5 Key Social Media Strategies To Build An Online Following

5 Key Social Media Strategies To Build An Online Following

– Five key strategies to
building a following online without any weird tactics,
bots, or buying them. (upbeat music) (pencil scratching)
(title whooshes) In today’s video, I’m gonna use this framework
to illustrate to you why there are five things
you need to consider and five strategies that you can utilize in order to build this following. One of the things that I’ve discovered is that if I wanted to serve
people at much deeper level, I had to reach more people and I had to put myself out there. I discovered these few
things along the way to build millions of
followers on Facebook, which is the platform I started on. Today’s video, I’m gonna
share with you five things that I believe is key if you wanna build that following online, if it’s your first 10,000 subscribers, whether it’s on Facebook, whether it’s Instagram,
whether it’s on YouTube, these are the five things that I believe is actually crucial. Number one, the thing
that I’m gonna highlight is this entire person
over here is number one. Number one is basically
real people, not numbers. Now, what does that mean? The first strategy or mindset to adopt when it comes to building a following is when somebody tells me,
they come to me saying things, “You’ve not been putting
content out there,” and I’ve been getting, like, 17 likes, and I find that very demoralizing. Now, the first thing to really consider when you take a look at the number is to really think about
what represents that number. If 17 people was involved
in a school shooting and 17 people died, it would
have been national tragedy. If 17 people were on a bus and it crashed, these are real lives. And sometimes in this
journey of social media and building a following, we forget that that number
actually represents real people. So, the first thing before we even go into the tactical, strategic
stuff is to understand, are you concerned about
the lives or the likes? Because, number one, if you focus on real
people and not numbers, which is what number one is all about, then that’s when you become excited about your messaging again. You become excited about the
content that you put out there because now, you realize that the reason why you’re
putting out content out there is to actually help
people, to deliver value, to give and start a relationship by actually helping them first by displaying that you can help them by actually helping them. The question is, are you
interested in numbers or people? And number two over here
is to document the process. Number two are the legs
of a person, right? Every single day, you’re going around, you’re going everywhere,
you’re living your life, and many times, we take what it is that we do every single day for granted. Now, think about what it is that you’re doing every single day. Now, whatever it is that you’re
doing, let me ask you this, are you currently trading
your time for money? Which is, by the way, how 99%
of people earn their income because that’s how society and how education system
has conditioned us, which is fine starting out. But the question I like
you to ask yourself is how can you document that process so that you can turn it
into a digital asset? You see, this is something that I’m thinking about all the time. Whenever I do my coaching calls
with my clients, guess what? All those recordings,
they’re all recorded. Why? Because I can use them in a member’s area, as part of a training,
as a bonus, as a gift, as a way to attract more leads, to showcase and display
to potential clients what it is that I do and
the result that I generate. Whenever I’m doing speaking events, when I’m in front of an audience, when I’m doing my workshop, when I’m doing my keynote, guess what? All those footages, they’re all used. Why? ‘Cause I’m always thinking about how can I turn that
into a digital asset. Perhaps I put it on Facebook, on YouTube. My team might cut it up and use it as a Instagram Swipe Up feature to get people to watch
the full video on YouTube. So in other words, I’m always documenting
what it is that I do. Think about it right now. Right now, if you are
trading your time for money, if you’re a coach, if you’re a consultant, can you take what it is that you know, the time that you’re
spending with your clients, and turn that into a digital asset even if you’ve got no
intentions to use it right now? So, just document it for now because you never know what’s
gonna happen in the future. For me, personally, I can tell you that many of the books that
I’ve had published today, they were a direct result of
me documenting my journey. The books that I have today, “Content Multiplier Formula,” guess what? That was from a keynote that I did at an event called Funnel Hacking Live for the very first time, and
I took that keynote speech and because I documented
that process, guess what? I gave it to my team and have that keynote that I did once my entire
life turned into an asset that generate leads for me
over and over and over again. So number two, if you wanna
start building that following on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, start documenting what it is that you do. Like for me, I’m a horrible writer, so my strength is more about
doing videos and talking, so double down on your strength. If videos is not your thing
and you prefer writing instead, whatever it is, document what it is that you’re doing right now because that can eventually
turn into training, to show people behind the scenes, it can be repurposed,
it can be used to be, it can be transcribed, which
brings me to number three. Number three is the word multiply,
multiplying your content. And perhaps the best graphical
representation to that might be over here. It means that every
time you create content, you wanna be constantly thinking about how can you multiply
that content and compound it so that you really maximize that one piece of content that you create. Now, to give you an example,
you shoot one video. For example, a video like this. You wanna think about how
can you take this one video and use it to multiply
this piece of content across all these other platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and optimize it for that one platform so that there’s a 15-second
version that goes on Instagram, there is the full 15, 30-minute version that goes on YouTube. There could be the five
to 10-minute version that goes on Facebook. You can have the video transcribed so that the transcription
of it goes on to your blog so that it can rank on a
search engine’s, long-term. So, understand that when
you multiply your content, just like what I’m doing right
now, this video, guess what? It goes on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. The transcription of it
can be used in email. It is posted as an article. Sometimes it’s submitted to Medium. So, I’m really maximizing my
content by multiplying it. So, so far we have covered
number one, two, and three. Okay, real people, not numbers, number two is document your journey, and number three is multiply, which brings us to number four. Okay, it’s more of the heart. Number four is basically
to embrace the suck. Now, why is this so important? I see so many people quitting
even before they really begin because they get disheartened in the early stages of the
journey without realizing that sucking is really
part of the process. If you take a look at every
single thought leader, influencer, celebrity, that
you might follow today, you will realize, or maybe you don’t, that this person once
started from literally zero. I didn’t start with two million followers. My Facebook Page, literally 10 years ago, did not even exist. Everybody starts from zero. And if you have seen my earlier videos, some of my videos even till today, some videos still totally bomb. Maybe this video might
totally bomb, I don’t know. I understand that sucking
is part of the process, it’s part of the journey. Most people never achieve mastery because they are not
willing to devote themselves in the journey of practice. Most people look at the end result. You wanna be good at building a following by putting content out there? Then embrace the suck. Understand that it’s
all part of the process, that, initially, when you
put content out there, nobody’s gonna engage,
nobody’s watching it. You’re probably getting two likes from your mom and your dad. It’s part of the process. Embrace the suck. And guess what? Initially, if it’s your
first piece of content, it is gonna suck, nobody’s gonna like it. But guess what? After you create your second, third video, your 10th video, guess what? You’re gonna suck less. And eventually, as you start
creating more and more videos, you’re gonna suck so little that perhaps by your 100th, 200th video, you’re gonna realize, “Hey, I think I’m pretty good at this.” I have easily posted over a
thousand videos on Facebook and I can tell you, probably 80% of them, especially during the early
days, a lot of them bombed. Many people don’t see the
times when I totally bombed. Embrace the suck; it’s
part of the journey. That brings us to number five, which is something that is crucial and many people don’t talk
about, which is monetize. Why is it important to monetize? And I’m gonna talk about
different ways to monetize because the truth is, many
platforms is pay-to-play, Facebook, Instagram, all
these different platforms, many of these different platforms. If you wanna get a bigger reach, Facebook especially has made
it so that it’s pay-to-play. They changed it many years ago so that even if you have a huge following, if you post something, it’s gonna reach a very
small percentage organically where you don’t have to pay. Now, marketers started crying
about this many years ago. You can cry all you want or you can adapt. It’s gonna be survival of the fittest. So, what that means is, ultimately, to get your message out there, you need money to sustain that message. And in order to monetize, you
have these few different ways. The first thing to really look
at is how are the top people in your market in your niche monetizing because success always leaves clues. You wanna take a look at, is the way to monetize, what
are they currently doing? Is it product placement? Which, by the way, something
I don’t believe in, which is basically pimping out your brand to somebody else who pays you
in order to talk and review and place the product in your channel, which is, to me, the
worst way to monetize. Is it through YouTube ads? Or are you going to monetize through creating your own
product, program, service, course? Or is it through affiliate marketing where you can promote
somebody else’s product and get paid commissions in return? But number five, if you wanna start building
that following online, you gotta understand what
is your monetization plan because I think one of the
most dangerous things to do is when people look at what
some influencers are doing. Like, for example, Gary Vee. He has got great content, but many people, when they
look at what Gary Vee is doing, they think that in order
to be successful online, you gotta be doing what Gary Vee does, which is put content out there and just do what he does
without selling anything, but guess what? Many people will realize that
when they start doing that for two, three months,
they get broke doing it because they do not have
a plan for monetization. What is your monetization plan? Do you intend to sell a course? Do you intend to promote
other people’s products? Is it affiliate marketing? But have a plan for monetization because if you wanna be
in this game, long run, you need money to sustain this message because it is a pay-to-play game. But ultimately, these are the five things
to really understand when it comes to building an audience. I would love to hear in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is when it comes to building this audience, what are the actionable steps that you can commit to right now. And as always, if you love
this video, click on Subscribe and I’ll see you in future videos. Hey, this is Peng Joon here and I hope you enjoyed this
series: Skills To Pay The Bills. Literally, this was created
to give you a glimpse on what is actually possible when it comes to creating
this high-income skill set. As always, let me know
in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is. And if you’d like to see
other type of videos, let me know what they are and I will have them created just for you. Peace out.


