5 Google Games You Should Know About

5 Google Games You Should Know About

[MUSIC PLAYING] NAT: Hey there, I’m Nat. And first, it’s been
a while, so I just wanted to say Happy New
Year, which it’s not exactly new at this point. But it’s the first time we’re
seeing each other in 2017, So Happy New Year. And speaking of
new, today’s video is the first in a new series
I want to make called 5 Google Things You Should Know About. I’ve worked at
Google for a while, and I’ve seen a bunch of
different apps, experiments, Easter eggs, little product
packs that Google’s released. A lot of them are really
useful or really fun. I share them with my
friends all the time. And now I want to
share them with you, my video friends, five things at
a time around a specific theme. So today, I’m bringing
you five different games that Google’s made. I love playing these games,
and I think you will, too. So without further ado,
first, have you ever noticed that little
dinosaur that appears in your
Chrome browser if you don’t have internet connection? Well, that’s actually a
secret Easter egg game, where you, a T-rex, jump
over cactuses and dodge flying pterodactyls
for as long as you can or until your Wi-Fi
starts working again. Have you ever played that one? SPEAKER: What? No. My mind’s blown right now. I never knew this. NAT: Boom. Google has also made a lot
of games for the doodles that appear on its Home page. And guess what? You can still play
these games even after their day of
fame on google.com. Just head over to the doodles
archive, click Interactive, and a bunch of different
ones will show up, like one of my favorites,
the Halloween doodle from this year, where you
get to be a cat with a magic wand warding off ghosts
and other evil spirits. And if you like cats, maybe
you’d like drawing cats. Quick, Draw is an AI experiment. And how it works is you have
20 seconds or less to draw something, and then a
machine learning algorithm tries to guess
what you’ve drawn. Sometimes it gets it right. COMPUTERIZED VOICE: Oh, I know. It’s roller skates. NAT: Sometimes it
gets it not so right. COMPUTERIZED VOICE: I see
the Great Wall of China. NAT: But by playing, you’re
actually helping this machine learning algorithm get
even better at recognizing other people’s drawings. And of course, Google
loves its experiments. So there’s also a whole
Chrome experiments website with tons of games on it. One of my favorites is
called Super Sync Sports. How it works is you sync your
phone to your computer screen, and then it acts
like a controller. And you and your friends can
compete against one another in silly sporting
games, like being bananas running around a tracks
or cycling as a giant eyeball. Or, if you’re more of
the arcade game type, try doing an image
search on your computer for Atari Breakout. And wait for it, yep,
your whole screen will turn into a game
of Atari Breakout. Thanks for watching. Hope you go play some games. I’ll put the links
in the description below so you can check out
everything that I’ve mentioned. And if you have any game
that you think is fun that Google’s made, and you
want others to know about it, just leave a comment
on this video so others can check those out. Bye. I’m going to go play some games
or just eat some ice cream. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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