5 MORE WEIRD Chinese Beauty Trends on Social Media

5 MORE WEIRD Chinese Beauty Trends on Social Media

Alright Nina
Where are your nipples? Hey Another video on Chinese beauty trends part 2 We’ve covered 5 already
in our previous video so check that out
if you haven’t already My god You know these are just
popping up all over the place So let’s get into it Here’s 5 more weird Chinese beauty trends
on social media So you gotta reach behind and you’re trying to touch your belly button If you do, you’re skinny It’s just about being flexible
I would think Looks creepy Don’t really think you
have to be skinny to pass I’m touching it… Oh my god you did it Yay Your turn… Dude, this is as far as I go Damn my love handles Almost dislocated my…
– Oh my god Once again I’m too fat
I feel bad Let me try it on the other side
Does it work? Oh maybe a little easier on this side
– Is it? No it’s not at all Do you get it? It’s the same as the
Behind-The-Back Belly Button Challenge but you’re trying to grab your boob Alright, I already know
I ain’t gonna be able to grab my boob That’s just half a boob I’m dunno if this is considered a pass Well she can barely grab it Where are the passes?
I can’t see any passes Well that girl clearly can’t follow instructions Well this one passes
– Doesn’t look real That’s fake
Someone else’s hand Ok, why don’t you try it Grab it, grab it
– Oh… Grab your boob …oh my god Only your side boob
This one’s a fail but everyone seems to have
failed this one Wait, me too
maybe I can pass I can’t grab my boobie Well let me try the right hand You’re gonna break your arm Wait, I think you’re doing it
…think you’re doing it Oh success! This is so exhausting The aim is to place your index finger
against your chin and nose to see if your lips touch your finger
If it does Well…you’re ugly What?
Why? If they don’t touch your finger
you have a perfect facial profile That just means you have a big nose Well, or a big chin I guess I don’t get that
– This one… well she’s completely failed
– Yeah I’m touching what about you?
– Me too It’s obviously touching
I don’t have to do anything I have to push it back
My lips are like… Yeah you got big lips
So do I actually We both have big lips Man, our kids are gonna have
massive lips Anyway, that’s a another topic
for another time If you wanna see some
celebrities doing it So she passes When she’s smiling Then you pass too Do I look not creepy at all? So Angelina Jolie passes Jennifer Lawrence completely passes Posh Spice has completely failed and she’s considered
to be good looking According to this test
Pinocchio passes The witch from Hansel & Gretel
probably passes too The aim is to bend your arms
behind your back and make your hands touch To ensure your palms are together sandwich a mobile phone between them The higher you can raise your hands
the more beautiful you are I can already tell that
I am not going to be beautiful There are different levels like
depending on how high you can lift it So, if you only reach up to the bottom you’re not feminine, you’re masculine The next one up is just
considered a fail I guess Being called masculine is an uber fail Then the middle one is called
Girl Next Door I dunno that’s how they classify it The second highest one is Goddess The best one you can get is
Beyond Goddess Well that’s pretty high
that’s probably beyond goddess That’s funny Eww…gross This is so gross Wait I think I wanna go close up
cause how gross this is Ok I’m gonna give you an iPhone here I think you’re already Goddess to be honest But you gotta hold it like
more like elegantly, like a goddess The bone here is just sticking out
like an anorexic person Oh my god I can grab
this blade of bone here That’s above…beyond beyond goddess Let’s see how high I can go Oh don’t…don’t go higher than that I’m gonna give a close up
just to freak people out Oh look at the bones
sticking out of her Ugh that looks disgusting Alright let me grab the
phone from you That was kinda bad ass Step 1: Reverse Prayer Pose Ain’t happening! Step 1 ain’t happening Oww frick Can you get out of it?
Get out of it! I can’t get out of it!
I’m… Man when the police arrest me
they don’t need handcuffs I’m not a goddess Ok so the aim of this is to measure
the space between your nipples If they at least 20cm apart
you’re hot It’s more about the distance
between your boobs and that’s measured with the
distance between your nipples So this test originated from a
beauty contest in Hubei University It received a lot of criticism
– Yeah That was one of their criteria Nipple Distance My god…It’s so damn bad Tape measure Where are your nipples Nina? So….. What?
– Where are your nipples? You have to be at least 20cm
to be considered hot So are they like promoting boobs
that are just like *boing* So they are promoting nipples like this
as opposed to like this You can have like the old lady from
Something About Mary boobs You know, how it’s like sagg-ation Maybe she passes… Well if she holds her boobs like that
then maybe she passes Alright Nina
where are your nipples? 20cm Oh I think you failed
Just failed Dude I don’t want your nipples
darting out like that This is fine
– I dunno Well I think you failed this test Nina Where are your nipples? I don’t even know… Ah no, here It’s here, oh I think you’re spot on 20
– and here Oh it’s… Spot on 20 You’ve passed this Do I pass it? Do I pass it? Measure me, measure me Where are my nipples? Let me feel… Oh my god
– Here Hey you pass it too Oh baby I passed one My boobies This is the first one I passed Well ok this contest is
kind of ridiculous because apart from nipple distance
they also measured your nipple areola The size of your nipple areola The circle around it How big that is
– What? I don’t get that, in a beauty pageant
don’t you not show that? So how is that a factor It’s not a naked beauty pageant I think
It’s a regular one The size of your nipple areola The circle around it? You know your nipple space Yeah yeah, around it I know what you mean You don’t have to show it
no please I know what you mean, ok? Oh my god …stop it Well, I think you did well Not well enough by
Chinese beauty standards unfortunately and I just passed one
which is nipple distance


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