50 thoughts on “5 Key Social Media Strategies To Build An Online Following”

  • Always Amazing Peng Joon ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    Monetization part was extraordinary especially loved the example of GaryVee

    Just loved it ๐Ÿฅณ

  • Most people consider the success of an influencer only by thier following and likes ๐Ÿ‘, and that's not true๐Ÿšซ. That are just a number , not a real people or maybe even a fake account that sell following.๐Ÿค”

    These 5 steps are the long-term๐Ÿ“ˆ plan for an influencer or internet marketer. You may not see instant results, but one day , you will ! And that is the time when you SUCK LESS ๐Ÿ’ฅ

    Build your following by document your journey and double down your strength ! After that, multiply it into different platform ( but focus at one first , others act as a lead ) and monetize๐Ÿ’ฑ it at the same time to ensure your message can be sustain.

    Don't compete with others๐Ÿ“Š , compete with yourself first. Then only you have the right to win over others ! ๐Ÿ‘‘

    Thanks Peng Joon โœ”

  • Number 3 (Multiply Content) was a great takeaway. Will defenitely review some content and look at how I can use it in multiple platforms.


  • My biggest takeaway:

    Real People Not Numbers: Don't get demoralise just before of few people who like my page or follow me. They are still real people. If they like your content, they can still share your content and more people will follow. And it multiplies.

