5 Ways to Deal With a Break Up

5 Ways to Deal With a Break Up

Break ups are hard. Whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee, it’s a very difficult thing to deal with. It might feel like you’ll never make it out of the heart-shattering sadness. But you will. Here are 5 things you can do to help put yourself back together after a break up. Number one: experience it. The only way to really get over a break up is to deal with it. Don’t distract yourself. Let yourself feel the emotions, one at a time. There will be good times, and there will be bad, but the most important thing is to give yourself time. If you feel like crying, cry. Crying has a bad reputation but it’s extremely therapeutic. Crying isn’t losing control, it’s gaining it back through owning your emotions. Number two: focus on yourself. After being the second half of a couple for a while, we tend to forget what it feels like to be on our own again. Be your own person. Do whatever you feel like doing. Try thinking about you and only you for a little bit to regain that awesome sense of independence that you lost while being someone’s significant other. This can be done in a number of ways. Treat yourself to something nice, like a delicious dinner or a day out and about. Maybe take the time to reevaluate your health goals, or even set personal goals for yourself. Indulge a little. Buy yourself a nice outfit or something you’ve had your eye on. Get your favorite food or a bottle of wine and enjoy it with, or without friends. Take time to remind yourself of who you are. Number three: try new things. Have you always wanted to take guitar lessons? Take a yoga class? Finally read that book you bought three years ago. Well, now you have the time. Find a new hobby or take a class you’ve been wanting to take. You’ll get out more, meet new people and, most importantly, get that pesky ex off your mind. Number four: reach out to family and friends. Friends and family are around for a reason. You know all those times you’ve had to console your loved ones when they’ve been in a rough place? Now it’s time for payback. True friends are people who love and support you, no matter what. You deserve their time and attention and shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and ask for it. Spend weekends reconnecting with your parents, grandparents, and siblings. Too often, we take family for granted, so this a great chance to sneak in some home cooked meals and show your family that you care. Not only that, consider volunteering to help others. This also lets you go out and meet new people. You’ll make new friends, and, possibly, a new love interest. Number five: move on. It’s not uncommon for two people to break up and want to remain friends, but the most important thing you can do is distance yourself from that person. If that means taking a month-long vacation to New Mexico, so be it. Don’t text, call, or email them. What you both need at this point is space. Break ups create emotional wounds, and if you are in constant contact with your ex, you will never give yourself the time you need to heal. After the healing process, go out and meet new people. There’s some truth to the old adage: the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. Join Tinder, or some other dating and go out. You’re sure to meet someone new, someone you can connect to on a deeper level. Break ups are difficult, but they aren’t the end of the world. In fact, they’re the start of something new and better. What do you think of these tips? Share your thoughts and any tips you have on dealing with break ups below. Be sure to like and subscribe to see more content from us. Thanks for watching!


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  • Happy Sunday everyone and sorry for not replying to everyone's comment lately. But we've been reading them and slowly adding more topics to our list of videos. Break ups was requested a while back and now we have it completed. Hope it helps for those who are going this!

  • We broke up yesterday and I've been crying ever since. I couldn't even sleep, all I could think about was what happened yesterday. Sometimes I wish I've never even met her at all to spare us both the pain that we've had now. We both didn't want things to end but we knew it had to. It had to happen even if we still had feelings for each other. I guess that's why it's so hard to get over, because I feel like our breakup was forced but I know things happen for a reason. I hope I can move on soon, because this hurt is unbearable

  • i’m in a 4 month almost 5 month relationship and i’m 16. in in an argument rn with my bf and i can’t imagine (well i can) a break up because i feel like i’m in the process of a break up. honestly i’m afraid i’m gonna get severe depression if im i a breakup …

  • My girlfriend faked being in love with me for months and then broke up with me. She took most of my firsts and now I feel violated for letting her see me sexually and naive for thinking she loved me like I loved her. She hadn’t meant to hurt me, but she did

  • I don't know ya it was my fault but she lie to me she said she needed space and think what she want to do in live but that was a lie cuz I told her she going leave me and find someone else and all the time I was with her I think she was seeing soemoen else and when she block me and stop talking and when I found out she was seeing someone else I was broken hearted she didn't even last a month or weeks she just went with someone else it just so dumb and didn't get it how could she go on that fast but am the one dealing with the pain and emotion breakdown

