5 Baffling Paranormal Events That Remain Unsolved

5 Baffling Paranormal Events That Remain Unsolved

how you doing I'm Callen and this is slammed ham today we're talking about some unexplained historical events from mysterious coffins moving on their own to ominous unexplained deaths join us as we take a look at five baffling events that remain unsolved but before we get into it remember to hit that subscribe button for more awesome creepy content just like this on December 26 1920 Niles lined house off the west coast of Scotland only to discover that the lighthouse was deserted and its team nowhere to be found Captain James Harvey and Joseph Moore the replacement lighthouse keepers searched the premises in the hopes of finding out what had happened to the missing lighthouse team but there was no sign of lighthouse keepers Thomas Marshall Donald MacArthur and James ducat anywhere when Joseph Moore rode ashore and proceeded to climb the steep stairway to the lighthouse he later reported that he had an overwhelming feeling of foreboding as he approached once he entered the lighthouse Moore knew that something was amiss the door was unlocked and half-eaten food was found on the table along with an overturned chair two were the three coats that hung on the entry hall were missing it seemed as if at least two of the lighthouse keepers had gotten up from the kitchen table and left in a hurry the disappearance of the three men was reported and an investigation was soon underway the final entries in the lighthouse logbook were particularly strange Thomas Marshall wrote of unusually high winds he went on to say that James ducat the chief lighthouse keeper had been unusually quiet and that William MacArthur who was a seasoned Mariner had been crying about the storm on December 13th the log entry stated that the three men had been praying apparently for relief from the storm this was unusual because the three keepers were highly experienced and they were situated in a lighthouse that was a hundred and fifty feet above sea level to make matters even more unusual there were no storms reported in the area at the time of the entries the last log entry was made on December 15th and stated that the storm had ended and that God is overall so what happened to the missing lighthouse team there are numerous theories about what took place including accidental drowning ghostly attacks sea monsters as well as invasion and abduction by foreign spies no bodies were ever found and the mystery remains unsolved starting in 1807 the chase family vault located in the Christchurch Parrish cemetery of Barbados started exhibiting some very strange activity coffins began shifting about in the vault on their own with no apparent solution as to how this was happening the vault itself was built out of blocks of coral and concrete with a massive marble slab to seal the entry requiring six or seven strongmen to move it it was purchased in 1808 by the chase family only one person had been placed in the vault before the chase family purchased it and it was decided not to disturb the remains but instead leave them there where though resting in 1808 infant Mary Ann Maria Chase died and was interred in the vault with in a lead casket tragically Mary Ann's sister Dorcas died four years later just a month later family patriarch Thomas Chase also died Thomas Chase was placed in the vault along with his two daughters in 1812 it was when the vault was open – intercom escape that the strange Paranormal Activity first became known after the vault was opened it was discovered that the coffins were in disarray with the coffin of Dorcas upside down and on end and Mary Ann's coffin against the wall nothing had been stolen and the bodies were intact the family thought it was an act of vandalism and proceeded to put the heavy coffins in their appropriate resting places before sealing the vault with the marble slab the family thought that that was the end of it but in 1816 11 year-old Charles a mez died and arrangements for burial in the vault were made once again when the vault was open the coffins were found in disarray tossed haphazardly around the room the entry to the vault showed no signs of tampering and as before nothing was stolen and the bodies were untouched the family again moved the coffins to their original locations and resealed the vault the vault was open twice more in 1816 to inter Samuel Brewster and in 1819 to inter Thomasina Clarke on both occasions the coffins were found to have been thrown about the only coffin left unscathed was that of Thomas Cena Goddard the vaults original occupant the strange phenomena came to the attention of Lord Combermere the governor of Barbados when he witnessed the strange activity during Clark's funeral he had the vault thoroughly inspected before the coffins were returned to their proper resting places white sand was then dusted onto the floor to capture any evidence of tampering the entrance was then sealed sharp with mortar and the governor sealed the wet cement with his signet ring eight months later the governor ordered the vult reopened to see if the extra measures had prevented the coffins from being disturbed once again the coffins were tossed about some with such force that there was damage to the coffins in the walls the coffins of Thomas Chase actually blocked the entry and required several men to move it before entry could be gained strangely the white sand on the floor remain undisturbed with no footprints at all and the seal on the entrance was undamaged Lord Combermere ordered the bodies in the tomb to be buried in other locations in the cemetery the chase family vault is still empty today many theories have been put forth about the mystery of the moving coffins seismic activity and flooding have been considered as possibilities but both theories fall short no concrete explanation has ever been put forth to explain the mysterious moving coffins of Barbados arguably one of the most well documented paranormal cases in recent history the story of Pennsylvania arraignment on Dekker is both fascinating and frightening its credibility is supported by the eyewitness accounts of numerous credible witnesses including several police officers in Strasburg Pennsylvania on February 24th 1983 Don Decker was granted furlough during a stay in jail to attend his grandfather's funeral what many people didn't realize was the Decker's grandfather James Kishore had abused his grandson since he was a small boy Don initially felt some peace the man who had tormented him was finally gone but he sense at peace would soon vanish his strange events began to unfold after the funeral Decker went to stay with family friends Bob and Jeanne Kiefer shortly after arriving at their home Decker had a strange episode that included a deep chill in a trance-like State right away the keepers noticed that something odd was going on especially when they began to witness water suddenly dripping down the walls from the ceiling of their living room as the volume of water began to intensify Bob Kiefer decided to call the owner of the property ron van y van wine was stunned by what he saw the drips were worsening and they were now also coming up through the floor and flying sideways through the room van y knew that there was no water pipes in the areas the drips were originating from