    Document Your Journey: You never know when this might be useful. Just document everything. It could be useful for the future. It can become an ebook and sell!

    Multiply Your Content: There is now so many social platforms to share your content. Don't have to stick to one. Can do it in facbeook, instagram, blog, snapchat, twitter, etc! All could be from different audiences!

    Embrace The Suck: This is like don't be afraid to fail. Just like Thomas A. Edison, he failed so many times but never give up. He just keeps improving from the past mistakes and move on. And he succeed in inventing light bulbs! "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work' quoted by Thomas A. Edison.
    So don't be afraid to fail. Just improve and move on. Everyone starts from zero, so you gotta start doing and fail.

    Monetize: Monetize your expertise. Monetize your contents. Youtube pays by per view, if you use blog can earn from advertising, if you got many followers in instagram you can earn by advertising other people's product or shoutout their products.

    There is so many ways to earn money online. You just got to start doing, have action and try. Don't be afraid to fail, you got nothing to lose.

    And Thanks Peng Joon for the 10 episodes of skills to pay the bills! Hope there will be more of these series.

    Peace Out ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Real people, not numbers.
    – What represents that number?
    – Are you concern about the lives or the likes?
    "Build a relationship by helping them."

    2. Document the process.
    Document your journey.
    "Are you currently trading your time for money?"
    "How can you document that process so that you can turn it into a digital asset?
    – showcase & display to clients on what you do & results that you generate

    3. Multiply your content.
    Multiply & compound your content so that you can fully maximize it

    4. Embrace the suck.
    "Sucking is part of the process."
    "Everybody starts from ZERO."

    5. Monetize.
    Many platforms is Pay-To-Play
    "You need money to sustain that message."
    "Have a plan for monetization."

    Thank you, PENG JOON!
    My favourite is #4 EMBRACE THE SUCK.
    Yes, I can still remember your reminder:

  • Darius Tan Hong Wen says:

    Add V A L U E!!๐Ÿ’ข

    Too many of us are constantly taking before giving. ๐ŸคจWhen we were younger, we were taught to give before we can take. However, nowadays, weโ€™re taking more before we even give! So start thinking about

    How you can help your audience
    Not how the audience can help you! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

    Your story is more important than you think. Document every single thing that youโ€™re doing. Like what Peng Joon says, facts tell, story sells. You might not be where Peng Joon is at right now, but start documenting right now. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Every master was once a disaster, you just have to take the leap of faith & have the courage to start! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

  • Loved the part about "Embracing the Suck". That's where I am right now, I put content out there after lots of hard work and I don't see the results I would like to. But I will keep pushing, improving and sticking to the process, trusting it works! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

  • I have youtube videos because I want to share my experiences to other people and also help them at the same time. I just use smartphone taking videos. After my smartphone have problem on its screen, I wasn't able to make videos but now that I have a camera, I want to create more content not only on my experiences but to create a content on different platform or maybe with different channel intended for designing and programming.

    I am now inspired with this video because I want to use my experiences and passion in life to turn it into something valuable to other people and also monetize it in the long run to be able for me to do more contents.

    What are the key takeaways I got from this video:

    5 Key Strategies to Build a Following Online without Weird Tactics, Bots or Buying them:
    1. Real People Not Numbers (Are you concern about the lives or the likes?)
    The reason why you're putting out content is to actually help people, to deliver value, to give and start a relationship by actually helping them first by displaying that you can help them.

    2. Document the Process/ Your Journey (Are you currently trading your time for money?)
    Start documenting what it is that you do.It can eventually turn it into training, to show people behind the scenes, it can be re-purposed, it can be transcribed.

    3. Multiply Your Content
    Multiply & Compound your content so that you can fully maximize it.
    Use different platform for one content.
    15 sec vid – IG
    full vid 15-30 min. -YT
    5-10 min – FB
    Video transcribe and use it for blog – so that it can rank on a Search engine in the long run.

    4. Embrace the Suck
    People quit before they really begin because they get disheartened in the early stages of the journey without realizing SUCKING is part of the process.
    Everybody start from zero
    Most people never achieve mastery because they are not willing to devote themselves in the journey of practice.
    Most people look at the end result.

    [I remembered Sean Cannell, an influencer who earned 6-figures at Youtube said that: "Your first video is your worst video].

    5. Monetize
    Many platforms is pay to play.
    You can cry all you want or you can adapt. It's gonna be survival of the fittest.
    You need money to sustain the message.

    Understand how are the top people in your market monetizing?
    Success always leaves clues

    How they monetize?
    ex. product placement? YT ads? create ur own product, prog, service, course, affiliate marketing?

    building following online should know:
    What is their monetization plan?

    The action plan that I want to do is to buy a memory card for my camera, document everything that I want to share to other people. Inspire them and help them.

  • Great video
    Key Takeaways:
    1. Real People – not Numbers: focus on Real People – help them!!
    2. Document the โ€œProcessโ€ to turn into a Digital Asset
    3. Double Down on your strengths
    4. Multiply your Content to Maximize it and it can be placed on multiple platforms
    5. Everybody starts from 0. Be willing to devote yourself to practice.
    6. Monetize – knowing what is your monetization plan.

  • "Sucking is part of the process." – yea I stopped making videos after my 6th video had 0 views. I did get some classes so I understand why I struggled. Also "You need money to sustain your message." Okay.

