5 MUST Have Tools Before Starting Your Digital Marketing Agency [Part 3]

5 MUST Have Tools Before Starting Your Digital Marketing Agency [Part 3]

so if you're starting a marketing agency you may be wondering what exactly do I need to start one do I need business cards do I need a website what exactly do I need well today I'm gonna tell you a few things that you absolutely must have before you start your marketing agency welcome back to the YouTube channel everybody my name is Rouen and we are continuing a series called how to start a digital marketing agency because in the age of 2018 you can make money pretty much anywhere you can make money online so I wanted to make a quick video because when I was starting out I really wanted to know what exactly do I need to get started okay so I'm gonna list out a few things in this video and I'm gonna basically break some myths that most people have when it comes to starting a digital marketing agency that can really help you start so right now we're sitting in my office and we enjoy it coming here and the reason being is because we've worked hard to get here so I want to break down a few things that you may need to start your digital marketing agency so this is part three the first part I talked about what is a marketing agency the second part I talked about some services that you can offer the third part I'm gonna talk to you about a few things that you need to get customers and a few things that you need to do to start looking professional okay the first thing you need is a website now a lot of people are gonna say well you don't need a website you can just use this and this the reality is if you're a marketing agency you need a website and a lot of the gurus are telling you out there like you don't need anything to get started you can basically be homeless and start a business that's not reality you need a website and let me explain why so if you were to have somebody come to you and teach you how to lose weight but they were overweight would you listen to their advice answers probably no right well the beat reason being is because if they don't practice what they preach you become less credible or you don't trust the person that's telling you what to do now I will be very honest when I first started I had a brand of website set up it was a wordpress website if I can show it on the screen I will but that doesn't mean that I was doing something wrong I just had a website I had it up the point is is get something up so when people look for your information they can find it the easiest way to do this is you can go to WordPress got to go to get GoDaddy calm buy a domain hosting on WordPress and you can choose from hundreds and hundreds of themes now today I a website that I paid my buddy Craig manually to build out for me primarily because I have income coming in so I'm able to get that custom coder to do my website so you need a website regardless of what anybody tells you nobody is gonna trust somebody who hasn't done it for themselves just like if I were to come to you and I was poor and I was trying to teach you how to make money it doesn't work that way number two you need business cards look it took that my team forever to convince me to get business cards and if I show you what's on these business cards you guys will probably laugh there is literally nothing on these cards I wish you could see it but basically it's just my email address on the card and my name reason being is I personally don't like having a lot of people have my contact information even though most of it is already online but you need business cards and the reason being is because the most important thing when you're starting out is going to get customers now when you're going to get customers and when you're making all of these introductions and when you're you know you're meeting these people give them a business card it doesn't have to be a crazy professional business card it just has to be something with your name and phone number on it now here's what I will tell you people notice this stuff people notice what you wear people notice the watch you wear people notice your business cards people notice the type of equipment you're filming with this is stuff that everybody notices so you need to invest a little bit into yourself when you're buying these things now it doesn't mean you have to go crazy fancy but I still highly recommend if you're taking this seriously to order some durable business cards that aren't really flimsy nor just gonna break right off the bat so get business cards I mean you can easily go to like vistaprint.com get them printed out for like 25 bucks and shipped right to your house so before you start your agency make sure that you have a running website with a custom domain make sure you have business cards and let's get into the next thing that you're gonna need the next thing I'd recommend is a camera now this one right here that I have is called the g7x I really enjoy it the reason being is because it's really good for bit vlogging it's really good for selfie mode you have a flip up camera like this and the quality is very very extensive now the g7x is extremely affordable if your first brand new into marketing and the reason why i recommend you get one of these cameras is because in in few in the next videos i'm going to show you how to actually create content for your clients if you're doing social media SEO our list of what it is you're gonna need something that snaps amazing pictures in amazing video yes you can use your iPhone but once again these are made for a reason the iPhone is made for a reason primarily what the iPhone was made for is to talk and communicate look you need a device like the g7x that's made for just actually recording video and taking pictures so the reason why I recommend the g7 axis is extremely affordable it's about 600 500 700 something like that and it has this nice little flip up mode so if you're taking videos of clients if you're taking videos of yourself or if you want to start a YouTube channel like this one you can actually use the g7 next to record now recording on the screen right now as a Canon 70d you don't need that to start out I didn't have that when I started out I had my g7 X and I was able to grow my YouTube following by just using this small camera simply because it's very easy to edit you know the options are very simple you know you take out the battery it's a very simple camera it's kind of like stupid proof so it was great for me and it'll be great for you as well and as you guys know I mentioned a lot about niching down so going after one specific vertical or industry when you're starting out your social media marketing agency or SEO agency so another thing you're gonna need is whatever industry you decide to pick whatever industry you decide to work with exclusively for the first few months or whatever it may be you need knowledge now this book right here I was reading because it was very important doing so when I was starting on my agency because I was just focusing in on restaurants this book is called restaurant success by the numbers and it was actually written by an accountant on how to open them on a restaurant now I read this whole book probably four or five times and then I've started prospecting restaurants and what made me so successful is that I was able to speak their lingo so the other thing you're gonna need when you're starting your agency is practical knowledge on the businesses you're gonna start talking to you can get these knowledge in the form of books you can get these knowledge in the form of you know online courses whatever it may be get that knowledge because you're gonna need it you're gonna be much better off when you're able to talk to a business owner about their revenue and expenses because most of the times if you're talking to a restaurant their business biggest expenses is staff a machine food so you need to understand this type of stuff so when you're talking to them you can literally sound like professional and there more likely to hire you if you have this type of knowledge in your head so the fourth thing that you're going to need is you're going to need some type of knowledge on the industry that you're working for and if you if you don't have to follow these steps but if you do I promise you you're gonna be about a hundred times more successful than the other guy and the last thing you're gonna need to really just like start this out is a PayPal business account now the reason why I say PayPal business is because anybody can get it from anywhere in the world and every person can use it right if you're using something like Bank of America Wells Fargo whatever the big United States ones are let's say you're in South Africa I know I had a comment the other day from South Africa shout out to you but if you go with PayPal you get this nice little PayPal business card and this business card actually allows you to make payments invoice people and you can use it as a debit card and it's all from one card so all of my clients automatic payments all of my clients are future data payments all the one-time payments they all go through this PayPal card and it makes it really easy for me to invoice because it's all one systemized process now I'm not going to go into how to actually send out invoices but in the next few videos I am gonna show you how to write a proposal that's very powerful that gets signed so then you can attach an invoice with it and collect payment that way I'm also going to give you a prepackaged thing that you can go out and start selling ASAP and maybe even outsource to our agency so you know that it gets a really good job done so then last thing so the fifth thing you're going to need this PayPal debit card so you can go to PayPal calm slash business whatever it may be and you can actually get this up and running ASAP and you can start taking payments and right when something went right when a client pays you you can actually use this card for most of the purchases that you're gonna do regardless so with all that being said I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you have any questions or comments or concerns or anything that you want me to cover please leave them and down in the comment section below I hope you found this video very helpful and I'll see you guys next time


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