5 Hilarious News Bloopers

5 Hilarious News Bloopers

As Abe Lincoln
always said, “Everyone loves
news bloopers, so go make a game
out of them.” I think his voice
is higher than that. ( higher pitch )
“Everyone loves
news bloopers, so go make a game
out of them. – That’s pretty good.
– Okay, Abe. Uh, and plus,
news bloopers are some
of our favorite things. Some of our favorite
things. I’m gonna show you,
and you, some news bloopers. And I’m gonna freeze ’em. And then I’m gonna
give a choice, I’m gonna give
multiple choices. You have to choose what
you think actually happens when I unpause the video
and show the blooper. I’ve seen a lot
of news bloopers. – Okay.
– I think I’ll be good
at this. Um, yeah, a lot of
news anchors getting
things wrong. Field reporters
and what not. If you get three right you do not have to
wear this anchor for
Good Mythical More. It’s so heavy,
it could be heavier. – But it’s still.
– Because anchors,
news anchors. – Because anchors.
– Ha! If you get three right,
I have to wear this anchor in “Good Mythical More.” Ugh. Okay. – You ready for this?
– Yup. First up, reporter
Rob Leth of Global News
in Canada. So I’ve got my trusty
stop watch– Okay, not giving you
much there. Oh, come on. Really?
Really, Rob? You know he has
a stop watch. Is he about to get
nailed by… Oh… I forgot
my stopwatch, sorry. Ooh! Rob Leth. Uh, Rob Leth is about
to get his feet knocked out
from underneath him by an out of control
inner tube. He’s on a ski slope,
how can he not. A! All right, have you
seen this one? No! I mean, he’s like,
“I’m gonna time how fast
they are.” On your spare time
we spend doing this. I’ve seen enough–
I’ve seen enough like this. All right, let’s find out
if he’s right. All right, so I’ve got
my trusty stop watch and here they come
down the hill. It looks like Ruben
is in the lead and here comes– ( Rhett and Link laugh ) Rob Leth: …at Riverside Park,
Rob Leth. – Rob Leth! Whoa-ho-ho!
– Rob Leth! – Kept it together!
– Rob Leth, you are a genius! He tossed back
to the studio. – Ugh.
– So you get a point. Uh, worst thing is he
landed on his keys. – Uh, ooh,
– Oh! I hate it when
that happens. Rob Leth is a hero, man. Here’s Winston Salem,
traffic reporter. Jennie Stencel. Jennie has traffic. All right,
I’m a little nervous– ( laughs ) I love it so much! It doesn’t get–
entertainment has peaked. – Yeah.
– Okay. – I told you we loved this.
– It’s riding a wave,
news bloopers. In fact, the only
thing that’s good that comes out of
the news these days
is this. – That’s why we keep
doing the news.
– Yup. – So that this can happen.
– They can screw up. – Yeah, right.
– She’s a little nervous. – So, that’s kind of a hint.
– Nervous about what? I she about to… ( laughs )
Oh, yeah, that would be… – Uh…
– Jennie gonna make a stencil. I’m almost willing to
believe D in this one. Uh, she’s not gonna rap. No. Now why would she
be nervous? Uh. Oh, cringe.
Cringe-fest. ( laughs ) Is it gonna be a cringe-fest? I’m a little nervous.
She wouldn’t know that a pet was about
to attack her. She was like,
“I’m a little nervous ’cause I’m about
to fart.” – ( laughs )
– I think she’s gonna freakin’ rap her
traffic report. – Let’s find–
– I can see it in the eyes
of the guy – who tossed to her.
– Let’s find out. I’m a little nervous
but here’s my rap. – Rhett: Yes!
– ( clears throat ) ♪ All right, you’re gonna
have a good, good drive today ♪ ♪ There ain’t no problems
on the major roadways ♪ ♪ Lookin’, lookin’,
at country club ♪ ♪ Things’ll look pretty good
like Robin Hood ♪ Oh! What? – It keeps going.
– Robin Hood? We’ll put the links to
all these in the description. If you’re in your second
rhyming pair and you’re rhyming good
with Robin Hood.
( sharp inhale ) – It rhymes.
– Uh. – Her hands were so floppy.
– Winston Salem? Man, makes me want to
move back. Yeah, you can download
her on iTunes. Uh, her rap name is
Lil’ Embarrassing. – Oh! ( laughs )
– Oh, my goodness. – Two for two.
– Yeah, I told you I was gonna be good at this. All right, if you
get this next one, – I have to wear the anchor.
– Okay. Let’s go for some
foreign bloopers. – Oh, okay.
– Foreign to us. All right, all right, okay. Uh, here’s everyone’s
favorite Russian news anchor. – Ooh.
– Ilona Linarte. Linarte? ( speaking Russian ) – Yup.
– ( laughter ) Really could go anywhere
from here. Yup.
It’s gonna go south, – I’ll tell you that.
– Yeah. Is she about to… – Oh.