  • What resonates with me most in this video is Embrace the suck. Too many people want to be successful but donโ€™t want to go through the process of failing, not knowing failure is part of the process to bring successful and not the opposite of failure. To be successful we need to not only embrace failure but to treat failure as a stepping stone and part of the learning process.

  • Michelleilj1992 says:

    Strategies to build your audiences:

    1. Focus on the real people not the numbers so that you wonโ€™t feel discourage when you do not have enough likes, following
    2. Documenting what you are currently doing and turn it into a digital asset for future
    3. Multiply your content (repurposing it to multiple social media platform eg. FB, Insta, Youtube & etc)
    4. Embrace your suckness (everyone starts from 0, it is okay to suck but with the proper practice of the right thing, it will become good)
    5. Monetisation plan (you need money to send your message out there therefore you need to find ways to monetise from it)

  • Hmm.. wonder why multiply put at that place ๐Ÿ˜€
    Anyway, take away from this video:
    1. Likes = true person, they are lives in it.
    2. Document own Journey, who knows it could be useful in future
    3. Multiply content by re purpose the content to different platform
    4. Suck is part of the journey.
    5. Monetize, if wanna to sustain our message. else we die.


    Great lesson taught๐Ÿ˜„, but last one in this series.๐Ÿฅบ

    My biggest takeaways from this episode is that we should pay attention to the real people, the real lives and not just the likes and that we should EMBRACE OUR SUCK, because as you said, everyone started from ZERO and that every master was once a disaster, JUST STARTโœŠ

    Throughout point #1, the lesson you taught in the past where you stated the importance of running a business compared to running a company was instilled in my mind. Instead of focusing on the incorporation of a business, the logos, the staff or the money which all fall under the category of running a company, rather focus on how you can help and satisfy the client/customer/prospect, PUTTING THEM FIRST which falls under running a business. You will realize that what comes after their satisfaction from your product/content is money coming in which is really just a by-product.

    This series has taught me so much and I am very grateful that you put your time and effort to educate us. I promise that I will IMPLEMENT all your teachings and take MASSIVE ACTION.


  • Many people/influencers focus on getting more likes. And this is just like a drug giving them short term dopamine hits which do not serve anyone, and does not help society. Instead focus on the message you want to convey and relationship you want build by showing that you care and that you can help them. And to do so, we must first have to know what outcomes we from building an online following.

  • When we are passionate and great at something, "Documenting the process" is such a tool we can use to share with others to get the desired results they want. This "modelling" strategies are used are used by people who are "Excellent" to "Outstanding". A person who wants to pick up golf, the quickest way for him/her to improve the fastest possible way if he/she were to stay with Tiger Woods, wake up when he wakes up, eat what he eats, trains when he trains, and sleep when he sleeps.

  • Yes! This is the topic Iโ€™ve been waiting for! โœจ โ€œwhat represents that numberโ€ is really something to think about. It adds so much value and makes you appreciate every single subscriber.


    1. Real people not numbers
    Are you interested in numbers or people?
    2. Document what you do. Double down on your strength.
    3. Multiply your content. (Youtube, Insta, Facebook & Blog)
    4. Embrace the suck.
    Sucking is part of the process. Everybody starts from zero. The more you do it the less you suck.

    Even Jay Z said, โ€œthe genius thing we did was, we didnโ€™t give up.โ€œ

    5. Monetize. You can do this through creating your own product.
    Adapt. Survival of the fitness. Have a monetization plan. You need money to sustain your message.

    Omg, the clip of you doing the jumping jacks ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • I know you said theyโ€™d only be 10 episodes but please continue this series. ๐Ÿ˜ญ It was so informative and the information Iโ€™ve implemented from the series so far has already proved fruitful. Iโ€™m probably saying this for the umpteenth time but thank you for sharing this with us

  • I'm definitely better than your average professional video maker out there even though I'm an accountant. I have a passion for making videos but it got me no where because I didn't think about Monetization, hence my biggest takeaway from this video is step number 5: Monetization.

    I followed the whole hustle hard, put content out everyday paradigm for a while. I had a channel where I made well edited videos every day for 3 months. It got my friend and I a small following but we went broke and then had to get real jobs. As much as I admire people like Gary V and Casey Neistat, you can't try exactly what they're doing and 'hustle' without a real plan. It's important to do proper research, plan and have a positive start than to create things blindly just to fail a few months down the line and wonder why it didn't work.

  • 5 strategic ways to build a following online

    1. Real people not Numbers : Be concerned with lives not likes

    2. Documents the process: Are you currently trading your time for money?
    How can you use it as a digital asset?

    3. Multiply your content: how can you compound and maximize your content fb,YouTube,insta

    4. Embrace the suck: itโ€™s all part of the process

    5. Monetize: how are the top people in the market monetize, are you creating your own product?


    Before I start my biggest takeaway I want to say THANK YOU ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Sir Peng joon
    For inspiring us to become an entrepreneur
    Not only an entrepreneur but a ENTREPRENEUR WITH PASSION

    As you said in your past comment to me
    Your super power is to make things simple
    And you prove it again
    You nailed it ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

    My biggest take away is ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป


    what represents that number?

