5 Most HORRENDOUS Moments Ever Captured By Live News!

5 Most HORRENDOUS Moments Ever Captured By Live News!

While broadcasting live you never know what
can happen, sometimes it can go horribly wrong. In this video we take a look at 5 of the most horrendous events caught on live tv. This video will be edited to take out the
extremely graphic parts however for those who are curious the full videos will be in
the description below. 5) James Hoskins
On October 15th 1980 viewers tuned into a live newscast being broadcast by WCPO-TV located
in Cincinnati, A news anchor was reporting live from the newsrooms parking lot as a disturbing
event was taking place inside. During the early hours at 2a.m. a 41 year
old man by the name of James Hoskins had stormed the news room equipped with guns and ammunition.
He took 9 of the stations employees hostage and demanded a live interview take place.
Reporter Elaine Green and cameraman John Ehrhart started to conduct the interview.
During the interview James confessed to killing his girlfriend hours before arriving at the station he explained that he and his
girlfriend were going to take siege of the newsroom together but after a night of binging on various drugs including PCP James went berserk and killed her.
James and his girlfriend Melanie Finlay had planned the takeover months in advance but
after a psychotic break James decided to do it himself.
After 90 minutes he released the hostages unharmed, he asked them to locate him to a
place in the building where he could have a shootout with the police.
After waiting outside the building for 12 hours the police finally entered only to find
James dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
James’ motives were never fully revealed. 4) Jodon Romero Suicide
On the 28th of September 2012 a 33 year old man by the name of Jodon Romero stole a car
at gunpoint in Phoenix, Arizona. The police started to chase him, the chase was broadcast
live by a fox news helicopter. The chase lead the police to a desert just
west of phoenix, Jodon then got out the car and committed suicide. The suicide was broadcast
on live T.V. news anchor Shep Smith can be heard panicking telling the control room to
cut to commercial. After the suicide was broadcast Shep profusely
apologised for the scene which was shown, he explained that the live broadcast was supposed
to be on a delay. It was found out that Jodon was a wanted felon. 3) Stephen McDaniel
On June 26th 2011 at about 4:30a.m. 28 year old Stephen McDaniel broke into his neighbours
house, his neighbour was 27 year old Lauren Giddings she was also Stephens classmate.
Stephen killed Lauren after strangling her for 15 minutes during a struggle Lauren managed
to remove a mask Stephen was wearing, after recognising him she said “Stephen? Please
Stop”. After killing her he placed her body in a
bathtub he then returned to his place next door, he then spent hours surfing the internet.
After this he returned to her dead body and dismembered it. He placed her
body parts in trash bags and left them in a dumpster near the apartment complex.
Once it was realised that Lauren was missing a police investigation had started.
During a live news interview Stephen was asked standard questions about Lauren, he is then
informed about the discovery of her body. We can see his face become drained as he realises he is screwed, he believed he had gotten away with the murder however little did he know a police officer investigating the case had parked in front of the dumpster meaning the
garbage men were unable to empty it. Laurens decapitated torso was found, she was
wearing pink shorts. During the investigation it was found Stephen
had been spying on Lauren using hidden cameras. Stephen confessed to the murder in court
and was sentenced to life in prison he will be eligible for parole in 2041. 2) Daniel V. Jones Suicide
Daniel Jones was a 40-year-old American maintenance worker, on April 30th 1998 he committed suicide
on a Californian freeway. His death was captured by live news helicopters.
He killed himself as a protest towards a medical insurance group known as the health maintenance
organization this was after he was diagnosed as HIV-positive.
Not only did he suffer with HIV he also had cancer.
On April 30th 1998 at about 3p.m. Daniel parked his truck on a freeway in California he had
with him his 7-year-old pet dog called Gladdis he also had Molotov cocktails and a shotgun.
Daniel started pointing his shotgun at passers-by on the freeway this lead to many people making
phone calls to the police, Daniel also called the police and explained his distress.
The authorities closed off the freeway in order to stop civilians from approaching him.
Daniel got a banner out his truck which read “HMO’s are in it for the money!!! Live
free, love safe or die”. Daniel in an attempt to take his own life
let off a Molotov cocktail in his truck which engulfed it in flames, due to the heat he
fled from the truck but left his dog inside to burn to death.
After this at about 3:50p.m. Daniel grabbed his shotgun placed it under his chin and pulled
the trigger killing himself. His death was seen by many people as it was
broadcast live, children’s cartoon programs were interrupted to show the events unfolding. 1) Maritza Martin Maritza Martin was a 33 year old woman, on
January 18th 1993 she was being interviewed by reported Ingrid Cruz for a Telemundo program.
She was being interviewed in a cemetery regarding her 15 year old daughters suicide just a year
previous. During the interview Maritza’s ex-husband
Emilo Nunez shot her to death her murder was caught on camera. Emilo believed Martiza’s partner their daughters stepdad had been abusing their daughter leading to her suicide. She left behind her 18 month year old son and was buried next to her daughter. Emilo was sentenced to 25 to life and is eligible for parole this year.


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