6 Ways to Deal with COPY CATS on Social Media (STOP GETTING RIPPED OFF!)

6 Ways to Deal with COPY CATS on Social Media (STOP GETTING RIPPED OFF!)

What is up everyone. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we’re going to talk all
about how you can deal with copycats online. If you are a content creator or a business
owner, at some point in your journey, you’re going to encounter this frustrating situation
where you catch someone either ripping off your work or your concepts or your content,
and that is extremely upsetting. So if you want to learn exactly how you can
deal or handle these situations, then keep on watching. Now, before I dive right into the details,
I do want to say one thing. Of course, the Internet is a very vast space
nowadays. You can get any information online. However, I do want to make a very clear distinction
between inspiration and imitation because the line between the two is quite blurred. Inspiration on one hand means that you’ve
maybe seen someone else’s work or someone else’s concept, and as a result that has inspired
you to create your own in your own voice without copying and pasting or duplicating that other
person’s original work. For example, let’s say that you see that I’ve
started a youtube channel and I’m gaining traction. I’m driving traffic to my business, thanks
to youtube. Well, you’re inspired by that, so you create
your own youtube channel as well. That is a result of you being inspired by
me or by any other youtube or on this platform. On the other hand, imitation means that you’re
taking someone else’s work and you’re duplicating it. For example, yes, you are inspired to start
your youtube channel because you saw my account, let’s say, but then you start doing the same
type of content and you’re recycling the content that I provided you content and information
that you otherwise would not have known enough if it weren’t for me. Now, obviously information is everywhere. Take me, for example, in my niche, there are
so many other youtubers that you could watch to get the similar type of information. However, what differentiates all of us is
our styles. The way that we explain something, the sequence
that we explain in our own personal examples that we leverage. If you are seeing all of that and you’re copying
it on your channel, then that is a true form of imitation. Now with those examples aside, if you want
a part two of this video where I go deeper in depth on the differences between imitation
and inspiration and how you can avoid being a copycat yourself, make sure you sums up
this video. In the meantime, if you’re interested, make
sure you also check out this blog post. I found this blog post and I thought it was
really well written in a sense of how you can differentiate between inspiration and
imitation. So definitely check this out too. Now in the article that I just shared with
you, one of my favorite things that they mentioned was appreciation. If you are so inspired by someone, make sure
you’re also appreciating their work and by appreciating their work, ensure that you are
not disrespecting their work as well. Because even though a lot of people will tell
you that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I personally think that imitation
is the sincerest form of laziness and disrespect and that’s why I want to give you my first
tip and that is remember that people follow leaders and not followers. Think about it, most people do not copy crappy
content and if you’re finding yourself in a situation where people are copying your
work, that’s a really good indication that you are becoming a true leader within your
industry. Now a common question that I get or a common
concern that I get from a lot of people who end up being copied is that they ends up becoming
super discouraged and then they start saying things like, oh my gosh, I’m never going to
put content out there again because people are just going to copy it. Well, my honest answer to that reaction is
don’t do that. Don’t go that route. Do not dim your light or play it safe because
you’re afraid of copycats because in the long run that ends up hurting you and your community
the most, and what I mean by this is that if you aren’t putting your best foot forward
in your content, and I talk a lot about this in this video right here, you’re hurting your
business. You’re hurting your brand because that content
is really important for you to generate leads for you to accelerate yourself as an authority
in this space. If you start giving out mediocre content because
you are scared that your good content is going to get taken by other people, then you are
hindering your own growth. Even for me having a handful of encounters
of my own copycats, I still continue to produce content. Now of course, there’s going to be times where
even though you are ignoring these copycats, there’s still going to be more and more that
come your way. Well, here’s the second thing that I want
to tell you and that is no one can do you better than you. Even though people may be copying your content
or your strategies or your concepts, at the end of the day, they’re not going to be able
to replicate the way that you deliver something. The way that your energy is, the way that
you answer questions, things that you have to think on your own feet for. So if you are someone who is truly owning
that content and you know everything like the back of your hand, you’re always going
to come out on top and there’s a reason why your community chooses to learn from you versus
all of your other copycats who are trying to imitate every single thing that you do. Kind of think of it like an exam. Yes, someone can peer over your shoulder and
copy or every single answer. However, when it actually comes to getting
the job done, you are always going to come out on top because you’re the one that’s creating
the content. You’re the one that’s actually experienced
the things that you’re teaching. And not only this, you are the one that has
the creativity. At the end of the day, what you need to realize
is when people copy you, it’s probably because they aren’t creative themselves. And creativity is something that’s a lot harder
to master and it’s not as easy as just copy and pasting off of someone else’s work. Creativity is something that you own and as
long as you’re always creative, you’re always, always, like I said, going to come out on
top. So what I’m really trying to say here is that
creativity cannot be duplicated. And so instead of seeing your copycats and
feeling defeated and suddenly wanting to quit, I encourage you to actually use it as fuel
to push your boundaries, push the limits on how creative you can really be with your own
work. Because at the end of the day, you are the
one that’s going to have the most longevity in the industry compared to anyone who is
copying you. But at some point your copycats can cross
the line. And that’s why I want to give my third tip
and that is to make sure you have contracts. And that you’re protecting yourself legally. For me, if you visit my website, I have a
very clear terms and conditions that I’d created with a lawyer that clearly addresses copyright
and something important that I want you to note is within this clause that my lawyer
wrote, it clearly states that the absence of a copyright symbol does it mean that it’s
a free for all meaning. If someone’s posting content online on social
media and there is no specific copyright symbol, it still doesn’t mean that it’s okay to take. Now, if you want a real life mistake that