    Are you concern about THE LIVES OR THE LIKES ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ or ๐Ÿ‘

    If you focus on real people and not numbers
    Then you become excited
    Because you have the reason and that is to help people


    But the big question
    Are you interested in numbers or people

    There's always a person behind likes,comments and subscription and that is a real person not only a number


    It is the leg of a person

    Whatever you are doing

    ๐Ÿ•› = $


    Record all the process so you can use them as a gift or as a bonus or to attract more leads

    Even if you have no intention to use it roght now
    Just document it for now
    Because you'll never know what's gonna happen in the future


    Document the process that can be use as a training, to show people behind the scene it can be transcribe



    It is a good thing that in one video we can maximize it in different social media platform

    Youtube – Full video
    Instagram – 15 seconds video
    Facebook – 5 – 10 minutes video
    Blog / email- Transcribe your video for search engines

    Remeber we are talking only one video
    What if we can make more videos


    They are so many people quitting even before they really begin



    sucking os part of journey
    Most people look at the end result

    I like the fact that we understand now that

    Two likes from mom and dad
    I relate it too much ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Thanks for the inspiration peng joon

    It is like a snow ball
    At first ot is small but as time goes by its getting bigger and bigger and come in a time that you dont need to push it hard


    Many paltform is PAY TO PLAY ๐Ÿ„โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ„โ€โ™‚๏ธ


    In order to monetize

    I beleive that there is a patter to success all we need to do is to CATCH the right peron and COPY
    And as we can see you are the right person to copy

    For me Monetization is PASSION WITH PROFIT
    because passion or profit alone is not enough

    1 – The Entire person
    2 – You feet
    3 – the center
    4 – your left hand
    5 – your right hand

    My actionable step is to do more videos in youtube and hopefully enroll in your course

    Thanks for the 10 episodes that you share for us

    Grand Prize Iphone?
    I think its not
    is the REAL PRIZE



    1) Real People, Not Numbers.
    Initially, when I was starting out. I allowed the numbers of likes to be my self-limiting belief and told myself that no matter how good my 'content' was nobody is going to appreciate it. However after going around and helping out in various facebook communities and having people reach out to me and thanking me for making a difference in their life. I had a mindset shift. I started to focus on the amount of "lives" I have impacted instead of how many likes I have. When I first started out, I had only 2 likes not even from mom and dad but now I had about 10 average and It's okay as long as I know I have made an impact on a single person's life on any single day.

    2) Document Your Journey
    Somewhere in the middle of this series, I was inspired by Peng Joon to start my own youtube channel. This is something I have hold back for quite some time but finally, I decided to kill the little bitch inside of me and just do it. I have already planned out 2 months of filming and have already started filming the first part of my series which I will release the first episode on the 1st of November! It going to be Me on my journey to become a high-performance entrepreneur. I'm going to document my weight loss goal from 90-70kg while being a highly productive entrepreneur and sharing tips along the way on Biohacking, Productivity Hacks & even lessons from being an entrepreneur! It's going to be a holistic and well-rounded vlog around my life. I'm so excited to share this!

    3) Multiply Your Content
    Like what Peng Joon has always been saying " Success Leaves Clues." Since I am going to start my own youtube channel. I spent the last week researching the US Youtube Scene and I found out that Interview shows are highly leverageable for content multiplication. Take for example, Tom Bilyeu & Joe Rogan. There is nobody in Singapore Youtube Scene that is doing what they are doing. So having my own interview show is the next thing on my list! as not only It's highly leverageable due to It's long duration but the best thing is that I don't have to do most of the talking. However, I have also found out that INTERVIEW SHOW IS A DREAM 100 MAGNET! So take it from me, Interview shows are the way to go!

    4) Embrace The Suck
    pretty self-explanatory but to add on, this process is a filtration process to find out who are the entrepreneur wannabes and who are the real entrepreneurs.

    5) Monetize
    I have seen many influencers although they look happy on the GRAM but they are dead broke because of the inability to monetize. It's true that if you come from the angle of trying to make a quick buck off your followers are gonna drive your followers away from you like what GARY VEE said. But what if you come from the angle of giving value first? This is something I have been doing for the past few months and it allowed me to sustain my message and continue giving value back to the community. Don't try to be sneaky, they can smell you from a mile away. ALWAYS give VALUE FIRST! Have them believe in your message and make them your raving fan first!

    Once again, Thanks Peng Joon For This Amazing Series! You got an amazing studio! Maybe you could start your own Interview show? It would be nice to get those A-Listers into your show, It helps build amazing growth and It's a Dream 100 Magnet!

  • The best way to create a social media platform and create a promotional platform for any product is, in my opinion, a brand of your own name. People are much more likely to trust people whose lives they can touch virtually, unlike a product there. I agree that followersshould be seen as people and lives, not numbers … It's a lot more fun when you come in direct communication with people. Then many more ideas and many more updates to your product can be created by listening to the opinions of various people.

    I have not documented my products for a long time, thanks to Peng Joon's advice I have seen that it is a phenomenal way to multiply content and place new products on the basis of created ones.

    I've watched a lot of videos on this channel in the last month, but the last 10 videos are really phenomenal … I love it when people love their work and create it with love. There is really a lot of energy invested in this. Can't wait for new videos..Thanks and I love you ….

  • Mahfoud Aboukrim says:

    Everything has changed for me since I started acting normally on social media, I was doing it all wrong, posting as me being an expert in different spaces.

    It's true that I have made some followers, had some interactions, therefor mean some little money in my pocket, but I was not satisfied, because I was trying harder to extract more likes and shares from these people I'm posting for but getting low interactions.

    then I figured it out, I was treating them as numbers, I was thinking about making money, which means thinking only about my self, so the contents I was posting were not much help for them.