and was at a loss as to what to do about the situation van Y called the police and soon patrolman Richard Walberg arrived on the scene along with the second officer and both bore witness to the strange downpour in the living room of the Kieffer's as they tried to come to some sort of logical conclusion as to where the water was coming from the officers took notice of Decker who was still sitting in the living room in a trance-like state they asked the Kieffer's to escort Decker across the street to a nearby restaurant as soon as Decker left the house the downpour stopped a connection that was immediately noticed by the officers and van wine inside the restaurant the Kieffer's sat Decker still in his trance like stayed in a chair once again water began to fall from the ceiling and spread across the restaurant owner Pam's grifone Oh having witnessed the happenings at the home of the Kieffer's began to suspect the Decker might be possessed she placed a crucifix on Decker who immediately reacted as if he'd been burned the keepers led Decker back to their home carrying the rain with them things suddenly took a violent turn when Dec 11th and was slammed against the wall eventually everything seemed to settle down in the rain ceased after van Weis spent some time in prayer with Decker after his furlough was over Decker returned to jail he soon began to wonder if he could control the appearance of the rain almost immediately water began dripping from the walls and ceiling of his jail cell Decco could call on the rain at will a guard confronted Decker about the water in his cell Decco in turn explained that he could make it rain he soon found himself with a challenge make it rain in the warden's office when the guard went to see if the warden had experienced anything he found him sitting in his office a large area of his shirts saturated with water both warden keen old and the guard were understandably startled by this unusual display keen old called in Reverend William Blackburn to visit with Decker after hearing Decker's story the Reverend initially accused Decker of making everything up almost immediately Decker's demeanor changed and he self filled with a putrid smell once again the rain returned Reverend Blackburn spent several hours praying with Decker and finally the rain stopped leaving Decker in tears and exhausted Decker never experienced the rain again he attributed the strange phenomenon to a final act of abuse at the hands of his grandfather on December 4th 1872 captain Morehouse of the day gratia was informed by a seaman that a derelict vessel had been spotted just off the port bow west of Portugal as they drew closer to the vessel it was noted that only three of the ship sails were actually set with the remaining sails having been blown away or not raised it was obvious that something was wrong so captain Morehouse sent three sailors to board the ship in an attempt to find out what had happened as they drew closer the sailors were able to see the name Mary Celeste New York on the stern it was noted that the ship had some damage but overall she was completely functional it was discovered that the lifeboat was missing along with the sextant navigation book chronometer and ships register the ship's steering compass however was discovered smashed the last entry in the ship's log on November 25th 1872 stated that all was normal and that the ship was nearing the Azura's roughly six miles from santa maria a six-month supply of food and water was discovered the clothing of the crew and passengers was found to be stowed away in their lockers after returning to the de gratia the investigators informed captain Morehouse of the ship's identity and condition surprisingly Morehouse knew the captain of the Mary Celeste Captain Benjamin Spooner Biggs he had dinner with Biggs and his wife just one day before the Mary Celeste set sail from New York City on November 5th 1872 the Biggs's informed Morehouse that their two-year-old daughter Sofia would be sailing with them no sign of the crew or passengers of the Mary Celeste were ever found captain Morehouse split his crew in order to sail the Mary Celeste back to Gibraltar for Salvage there are many theories about what happened aboard the Mary Celeste the most popular theories a mutiny piracy and even attacks by sea monsters or giant squids perhaps there was an unknown mechanical issue that caused the captain to abandon the ship the mystery of the Mary Celeste remains unsolved before we get to that number one spot and take a look at what is surely one of the most perplexing events in recent history remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications that way you'll be up to date with all our latest content on August 27th 1876 Rudolph fense disappeared without a trace while taking an evening stroll in New York City a lone witness claimed to have seen fence vanish as he crossed a street in Long anchor square now known as Times Square unfortunately the witness was a known drunkard so he was quickly discounted Rudolph family reported him missing but they never saw him again now fast-forward to 1950 a man in Victorian era garments wearing mutton chop sideburns suddenly appeared in Times Square witnesses say that a gentleman seemed rather startled and unfortunately he walked in front of a car and was struck and killed just a minute or so after his appearance after arriving at the morgue officials searched the clothing and body of the unknown man and found the following interesting items a five-cent beer token with the name of an unknown saloon $70 in old banknotes a bill for the care of a horse as well as the cleansing of a carriage by a Lexington Avenue library stable and business cards with the name Rudolph fence along with a 5th Avenue address none of the items showed any signs of aging the New York Police Department attempted to identify the man using the items found on his body the 5th Avenue address was now part of a business and the library stable and saloon couldn't be found in any public directory there was also no record of Rudolph fence in any directory nor where his fingerprints recorded Rudolph fense jr. was finally located in a 1939 phonebook unfortunately he had died five years earlier but his widow was living in Florida when contacted mrs. fence informed the police that her husband's father had disappeared at the age of 29 in 1876 so what is the truth behind the disappearance and reappearance of Rudolph fence was he an accidental time traveler or was it something else all together there have been claims that the story was fiction and that the story was printed in a Robert Heinlein science fiction anthology however no copies of the story have ever been found of further interest in 2007 a researcher working for the Berlin News archive found the story in an April 1951 edition and it was essentially the same story as it's reported today other researchers have also found evidence of the existence of Rudolf fence as well as his disappearance in 1876 well that's the end of another episode thank you so much for watching remember to slap that upward facing thumb cuz it lets us know you're enjoying the content if you can't get enough of what we're doing there's some embedded links there or playlist links in the description box below for you to binge on and that's it for me I'll see you all next time


