7 Ways We Used To Beat Games Before The Internet

7 Ways We Used To Beat Games Before The Internet

hello you've caught me one year ago back when I was going for the platinum trophy in ninokuni – I had just a couple more trophies to mop Hartley now I was on the home straight already thinking of that glorious ping and the much-needed boost to a PSN level so bad I should probably just make it private I was doing the trophy where you needed to win all 50 skirmishes or hey those skirmishes you know that one trophy every game has where you just suck it up and do it for the plat I'd finished 49 of these skirmishes but could I find the last one could I had I'd flown over the entire world map about five times checking every single skirmish marker and I'd done them all it got to that point you know the one I'm talking about the point of no return where you just want to be done with this platinum and start your next game the point where you swallow your pride and look at a guide online and don't tell me you've never done it because I don't believe you and besides there's nothing wrong with looking at online game guides is there I mean it's not like they play the game for you anyway I looked at the guide did the last skirmish earned the Platinum job done but then it did get me thinking how on earth would I have done that like 20 years ago back in the days when the internet was all clicks and whirs and Comic Sans and websites that took half an hour to boot up and then looked like eighties movie posters when they did the days before instantly available online game guides and YouTube walkthroughs well we did these things I'm about to talk about in seven ways we beat games before the Internet a special thank you to youtube user digital fraggers for the excellent video idea entry number one you'd read a tips book or a cheap book whatever you like to call them often you'd find these mounted on magazine covers or wedged in the corner of the in your local newsagent and they were like bricks they were often like say a5 covers but a1 in terms of how many flipping pages there were thick pages too absorbent designed to soak up curry or ketchup or dr. pepper or whatever other viscous substance you'd knock over while trying to hold open a book and game at the same time often these books wouldn't tell you how to beat a game but how to cheat they'd be full of codes for big head mode or invincibility or level skip or infinite ammo you know things that allowed you to bypass strategy rather than formulated aside from that they were just a great rage as well you know I'd be there in bed and you know whereas now I'll just flick through an endless loop of social media feeds but then I'd be reading tips on games I didn't even own it was good fun it gave you extra stuff to talk about on the playground you know I used to be really good at absorbing info from a book and holding on to it for a week or so that's how I passed my GCSEs just devoured the revision guide so I'd get to impress all my mates with cheat codes and tips for all these games bro how much for infinite lives on fighting force for two crunchies and a packet of pickled onion monstermunch yeah and the books used to smell really nice as well this is the part where I hold one up to my face and sniff the pages but can't find one anywhere they're gone now lost in time like tears in the oceans of Assassin's Creed man those water graphics are amazing another thing we used to do when we were stuck in video games is phone a friend and when I say phone I don't mean like in 2019 when you whatsapp them and they reply saying watch me do it on share play and you see their screen and now this is before the internet remember before the internet and many years before that as well telephones used to have holes you had to put your finger in I couldn't find one of these either and you have to physically dial the number then the receiver of the call would pick up an earpiece and a mouthpiece and say something like the Pearson residence or hello who is calling or they do that weird thing where they'd repeat their own number like yes yes that's the number I wanted anyway if you were the one stuck on a game you'd probably end up ringing through to your friend's parent and have to go through the tedious rigmarole of pretending to care how they were or why mrs. Pearson how are you I'm very good thank you can I speak to Robert please you'd often be anchored on the phone for like 20 minutes at a time and then when your friends did eventually come on you'd have forgotten what bit the game you were stuck on anyway I was often on the receiving end of these calls mostly from friends asking how on earth to beat Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid and so I'd take smug delight in wooing them with the tactic of switching the controller ports and then some more when berating them for not figuring it out themselves or phoning Campbell so many times he finally just breaks and tells you but there was one time I was right little bugger – my friend who I'd convinced to try out final fantasy a they were really enjoying it up until the part where they got to the first Laguna dream sequence at which point they phoned me all concerns like no no we're supposed to not do that no no that's really weird actually how strange I think your copy of the game might be broken and I think you might have to take it back to the shop and trade it for another coffee this happened twice more before my friend finally clocked what I was doing and retaliated by ponding my football thank God for the Internet basically the third thing we used to do to beat games before the internet was sleep on it and by that I mean you leave the bit of the game you're stuck on be it a boss or a puzzle and you come back to it later with fresh eyes and a clear mind I remember the notorious goat puzzling broken sword being my ultimate sleep on it moment in fact I think I slept on it for about four months none of my friends had played it so I couldn't