    Then I've changed the way I'm doing it, I was passionate about graphic designs, so even that I'm an expert in this space there still a lot of things that I don't know about yet.

    So following my passion, I decided to document and share every new tip and trick that I learn on social media with my actual followers.

    and since then, I've completely started crushing it. and that was because it the real me getting and sharing my real experience with my followers, using my pictures and videos. posting my results.

    so by doing that I got much more interactions, more email from my loyal followers asking me for help, for recommendations, and that when I've started making real loyal followers, which means much more money from real peoples who loves my contents.

  • Biggest takeaway:

    Documenting my whole journey in providing value/content creation so that i can use it in the future as a digital asset. And multiply that content.

    Currently I'm just planning to start creating content but i have no idea that documenting the process can become my digital asset that will be valuable in the future.

  • Time to kick start my weekend video watching session again …

    1) Spot on ! Facebook and Instagram already rolling out a new feature in Australia and other part of the world.
    How many people like your post can't be seen. I believe they do not want you to focus on numbers only instead of value you are creating.

    2) My new product in a new niche created using this method – documenting the journey.

    3) Adopt the strategy in Funnel Hacking keynote and Content Multiplier Strategy to distribute my videos.
    Honestly, I don't know whether my videos will perform or not but at least I start some where and have numbers to optimize. Maybe thumbnail, video title and even the content need to be changed.

    4) Unfortunately, I consider myself is an introvert and camera shy. Gonna embrace the suck for now ๐Ÿ™‚
    First batch, created about 10 videos but mostly Doodly style with different presentation to ensure people don't get bored. In long run, will try to do screen sharing and slowly progressing to other type of live presentation.

    5) I still remember one of your video mentioned, start with an end goal in mind. My end goal is to sell my product. Since I do not have a big followings, running affiliate program will be more feasible. Ultimately, I need to build a real business and my own followers or "Superfans" (by Pat Flynn).

    Thanks again for the wonderful series. Will definitely attend one of your live event in future.

  • My biggest takeaway:

    A lot of people don't see the effort and your first pieces of content will suck ๐Ÿ™‚

    A lot of content packed into this video!

  • James Youngjin Kim says:

    I can visualize the stick figure being me that has no followers at the beginning and when I gradually see myself improve overtime (Kaizen ๆ”นๅ–„), that stick figure manifests into a real image of myself with many people surrounding me that I have dramatically altered their lives who are now my followers. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿƒ.

  • Key Takeaways:

    1. Real people, not numbers. I need to focus on the people like when we think how can we create value for them
    2. Documents your journey. Questions for thought. Am I reading my time with money? How can I turn it into digital assets
    3. Multiple your content. I should maximize the content by repurpose it into different platform
    4. Embrace the suck. It would be demotivate but is part of the journey. The more I do, the better I will get and I will suck less
    5. Monetize. I learn that in this field is like pay to play ground. I need to spend money in order to get my message out there. Thus, I need to think of a way how can I sustain and monetize it

  • I did document my journey as a toastmaster on social media and it really suck. I was losing a lot of followers until I quit instagram. Biggest takeaway is sucking is part of the process

  • Jonathan Alonso says:

    Can you smell what Peng is cooking? Skills To Pay the Bills has finally hit Episode 10! In this video, Peng discusses the five key strategies to build an online following. Focusing on Real People, Documenting your Journey, Multiplying your Content, Embrace the reality you will suck, and lastly, monetizing your efforts. Here is the outline:

    1. Focus on Real people and Not Numbers. Remember that every like represents an actual living person. Focus on helping them, changing their lives, and not simply gaining likes. The key is to build relationships.

    2. Document the Process – What do you know or what do you do that you can turn into a digital asset. Document your journey and Double Down on Your Strengths.

    3. Multiply your content – 1 video can be repurposed into multiple pieces of content. This is called multiplying your content.

    4. Embrace the Suck – Reality is that you will not be a natural-born star. It takes time, and practice. Everybody starts from ground zero and typically bomb as well.

    5. Monetize (Right Hand) – Take a look at the top players in your market niche and see what they are doing to monetize.

    Overall my biggest take away is to be who you are and don't expect to be an overnight success. It takes time, takes practice, and a strategy.

    My Skills to Pay the Bills Series Take Away
    The series has been quite valuable and rather insightful. We make things more complicated than what it seems, and perhaps we get too focused on a quick fix instead of just jumping into the work required. I have been truly inspired by this series and have taken measurable steps to make a change in my life. I have created 3 new niche sites, and working on future products for all three niches. I will also state, that I will be signing up for Peng's Video Challange come the first of the month. Thank you, Peng, and to his team who makes all this possible.

  • This video just came in TIMELY because I just launched my own Kenneth Choo TV Youtube channel.

    I just launched it yesterday and I have one comment coming in.

    I love how you put it all together in 5 key strategies.

