiring for graphic design well what you can do in here and you can go in here and start to find people that are looking for graphic designers and once you go in here you can reach out to these people and you can say hey I saw your listing this and that you know I'd love to work with you on a contractor level if you're offering that etc so you can really find people who are already putting job postings out to try to find people that are good to do that in in their niche the next one is Fiverr I spend a lot of money on Fiverr and Fiverr you basically can buy stuff from freelancers online and you can register for a fiver account and make money I did say in the beginning that all of this stuff I've made money with and I did when I started I did have a Fiverr account and I was selling cold calls which was just a fail so I made a fiber account I got a few deals doing cold calls and then what I did was is I just went in here and and then quit and then digital marketing but this is a great way for people to start because it really allows you to build up your portfolio so when you are going out networking when you are doing the digital agency stuff you have some stuff to show and the last one it's up work this one is if you're a little more high quality this is probably not if you're a beginner you don't want to be a beginner on this website because they take reviews and stuff very seriously and they vet it out very seriously but if you are a little higher level get some experience on up work so you can start to do some of the stuff like the BNI and stuff like that because this is really where you're gonna grow and then from there I'm gonna give you guys one bonus one from there what you really want to do is you really want to start going to digital marketing events and these events you want to be at these events because this is generally where you know you're gonna meet a lot of people that you really want to talk to or you can go to like dental comp right if whatever your vertical is however you want to sell you need to go to these conferences because these conferences are going to make you a lot of money especially if that's your vertical and you have a lot of proof of concept and this is what I'm gonna focus on in 2019 because this is where my business is going so hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a like comment subscribe down below if you've made it this far let me know your thoughts on this video and I'll see you guys next time


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  • Benjamin Stanley says:

    The catch is everyone is selling training. And everyone has a tip, trick and hack or a puzzle Ipiece too hook someone. It’s all about numbers. If I were to get in this space I would kill it. 98-99% of this content is copy cated or enough to confuse people. I would give some advice, but anyone who can really give what people on these videos are looking for will make and keep relationships for life. Nobody is really adding value to anyone, selling a dream and teaching enough to make them want more. It’s really a simple minded business model, when there is so much more opportunity if someone would quit trying to hide their goals and intent behind their audience. The problem is when you don’t have a viable product you have to bait someone into a big ticket item. Rather than having products plural that not only sell themselves, but create balance sheet profits to reinvest in other products. A man pays you a 100.00 and makes 500.00., he’ll pay you 500.00 to make 2000.00. Customers are one time transactions clients are people you added more value than you took. Start by prequequalify people who will become customers and not allow them to buy a program they’ll fail out and prequalify and target people who will succeed and keep buying from you. The end goal here is to sell something, period. As a consumer the first thing I do is click the show more and 98% of the time there is a course to sell. The heavy hitters use wealth backgrounds, emotional tie in, rags to riches stories and are full of it. Trying to get you to pay for their dream. Ask yourself, is it a) those who can’t do teach and are good at promoting and putting $make 200.00 a day front ads on YouTube to draw traffic 2) what % of people can start a valid business without these so called gurus and seo/affiliate marketing schemes. The answer is a) most are just front men, b) more people succeed who break away from these programs and find legitimate training. I’ve never met a single seo agency and I know dozens with full staff services and full stack developers and they’ve training systems that are simple and work. None of this gaming and trying to beat the system or show someone who to get a deal with one business. That isn’t a business that’s a hustle. Again, this space would be so easy to dominate once you get consumers past the muddy waters of con artists and used car salesman’s.

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  • As an Accountant, my first client was the hardest to find.
    Especially I am from outside US.
    I can't go to Meet Ups, events, but I was able to find my first US client in UpWork.

    When I successfully helped my first client with his business, he referred me to his friends and colleagues.
    It was like a ripple effect that from my first client, I got referrals. Then from his referrals, I got several other referrals.

    Will be trying cold emails to reach leads outside California where most of my clients are.

    Thanks Ruan!

  • Daredevil Sahil says:

    Great Video I'm From India & I Need USA Clients So Which is Best For Me Broo???

    Anyone Need Ghostwriters or Blog Writers For Their website???

  • Stuart Crawford says:

    Ruan, thanks for being a great inspiration…going to take a lot of what you talk about and apply it to https://www.ulistic.com

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