5:00 AM - Current Affairs Questions 28 July 2019 | UPSC, SSC, RBI, SBI, IBPS, Railway, NVS, Police

5:00 AM – Current Affairs Questions 28 July 2019 | UPSC, SSC, RBI, SBI, IBPS, Railway, NVS, Police

hello good morning India [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Monday to Friday back-to-back classes live from Studio re-subscribe cutting rate based on each channel go hello friends welcome to my first study changing the way of learning so at the top so we kinda get number of us to the channel by Fast Eddie pay so friends si caps are become Illuma daily super puppies are playing important session otitis make a sarcophagus Sawalha Juke iam covered content Oh meetup is Vedic irregular dick toga toga toga takis habiba Jeju ever watch it Erick a separate cars okay sup Meadows to the secured kamalu mega optical can the Kuwaiti jacott Erica ratify faster DJ Wi-Fi steady iit my faster DJ e channel to subscribe consult a you basically vibe first Eddie ups Akita Atticus X a walk it up a street cake zombie Tariq arrange a cicada label is Rajasthan bullish or sad Mariana policy acuity turkey exampie of this ideas and DA defense kept exam key to 2.0 channel copy subscribe kar sakthe to me take a PC subscribe turkey apnea chip oppression carsick engage le cochon today dick take Carmen a pooch aza bar at momentum GRE FIFA ranking may dashes Tampere so of course an but another key Barack je vous connaissez Sankyo parent answered yoga extra team number key open a bar at those two abhi Phil hull FIFA key ranking Cooper number one Cooper corner goes to Belgium a or second for Brazil France England or Uruguay history case a yes re country sir arch Cabela's oven space technology you say I space cat may be damage at a near village anime section Palin eg rocket launch care he an immediate kiss company J year company kisses they should per other it had AB kupatana he is your company a space technology jockey I space Kingdom sage an annuity Disney private rock Katie Jia launch key I to up kupatana consider Shiite on circular China capable cool science arooga Johnson you belong Cartier he Chinese started by those two distress successfully country first commercial rocket capable caring satellite idukki orbit melange Korea bidding based interstellar glory space technology Joe Piscopo an homage is co I space company can also be German JA Terry Turner nine recently those that light orbit orbit may launch Korea okay – yeah up Grana Padano try a glass of all dict a chink of grape russia pants without Opio Korea Pakistan – the gap napela until Kshatriya and and trish maybe jaga – Gaston gianopolous – not the jokey space maybe Jigga using that Chinese satellite to get top kupatana geekcon sessile maybe Jigga Yap kupatana – those two have taken on vodka into Pakistan Ebola he would those are by stuck judge and a key set like him others say launching facility China get satellite launching facility key mothers say kya karega joy space may be a goddess Kalika coffees at the mazhab you Roger a social media Cooper Bulaga ocupados are buy stock weight can make as they wrote a china geeky CB space craft Capernaum lick here on RGB is DJ cookie up come on over sorry Pakistan has a Chinese citizen shall we air or a coffees a large I was teased Cooper Mossad manizer a Kellogg Aneta Pakistan he could to keep Pakistan gauge and secure Perceval Utada a Bolton capella kept achievement Matta a fill up his space may be sneaky about Korea two coffees corporate okie means vendor a glass a wine bar TV man potent predictor and a Hindu massacre kill Cooper vemana chronically let me get too messy kiss company cathartic MOU sign Kia hey tuck in Anderson Cooper civilian said Yuki cursor key to a I need those to a moose I'm ki kiss kiss at me Iran USD company is kiss at miss I'm key technique agar sake salvia is joining the notion Cupid circuit all Santa main image Joby flight say okay join the notion cool person Giada yeah we'll keep it Caputi information Lisa get to answer Cal jaga Iran up capable good say young Sarah Dukey oh jaga a glass of all a bonnet my mail out dog Miyoko but I was directly and Ethiopian the biggest mistake kiss kiss at Bobby that Acharya to those talking about kuru nithya yoga a partnership Korea Roman internship in entrepreneurship Cobra vanilla kiss kiss ow to me what's up Cassandra more topic is their own care Facebook Nikki away together he applied for my language RPG alga woman and internship Cobra Verde a jogger top cancer conjugal what sub a Dookie up car people could say he answer a jockey who Jagger taking those trophies book about him up c'mon lumia key Facebook page oh I see you have a corner mug Jukka burger or the what's up keyboard control Chris Chris Damian a jockey what's up K prison candor CEO a parent company Facebook edges a job kamalu me together stock Shelly you bought up grab a tonic near or sobotka booty those are nor can there a Dookie what's up we should what carry Goethe to get jelly a glitter shalt a moving Price Index 2019 chaos and biggest mistake conscious tantric chemically subsist a showerhead – moving price index key accordingly agar aapko real okay tonight to do me amass obsess a stated over Tyga Yahoo and ideally but at Villanova locally about man garlic in those toga Ram Puri duniya vodka toast case after substances tertiary put it in yoga compare can during a paper tiger to get individual carry location keys up say 85 about a tequila Anika or the san francisc we're jokey dunya mess-ups expensive city relocation case upset but I go yeah Aquila Kelly yeah Phil Perry Varma locally but at me tell me about magnetic that deliver in okay don't know unless of also build you like those that would miss cone and make it mistake you say cannot that came who Kevin three group Misha paddle egg a to your dinner party I chose to give up sa chhoti barging up a chief minister a jokey Bunga here or a Monday go cackling a open a moment to jello apotheke I get a glass of wine let me get to mistake kissing a Michael Phelps kiddo so meter butterfly stroke a visual record code Toraja to those tour recently where Abigail why Enrique teenager a Malik you know name Michael Phelps case Joe does Sal put on a Dakota dosimeter but of like a boy Apatow TI okay timing joyous Kobe tickled e here encircle jaga yeah pasty aapke say answer a joke you jaga a glass of Olympic it mistake you say particle Gator Association may need a shake okay Rahman nitpicky Agora hey directors of Indian cricketers Association yeah P Kapil Dev ji toggle car or Shankar and Goswami Tinoco he does – director banana girl – up cancer conjugacy up camp Amakusa here be up camper because I answer a jokey oh jaga to get a glass of Allen him to get my second ballot condemned okay coach Ketchum chemically a cool kid Psilakis a motika nifty to carry God so si se na coach upon Konopka Baloo may be Boston Logan appointment point NATO up now resume Aoki Robin's English a Malay or couple David Raju kisi se que knitted to the cutting a TK is committed conquering a couple David okay art cutting it a glass of an Akash on the day let me get to my sake consul start wish with Costa Championship those that whiskey made Giovanni Khadija – yeah ask a question this cop cosa he answer than I do stay here tadka importance I should we do person Daaga we took you like Krrish Krrish algo subscribe penny or a synthetic gets up near che education go continue kadai South Meadows to the sacrament up kimitaka crappie gherkin de cuéllar TJ kita Erica ratify faster d je each and cop subscribe cocktail to get Java chip oppression result Oh you basically have I fasted EU PSE she'll go subscribe car sector or Casey beast AP exam preparation kelly anne of i first study 2.0 for subscriber ketchup preparation car sector to actually trade owes to calve a persimmon language super punch bj or ad visualization general thank you goodbye nevelocity


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