    1) REAL PEOPLE, NOT NUMBERS – too many people get too concerned about the number of likes which take them away the path of building followers because they forgotten that followers are also real human being with feelings. That is why I appreciate why IG is taking away the likes so that people can focus on building valuable content instead of all the HYPE. This is something that I am practicing and engaging back to those who comment. It does help me to build up my following. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2) Document Your Journey – that is why now I have invested in getting my Huawei P30 smartphone that takes awesome video and it can document down 5-7 hours of video in one charge. It is about having the habit of documenting because it is not something that we are use to do because we care too many what others think and that's why most of us who wanted to document down but we didn't. I once heard from a very successful Youtuber that share in his video that if you are a Youtuber and you are not documenting down everything then you can't be a successful Youtuber/Content creator. So if you are a content creator or writer than you must start documenting every single thing even thou it might be boring or mundane to you which could be a GEM to others.

    3) Multiply Your Content – I have been learning and knowing how to multiply my content through you, Peng Joon & Garyvee but it is challenging for a solopreneur like me to implement your method so that's why recently I have started to invest more time to edit my own talkshow videos and slowly documenting down the process of how I do it. Now it is getting faster and smoother now.We really have to figure out our own process of multiplying our contents that works for us. Rather than thinking about it, it is about starting to multiply step by step. I now have 60 hours of talkshow contents that I need to break it down and multiply it into all my social media platforms. Multiplying also mean extending your reach too.

    4) Embrace the suck – I totally love this point because I have faced too many people (i used to be one :P) who just want mircowave success without going through the trenches. It is like when you want to be a elite solider but you are not willing to go through the harsh training that trains up your mentality and mindset so that you can brave through all the tough challenges that is coming up. You have to love the "shit" and embrace it over a long period of time to reach mastery. Many people aren't willing to invest their time to hustle but instead waste their time to focus on dumb shit that does not generate any assets for them on the long run. Many just want instant or overnight success. You have to learn how to enjoy the journey and embrace the suck. LOVE this point so much.

    5) Monetize – In fact if you really dive deep and look at Garyvee's purpose of creating his dailyvee or any video content out there is that he is building a leverage over a long period of time that is huge enough which over time, his followers would be curious what he does and when they found out that he owns a digital agency and if they have the budget to outsource and engage VAYNERMEDIA to handle their digital marketing campaigns then it is double WIN. That is why he has his 4Ds for his clients. What Garyvee is doing is building long term equity where most people are looking at short term gains. He is still monetizing but over a long term vision.

    It is extremely important to have a monetizing plan when you want to be a video content creator or any influencers. Because your content creation need money to sustain it too. Like the video equipement, your overheads and many stuffs. This is the part where most people do not know how where Peng Joon's books and videos are digital assets that can help us to learn how to monetize.


    Thank you Peng Joon for this reminder again. Looking forward to be able to have a team like yours and Gary Vaynerchuck to help me in near future but it has to start with ME!

  • Thank you for the strategies. My biggest takeaway on building an online following on social media platforms:

    1. Shift priority more on helping, giving value, and/or building a relationship with people rather than overly obsessed with having more ' likes'.

    2. Document your work progress or journey, which can be compiled and turned into digital assets. These documents may become a reference for your potential clients or yourself.

    3. Multiply your content by diversifying or modifying them according to multiple platforms; e.g. videos on Youtube can become a short clip on Facebook, a snippet on Instagram, or transcribed into blog articles.

    4. Embrace the suck. Dare to fail and keep moving forward. Improving yourself by learning from mistakes.

    5. To sustain or maintain one's message/idea for a long term in a social media platform, it requires money (if not, time and energy). Hence, one must have monetisation plan by referencing others. The examples are creating a program, product, course, and affiliate marketing.

    Through these strategies, one could build an audience and sustain the social media platform.

    My immediate action would be planning the monetisation strategy. I think it would be hardest for me.

  • My Biggest Takeaway for this series…

    5 Key Social Media Strategies To Build An Online Following

    1. Real People, Not Numbers
    – Think about what represents that number?
    – Are you concern about the lives or the likes?

    2. Document the process/journey
    – Are you currently trading your time for money?
    – How can you document that process so that you can turn it into a digital asset?
    – Double down your strength

    3. Multiply your content
    – Multiply & compound your content so that you can fully maximize it

    4. Embrace the suck
    – Sucking is part of the process
    – Everybody starts from zero

    5. Monetize
    – Many platforms is Pay-To-Play
    – You need money to sustain that message
    – Think about how are the top people in your market monetizing?
    – Have a plan for monetization – you need money to sustain

    Thank you so much Peng. All the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My biggest TAKEAWAY:
    Most people are so caught out with the number games on social media that they literally forget about putting out quality content/content that serves the audiences. ๐Ÿ˜จ

    There are people who have less than 100k of followers & they are earning more $$$ than those who have over 1M of followers. ๐Ÿ’ต

    You need to learn the right way to monetize with your account.

    You want people to follow you because of your MESSAGE, not for the sake of metrics size. Not all followers & engagement are created equal. ๐Ÿคซ

    If you're playing the shortcut games (you know what it is), you might be attracting all sort of 15 year old kids who don't even speak English. ๐Ÿคผโ€โ™€๏ธ

    Create a TIMELESS, not THOUGHTLESS content. Document your journey & you will have a valuable resource in the future. ๐Ÿ”ฎ

  • Claudine San Jose says:

    Exactly! Everyone starts from zero โ€” zero followers, zero clients. And maybe you do suck when youโ€™re first starting out. Thatโ€™s ok and NOT a reason to give up (though giving up can seem alluring if you donโ€™t see immediate results). Youโ€™ll learn as you go, and will get better with practice with the right actions. Every master was once a disaster, you have to take a leap of faith, there is no other choice. To know your path, you have to TAKE ACTION. And the action I will take? Just START. Start living my passion.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! โ™ฅ๏ธ Keep on inspiring! ๐Ÿ’ซ

    Claudine San Jose
    Philippines ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ

  • Evan Gene Wong - Life CEO says:

    7:20 This has now become one of my favorite quotes!

