5 Things You Didn’t Know About CNCO | MTV News

5 Things You Didn’t Know About CNCO | MTV News

– Ayo, what’s good everybody? We are–
– [Everyone] CNCO – And here are five things that we think that you don’t know about us, cause you guys basically know everything. – When Santa Claus gave
me my first skateboard. – What my Dad gave me,
actually for Christmas as well, he gave me like this remote
control and I took it outside for the first
time and the neighbor stepped over it with the car, so yeah. It was very depressing. (laughter) – Singer, singer yeah. – I wanted to be an
astronaut, a biologist. – I thought I was going
to be pro skater but– – He’s super bad but you know. – I was going to be a um– – A model. – An NBA player. – NBA player
– Not a model. – He has! – He has a great talent. – Now you can do it
because it’s in English. – He has a great talent. – He can do a Spongebob voice. – I haven’t don’t it in the longest time. – Patrick is fire. You should do Patrick bro. (laughter) (imitates Spongebob Laugh)
– I’m ready! – Wooo!
– It’s the same, bro! – It’s alright. – Patrick! Patrick! – Oh don’t touch it,
don’t touch it Spongebob. (laughter) – Do the, do the little
bit you do in “Pretend.” (beat boxing) (rapping) – (singing) For now we just pretend. (laughter) – Chipotle!
– Nah! – I pay for extra guacamole at Chipotle. – I would have my Grandma
on the road with me because she cooks everything. – Oh my God, yes. – Nah, she makes really good tacos. (laughter) She makes very good pozole. She makes very good lasagna. – For me– – Family’s food. – Pizza. – Oh pizza. – I have one.
– Nickname. – So when I was little,
I used to cry super ugly so when I used to cry I
used to say “ging ging.” – What? – So when, like– – “Ging ging!” – Yeah like, “ging ging,” you know how when you’re little you – Have that las flemas– – Las flemas– – Yeah, so whenever I cried it sounded like I said “ging ging.” So everybody just called me Ging Ging. – Since I grew up with my
grandma and my grandpa, they used to call me Caballito
Azul, which is “blue horse,” because I used to have
a little blue horse toy so I would always play with it and one day I lost it and I
would cry, “Caballito azul!” And then since that
day, since that day they started calling me Caballito Azul. (laughter)
– We didn’t know this. – We didn’t know this. – When I used to be like little little, like maybe three years
or maybe four years, because I wanted to eat
meat I would say “coco.” Like, “Coco!” That’s it, like if I say “coco” my mom knew that I wanted meat. – You wanted to eat
meat at three years old? That’s weird. – Yeah, coco coco. – No but call it “meat,”
“coco” is different, you know what I’m saying like? – I just, I don’t know, she told me that and she started calling me
Coco till I was like five and then she started calling me Chris. When she’s mad, Brian. (laughs) – Wow. (laughs) – Those are five things you
guys didn’t know about us and, yeah, check out our
new single, “Pretend.” – It’s available now.
– You already know. – Let us know what you think. – Go check it out. – We love you!


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