9 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Social Media Enthusiast

9 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Social Media Enthusiast

This episode of the vlog, I’ve got a special guest and we’re talking about 9 Christmas gifts idea for the social media enthusiast. That means nerdy things. So, this is my daughter Emery. And she is 8 years old. What grade are you in, Emery? 2nd! 2nd grade. And she loves nerdy things, right? Right! High five to nerds! Yeah! So we’re gonna share some of our favorite things in our house. And we think, your social media enthusiast might be interested in. So I do want to say none of these items I have an affiliate link for, so I’m not making any money. I’m really just making
genuine suggestions of what we like and what I think your social
media enthusiast would like. Here’s the first thing: The first thing is an iPhone or a smartphone charging case. So a social media enthusiast
is likely using their phone a lot, likely using up their charger. Dad? Yes? Did you say charging case? Yeah, a charging case. What does that do? Well, it charges my phone when it runs out of battery, without me having to have
a separate battery or plug it in. Yeah, pretty cool! Can I have that for my iPad? Number two: The second item is an
iPhone or smartphone tripod. It pulls out. His legs can curve
and hook on to things. It’s a lot of fun. It can stand up, it can hook on to things. You can hold it like a selfie stick. So one of these is really great.
You can find a lot of options. This is the Arkon. You’ll see a link in the show notes. It’s a great tool. What do you think of it, Emery? Well, I think it’s kinda cool of a toy. It’s like a robot that can bend its legs. The third Christmas gift we would
recommend is a podcasting microphone. This is a Blue Yeti microphone. Thanks Emery for helping display it. It’s about a hundred dollars. There are cheaper options.
There are more expensive options. Finding a good microphone is gonna be a very
valuable asset to your social media enthusiast and so we highly recommend getting a good podcasting microphone. Audio is becoming a bigger
and bigger deal in the digital space, so getting a good microphone is gonna be very
valuable for your social media enthusiast. Number four is a virtual reality headset. We love VR in our house. These are only about $20, you put your
phone in there, and you can see VR videos. We love them. You can spend a lot more
money and get an Oculus Rift headset. I’m hoping I get one of those for Christmas, but for now this will work. Get a VR headset in your house.
Your social media enthusiasts will love it. We also have four of these. Number five! We have a 360 video camera
so connected to virtual reality. You’re gonna want a camera
to create your own VR videos your social media enthusiasts will. You can take pictures and videos. This is about $150.
There are cheaper options out there. There are way more expensive options out there.
I love this one, the Nano 360, very cool, very easy, hooks right into my iPhone. I love it. Your social media enthusiast will love this! So the next one is AirPods. We’re talking about AirPods, Apple’s new headphones. I love my AirPods. Emery, you want to try one on? Yeah! There you go. So they have great audio, you guys can record videos. They do look a little ridiculous. I get that, but I love the AirPods and any social medias enthusiast
that’s using their mobile device a lot. Wait. Yes, Emery? What makes you think they look ridiculous? I don’t think they do? You think they look cool? Yeah! They look like little candy canes! From an 8 year, old they look like candy canes; they don’t look ridiculous. By the way, I love the charging case on the AirPods.
I just fit in here. Number seven might be the favorite
in our household, and this is Amazon Echo. Now, we love Alexa.
She is a family member in our house. Alexa, you’re awesome! You really think so? Thank you! You see we have a case here too for our Alexa
because the kids love to get around. We love the Alexa Tap because the portability of it. They’ve got like five different versions – the Amazon, or the Echo Dot seems to be the most popular. It’s $50 or maybe even less now. So any of our great devices, we love the portability of this one, the great audio, and they can play the animal game with you! They can play the animal game. Do you want to play one of your favorite games with it? Alexa, let’s play the animal game. Sure, please think of an animal and let me guess it. Does it live on a farm? Yes! Is it a common pet? Kind of, no, no. Does it have wings? No. Do humans consider it dangerous? No. I think I got it. Is it a horse? Yes! So, we love Alexa, she can turn on lights, she can tell you the weather, the news,
play music, play games and she can order you trash bags. And she can order you trash bags, and Emery, I think it’s important for you to tell everybody, you created your own Alexa skill, didn’t you? Yep, with my own jokes. With your own jokes, called Kid Jokes. It will be coming out soon. Make sure you go to download Emery’s first Alexa skill. I’m so proud of you. Number eight! Apple TV. We love our Apple TV in our house. I would say a connected TV device
doesn’t have to be Apple TV. I would say Amazon or Apple TV.
I’m not a huge fan of Roku, although we have a Roku
in a couple rooms in our house, but Amazon and Apple TV are our two favorites
when it comes to connect TV devices. Emery, what do you think? Do you like Apple TV? Yeah, it’s the best because it has video games. Like Alexa you press out a button,
if you can’t find something you press a button and say what you want to find. It’s really fun. There’s a lot of race car games. So go get an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire TV for your social media enthusiast. Now Emery, It’s time for the last one — Drone! DRONES! Now at this point, there’s not a whole lot of functional drones, although you can capture some cool video footage of your video, but they’re just fun.
Like who doesn’t want to play with the drone? Emery, you like drones? Yeah! Of course! Who doesn’t? Exactly! So people love drones. I lost one, it flew away while we were playing with it. And then we moved to New York,
and we can’t really have one in the city. There’s some laws against it here. Yes, we have. We’ve done it before. We’ve done it before in our old apartment
at Brooklyn, we play with drone, but not here in Manhattan. So we loved drones. We think everyone loves drones. You can get drones for like $20, $30, little small ones.
You get some medium sized ones for $50, And you could spend thousands
of dollars if you want to. If you want a really cool drone, a Mavic is
the drone that I want. I think they’re really cool, but then we started with one that was less than $100. She could do a lot of amazing things. So I don’t recommend starting with
a thousand-dollar drone. Start with a 50-dollar drone, and see what you can do and with those,
you can still capture a cool video footage. So those are all of our Christmas ideas
for your social media enthusiasts. Thank you so much for watching
our Christmas recommendations for your social media enthusiasts. If you have other ideas, leave those in the comments. We’d love to hear. Thanks for watching. Bye! Merry Christmas!


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