30 thoughts on “8K VR Headset from China – BS marketing, very cool experience…”

  • Bratislav Metulski says:

    wtf – so 5K/8K is still not enough? … what do we need to enjoy movies in cinema-apps without any watchabel pixels??? this slow progress in developement SUCKS !!!

  • ianwilson4286 says:

    I have a Pimax 5k plus and it is great. They are now sold on Amazon and have a USA office. Can take a second look and talk about how it works comparing it to other VR headsets on the market.

  • Zachary Arken says:

    Lol Linus, Marketing at its best. I remember your 16k monitor setup. Pot Kettle Black

  • Zim Zimmerman says:

    pimax 5k+ is easily the best consumer headset on the market, including the new gen from all the big boys

  • TJ Johnny hooket says:

    So that’s where another gaming reviewer got that cool looking headset. I was wondering what brand that was

  • I can't stand this fuckin guy man, "just because I have millions of subs and viewers my opinion is absolute and nothing else matters" He is one of the most self Absorbed egotistical ass motherfuckers I've ever seen in my life

  • Smile A Mile says:

    Well, a year later, and it's still in such early stages. Expensive, bad build quality and NO SUPPORT and limited warranty that requires you paying for all shipping. The fad is over at the price they are charging, it's waaay overpriced. No support is a huge downfall. No controllers no bases can be purchased on their website either. Fail!

  • Danish Bashir says:


    I have been using this set for around 1 and a half years. I can promise you, it doesn't disappoint. Movies and seated games are amazing in it. Gyro drift was initially a problem, but new software "completely" eradicates it. It used to be a bit dim, now there are brightness increase options and it works great there too. Sound is great. Now that nearly everything is near perfect, the only two downsides;
    Motion blur or ghosting if you will, is still there. (not so much as to lessen immersion though)
    No positional tracking.
    Add Nolo VR and you have a perfect vr for cheap (even after Nolo price addition) with only downside of small "blur trail"

    I am already sure that this set is an improvement over (Pimax 4k+Nolo) so the only two downsides I can think of,
    1) Blur Trail
    2) Nopes, although the VR may be 4k per eye, but due to BIG field of view, pixels per inch have got to be less, so basically the picture quality will be same as Pimax 4k.

  • Rebecca Lindstead says:

    Since I’m not much of a techie (yet), it’s kinda mind boggling. And I must say it’s SCARY COOL, but I’d be excited to have or use one!

  • Chuan Hsun Fu says:

    No no , this Pimax is a scam company. Don’t trust them like me. I lost 724 US dollars on it. And it never delivered to you. And they don’t bother to answer you why they don’t deliver.

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