  • I feel so guilty im going to break up with my loved one tmr or today its 1am and we have only been dating for 4 days i really liked the idea of being in a relationship but i realize that i cant handle being in one is not for me and im not justifying my actions but my mental health had been really bad lately i can barely support myself, i have really picky standards i will probably stay single my whole life If you read this you probably think im an asshole I one of those people that flirt with every guy but once they develop feelings Im out and then i get mad/jealous when they start to like someone else

  • I don't know what to do !!!!! I still miss him still love him .I don't have anyone to talk about .it's hurting …my heart is aching 💔………M trying to forget him but the more I try the more I remember n miss him ……

  • Dated her for 1.5y, I truly believed with every single bone in my body that she was my forever. I lost everyone in my life, for over a year she is the ONLY one I was with outside of school and work. I had a mental reliance on her, we never argued, we truly enjoyed our time together.

    She got to college and cheated on me within 2 weeks of being there. It’s so hard, she told me and regretted it but I knew staying with her would be worse than breaking up in the long run. It’s hard leaving someone you love so much, If I knew deep down I could forgive her I would. But 4 years ahead at different college knowing she did that in 2 weeks, I couldn’t.

  • Bowl of Stainlesssoup says:

    I didn't break up with anyone instead I got led on and lied to for 2 long months, I got a job just so I could go places with her
    Just to realize it was never real and it was just a lie

  • I don't even know if I got dumped or not, but to her, she said I'm the sweetest person that she met. I care for her a lot. We both promised not to break up with each other. We both love each other but she said something about her mother going through her phone often. I don't know if her mom has anything against me, but I promised my gf that I would take her to one of her favorite places. She is cute, adorable, honest and meant the world to me. I just hope that she comes back and we can both talk things out and hopefully rebuild our relationship. I just can't even get her off my mind. I need help. Anyone?

  • going through a break at this very moment. its hard asf thinking about what you hadeverything happened so fast you just cant swallow the truth. i been crying for hours on end and nothing feels like reality. just you and the sadness within you. i know i will get over it one day but thinking about all the memories and good times we had shatters me. thank you for this video , it will take time but i know everything will be okay.

  • Socialism Is The Future says:

    My girlfriend literally told me to move in with her and then broke up with me three weeks into it. Now I just feel so insecure and I feel used.

  • My first boyfriend broke up with me today and I'm not sure how to feel. I understood what he was saying but like I still feel like crying. We were together for about year and few month. We had our ups and downs but like i said I'm not sure how to feel

  • She couldn't respect me or be happy with me but couldn't explain why. After a month of feeling inadequate I had to end the 3 year relationship, I have a feeling that's what she wanted…

  • I was in a year and a half long relationship and she broke up with me because we were having a lot of rough days. It’s not that I miss her, (even though i do) it’s I’m scared she’ll find someone else

  • Got dumped yesterday, i dont know why but i cant keep a boyfriend/girlfriend. People always leave me. I try to be the best me i can be but it's never good enough for them.. i loved him so much… and now he's gone.

  • I got dumbed today. The sad thing is I really loved him, and he dumbed me because I made one fucking mistake and it hurts so much. I always thought people were overreacting and being dumb but now I get it.

  • My mom said not to cry over her or else I'd get kicked out of the house so I never cried for the three weeks, I talked it out with a friend then I started to workout and I really like being single now =3=

  • I lost the love of my life one year ago, I mean she left me after having 4 years of being together, now she is married and I am still thinking of her… 😢

  • My gf just broke up with me. Been together 2 years and lived together for 1. She is my only friend in real life. I don’t have anyone else. I’m so hurt

  • Having a break up after two years is so hard. Been years I ever experienced this shit. Now what? Fucking retarded. Never doing love again. Suicidal thoughts come and go. Fuck man.

  • I broke up with my boyfriend of 8 years three days ago. It’s the most insane , surreal and sad experience I’ve had as an adult. My heart breaks for him so much.

  • Hey I'm Arthur and I'm a male teen and broke up with a girl named Sophie this video helped me so much I felt so sad little bit in depression and this video helped me and her I sent her this video and she thanked me for it and now I'm thanking you guys

  • Captain CringeBeard says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me…not cause he wanted to. But because his parents did want me to be with him. And they assumed I was a pedophile. And they didn't even know me…
    My family is supporting me….
    Thank you for this video ❤

  • The person who i tought loved me most just broke up with me. I loved them so much, im not that sad because i want them to be happy but i really loved them so much im just.. even more depressed than i already was

  • My girlfriend just dumped me today. What’s hard is that neither of us wanted to break up. Things just happened in our lives…

