6 x 6 Mixed Media Challenge -  Rust -  #artfulevidence

6 x 6 Mixed Media Challenge – Rust – #artfulevidence

hello it's Rachel and today's project is for the 6×6 challenge over on my Facebook group the theme this week is rust annum beginning care with some paper artsy acrylic paint in the Connors Beach hot ink appalled and mermaid this is a tech stump by wood where I'm going to use this to create my background with some archival ink in the color manganese blue now I'm taking a piece of corrugated card stock this is just corrugated on one side so the reverse is flat and it makes it easy to attach to my project I'm going to use this to try and create a rusted corrugated iron look so I'm starting by tearing some pieces and positioning these where I think I'd like them on the project before gluing them down and then adding the faux roast effect using some Lumiere paints for the focal image on the piece I've chosen to use a heart with a key on top of it for the heart I've used a Spellbinders down I've cut it twice once out of a patterns paper and also once out of cardstock so that I can glue the pieces together to make the paper more sturdy and once I've completed this I select a metal charm key and paint this with the same Lumiere paint so it has the same rusty effects that the background does in order to make the heart more cohesive with the backgrounds I've decided to sponge around this using some of the paper artsy paints that I used at the beginning of the project this is a stencil ban crafters workshop called mini tile texture and I'm using this with some liquitex like modeling paste and I do enjoy adding stenciling to my projects it's a way of making the elements more cohesive and come together so you'll notice quite often that I overlap the texture paste onto the background pieces and the focal image as well after my texture paste has dried I'm going to paint it I'm painting it in a combination of two different colors inky pool and also a Lumiere paint in pearlescent blue the pearlescent blue on its own I felt wasn't the right kind of blue so I wanted some of the inky pool since they'd been used on the background and to answer the age-old question of why don't mix the paint directly into texture paste it changes the consistency and anything with the metallic finish doesn't show either finally I'm going to attach my rusty key I'm using some Ranger glossy accents for this since it's a heavier embellishments and this has never let me down before that is everything for this week's challenge if you're interested in joining the weekly challenges there is a link in the video description to my Facebook group there's also links there to my social media I hope you enjoyed the project and thank you for watching you


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