11 thoughts on “5 Things that SUCK about being an Event Planner!! [Business]”

  • Watching Listening says:

    🤔 I've helped with two weddings but this is something I thought I'd grow up to do…. I'm on the fence I want to make beautiful events but for like three years I'm undecided. (the weddings I did were exhausting and I kind of hated it, but the potential greatness keeps me wondering…) Possibly going into finance and just host parties. Idk 😐

  • Olivia Washington says:

    Thank you for sharing. I started a year ago as a mobile bar and event staffing company. Now its turned into event planning I wound up hiring people out of pity or desperation and basically started every event with a nervous breakdown. I have definitely gotten better at hiring but after last year it was hard to trust people.

    I have one client who haggles me on my prices all the time. However, she has brought me a lot of clients and she has booked me for her next 3 events but I have a hard time with discussing my price and my ext event is a fundraiser for her friend. Essentially her friend wants to spend as little money as possible but already they are complaining about the prices to rent a canopy and chairs. I need some advice on what i am supposed to be charging for a non profit fundraiser and how to stay firm. I am way to emotionally attached to my price and she knows it.Please HELP!

  • Felisha Reed says:

    Hi! Thank you so much! Very good info that you gave us! Can you please give tips on how to price for parties and how to get customers from the higher class areas near my home?

  • Spoon Culture says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience in envent planning. Im in the process of starting my business and your channel is very helpful.

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