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  • A newer theory of the Mary Celeste, was some barrels of alcohol was leaking. The captain believed it would explode and they abandoned the ship.

  • Those attributing Rudolph Fentz to Heinlein are getting R.Heinlein confused with Larry Niven. One of the short stories, in the compilation book "All the Myriad Ways", is one called 'A Foggy Night'. It tells of a man caught at a bar, when a fog rolls in. One of the other patrons tells him about the fog being a porthole for time and inter- dimensional travel. He tells of how he got caught in it before and has been trying to find his way back. The protagonist doesn't heed the warning and sets out into the fog but doesn't even make it to his hotel directly across the street from the bar.

  • Meghan Schuler says:

    The reign of Don Decker didn't just fall sideways it actually fall upwards not downward. That was what was so crazy and I believe there was a blood in the wall incident to and some other stuff I can't remember off hand but yeah the rain went upward not falling down. You can't explain that one away

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    Sometimes I wish you'd make a list of the stories in your videos with corresponding time stamps which would make it easier locating an individual story. But that aside, I do find your videos fascinating as I've always had an interest in the weird, paranormal and mysterious side of life.

  • How are you going to sell a burial vault which clearly was meant for a specific family? If that was me buried there first, I'd throw everybody else around too.

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    That poor man who was abused by his grandfather, how evil was he to be able to hurt his grandson even after he died?

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