ask them it wasn't in any cheap books I owned and so I just sort of played broken sword every now and then hoping that this time maybe this time I'll solve it sometimes you'd sleep on it for years I mean what else could you do your options are do it or don't that's literally what you've got there and if you can't do it then you keep trying until eventually you just work it out you know if a monkey hits a keyboard for an infinite amount of time eventually it'll type the entire works of Shakespeare if Dave plays ps4 for an infinite amount of time eventually he'll earn a platinum trophy yeah not even the Internet in all its infinite wisdom is going to be able to help with that asked one number for you tuned into one of those video game shows on the TV like games master or games Ville with its weird games guru character answering two questions a week this was a really hard way to get past bits you were stuck on because you basically had to hope that someone else had got stuck on the exact same bit as you and that that person had somehow magically managed to get on the show perhaps a more effective way was to write into one of the many gaming magazines and hope they had an eager work experience kid on that week who'd bother to answer for you this too was a tough way to get answers as most of these Mac's came out only once a month so you'd pen your question and by the time you got an answer if you even did get an answer you'd probably already figured it out yourself weeks ago man life was hard for gamers back then wasn't it number five you'd get your oldest sibling or one of your parents to do it for you I remember being round my mate Darren's house watching him die endlessly on ninja shadow of darkness until his older brother Warren came in and wowed us all by doing the boss in one go in some cases I was the older sibling I remember one of my best and worst moments as a brother came after I beat engine in crash warped for my younger sister I told her I said look I will be engine for you but you're not allowed to save it after I do I mean what a tool I just wanted to prove to her I could do it and sure enough I did but then my sister went and attempted to save the game anyway even though I told her not to in a fit of white-hot sibling rage I just turned her playstation off mid save it corrupted her entire memory card which also included a 35-hour Final Fantasy 7 save yeah that's what I'm really like then when I was younger I remember asking my dad to get past certain hard bits for me a memory as disturbing as it is old like there did exist a time many years ago my dad was better at games than me now I'm the dad and occasionally I'll be called into the living room to help my three-year-old navigate a tricky platforming section in paw patrol on a roll the memory I'm sure will haunt my daughter in a few years time when she's kicking my ass on crash team racing nitro fueled oh I'm feeling all proud in advance the sixth way we used to beat games we were stuck on before the internet happened was just to pretend you have don't laugh we've all done it in the school playground talking about the latest game and everyone's like yo yo you done it twice on hardmode piece of cake mate how about you piss and you finished it yet yeah yeah I finished that one definitely you repeat the lie so often you sort of believe it yourself for years it was official Robert Pearson cannon that I'd finished Tomb Raider the last revelation when the actual truth is I got stuck on the guardian of semi ket forever I never did it you know I was in the sleeping on it stage indefinitely it was the game back then everyone was talking about in how amazing it was and so if I wanted to avoid getting my trousers showered while I was getting changed for PE I had to pretend I'd finished in two it later came to light I wasn't the only one pretending I remember asking my friend Adam Bale how he got past the guardian of Semih ket and his response was simply odd just kill him but you can't kill the guardian of Semih ket can you Adam I've seen the YouTube walkthrough now surrender trousers final entry we did the hard restart now this is something you do when you know the solution to the problem but you've gone so far doing it wrong that the game has basically become unplayable let me explain when I played Final Fantasy 8 for the first time I didn't really understand the junctioning system very well I'd leveled up and stuff and so was just about powerful enough to reach the final boss but then ultimecia destroyed me no joke I had school default revolver gunblade I had quizzical Shiva Ifrit in a few other basic GS and 67 fire spells Junction to my hit points like a revolting new I fought bosses by spamming GFS at them and throwing potions until they died ultimecia just blasted those gfs away I couldn't get past Grivas shockwave Pulsar move without getting wiped out I had no defense and so what I did was the hard restart I knew one wasn't going anywhere so I started the game again from scratch this is just not a thing that happens nowadays when a game comes out now it's supported by an army of online assets explaining every gameplay mechanic the consequences of every story choice a Final Fantasy 8 came out today I'd know my way around the junctioning system before it was even installed back then it was a hard restart second time around when I fought ultimecia I had a maxed out party everyone absorbed all the elements my stats were all 255 and I smashed the final boss without a second's pause actually I paused a little bit to appreciate the amazing music and then I won and there you have it seven ways we used to beat games before the internet let us know in the comments if any of this rings true for you or if you're so young you don't remember a time before the internet lucky you give this video a like if you enjoyed it hit the notification bell to stay up to date with all our videos and join us again next week for another Friday feature thanks for watching for the players