    "Sucking is part of the process."

    Embrace the suck!

    We all focus on getting the end results but
    how could we expect ourselves to be good if we didn't suck or struggle at first!

    Honestly when I first started with social media, I was only looking at the success of these influencers based on the number of their followings and likes.

    And Peng Joon is right, for running a real profitable business, this isn't a
    game of how many number of likes or followers you get. I might be getting thousands of likes but how many of them are really real people, people who really see the value of what you present and what u have to offer.

    We want to build a following of real people, not numbers. After all, we are
    going after real human beings, not numbers, who are actually interacting with our stuff.

    Only by focusing on real human interactions will remind us that our mission is to help people, and give value to them. That's the only way we can build a strong relationship with our target audience and the people we truly want to bond with!

  • My takeaways:

    1. Real people, not numbers.
    – To concern the lives over likes. If you focus on real people and not numbers, thatโ€™s when you get excited about your messaging and contents.
    – Focusing on building relationship with people by helping them instead of chasing after numbers.

    2. Documenting what it is that you do.
    – Document your journey and process about what it it that you do so that you can turn them into digital asset.
    – To showcase and display to clients on what you do and results that you generate.

    3. Multiply your content.
    – Always think about how can you multiply your content so that you can fully maximize it.
    – You can shoot one video and multiply that one piece of content so that you can use it across different platforms.

    4. Embrace the suck.
    – Sucking is part of the process. Every single celebrity and superstar today started from zero.

    5. Monetize.
    – Many platforms is pay-to-play. Ultimately, to get your message out there, you need money to sustain that message.
    – How are the top people in your market monetizing? Because success leaves clues. Model what works.
    – What is your monetizing plan? Do you intend to create your own product or promote somebody elseโ€™s product?

  • Thanks Peng Joon.

    My biggest takeaway is to always focus on making ANYTHING I do into a digital asset, this idea of shifting from trading time for money & instead maximising whatever I create was one of the biggest lessons I learned from you. I took it to heart & been experimenting with different products to see what resonates with my audience.

    Actionable step:
    1. Study what has worked for me so far & refine monetization plan (what to sell, how to create different levels of my products at different price points & involvement).

    Thank you!




    1. Real People, Not Numbers
    What represents the numbers? Remember that these are real people. Everyone is real. Treat each person with respect.

    2, Document the Process
    Always think about how to make everything you do into a DIGITAL ASSET, to showcase & display to clients on what you do & results that you generate. Always document anything that you do and document it to become a digital asset. Double down on your strengths.

    3. Multiply your content
    Multiply & compound your content so that you can fully maximise it.

    4. Embrace the suck
    Sucking is part of the process. Everybody starts from zero. Most people only focus on the end result. You have to focus of the process. As you do more and more, you will suck less.

    5. Monetize
    Many platforms are PAY TO PLAY. Ultimately, you need money to sustain your message. Success leaves clues – model what works in your niche. Understand your monetization plan.

  • I got over 3 Million views on my channel and made almost no money from it. I didn't even think about monetization. All of our steps make a lot of sense and it's evident that your method works and brings in money which in turn helps you to add more value to your audience. I specially like how you multiply the content by cutting it up and reproducing it, that way you get a lot out of one video.

    I'm sad that this series is coming to an end, but looking forward to more of your videos.

  • Dann Mark Ulitin says:

    The biggest takeaway :

    #1 REAL PEOPLE, NOT NUMBERS – value your customers and display that you can help them. Numbers (likes) are nothing if you do not value those customers or if you do not catch their attention from what you are intended for.

    #2 DOCUMENT THE PROCESS โ€“show the people some proofs by documenting what it is that you do, for them to know the results.

    #3. MULTIPLE YOUR CONTENT- you have to maximize your content by providing different sources of information to your customer because not everyone has their social media accounts. For example the customer has a Facebook account but doesn't have a twitter, so by multiplying the content, the customer will have a choice where he/she can see the informations.
    #4. EMBRACE THE SUCK โ€“ do not be discouraged easily because THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!

    #5. MONETIZE

    (a) How are the top people in your market monetizing โ€“ monetize what top people in the market are doing to have an idea what may be the best way to discover their success.
    As you said sir Peng Joon, there's no need to reinvent the wheel ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anybody. I just need an advice, i like graphic design stuff and realize that it doesnt make enough money. Eventually loose interest and stopped from doing art. Now im interested of other niche like copywriting and affiliate marketing, months now and still no results. I feel very lost. Should i back to design just for passion? Or continue to these other niches. I really just want to earn extra income.

  • The biggest takeaway
    Here is, five strategics to building audience :
    1. Real person not number
    What represents the number? Consider the lives or the likes
    2. Document the process
    How you document the process so you can turn into digital assets. Document what you doing right now
    3. Multiply your content
    It's repesent you document process step by step.
    4. Embrace the suck
    Sucking is the part of process, dont quit before you find what you lookingfor. No matters, everyone start from zero.
    5. Monetize
    We need to monetize to sustaulin the massage. You gotta understand your plan monetize.

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