100 thoughts on “5 People You Should Unfollow on Social Media in 2019”

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  • Dave Evader Knives says:

    I fell into this trap, I was so focused on my goal of 1000 subs & focused on how I should change what I'm doing, chasing numbers & trying to be people like Gary Vee & others that have "hustle" built in… I am very comfortable in front of a camera, but I'm a very introverted person. Trying to be extroverted was crushing who I was, I realized, if I just kept doing what I've been doing(I have 1000 ideas) & just keep learning(50% learning 50% execution) I will succeed… Thanks for all the tips, have a great day, take it easy..

  • Twitter… I have followed too many people who actually wasn't interesting so I'm cleaning every time I open Twitter. Instagram is the same after they started with stories, I have followed lots of people who's posting videos in languages I don't understand. They post great photos in the timeline so it's a bit confusing if I should unfollow…

  • I have had problems with push notifications. Ivthibk I'm gonna turn that off, and check it manually. I can take an hour or 2 a day just going through them. Thanks for the tips…..I really needed this.

  • Hey Sean, great video!

    Do you think you will do an updated version of your video editing software video? Would love to hear some pros and cons of a lot of the brands.

  • I don't really use social media. I usually just text my friends or hang out with them on discord. Social media sites are just a waste of time. I only use YouTube just to watch my favorite content creators.

  • Alexander Flemming says:

    Sean, I have watched many of your videos yet, but today was the day that I realized how much I align with your point of view and your goals. To be honest, I didn’t care much about social media until last year, because my business was running fine and I didn’t want to invest time into Facebook and other platforms. A friend of mine recommended Garyvee to me and I was overthinking my future business strategies. Your videos helped me make some good decisions (especially regarding technical stuff) and I just wanted to say thank you for you effort. You’re doing a great job here. My online career has just begun, but I have big dreams and I want them to come true. I subscribed to your channel because I feel that we both have the same values and goals. Maybe we’ll meet someday and talk about it in personal. Keep up the good work!

  • Exploring with Nug says:

    Do you guys have a podcast or recommend any that cover topics that you cover. I listen to your channels daily and I’ve even implemented some of your tactics on my own channel. Your positive upbeat way of talking about things is really easy to listen to for hours.

  • Your Driver Mike says:

    Sean you're going to hit 1M subs this year, I saw explosive growth from you in 2018 when you really 10X'd your commitment. Congrats to you for all the success that has come from knowledge, hard work and that commitment.

  • To The Top Crane says:

    My channel showcases my career as a crane operator. I am trying to bring awareness to the trades, as well as show people the behind the scenes of crane operation. I am currently using, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and just started with Twitter.

  • Great advice, Sean! I def need to declutter my social media this year and get serious about building my brand and learning from the right people. Good thing my feed wasn't too cluttered to see that you posted this video! 👍

  • Sarasota Florida Concierge says:

    3/4 of the way through and I left watching, went to Facebook and stopped it temporarily. Went to Instagram and deleted 9 that I’m following. Now I’m back for some more great advice. I am new but trying to figure out what I can do with this brand. We live in Florida, lots of visitors from all around the world. I hope I land some good followers now thank you so much for what you do.

  • Love your content. There are so many people that I have unfollowed just because their energy wasn't good for my brand. Keep being dope, and subscribe back. Thanks

  • The reason I want to be on YouTube is to travel and document. My memory is not what it should be and if I video. My future 80 year old self can see what the younger self was doing. As a veteran I protected this country but I have never really seen it. So I want to travel meet people and document . I want to make videos as an extension on my lifes memory. My niche is a thirst to see where I haven't been hear musical festivals I haven't heard feast on food I haven't eaten. And learn better artistic photography and video skills along the way.

  • DIY The Art of Wood says:

    I have a teaching channel. I create how to videos on woodworking, home remodeling and repair, automotive repair, electrical repair, basically if it can be built or fixed, I do it. The videos are targeted for beginners and DIYers. You asked for teaching channels to chime in on the live feed, but I missed live, better late than never.

  • Roads of Faith says:

    Thanks for another great training Sean! Heard a long time ago, it takes 10 positives to overcome 1 negative. And BOY we dwell on that 1 negative a lot. It hurts. It blows your confidence. In any given day we all get hit hard from so many directions with negativity. My husband and I decided no TV. Especially the news!! It is amazing how much it affects your attitude. There are a few YouTube creators we used to watch that we don't anymore because they became so negative or now always act like a victim. We follow those who inspire and make us smile. Life is too short to surround yourself with toxicity. Have a blessed day!

  • Hi, I'm reposting this here because I was watching a video from last month where you talked about giving away equipment to start a YouTube channel.

    Not sure if you're still doing the giveaway to get a YouTube creator starter kit, but when you said we should be creators instead of consumer it got to me. What would I do? Not sure, would mostly want to entertain and educate people about the autism spectrum since I have Aspergers. I'd like to express myself and help people understand people with ASD more. I am on disability and have limited funds, and when I do get extra I like to help those who I live with in our apartment complex that houses mostly elderly, disabled and all are low income..

    I've created some videos on my "channel" about the thanksgiving holiday meal I put together. I just finished the Christmas party the other week where I gave out over 300 in gifts and want to produce better videos to help fundraise to help the people I live with and can use any help, even if I can't win the equipment, maybe you'd be willing to help me get started with things. I'll also post this on your most recent video.

    I'd be grateful for any help you can offer.