  • Andres U. De Assis says:

    We've been together for four years and on Monday she left. I noticed the room was empty and that's when she told me she's leaving. She didn't even talk to me about it. Nothing. Her face was cold. No expressions. I was crying and hurt. I'm not perfect. I have anger issues. She said it's to get some space but she tells me a story, my mom a different one and my grandma a different one. We were about to get married. 😭😭😭

  • I knew the person in kindergarten and I had a crush from the start and then I was her boyfriend for 2 years and in the hard week ive been having she leaves me this week with no explanation

  • Perfectly Imperfect says:

    Currently my worst breakup.
    The worst part is how he already has his ex ready when we split. Esp when he talks behind my back, and that made me feel really exposed. It’s been on and off. He’s toxic, and I’m toxic.
    He always avoided arguments, esp when I really needed to let the anger out.
    The thing I really hate the most is all I have is him. My ‘friends’ talk behind my back, my best friends passed away. And I have no one to talk to during a breakup, it really leaves me feeling lonely and depressed a lot. It just hurts.

  • My girlfriend just broke up with me and she’s already with another guy after less than a week and she’s saying I treated her wrong whenI didn’t maybe I was overprotective or didn’t trust her around guys but I had a reason because last year she cheated on me and I decided to give her another chance cause I’m nice like that and she goes and fucks my heart again and acts like it’s my fault and I have no friends so I’m just depressed

  • I was in a mentally abusive relationship for 11 months, I moved out of our house and he moved back in with his parents, but he still wanted me around for sexual things and I thought that meant we were trying to work things out, I got overly upset one night and took my car and found him out hanging with girls, so I hit him a few times and lost my shit, I’ve never done anything like that in my life, and he’s still trying to control me and using that against, I understand what I did was wrong, he just drove me to insanity and made me a person I’m not and constantly told me I’m not good enough, and now I’m trying to get over him, and it really is heart shattering.

  • He broke up with me a couple of hours ago. I’ve never felt anything like this, I know it’s gonna get better but this Is gonna be hard. I’m not gonna let this ruin me though. ❤️ Stay strong, and I hope one day I can look back at this and just smile

  • Its been a week since I broke our 1 year relationship.
    She never really loved me and went back to living her stupid cupcakes and rainbows life.

  • tanilee hernandez says:

    Today marks the horrible day of my life. 7 years with a great person but today he took the desition to break up. Im heart broken. The worst part i have no friend

  • I just lost my gf and I’m crying bc I miss her I don’t wanna keep bothering her if she doesn’t want a relationship right now. And I feel like she should of told me at school or something but I have a feeling that she will come back into my life.

  • p a s t e l erZz ‘s watching channel says:

    watches this and felt calmer when I watched it. Then when it finished I burst out in tears because I miss her so much oh my god

  • But it’s at school and that was really the only time I could hang out with her and at lunch I can’t move tables so all I can do is not talk to her

  • I broke up today and ended a 4 year relationship. My ex was my best friend, but a lot of times he treated my like a friend and not like a girlfriend, not mentioning a lot of mistakes he made which brought me a lot of sadness and disappoint. I am happy that now I have the oportunity to fall in love with someone who treats me like I deserve, but I am deeply sad because I lost my best friend in the world and a really good companion. But if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who only hurts you more and more, whats the point of being with them anyway?

  • Just some days back, her parents caught her having relationship with me, she comes from a conservative strict family, maybe they have took her cell phone, i don't know what to do, but IAM positive, I will meet her again someday and will marry her. It's been a month I had talked with her, but she is in my mind every day.

  • I went out with her for 4 months I thought everything was going well then she texted me that she likes someone else even though it was 4 months I still feel like hanging myself. I don't even now I've never felt this way about anyone and then she just ended it sure you lot might think awww he's young he doesn't really care but I do, the worst part is that I'm to scared to talk to people cause I don't trust anyone even though I've got a lot of friends it's still hard to talk to them

    I always thought people were lying but it's true getting dumbed is the worst thing ever everrrrr, it's like you sole gets crushed into little pieces and then gets put back together just to brake again 🙁

  • I got dumped yesterday ( ThE dAy bEfOrE hOLoWeeN My FaV HoLlOdAY!) aNd my heart is shattered into thousands of pieces it really hurts he was my world and idk what I’m going to do I’m still in contact with him because he was my best friend before all this so were still good friends but it hurts me to know that he left me for another girl and now I feel not good enough and worthless…. Good luck to everyone else lots of love 💕

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