38 thoughts on “$5 Facebook Ads – Beginner & Advanced FB Advertising Strategy Using $5 Ad Sets, Revealed!”

  • Miles Beckler says:

    I have created an "over the shoulder" training where I show you EXACTLY how to implement this strategy here:

    You literally watch me setup a full $5 Facebook ads campaign, step-by-step while I record the screen and explain all the steps.

  • Earning Digitally says:

    You said you only follow Jason for FB ads training but now(2019) you send an email to your email list to buy FB ads training course from Maxwell finn claiming that he is the Only person you follow for FB ads. What's the catch?? Hope you and everyone reads this.

  • Dear its a good piece of information. If you could use the white board, things could get more clear then… This little action of using white board will increase the effectiveness of your video as you have done in one of your video that was may in your home and the topic was SALES FUNNEL.

  • Universe88productions says:

    Funny thing is my names Miles, this vid went out on my bday, and I literally explained Fbook ads to someone yesterday using a roulette metaphor, the only difference is my message was totally negative whereas this bro & his metaphor is the complete opposite, much respect appreciate the advice mate.

  • Shirvinna Best says:

    Hey Miles. I have a Facebook ad campaign based on your $5 process. It's been 5 days my relevancy score is 10 but the cost is £1-3 per lead. I had 30 ad sets (1 per interest) but turned the high leads were £4-10 for many so I have turned many off. How do I get the cost per lead down? Thanks

  • If your testing a product are you starting with a conversion or traffic? Because a pixel requires viewed content, initiate purch… ect… So if you have a pixel with no data. Which do you use?

  • You reference variations in the types of ads also. Do you have a video where you show how to integrate this into your strategy?

  • Hey Miles another great video! Now based on the video my question is 1) when you say "cost per lead", in your case did you mean the cost for a person to click the link or land your page? 2) If we can't find a good benchmarks for CPC for certain industries, for example photobooth, where do you recommend to get the benchmarks? From previous campaigns and see if we can improve from there? Again, awesome video! Please keep this up!

  • Dream Life Notebook says:

    Hey Miles. If you were wanting to target home owners, how would you go about doing so? I may be missing it but I cannot see anything in Facebook that would help me target home owners.

  • Animation Blaster says:

    I have a question.i understand that we should run ad for $5 for 10 days.But after 10 days what should i do ?we should scale the ad ur kill this ?what number will be required for Run or kill ?

  • Bart van Dam says:

    Hi Miles, is it possible to track conversions in Facebook without a Thank you page? If so, perhaps an interesting video to show us.. I was not able to do so yet with GTM

  • Soccer90 Tem says:

    How the f do i pay for my ad campaigns and how the f do i receive the money from them ??anyone can shed some light pls?

  • Steven Spielman says:

    I just watched your video about split testing at the ad level and you said to always run a split test, but in this video you recommend not running a split test with $5 dollars ad sets, so should I or should I not run a split test with a $5 ad set. I’m assuming no, but if you could provide some clarity as to why I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Hi Miles, thanks for the great video. I've created over 15 ad sets with $5 budget each, and all of them have sales in first 3-4 days and no convert after that, I've wait for a week, still no sales, do you have any idea pls? I've turned them off because of the big loss, and I'm repeating the process, created new one and turned it off after. Thank you.

  • Colin Joseph says:

    Hey Miles – what if you sell a big ticket item (e.g. SaaS software for $10to20K), how would you budget your ad spend?

  • christina rodriguez says:

    Anyone who is able to answer this Thank you in advance!
    So I’m going to summarize one of the overarching themes of the video – could anyone tell me if the following conveys Miles’ thoughts appropriately.
    “It will take at least 3 days and 1000 clicks to ensure whether the data retrieved through a successful campaign will be reliable and useful for structuring future campaign methods.”
    Is that right or am I misunderstanding something?

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