    Billy Maxwell

  • Bờm Dịch Game says:

    Thanks for great tips .I usually ignore/swipe away negative feeds but it still bother me afterward so thanks again. Subcribed

  • Sean r u ok. Your eyes does really look very red. I’m worried about you idk if your getting enough sleep or ure rubbing your eyes too much or if your crying before this but it just worries me. If you need a few days off we understand

  • Vance’s Reviews says:

    I was wondering what I was doing, but was doing some of the steps you were doing instinctively in order to become more productive. This video has given me new steps to try and a lot more clarity. Thank you so much for this.

  • Got a question for you. I am just starting on YouTube, had a channel for quite a while, but never used it. I'm a truck driver, and interested in a road awareness, and safety channel. My question is for editing do you have any thoughts on black magics davinci resolve? I appreciate your input, and will probably move to your suggestion of Adobe premere if you suggest against davinci, but it's free, and seems easy to work on while playing around with it (despite the crashes). Thank you for all your advice on your channel. Now I just need to find time to video and post, more then just my dash cam feed. Being a trucker I have seen such a decline over the years in road safety, and courtesy. Bless you.

  • Tiny House Builder Australia says:

    That's fire Sean. I just turned off all notifications on my phone and uninstalled a few apps as well. It's a start! Happy 2019.

  • Aromatic Suds Soapery says:

    Such great advice. Going through and watching all of your videos is giving me the motivation I need. just ordered your bookandcan't wait to read it!

  • hello everyone my name is Raz and my YouTube channel is based on pranks and vlogs, i really want to do a slang test with an american YouTuber, to see if we can guess each other slang words (slang is street language) if you are interested just reply to this comment

  • Michael Anderson says:

    Love your insight about video equipment and creation…..But you lost me on this one when you quoted Gates and Winfrey. I'm still here for the other stuff.

  • Thanks Sean

    A great video as always and love the positive energy you give. I'm purging and turning life around for New me for the New Year.

  • My vision is to be a great Digital Marketer, that's why I am on all social networks. I am now student, but I want to be completely skilled before going to my JOB

  • SINternet Entertainment says:

    i follow a lot of people tying to help them grow what every network they are trying to grow. I need to stop doing that because i dont feel it has helped me out and when i looking for the people i like to see i can find them any more.

  • Your Friend Abhi says:

    Sir / bro your experience help me to do more ,your academy always help me to do more , your every video encourage to do extra in the life and YouTube . Sir / bro your videos always encouraged but I can't do this . Sir / you are my idol for me .

  • Fella Man Chap says:

    Nice 👌 not so much unfollow for me personally, keep my friends close and keep my, if any enemies closer 😎 thanks again!

  • London with Sanaa says:

    I learn a lot from you even if my channel is not in English you helped me a lot on how to start a youtube channel. however the background and culture of my subscribers are completely different which made me feel like a need an anthropologist to understand how they work.

  • Entertainment Nerd says:

    Number 2 is a tricky one for me because how do you separate real results from fake results? A lot of these "experts" online are very convincing.

  • Thank You Sean! Really Dude, Thank You. Appreciate the talk. Especially about confidence killers. That was so good and could be a great stand-alone topic for you. You have a really cool handle on it.


    you are so right. took me 3 seconds to leave a group on facebook who started making fun of other people, you give me great inspiration to fight for my online life since most of my life i have been bullied, has played too much computer games for to be the best and it has at least taken half of my life. now i will try to build a new life with my youtube channel even though it will take a long time since it takes some time to build the channel but uploaded my first yesterday and that's only because i believe in your words

    you are not my guru but damnn you are a damn skilled teacher 🙂

    Bedst regards Flemming

  • Bruce lee also said.
    Talking and knowing…is NOT ENOUGH .
    your being to …ahhhhh generalized..goodbye..follow for entertainment your boring

  • I love the concept of unfollowing people who make you feel negative and that its not against them – how powerful! Thank you.

  • Flying Red Tail Hawk says:

    One other thing that you didn't mention in the video is block people who you don't want to follow and control the requests and followers you have on your social media accounts so you don't get a lot at once.

  • Fab Crafts and More says:

    Top 3 Social Media #1 FB, #2 YouTube #3 IG. I listened to this while on my first walk of the year, exercise with intention! Such good content here for YouTubers and really anyone who wants to improve their lives! Unfollowing a handful of people that I have kept on my friends list just to watch how annoying they are, I don't need that in my life! I tend to get distracted easily and going to follow some of your tips for keeping focused. I've got several groups and people I want to share this with, sharing is caring!! Thank you! 🙂

  • TriStar Volunteer Fishing says:

    I currently just use Twitter and brought back my Instagram strictly to try to boost my YouTube channel. I actually completely removed myself from Facebook a few months back. I do not miss Facebook one bit, but do you think it would be a good idea to reactivate my Facebook? I work in IT, and I understand the power it has in today's world, but I was curious if Facebook would or could make a big impact on my YouTube channel.

    Also, should I open up all of my accounts across social media to public or keep them private?

    Thank you for all your information!

  • I just started a YouTube channel, it’s niche is you get to watch me have an average middle class income, bad credit, and bad finances, and you’ll get to take the journey with me of using YouTube to learn how to better my financial situation, and essentially filtering the personal finance and self help sections of YouTube and making a map for my viewers.
    I’m actually a professional Painter & drywall finisher for my day job, so if anyone ever is thinking about paying a pro to paint or fix drywall, you can always hit me up, I’ll give ya tips to not get ripped off, and so you can check for quality pretty easy
    Love the videos

  • MissVindicat ASMR says:

    I love this message. Thank you. Personally, I am only on YouTube. I closed down Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I still have a Twitter account but I hardly ever use it. Too much noise, basically.

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