– Any election. I really hope
it’s all of the above. Can that happen? Uh, I don’t think– I can’t go back
and look at her hair, but I don’t believe
she had a wiggy hair line. – Wiggy?
– I think that was real hair. Wiggidy-wiggidy-whack. She didn’t necessarily
look like she was working on
a loogie. – But when do you?
– You know… When does a news anchor
work up a loogie
intentionally? And, here’s the thing,
animals in Russia, man, like… they get
lose in Russia. They just do,
I don’t know what it is. I just don’t know if
their doors are too easy to open
or their fences are too low. But animals get lose
in Russia. – You’re going with
lose dog on set…
– C, yes. – is what I’m hearing.
– Yeah. All right, let’s see. ( speaking Russian ) – ( dog barking )
– ( Rhett laughing ) ( speaking Russian )
( gasps ) Link: There he is.
You can see the tail. ( speaking Russian ) ( dog barks ) ( Rhett laughing ) Link: He’s trying to
take over. Uh, she’s so scared of it. Now, the– she’s not scared
of it because the dog’s actually there
every single night for the news, but he
usually just silently
humps her leg. – ( laughs ) Okay.
– That’s what he’s there for. Yeah, right. – So, you got three.
– Yeah, man, I’m going for
the clean sweep now. Okay, let’s go
for the clean sweep, but I’m gonna wear
the anchor. – Okay.
– Oh, goodness. Okay. Hanging kind of
low. I can hang this
low enough to put my legs on either
side of it. And then I can do it
like a swing. Oh, I can create a swing
for myself. We can create an
infomercial and call it an
ab workout. – Banker apps.
– The fun continues though. Uh, we gotta check in
with Salt Lake City
weatherman, Dan Pope. Oh, Dan Pope. It was hot.
Now we have John. ( laughter ) Both: “It was hot!” -“And we have John!”
– I’m so excited. Gosh. Is he about to… Oh, I don’t want
to see Pope do that. “It’s hot!
Watch me dance!” Uh… curse out
Oprah is so specific that it feels like
there’s no way you could have made
that one up. but it… I see
the Pacific Ocean there, and it just needs a big
penis in it. I mean, honestly,
that’s just what I– I mean, you’ve got John– – Okay, hold on. Can I just
– What? I’ve seen the Pacific Ocean
there in every single news report–
weather report, and I’ve never
thought that. It’s something about
the way that they’re turned
a little bit. This is psychological… No, they’re turned
a little bit to reveal a lot
of the ocean like it’s a setup, for just like,
“Watch me draw huge…” That’s my answer,
B. I think that’s what happens. You demented, naughty, guy. – Tell me I’m right.
– Let’s find out. Now this is a tropical storm. and you say Dan,
why are you showing me this? – Because John’s going to
be warm.
– ( Rhett laughing ) The moisture from John
left over, the spin, the storm itself,
will turn into depression. Nothing really to worry about
as far as wind goes, but watch where the
precipitation will– Okay, yeah, we’re gonna
watch where the precipitation goes. Why are you showing
me this? Watch where
the precipitation goes. Yeah, if this lasts
for more than four hours put it… throw it
back to the other guy. – ( laughs )
– Um… – So, you were correct.
– Yeah, I told you, man. – Just for the record.
– I told you, man,
I’ve got instincts… I wish you weren’t correct. All right, so let’s go
with another one. Uh, local Nashville Reporter
Carley Gordon, everybody. And look, they’re big,
this one is about 12 pounds– ( laughs ) That was about 12 pounds,
Rhett. Oh, gosh. Does she… That would be super cool. For the clean sweep. This one’s more difficult. This one– nothing
immediately jumps out
at me. Uh, but, I definitely
think she gets bit
by the fish. She definitely does. I just feel like…
You save this for the finale. Somebody’s gotta fall in
to the water. She doesn’t seem to be
in a position where she would naturally
go into the water. But she’s so…
the cameraman’s is really up there in the action. But then they’d have
to get the tape. He really wants to
get this one right. They’d have to get
the tape out of
the camera – if he fell into the water.
– Right. It could have been
broadcast live. You don’t need to get
the tape out. Are you throwing me off? I– this is a tough one. I’m kinda just saying.
I’m just gonna say C. I think that, uh,
she knocks the guy
into the water. Let’s find out. They can grow up to be–
( shrieking ) Oh. ( laughter ) – Whoa!
– It was– it was more
entertaining than I anticipated. You did not get
the clean sweep. I didn’t get
the clean sweep. But that was the best
day of that old man’s life. Yeah, and can you just
print that still out
for me? Link: ( chuckles )
Yeah, I’ll give it to you. Congratulations, Rhett.
I have to wear this anchor in
“Good Mythical More.” Thank you for commenting,
liking, and subscribing. You know what time
it is. – Hi, I’m Anna.
– Hi, I’m Mary. We’re from Boca Raton,
Florida. – I’m a cat.
– I’m a tiger. And it’s time to spin
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