I made, make sure you check out this video because I kind of talk about copyright infringement
there anyways, remember that it is worth the investment to protect yourself. That’s why the moment you start making money
in your business or you’re really wanting to take your career a little bit more seriously
than a highly advise that you invest in that lawyer or that you even invest in trademarking
any processes, anything that’s proprietary so that you are truly protecting your brand
in the long run. Now, if you are someone who cannot be bothered
to send your copycat a cease and desist letter than here’s the fourth option for you, and
that is to send them a friendly nudge, even though it can absolutely be super frustrating
and demoralizing to see your work copied by someone else. I encourage you to try to calm down and see
the best in others because instead of assuming the worst and thinking that everyone is out
to get you a most times, what I found is people don’t even realize that they’ve made that
mistake. And by simply sending them a really quick
nudge or just telling them about how you feel, it generally usually comes with a good result,
meaning that that person is probably going to change their work, take it down, or at
least credit you. So instead of getting upset, what you could
do is you could easily message that copycat and ask them about their intentions of why
they shared your work without crediting you. Let me give you an example. What you could do specifically is you could
screenshot the work that they copied, send it to them and say, Hey, I saw this and I
saw that this was my work that you share that you hadn’t necessarily credited me for it. I’m just wondering where your intentions were
with this. Before I jump into conclusions, I would love
to sort this out with you. Now, remember what you do at counter a copycat
and make sure you’re screenshotting whatever they coffeed because it’s going to protect
you in case it does end up being something that needs legal attention. Not only this, copycats are really quick to
obviously become really guilty and then they start modifying things and they start removing
it and so in the future you’re not going to have proof on that. Especially if this copycat is someone who
does it over and over again. You’re going to want to collect all those
screenshots and potentially take legal action in the future if it has to come to that. So make sure you are smart about this. You’re leaving paper trails, you’re not sending
voice notes and you’re texting it to them so that you have proof and when you text it
to them and they respond back, make sure you’re also screenshotting the conversation because
in my experience, I’ve had people just delete their messages and send me new messages and
it looks like an entirely different conversation and I’m personally really glad that I screenshot
it a lot of things so that I have proof anyways, depending how that person replies or how they
react to it, you can choose to either press even further or you can just choose to let
it go. Now in my experience as well, most people
will apologize, but at the end of the day you really want to gauge this, this person. Do they seem like they’re experienced in the
industry isn’t really a rookie mistake or are they just saying sorry because there’s
nothing else to say at this point? Really gauge their character, where they’re
at in their journey and really honor that because I want to talk about the fifth tip
that I have and that is actually having consequences because if I’m really going to give you guys
real talk, what I find is that people are going to say that they made a mistake, but
if they are two years into their journey and they literally copied your work word for word
at that point, they should know better. They were 100% aware of what they were doing. They’re not a kid, they’re not a rookie, they’re
not someone who has no idea what copyright infringement is. They are 100% aware of their actions and they
were willing to take that risk. That’s why it’s important for you as a business
owner to enforce consequences so that person truly learns from their mistake because if
you let them go scot-free, they’re going to either do it again to you or they’re going
to do it again to other people. And I know not a lot of people want to be
the bad guy, but it’s important to be the bad guy in order to protect the integrity
of your business and to enforce respect from other people to you. For example, even for me, I’ve kicked people
out of my programs and I’ve put people on blacklist because I’ve caught them copying
my work word for word when they should have known better. If I had let them do that and they continue
to stay in my programs, that is sending a very negative signal to my other students. That’s showing to my other students and my
clients that it’s okay to take my work and that I won’t say anything about it. So that’s why it’s really important right
from the get go to be firm. When you are dealing with copycats, not only
this, if you are letting everyone walk all over you and you have zero consequences and
you’re the nice guy all the time and it’s okay that people copy your work, don’t just
think about yourself, but think about all the other content creators and all the other
business owners. You are now setting a new standard that it’s
okay to copy people’s work if they do youtube, if they do Instagram, if it’s public information,
then it’s okay to copy word for word. That’s not okay, so make sure you are standing
your ground when you’re dealing with copycats because you in that action alone, you’re protecting
other content creators and other business owners as well. Now, one last thing that I want to mention
when it comes to dealing with copycats is I want you to continue having your own style
and being consistent with that style because if you are consistent in your branding, in
your brand voice, in your delivery, you’re eventually going to become recognizable. Meaning that even though other people are
copying your work, your followers or external people are going to know exactly where they
copied that from. Meaning the more consistent that you can be
in your branding and also ensuring that you’re sprinkling a lot of originality within your
content pieces, other people are going to be able to recognize that. Even for me, I have my own followers emailing
me, messaging me, and they’re the ones that are telling me about my copycats. They always say, Hey Vanessa, I found this
person and I recognize that their style or their information or the way that they put
their freebie together or their thumbnails are like literally the same as yours and that’s
really good for me because at least I’m creating something that’s recognizable. So always think about that when you want to
protect your brand as well. Now. So far, we’ve talked a lot about how to deal
with copycats, and like I said earlier in the video, if you want a part two on how you
can prevent from becoming a copycat and ensuring that you’re respecting your mentors, respecting
your favorite content creators while still being able to take their information so that
you can leverage it for yourself, then make sure you like or comment below. Now, in the meantime, while you wait for new
videos to come out, make sure you also check out these two videos right here. I post a lot about social media, being a content
creator, and also being an entrepreneur. So make sure you check out those two videos. As always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.


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