6 Secret Reasons Why People Really Attend Events

6 Secret Reasons Why People Really Attend Events

welcome to the event MV video series this video is brought to you by event Andrew Bob in partnership with the venom relationship technology hey this is samantha from event manager blog and today we're going to talk about why people who really attend events people attend events for many different reasons here are six secret reasons you may not even it's thought it out are you sure your event marketing and seating the right buttons we mostly think about the usual of reasons when trying to get people to attend our events maybe we should start to think about some of these more surprising reasons and how we can adapt our marketing to take advantage we get the same message is spreading across the different media every time we get an invitation to attend an event the boring call to actions such as reserve your place now harley bird offers must end soon watch chance the book and only five places remaining these are the tricks of the trade over and over again so where is our marketing planner in order to fit in we adopt the same tried and tested methods of other event planners that we think are successful this turns out to be a risky strategy for two main reasons number one we completely bypass her audience and what they're really looking for and number two we assume that if it's worked for someone else that'll work for us come on we can do better than that focus on the drives what really motivates people to go to an event think about their inner drives the things that they'll never mention in a focus group or on an event questionnaire there are many universal reasons that people want to attend an event but they might be ashamed to admit when marketing free event try to leverage these hidden reasons that your guests never mentioned and hopefully see the results number one i feel alone although we may think that event goers are all sociable types it's sometimes the opposite those who attend events are often shine introverted and are hoping to meet more people possibly like them so how do we market them make sure that your social program is rich and integrated integrate with as many social networks as possible and share who else is attending the event your guests will already feel more at ease knowing that there are more like-minded people attending you can call that networking but we call it safety number two i don't want to be at work we all like some time off work i know it's not a nice thing to say but it's the harsh truth so how do we market them make sure to communicate enough reasons to your attendees to justify to their boss why attending the event is so important then let them do the hard work of selling it they may even bring their bow so mom number three I want to eat drink and have fun most people won't say so but they're in it for the free food drinks and party or maybe the free swag so how do you market them never skimp on food and drinks and make sure that your parties are memorable some people remember events based on how legendary the after-party was make sure to be smart and responsible alcohol though too much is not gonna make anybody happy likewise make the most of your goodie bag as shallow as it may sound people really love free stuff number four I'm broke events are a great opportunity for businesses to find new contacts and clients attendance at networking events can surge during quieter periods so how do we market them make sure that networking is a key element of your event program add speed networking sessions and roundtables to give an opportunity to your guests to do business and to make the most of their event investment also try to give discounts to new businesses they will definitely appreciate your help number five I don't know anything about your subject we tend to think that only experts and gurus are the ones that attend events the reality is that the majority of people who attend these events are actually willing to learn more about something that they know nothing about they won't tell you that sometimes even the self-proclaimed experts are there to learn so how do you market bet make sure to create different learning environments based on beginner intermediate and advanced knowledge think about the main points of your audience and how you give them the answers they need number six I want to visit somewhere new you may think that your attendees travel a lot for work but that's not always the case not many people get the chance to travel out of their office or home location human beings often want to explore and experience the unknown so how do you market that try to select original locations and venues in cities that are within reach but still different and appealing make it easy for attendees to extend their stay before or after an event or bring their partner along so in conclusion there are a lot of secret reasons why people will want to attend your event even if they won't admit it don't forget there are many untold secrets why people may want to come along to stand out ensure that your event communications speak directly to these people understand them and use their language and hopefully they'll be there thanks for tuning into this video 6 secret reasons why people will really attend events this video was brought to you by Event Manager blog in partnership with a venue really chip technology remember to subscribe to event MV on YouTube and Facebook and if you enjoyed this give us a like thank you so much for watching


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