41 thoughts on “7 Ways We Used To Beat Games Before The Internet”

  • I slept ojn the roxas fight in Kh2 for a literal year, redownloaded it and beat him on my first try after leveling up my wisdom form once… ?

  • It always astonished me how gamers always found secret paths, methods, and bosses of games before we had the internet……it always flabbergasted me, but turns out I was the only one who didn’t have the internet yet.

  • Brannigan Carter says:

    I only look up game guides for ridiculous amounts of collectibles like those stupid flags in assassin's Creed.

  • 1-800 Sega game tip line back in the day to speak with a sega employee and game tester to beat Phantasy Star boss Medusa. Had to hand draw all the dungeons on graphpaper to get around and not be lost in them forever

  • I remember alot from back then, I had beaten zelda a link to the past and found all the hearts, well with help from my uncle, but I remembered everything and even went on and did the game 2 more times and after i had beaten it, then it became the new thing inn the school yard along with pokemon ruby and sapphire, wich I also had but hadn't beated yet. Alot off pepole asking me how to get past mostly the whole game, just as I had asked my uncle earlier on, sinch he recalled it from the nes while I played the gameboy version ?

  • I was stuck in FF7 at a mini boss early in the game. I kept trying for a long time till the save disappeared, then I started again and gut stuck at the exact same place. I couldn't defeat him (it was a red flying thing near a theme park). Finally, and by accident, I found a store that sold game magazines and two of them had a booklet attached which were guides to FF7 (in two parts). I immediately bought both magazines just for the attached guide booklets. I read it and I found what I was doing wrong: I never changed my base weapon…
    I knew I picked up gear on the way, but I thought it would automatically be equipped like all other games. FF7 was my first RPG. I never had to choose weapons before. I upgraded and I went by that mini boss like it was nothing.
    Lesson learned: RPGs are games in which you have to manually equip the items you gather.

  • I quit playing ff8 when that character swap happened. I was so mad the characters switched up like that. I regret it but I'll have another chance when the remaster come out

  • I remember those days I've asked my father to help me with the chase section in harry potter and the chamber of secrets on the ps1, calling my older cousin to ask him how to beat the final bosses in teenage mutant ninja turtles on ps2 and sleeping on the thought of how to beat more than one regenerator in resident evil 4 ps2 edition(it took nearly a year before I was brave enough to fight them again)

  • Does no one at Access remember when the guide inside the game case sometimes had the phone number for an actual developer tip line, but it cost however much per minute like you were getting your jollies off?

  • I had the same problem with FFVIII. I did exactly the same, although I seem to recall my brick wall came before Ultimecia.

  • Terri-Dawne Lyons says:

    Oh, this video takes me back. I used to get/make those 'phone a friend' calls all the time, guiding someone through a dungeon/getting guided/etc. Even worse, I used to make my friends sit on the phone listening to me read the dialogue sections in my Final Fantasy/other RPG games or rage at monsters as I fought them. Your videos always hit that nice nostalgic part of my heart 🙂

    Best pre-internet game discovery: it took my sisters and I FOREVER to 'figure out' the freaking mirror spot in Zelda on the SNES to let you get… somewhere. I think it was to a temple, but it has been a while. In the end we only moved past hours of aimless wandering when we lucked out. Our older cousin dropped by with her boyfriend who, seeing us playing it and subsequently hearing our tale of woe, told us what we needed to do. It was quite possibly the best video game moment of my life. That or beating Final Fantasy VIII, since I didn't know the last boss turned insane when you leveled all the way… and also did not understand junctioning beyond hitting the auto-options. Ouch.

    As for pre-internet fails, we never did get past the high pizza we couldn't make the jump for in one of the old NES Ninja Turtles games… One day

  • Oh man that takes me back!

    I was stuck on the goat in broken sword 1 for ages!
    Eventually my dad asked one of his friends to help me. This friend of my dad had access to this magical treasure trove on his computer at work.
    This was in the days when my parent had pagers instead of mobiles and id only ever seen a PC at school running windows 95 which we only used for Paint, Cartooners and Zombinis

    I had to enlist the help from the same guy when i was in the stupid forest on ketch island in Broken Sword 2.

    I’d love a Broken Sword Collection on PS4 complete with platinums!!!

  • Oh Rob, please get your doctor to remove that mole you have on your neck, I keep scratching/wiping the screen on my phone thinking I have a dead pixel.

  • my first PS1 game WAS actually Final Fantasy 8… loooooved it… but like Rob here, I didn't understand the junction system either… for instance… all my GFs throughout the 1st of the 4 discs was assigned to Mr. Leonhart (Squall) so he was the only one who benefitted from junction magic… tough game… oh and by the way, I didn't own a memory card at that time either (too expensive, my parents couldn't afford a ps1, the game plus a memory card) so I could only get through disc 1 before I had to start over again… reason I didn't understand the junction system (which my half brother explained to me about 2 months later when he visited me) was because I hadn't learned any English at that time (I was 12 years old back then when they game was released and it was around that time or a year later that my school had English lesson scheduled)… completed FF8 about 4-5 times now though… started again with the steam version 😀

  • Final Fantasy 8. First time you fight Fujin and Rajn. No way out of the city, one save file, and so underleveled. Had to restart

  • Baron_O'Beefdip says:

    I used to ask myself this question, then I remembered strategy guides, and help hotlines. 😛 Those aside, that last thing you needed to do, given that you did it in the first place, would often come about from having a friend over, taking turns for hours on end, both trying to do whatever it was you were trying to do. It was glorious.

  • I have 52 platniums and to make them i didnt use guide maybe once? There is no way im gonna spend hours after work to find some collectables…i want to play game.

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